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Author: JustSkipIt - Debra
Rating: NC-17 - Really! Really! Very NC-17. Some B&D, fucking, toys, etc.
Disclaimer: Willow and Tara and any other character that appeared in the syndicated television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is property of Joss and Mutant Enemy, I'm only borrowing them and am not making any money off them Thanks.

"Write a good story." Tara's words rang in Willow's head. "Write a good story?" Willow wasn't exactly sure what Tara meant by a good story.

The redhead shifted slightly on the bed as she looked at the blank sheet of paper - one of many in the journal Tara had set in front of her along with a pen. The small girl shifted slightly, enjoying the feel of the ankle cuffs and the tightness of the restraints spreading her feet to the bottom corners of the bed. Likewise her left hand was securely attached to the headboard but her right hand, while she wore a wrist restraint, was free. Obviously she could free herself from the other restraints, but a good Kitten would never consider, let alone do such a thing.

Even if her Mistress had tied her to the bed and left the room.

"I want you to write a good story," Tara had told her kitten as her hand caressed the girl's back.

"A story? Mistress?" Willow asked obviously confused by the request. "Pleasure me, give me what I want, attach these, lie down..." these commands the kitten knew. But "write me a good story?" That was a new one.

"Yes," Tara purred as her hand continued stroking her lover's soft skin, "You see the other day I happened to be using the Internet and did you know that if you start typing in a web address, it will finish one that you've visited lately?"

"Um. Visited Mistress?"

"Well yes," Tara continued in her teasing voice. As she spoke she allowed her hand to stroke her kitten's bottom, knowing that the girl would expect a spanking. "And do you know what I found?"

"'Wiccan Ways' and free grocery coupons, Tara?" Willow suggested.

"That too," Tara giggled, "but also quite a few sites you've been visiting. It seems that for an applied mathematics and computer science double major, you are reading quite a bit of literature lately, my kitten."

"Literature?" Willow squeaked as she felt Tara's hand speed up its caresses on her bottom. She knew that the girl would start her spanking any moment and she could already feel her juices flowing.

"Very organized," Tara observed thinking of a few of the sites. "Fiction by Author, by Pairing, Slash or Hetero, even some by activity..."

"Activity," Willow echoed.

"That's 'activity Mistress,'" Tara admonished, a huge grin on her face. She leaned down and whispered in her lover's ear: "activities like..." her voice trailed off but Willow heard her clearly and was even more aroused by Tara's voice. She didn't know if the girl was suggesting those activities or just liked saying the very naughty words, but either way... oh Goddess!

Tara stood up and pulled the restraints from the box in the bottom of the closet. Once the two girls had started playing more frequently, they needed to hide their toys carefully. It wasn't that Dawn or Buffy were nosy, but they used each other's clothes and shoes without asking and seemed to feel that the same lack of respect should extend to all the residents of the house.

She turned back toward the bed to see her kitten kneeling in the center of it, her head bowed and her hands extended to take the restraints from her lover. "Lie on your stomach, my love," she ordered the girl. "I want to tie you myself this time," she added.

As she fastened first one ankle and then the other she explained, "since you've been reading all that educational material you should be able to entertain your Mistress." She fastened Willow's left wrist but left her right free. She set a journal and pen in front of the girl and asked her, "any questions?"

"Yes, my Mistress," Willow answered. Seeing her lover's nod she continued: "can I write anything?"

Tara smiled. She had expected something like this. "You can write anything my kitten. It can be something that has happened, will happen, or will never happen. Just entertain your Mistress."

"Thank you, Tara," Willow answered looking down at the journal page for the first time. Before she could pick up the pen she felt Tara's fingers wrap themselves tightly in her hair and pull her head back to place a hard kiss on her mouth.

"I'll be back, kitten," Tara whispered as she walked off and out of the room.

"Write a good story." Ok, I'll try Willow thought as she picked up the pen and decided the best approach was to pick a name and start with that:


Seems easy enough. Probably should be Willow's rather than Willow:

Willow's fingers moved faster and faster over her clit. She could hardly read the words on the laptop screen any longer since her hand was moving so hard and fast and she was completely shaking the bed. Fortunately her parents were out of town, like usual. If she made too much noise, there was no one to hear her.

