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Author: JustSkipIt - Debra
Rating: NC-17 - Really! Really! Very NC-17. Some B&D, fucking, toys, etc.
Disclaimer: Willow and Tara and any other character that appeared in the syndicated television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is property of Joss and Mutant Enemy, I'm only borrowing them and am not making any money off them Thanks.

Tara gave Willow another kiss before the redhead left for class. Once again she had a Friday all to herself; Dawn and Willow had school and Buffy had work. Perhaps the blonde would do some cleaning before heading to the Magic box. But first, a shower was definitely in order.

As Tara was pulling her clothes from the dresser and closet, she noticed something sitting on her pillow. Crossing to the bed she immediately thought of Willow and how loving the girl could be. Obviously she had left some sort of a love note. The envelope showed Tara's name in cursive and lay on top of a bound journal.

Tara, my Love, my Mistress, my Everything,

I know that you have a free day and don't even have plans to go to the Magic Box until later, so I wanted to leave you a little treat. Please know that if I didn't have class all day, I would be honored to make your every wish come true. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this gift.

From your devoted kitten.

Tara smiled, knowing that her morning plans had just changed. She took her shower but then returned to the bed, running her hands down her body as she got into a comfortable position on the bed. Opening the journal, she began to read:

Willow shifted her weight nervously as she waited for her Mistress to enter the room. Tara had indicated that she was to be punished. Surprisingly, the redhead didn't know her offense. Often, the offense was either intentional or minor, anything to get the kitten her craving of pain and pleasure. In the months since they had been playing, Willow loved the way her Mistress was continuing to train and use her. She was increasing the punishments to fulfill greater and greater of her pet's desire, and of course, enjoying her pleasure at the same time.

The click of the door told Willow that her Mistress was in the room but she didn't look up. "What a nice view, kitten," Tara leered as she approached the kneeling figure.

"Thank you, Mistress," Willow squeaked.

The redhead was surprised as Tara bent down beside her and gathered a handful of hair, pulling her head up to force the redhead to look at her. "Do you know why I'm going to punish you today, kitten?" the blonde asked.

Willow answered quickly with excitement already coursing through her body, radiating out from the tension of her hair pulled tight from her head: "No, my Mistress. But you can always punish me, for any reason, whenever you want."

Tara smiled a little sexily and a little cruelly as she heard her lover's words. "Yes," she agreed, "I can. But today I have a good reason to punish you." She dropped the redhead's hair and clipped the leash onto her pet's collar before standing and moving across the room. Willow could tell that the blonde had retrieved something from the dresser and she held it out before telling her to put it on. Willow obeyed instantly, fastening the blindfold around her head before returning her hands to the small of her back.

"Stand up, kitten," Tara ordered, "and put your hands in front of you." Willow assumed that the blonde meant to fasten a restraint to her wrists and felt slightly disappointed. She loved restraining herself for her Mistress and always felt honored when the girl allowed her handle the task. She often fantasized about using a spell or figuring out another way to fully restrain herself and leave her body spread-eagled on the bed for Tara to find-a gift of sorts.

Rather than feeling the leather of her restraints around her wrists, however, the redhead felt Tara's fingers intertwine with her own. In the meantime, her other hand tugged on the leash to pull the girl forward. "This way, kitten," she commanded as she tugged. Willow again felt somewhat shocked as the blonde guided her fingers to wrap around what she recognized as the back of the desk chair. Was her Mistress not going to tie her for this punishment? "Wait here," she heard her lover order and then heard the door opening.

Why would her lover be opening the door? Willow trembled with excitement and anxiety. What if someone was passing the room and saw her like this? No one could mistake the tone of the scene as Willow bent forward over the chair, her eyes covered with a blindfold, a collar fastened around her neck and dangling a leash. After a few seconds, the blonde returned and Willow thought that she might have heard her set a glass down on the desk. It also sounded like she had set something heavy on the edge of the bed and the redhead could only wonder what that might be.

Internally admonishing herself for her lack on concentration on the punishment, she felt her senses narrowing to concentrate on the feel of the wood grasped in her fingertips, the soft and total darkness of the blindfold over her eyes, and the now-returned tug on her collar. She could tell that Tara was winding the leash around her hand to increase the tension just enough to make her submissive aware of it.