It had been a few months since she had found this Internet site with "adult" stories. Eagerly clicking the "I am eighteen" button big liar she had found herself in a world of stories describing things she had never even known existed. Sure a lot of it was just like the books she read at Borders before her mother got finished with her cup of coffee or the stories in Xander's Penthouse. But she'd found entire sites that were like nothing she had read before. In her mind she was building a list of activities that sounded intriguing and wondered if Oz would be open to any of them. And if not Oz, then who?

In the meantime, her eyes wandered over the blurry words "whip descended, marking her formerly white skin" and her fingertips increased their pace.

Fucking, fuck, she thought as she heard rustling and noises on her terrace. Just my luck. I'm about to come my brains out and a vampire decides to make a house call? Not that they'd be able to get in. The only vampire she'd invited in was Angel and she'd uninvited him nearly a year ago. A light knock and the French door on her balcony swung open.

The redhead was left with a choice. She could either grab a shirt and put it on or shut down the website she had been reading. Either way there was certainly no time to grab any pants.

Tara's voice startled the redhead: "how are you doing, kitten?" The blonde had a plate of apple slices and a glass of white wine. Willow guessed that she'd already had one glass from the way the girl was starting to sway to the music she'd turned on. The blonde fed her lover a few slices of apple as she read the first few lines.

"I like it already," she whispered in her kitten's ear, "looks like young Willow's being naughty." She nipped her ear for effect before leaving the bed and the room as suddenly as she had entered.

Really there was no choice to make. She was still pulling her nightshirt into place as she recognized the first voice. "Fuck B, you're so loud we'll wake her even if she's dead already."

"Hey, Red," Faith smiled as she walked confidently in and pulled out the chair before sitting on the desk.

"Hey, Wills," Buffy added. She looked at Faith for a moment before explaining, "I thought it was too late to come over but she insisted."

"Sure," Willow answered nervously, "it's never too late. What's up? Is there a new bad? Do you need help with research? Is there a Scooby meeting? What did Giles say? I could call Oz to drive if you want if there's a Scooby meeting and if we need to research."

"Do you ever run out of air, Red?" Faith smirked. Her nose twitched up slightly and Willow hoped that she just had an itch as opposed to any other explanation she could come up with. Just thinking of the other explanation had her blushing and she reached for the computer as she waited for an answer on the research. At least she could shut down the incriminating evidence. Sure Willow, she thought, because it's not at all incriminating that your room reeks of come and you have two slayers with supersmell in here.

Not only supersmell but superspeed too.

"Whatcha reading, Will?" Buffy asked as she picked up the computer.

Thank G-d for a password protected screensaver, Willow thought as she took the machine from the blonde's hands. "Wiccan stuff. Spells. You know, still trying to float pencils and feathers and all that," she hastily explained as she managed to unlock the keyboard and shut down the Internet site before the slayer could get a look at the screen.

"Cool," Buffy answered as she leaned over to pick up the soda on the nightstand before lying down next to her friend on the bed.

"So... research? Big Bad?" Willow suggested again.

"No research," Faith finally answered as she pulled off her boots before lying down on the other side of the redhead. "It's a social call, Red."

Ok, Willow thought now there's no way they don't smell me. Why do I have friends who are slayers? "Social?" she repeated.

"Actually," Faith smiled, "we're here for an apology."

"I owe you an apology?" Willow asked confused.

Tara entered the room again smiling at the sight in front of her. Her kitten was tied to the bed, obviously following her instructions and very wet from the smell of it. As she walked toward the bed she inhaled deeply. "Oh kitten," Tara purred, "you smell very wet." Before Willow could answer the blonde dipped her fingers to run them along the inside of her lover's thighs. "And you feel very wet too." She sat in a chair so that the redhead could see her and slowly licked the juice from her fingertips. "Are you so wet from what you are writing for me or from being tied there while you do it?"

"Um... both, my Mistress?" Willow answered tentatively.

Tara smiled again as she rose to offer her lover a drink of wine and then some water. "I'm going to take a bath. When I return, I want to read what you've written."

"Yes, Mistress," Willow answered. She watched her radiant lover enter the bathroom and start the tub jets before returning her attention to the page.

"I owe you an apology," Buffy explained, much to Willow's surprise.

"You're here to apologize?" Willow asked. She didn't even know what Buffy wanted to say but it didn't seem in Buffy's style. She'd never actually apologized for her behavior. The redhead remembered back to the beginning of their junior year and Buffy's behavior which Willow and Xander had forgiven without any hint of apology from their best friend.

Faith watched Willow's confusion and Buffy's discomfort, enjoying the scene. She got up and moved around the bed so that she was standing next to the blonde slayer. Placing a hand lightly on the girl's back she explained: "She's sorry for forgetting your birthday." Willow looked from one slayer to the other confused about what was going on. Why would Buffy apologize? Why did Faith care? Why was Faith speaking for Buffy? "She wants to make it up to you, Red," Faith added, not helping Willow understand any better.

"It's ok," Willow attempted to reassure her friend, still wondering why Faith's hand was continuing to stroke Buffy's back and her hair.

"No Will," Buffy whispered, "it's not ok. I've been a bad friend. I'm sorry I missed your birthday." She took a deep breath before suggesting, "maybe if you punished me, I wouldn't do stuff like that anymore?"

It was like all the air had been sucked out of the room for Willow.

She could see the fear in her friend's eyes. Could hear the enormity of what she had just suggested. The redhead glanced up at Faith to see the knowing smile on the dark-haired slayer's face. "Punish you?" Willow repeated. "You want me to punish you so you won't do stuff like that anymore?" She was still trying to absorb it all.

The redhead looked at Faith again and saw a confident look in the girl's eyes. Gaining confidence she considered for another second before smiling at the dark-haired slayer and agreeing, "then I should definitely punish you, Buffy." Her lack of experience shone through a second later as she looked to Faith. "How should I...?"

"B," Faith addressed the smaller slayer, "lie across Red's lap and lift that skirt you're wearing." Willow was still sitting on her bed against the headboard and this would take the least amount of direction.

"I'm sorry, Will," Buffy said again as she did as Faith had directed.

"I don't really think that's good enough," Faith commented as she smiled at Willow. She backed up to sit on the desk once again. "I think your friend needs to spank your little bottom...20 times so you will be a better friend from now on."

A moment of doubt hit Willow as her hand nearly contacted her best friend's smooth ass, bared on her lap for 20 spanks. "Are you sure, Buff?" she asked quietly, hoping that Faith couldn't hear but knowing that the slayer would hear it clearly.

Buffy turned to look at her best friend. Everything rode on this. Nothing would ever be the same after this visit. No matter what happened or if nothing happened. She quickly kissed the redhead on the lips, noting the look of surprise but not disappointment on the girl's face before resuming her position and whispering, "Please?"

Willow immediately began caressing Buffy's bottom with her hand. "It really did hurt my feelings that you forgot my birthday," she told her solemnly as she delivered a first light smack. Unsure of herself she looked up at Faith and saw the girl smiling at her. She nodded slightly as if to encourage the redhead to continue. "Really," Willow confirmed as she placed another spank on Buffy's smooth bottom.

With a few more spanks the redhead was really getting into this. Each time she hit Buffy the girl squirmed slightly and made a quiet gasping noise. "You can do that harder, Red," Faith suggested, "remember that she's a slayer."

"Oh right," Willow giggled as she redoubled her efforts to pepper her friend's bottom with stinging spanks. She was noticing that there was a certain motion, a way of cupping her hand that made a sharp sound and that these seemed to be the blows that evoked the loudest noises from the blonde. Suddenly something occurred to her: "Oh G-d. How many is that?"

Faith laughed out loud at the redhead's endearing innocence. "One more, Red," she quipped. She moved toward the bed and leant her mouth to whisper in Willow's ear: "I usually have her count them so I don't have to."

What is she saying? Willow's mind raced. Do they do this often? Huh and also huh? Deciding that it was all too confusing and too much to think about the redhead placed a last stinging slap on Buffy's reddened bottom.

Breathing heavily Buffy leaned forward to again kiss the surprised redhead. "I'm really sorry, Will," she told her.

Before the blonde slayer could back off, Willow wound her fingers into Buffy's hair and pulled her closer. "You're forgiven," she reassured her before letting their lips meet again, this time thrusting her tongue into the other girl's mouth.

"Damn right," Faith laughed as she watched the display the other two girls were putting on for her.

The slayer was surprised to her Willow speak: "Faith?"

"Yeah, Red?"