Willow gave out a small moan as she felt her lover's hand begin to caress her round bottom. "Do you know why I'm going to punish you today, kitten?" the blonde asked in a teasing tone.

"No, Mistress," Willow answered.

She thought she might have heard the blonde stifle a giggle as she explained, "Honestly, baby, I can't imagine what you were thinking..."

"I'm sorry, Tara?" Willow offered, still wondering what she was about to be punished for, not that she minded.

Three slaps quickly fell on the redhead's ass, warming the skin but not really hurting. "How could you, kitten?" the blonde teased as she delivered another two slaps.

Willow had trouble keeping up with her Mistress's taunts and slaps. She sounded like a character from Sesame Street: "One. Two. Three. Oh, Four, thank you, Mistress. Five."

The next few slaps were harder and Willow moaned as she leaned back into the contact. "I can't believe that you chose that dress, kitten," she explained as she continued spanking her kitten. "The color was hideous and the arms looked like some sort of sea monster."

Even as one part of her mind was directing her mouth to continue counting the punishment, another part ran through lame excuses. Anya had been quite adamant about the bridesmaid's dresses and the only thing that kept one of the others from being guilty of this transgression was that Tara and Buffy were both busy the day that the ex-demon went shopping. Before she could stop herself, Willow blurted out, "But Mistress, don't you think that wearing the dress was punishment enough?"

A hard tug on the leash and five much harder slaps to her ass told the girl what her Mistress thought of that bit of lip. "Oh," she teased, "you must want so much harder a punishment." She laid a few more slaps on her lover's ass as she asked, "Is that it, kitten? Do you want harder punishment?"

"If it pleases you, my Tara," the kitten obediently responded as she took a few gasping breaths. Her spanking had turned more intense at the end and she took a few precious moments to catch her breath.

Tara again tugged on the leash as she led her kitten away from the chair. "You will definitely please me, kitten," she promised. "And have more punishment," she added almost as an afterthought.

Willow had to force her mind to return to the present moment. Tara was not following any pattern that she had used before. The spanking had been quite mild and now the blonde was leading her away from the chair. In contrast to the light punishment to this point, her Mistress seemed to be really enjoying handling the leash. She tugged the smaller girl across room before ordering her to kneel which Willow did immediately.

"Put your arms out and lean forward, kitten," Tara ordered before fastening her lover's wrists to the legs of the bench. Willow felt the continued tension on the leash as her lover moved and then knelt behind her, forcing her legs wide and stroking her through wet curls. The grasp with which she held her pet's clit was intense, surprisingly so given the wetness. "Who do you belong to, kitten?"

"You, my Mistress," Willow moaned. Her clit ached and her lover was really tugging at the leash and collar.

"Tell me what that means, kitten," Willow heard her Mistress order as she felt fingers sliding into the girl's wetness. There had been no warning, no subtle preparation for the intrusion and the redhead could feel her cunt contract.

She tried to concentrate on her answer in spite of the excruciating fullness of her lover's hand inside her. "It means I belong to you. You can do anything you want with me. Punish or pleasure. It means I live to pleasure you, my Mistress," she gasped. Just as quickly as her lover's hand had entered her, it now withdrew and she felt Tara wiping her juices on her reddened ass.

"This is not nearly red enough," Tara commented as if just pondering the sight. Willow felt her lean forward over the redhead's body and explain, "I want to fuck you, baby, so that I feel the heat of your raw ass on my stomach."

"Yes, Tara," Willow breathed, "please..."

She felt the tug of the leash on her neck again as Tara moved around to the front of the bench. Moments later she realized that the blonde was sitting on the front of the bench, straddling it, her own wetness an inch or less from her slave's mouth. "Do you want to please me now, kitten?" she teased.

"Yes, Tara, please," Willow answered, licking her lips as she thought of the feast so close to her mouth.

"And do you want more punishment?" She then asked.

Willow was surprised at the second question. How would she both pleasure her love and receive her punishment? Nonetheless she answered honestly: "Yes Mistress, for you."