"Well," Willow started unsurely, "um. It's just ... um... since it was my birthday... shouldn't I get a spanking?

Tara re-entered the bedroom looking her usual gorgeous shiny self. Again she gave a drink to her lover and took the pages from her. "How is your writing coming?"

"Very good, Tara," Willow answered as she kept her eyes on the journal pages. "I hope you like it."

"Why don't you keep writing while I read this," Tara commanded more than suggested as she took the pages and settled herself into the armchair to read what her kitten had written for her.

"Yes Mistress," Willow answered obediently before picking up the pen again.

Faith's mouth turned up in a wide smile. "Oh yeah," the slayer answered, "life is good." She looked at the redhead for a second before mouthing, "just a minute." Wrapping her fingers in Buffy's hair she kissed the other slayer a bit more violently than Willow would have expected before telling her, "I'm going to give Red her birthday spanking. You can watch from that chair."

Willow wasn't surprised to see her best friend stand instantly and move toward the chair. She was a bit shocked as the girl began stripping off her clothes before taking a seat. "She's n-naked," the redhead squeaked.

"It's called training," Faith quipped as she sat on the end of the bed. "Now why don't you come lie across my lap for that birthday spanking you wanted." The dark-haired girl was impassive, as if this was something she said every day. As if every day she went to the bedroom of an 18 year old virgin and offered to give her a birthday spanking while the slayer's apparent lover sat naked nearby.

Willow hesitated. "Um, well, that's the thing. I'm kind of, um, with all the and you guys came in and I kind of..."

"Hey Red," Faith interrupted, "I'm not getting any younger and my pet's over there getting antsy."

"I'mnotwearinganypants," Willow quickly explained.

The redhead blushed even harder as Faith laughed. Suddenly the slayer turned tender, extending her hand and offering it to the other girl. "I've got you," she whispered.

Willow nervously lay across Faith's lap, well aware that the scent of her arousal still clung to her. She noted the smile that curled up at the corners of the other girl's mouth but for the moment didn't mind. She certainly didn't mind a second later when she felt Faith's hand caressing her bottom. The girl's other hand rested on her back, not pressing but making her feel securely held.

"One," Faith counted as she lightly spanked the redhead's butt. If it had been her pet, she would have had Buffy do the counting but this was Willow's first time and it wasn't like that. Willow wasn't being punished for anything; she wanted a birthday spanking and Faith wanted to give her what she wanted.

Willow knew her body was shaking with excitement as Faith spanked her butt. The thought crossed her mind that she hadn't been spanked since she was four and had lied about tracking mud across the floor. And it certainly hadn't been like this. Even though the slayer was only hitting her with light blows, she could feel the girl's power pulsing through her skin. And the feeling of Faith holding her down with her other hand was a definite turn on. She squirmed and hoped that she wasn't getting the slayer's leather pants too wet, but then perhaps the girl was used to it? She looked up to see the entranced look on Buffy's face and then away after noticing a definite wetness on her best friend's pubic hair. Not where friends usually look and not what they usually notice, she thought, at odds with the intimacy of the scene.

"Twelve," surprised the redhead as she felt Faith's fingers graze across her wet lips. She couldn't control a low moan.

Willow felt Tara lie down on the bed, her body stretched out along the smaller girl's length. "Oh Goddess," Willow moaned from the feeling of her lover holding her down. Both women were completely wet and Tara's hair tickled the inside of her kitten's thighs.

"This is a wonderful story, love," Tara purred as she lightly kissed Willow's neck.

"I', Mistress," Willow groaned.

"Keep writing while I read over your shoulder," Tara ordered her kitten.

"Yes, Tara," Willow answered. It was a little hard for the girl to return to her writing since her lover had slipped her hand between their bodies and was playing with her kitten's soaking hair and lips, occasionally brushing her fingertip across her clit.

"Mmm," Tara muttered, "young Willow is having quite the night." After reading a few more lines she giggled in mock outrage: "the vixen! Asking for a birthday spanking." Willow continued writing as Tara began to read outloud:

"Thirteen," Faith counted as her fingers did more than just glance off the redhead's lips, this time running up and down each lip to gather some moisture. The redhead didn't look up as the slayer commented on her taste: "mmm. Oh B, you're going to love this. Sweet..."