"Pleasure me," Tara ordered as she gave a tug on the leash. Willow was grateful when her lover finally ordered her to begin pleasuring her. It was torture to be so close to such a sweet treasure and to not be allowed to touch or taste. She craned her head to gently lick up her lover's outer lips, gathering her wetness into her mouth. She tensed her arms to feel the tension of the restraints against her wrists and hoped to feel Tara tugging on the leash once again.

"Oh that's very good, kitten," Tara moaned. For a moment there was just the sound of Willow's mouth moving over her lover's center and then the blonde spoke again: "But you still need punishment." Willow smiled as she thought of how wet she would be by the time she was done pleasuring her Mistress and receiving another punishment.

The redhead's head snapped up against the limit of the leash as she felt something hard and smooth touch against her ass. How was her Mistress doing that? The forceful tug on her leash brought her mouth back to where it should be and Willow began her task again as she heard her Mistress's voice. "I'm not the only person who had to wear that dress," she explained, "so we're going to have help punishing you today, kitten."

Oh God, Willow's mind shouted, Buffy is going to help punish me? She wondered why Tara had released the tension on the leash. Then it occurred to her, her Mistress was giving her extra time to safeword. How could she tell the girl that she had no interest in safewording? That being punished by Buffy would just let her show how devoted to her Mistress she was. She hoped that she would do Tara proud. "Thank you, Tara," she whispered.

Tara leaned down and whispered in her lover's ear, "I know your mouth is going to be very busy so you don't have to count." The redhead's only reply was a muffled groan into her Mistress's wetness. She could still feel the paddle resting against her ass and wondered when Buffy would start her punishment. Would the girl talk to her? Was the kitten going to "have to" pleasure her too? Resolutely she returned her full attention to her Mistress's pleasure.

The first blow was no harder than a spank would have been, but it hinted at much more. The next was slightly harder and the next slightly harder. "That's it, Buffy," Tara moaned and Willow imagined that her Mistress was enjoying watching the slayer paddle her kitten.

"She's so wet, Tara," Buffy commented as she continued paddling the redhead. A part of Willow's brain splintered off to wonder about the indications of all this. What was Buffy doing? Was she into BDSM play? Was she gay? Was Tara inviting her to join them? But the larger part was only thinking of licking and sucking as fast as she could to lap up her Mistress's increasing juices and the sensation of each blow on her ass. She could feel her own juices soaking the bench under her and beginning to drip down her thighs.

At the next blow, a particularly hard one, she lifted her mouth just far enough to whimper her thank you. As she did, she felt the familiar tug on her leash, enforcing for her the knowledge that she belonged to Tara. Redoubling her efforts, she thrust her tongue into her lover's wet channel and felt the blonde begin to shake and contract.

Shaking with excitement, Willow lapped more furiously at her lover's quivering center. Buffy hadn't stopped paddling the redhead and she was starting to wonder if her ass was red enough for her Mistress yet. Feeling the tension on her collar lessen, Willow knew that Tara was finished for the time being.

She felt the blonde stand up from the bench and then felt her warm breath against her ear. "Oh kitten," Tara moaned in a very satisfied voice, "that was wonderful." Willow assumed that Tara must have given some signal to Buffy to stop.

"Yes, Mistress, thank you for allowing me to pleasure you," Willow answered.

"What about Buffy?" Tara teased.

Willow wondered what to say. As much as she enjoyed the paddling, it was all for Tara and she wanted to communicate that. "Thank you for helping my Mistress punish me, Buffy," she decided on.

Apparently her answer had satisfied her lover as Tara laid a soft kiss on her kitten's lips. The blonde began running her fingers through Willow's hair before stroking down her back and then caressing her bottom. "Warm..." she mused as she felt the redness and the quiver that ran through Willow's body. "Now, kitten," she said while moving her hand to stroke her lover's wet lips, "I've been bragging to Buffy about how well you serve me." She addressed the slayer: "Isn't that right, Buffy?"

Willow could almost hear the smirk in Buffy's voice: "Definite bragging. Telling me how much she loves for you to spank or whip her little ass..." The redhead felt a hand on the object of description, and assumed that Buffy was touching her again. "And about how well she pleasures you with her mouth." This time she felt the slayer's fingers stroking her lips and teeth, as if checking out a horse she was considering buying. "And about how much she screams when you fuck her senseless," Buffy added.