"She's right about that," Tara whispered as she mirrored the action of the story, raising a wet finger to her lips and tasting her kitten's essence. "Very sweet," she commented before running her finger along her own lips and extending her digit toward her kitten.

She was pleased as the well-trained girl asked, "please, Mistress," and waited for Tara's approval before eagerly sucking the taste into her mouth. The blonde continued reading the story even as her fingers played with her lover's cunt:

"Fourteen and fifteen,' Faith counted as she surprised Willow with two smacks close together.

"Oh fuck," the redhead moaned, biting down slightly on her finger.

The slayer giggled before teasing, "in a second, Red. In a second." Her fingers again traced Willow's sopping lips before transferring some of that wet to her pink bottom with number sixteen. "Seventeen," she counted with a light spank, followed by her actually sliding one finger between the redhead's lips and into her center. "Oh yeah," she moaned as she moved gently in and out of the girl's body.

"Yes, Faith," Willow moaned as she felt the slayer moving inside her. Just that soon it was gone and the redhead felt herself almost sinking into the other girl's lap.

"Eighteen," Faith announced with a triumphant tone and a slightly harder spank. Her hand was immediately back to the smaller girl's entrance, teasing at it while she held her down with her other hand.

The redhead moaned as her visitor teased her, finally pleading, "please, Faith?"

"Am I the first?" Faith asked, her fingertip still dancing through wetness.

"W-w-what?" Willow stuttered out.

Faith pinpointed her question for the redhead: "the wolf? Have you two done this? Am I the first?"

"Yes," Willow practically shouted, "yes. You're the first." She felt the dark- haired girl's fingers slide into her body as soon as she spoke.

"Oh," Tara moaned, "like this? Is this what it felt like kitten?"

Willow grinned before answering, "it's a story, Tara. It didn't happen."

Tara pulled her fingers almost entirely out of her lover's body. "I should take away my fingers for your cheek..." Enjoying the feel of her lover so wet and open beneath her, she didn't though. "But since you're writing me such a hot story, I won't," she told her as she thrust three fingers deep into the smaller girl.

Willow bucked against the stronger girl's fingers as they began to plunge into her center. Faith had two fingers buried deep in her and was using her thumb to circle her clit. The redhead was losing any ability to think or say anything resembling a coherent thought. She didn't see the enormous grin on the dark-haired slayer's face, nor did she see the girl motion to Buffy who lay down at the foot of the bed.

Anyone but a slayer would have had trouble raising their upper body enough to begin licking the aspiring witch's soaking clit, but Buffy had no trouble getting into position and the girl knew she could stay that way as long as she needed.

"Oh sweetie," Tara teased as she continued thrusting her fingers into her lover's quivering body. "Now you're writing third person omniscient and revealing another character's feelings." She took a breath and told her kitten, "you can come as soon as I start reading your story again."

"Holy shit, fuck, damn!" Willow groaned as she felt Buffy's tongue twitch across her clit. The contact came as a complete surprise since she didn't even know the blonde was out of her chair.

"Come for me, Red," Faith encouraged, "come for me while my pet licks your clit and drinks your juices." The redhead would have exploded as Buffy's tongue circled her clit even without Faith's dirty talk. With the dirty talk, she felt her insides clench like nothing she had ever experienced by herself and nothing she had imagined before. By the time the dark-haired slayer had lowered the smaller girl's body to the floor, Willow knew the meaning not only of orgasm but of multiple-orgasm and was wondering if her body would ever be the same.

"Speaking of multiple orgasms..." Tara whispered as she felt her kitten's depths clench once again around her fingers. Realizing that the girl was making only inarticulate moaning noises, she slowly removed her fingers and eased her body off the Willow's.

After giving Willow a drink of water and untying her restraints the blonde gathered her lover in her arms. "I love you, my kitten," she whispered as she brushed her fingertips through the girl's hair and along her face.

"I love you too, my Tara," Willow answered, feeling spent from the intensity of her orgasms.

"Rest for a minute," Tara directed her lover, "while I continue reading your story."

Willow finally looked up to see Buffy and Faith locked in a kiss that would have soaked her if she wasn't already soaked. The blonde's hands were busily stripping Faith of her clothes while Faith's fingertips nipped and pinched her counterpart's skin everywhere she could reach. As Buffy pulled down the dark-haired slayer's leather pants, Faith kicked them away and sat down on the edge of Willow's bed. "Come here, pet," she instructed the blonde who dropped to her knees immediately, burying her face in the slayer's dark curls.