Tara's next words both excited and scared the redhead a little: "Would you like to see?" Buffy must have nodded because Tara directed her, "Please give us a few minutes alone." After a few seconds and hearing the sound of the bathroom door shutting, Willow felt her lover kneel down by her. She was offered a drink of cold juice and felt Tara's fingers stroking her face. "Do you want this, my love?" she gently asked.

Willow didn't know how to go about answering the question. Tara had broken roles to ensure that the game was alright. The redhead wanted to serve her lover, to show how much the bragging was true. And she had always fantasized about this. Sinking back into her role, she answered, "Yes Mistress. I want to serve you always, any way you would like."

During the few seconds it seemed to take Tara to process her lover's answer, Willow heard the bathroom door open once again. When she next spoke, she had also returned to character: "What a good kitten... I want you to show Buffy those skills I bragged about." Willow felt a slight tug on the leash and found her mouth nuzzled in the unfamiliar smell and taste of her best friend.

Guessing that the slayer would like her pleasure more rough, she thrust her mouth and tongue quickly and forcibly against the girl's center. The slayer was definitely turned on. Her juices were flowing and she was bucking against Willow's mouth. "Oh yeah," Buffy moaned, "lick me..." She seemed to falter at the end as if not sure what to call the girl. "Tara," she managed to say, "what do I call your slave?" Her voice rose an octave on the last word and Willow smiled into the wetness.

"You may call her ‘pet,'" Tara answered. Willow felt the familiar pressure of the strap-on at her entrance. "But only I call her, ‘mine.'" As she said the last word, she slid the entire length of the dildo into her lover.

"Yours," Willow moaned as she began to feast on Buffy's musky presence.

If Willow had been capable of rational thought she would have been amazed at the intensity of sensation. Buffy had her hands wrapped in the redhead's hair and was pulling her mouth against her dripping pussy. She apparently enjoyed talking as much as Tara did. "Oh yeah, pet," Buffy almost shouted, "keep licking like that. Your Mistress has good reason to be so proud."

Willow redoubled her efforts as she was reminded again of her purpose: to make her Mistress proud. She could feel Tara's fingertips digging into her hips and each slap of the blonde's stomach on her ass reminded her of the double punishment she had received.

She couldn't keep from moaning, almost screaming into Buffy's wetness as she felt Tara's hand leave her hip and grasp her clit. The other hand held the end of the leash and each thrust caused the handle to sway against her thigh or ass. She smiled as she heard her Mistress moaning with each thrust into her kitten. She knew the blonde was close to her own climax when she started talking: "Kitten, you look so hot--with your hands tied and the blindfold on. Your mouth is buried in Buffy's pussy just for me and your ass is so red. And when I look down I can see this cock just slamming into your cunt." Tara's hand's movement over her clit intensified and Willow realized all at once that the blonde was coming, her body shaking as she continued thrusting into her helpless servant.

Willow scraped her teeth lightly along Buffy's clit, wondering briefly what it would take for the slayer to feel her own release. As Tara finished shaking, the blonde witch leaned forward, draping her weight over her kitten while still moving her pelvis to thrust in and out of the girl. "When Buffy comes, you may do the same, my kitten," Tara whispered in her ear before giving it a tug with her teeth.

As if given permission by Tara's words to Willow, the blonde slayer began to shake and scream, pulling the kitten's hair even tighter. It wasn't a conscious effort on Willow's part: she started coming at that exact second, following her Mistress's order perfectly.

A few minutes later, Willow lay on the bed. Tara had asked Buffy to carry her kitten there and the slayer had done so before kissing her friend on the forehead and leaving the witches alone. "I love you," Tara whispered as she smoothed lotion into her lover's tender bottom.

Willow could feel the love and gentleness that Tara was putting into her caresses as well as the passion that she put into their scenes. She rolled partially over and kissed the blonde gently. "I love you, baby," she whispered, "thank you for today."

Tara was silent, continuing to caress her lover's tender bottom until they fell asleep.

As her final climax subsided, Tara closed the journal, laying her head on it. After a few minutes, she leaned over and placed it in her nightstand. It certainly had been a good way to spend the morning and she smiled, thinking of her kitten's thoughtfulness. But she had her own idea of how to punish the girl for the bridesmaid's dresses...

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