"Oh G-d that's fucking good, B," Faith moaned as her hands gathered handfuls of the Buffy's hair. Willow watched her best-friend as she kneeled in front of Faith for a few minutes, lightly playing with herself as she did before making a decision.

"Ooo," Tara commented, "I bet I know what that decision was."

The redhead shifted slightly so that she was just behind Buffy. Before she could speak she heard Faith's voice: "Spread your knees, pet, Red wants to lick you." Buffy did as directed and Willow found herself lying flat on her back, her mouth mere inches from her best friend's dripping cunt.

"That was my guess, kitten," Tara teased as she touched her own wetness. "Why don't you demonstrate young fictional Willow's technique while I keep reading."

"Oh yes, Mistress," Willow eagerly agreed. Tara lifted herself so she was kneeling over her lover's face and nearly melted into the feeling of the girl's tongue and mouth on her.

Willow's entire body shook from nervousness as she moved closer to the blonde's center. She'd never looked that closely at a woman's genitalia before, and certainly not a man's. Her association with her own extended more to the "oh that feels good" and "that feels really good" variety. She extended her finger to run it along Buffy's outer lips and felt the girl shudder in response. She was only barely aware of Faith's voice continuing to order her lover to please her and shouting out an orgasm without stopping her commands.

Before she could lose her nerve, Willow tentatively touched her tongue to one of Buffy's lips, tracing it along to the top and then retracing the reverse of that path on the other side. "Oh G-d, Willow!" the blonde shouted. Encouraged, Willow began eagerly licking Buffy as she had, repeating the motion on first one side and then the other. The taste was overwhelming and like nothing she had ever tasted before. It was tangy and sweet. Like the ocean and the sky. And touched with power and passion and violence too. She figured that she must be doing a good job as Buffy continued moaning and whimpering while still furiously licking Faith.

"That's the way, Red," Faith encouraged as the slayer ground her center against her pet's face. "Lick her clit too so she can come screaming against mine." Her words were getting somewhat less discernable but Willow could still make out her suggestion to, "use your hand too, Red." The redhead couldn't tell whether she was hearing Faith or Buffy's moans any longer as both girls were nearly screaming with pleasure.

"Holy Goddess!" Tara screamed as she came shudderingly hard over her lover's mouth, the papers dropping to the floor by the bed. Her kitten moved her mouth from her Mistress's clit for only a second before attaching it again and sucking it hard into her mouth while thrusting two fingers inside the blonde.

"Oh God, oh God, oh Fuck! Willow!" Tara screamed as she reached back to brace herself against the headboard. Using the leverage of her arms, she moved against her lover's mouth and hand, careful not to hurt her and well aware of just what the girl could take.

Wanting to feel her lover really thrust, Tara rolled, hoping that Willow would understand and move with her. Her kitten did just that, never removing her fingers or lessening their motion as she slid on top of her lover and kissed her lips, trading the taste of the blonde's juices. Her fingers slid easily in and out of Tara's hot channel and the redhead added a third finger, tentatively at first and then thrusting more firmly as the blonde arched her center toward her lover's hand and arm. "Oh yeah baby," Tara moaned, "fuck me. Fuck your Mistress. Fu..." her words were cut off by Willow's mouth clamped on to hers. Even with her kitten's mouth locked to hers, the sound of Tara's scream as she came echoed off the walls of the room for seconds.

As she recovered, Tara looked up to see her lover gazing at her and holding a glass of water. "Thanks baby," she whispered as she took it from her. "I love you, Willow," she told her again before hugging her tightly.

"I love you, baby," Willow answered. She blushed for a second before asking, "was my story... um... ok. I mean you know...?"

Tara giggled for a moment. "Faith, huh?"

"Well. Ok, sure a homicidal psychopath and all... but did you ever see her in leather pants?"

Both girls laughed as Tara answered, "I only ever saw her body with Buffy inside and I don't think she was looking her best after eight months in a coma and then the visit with the watchers council."

"I guess so," Willow agreed. For a moment she looked deeply into her lover's eyes. "It's about you, Tara. It's always about you."

Tara just smiled as she held her lover, knowing that everything Willow did was about her.

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