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Author: JustSkipIt - Debra
Rating: NC-17 - Really! Really! Very NC-17. Some B&D, fucking, toys, etc.
Disclaimer: Willow and Tara and any other character that appeared in the syndicated television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is property of Joss and Mutant Enemy, I'm only borrowing them and am not making any money off them Thanks.
Note: Thanks for CN & Susan for the loan. Thanks to DMW who originally suggested one of the many activities contained herein.

"So we're going dancing on a Tuesday night?" Willow asked incredulously.

"Yep," Tara nodded as she finished getting dressed.

"But not to the Bronze?"

"Some place new," Tara explained as she took her lover's hand and pulled her into a kiss before starting down the stairs.

Willow followed her lover out the front door. She was confused but not uncomfortable. Tara had mentioned going dancing a few days ago but Willow was still surprised to be going out so late on a weeknight. It had crossed her mind that maybe Tara wanted to play but she hadn't called Willow "her kitten" or dressed her so apparently not. Both girls wore jeans and short blouses for a fun night of dancing. Dawn was at Janice's and Buffy was wherever she went all the time.

Both girls kept their senses alert for any signs of danger but their fifteen minute walk garnered nothing more disturbing than a wad of gum Tara stepped in and had to scrape on a curb, her language clearly expressing what she thought of people who didn't use trash cans. As Willow giggled at Tara's diatribe, it was confirmed to her again that they weren't playing; if they had been the blonde would have no doubt implied a future punishment for her kitten.

A few minutes after the chewing gum fiasco they reached a black door in the brick wall of a warehouse. Heavy industrial dance music escaped through the opening each time someone opened the door. As they entered, both girls pulled their IDs from their pockets and handed them to the bouncer. Tara looked at the sign on the counter before also offering a $10 bill for their cover charges.

She jumped back slightly as a hand slammed down onto the counter stopping the progress of their offerings. "The Slayer's friends are not welcome here," the second bounder growled.

"W-we're off duty," Tara offered.

"So what... you haven't killed any vampires in the last ten minutes?" His face had morphed as he spat out his accusation.

"Tara," Willow pulled on her lover's hand, "maybe we should go."

"We're not here with the Slayer," Tara explained again, "Spike told me..."

The vampire bouncer appeared to consider her reference as Willow leaned forward to whisper in the blonde's ear: "Please Tara? Maybe we could find something to do that would make up for the ruined evening..." She tacked on an almost inaudible, "Please, Mistress Tara?" It was the first time she had directly attempted to initiate their play and she wasn't sure it would work.

The last three words, all but silent to the blonde, were loud enough for the vampire to detect easily. "Well," he smirked, "since you're friends of Spike's..." His face was completely normal by the time he tucked the money in his pocket. "Have fun," he told the girls as he re-entered the bar ahead of them.

Willow could feel the hard beat of the music as it reverberated through the concrete floor and the vibrations coming through Tara's hand. "Let's get a drink, baby," she suggested and pulled Tara toward the bar. She had to shout over the din but made sure she didn't order anything sounding even passingly like "blood." Once each girl had downed a Kamikaze, they went to the dance floor and began enjoying the hard music.

The music was much a much harder, more industrial sound than they were used to but it was the type of beat that made everyone move powerfully. Within minutes each girl had worked up a sweat and they took a short break to get another drink. Glancing around, Tara asked her lover, "what do you think? About four humans to each demon?"

Willow nodded her head. "Seems friendly enough though. No one dragging their prey out the back door or dropping drained bodies in corners." As she spoke she snuck a look at the corner just to be sure. "Hey," Willow shouted, "what's over there?" She pointed toward a group of people facing or seeming to browse over a table in one of those corners.

Tara smirked slightly but answered cryptically: "let's go see"

As they approached the corner, both patrons in front of them walked off, leaving a clear view of the merchandise. Willow sucked in a breath as she took in the offerings. After looking to her lover for approval, she stepped up to examine everything more closely.

"This one would go beautifully with her eyes," the demon behind the table suggested as he held out a brilliant blue studded leather collar. His other hand held a matching leash.

"Oh... I... it...," Willow stammered, completed shocked when Tara's hand reached around her to close on the collar.

"Let's see," she teased with a spark in her eye. She didn't fasten the buckle but held the leather against her neck. "How does it look?"

Willow gulped loudly. "Beautiful," was all she could manage to say.

"Do you have a green one?" Tara asked as she handed back hers. The demon smirked slightly as he looked back and forth between the two girls. Tara took the outstretched collar, smiling sweetly. "Thank you," she told the demon as she took it. She turned to Willow who was watching her intently.

Willow felt Tara's cool hands as they held the leather material to her neck. Just the feel... Just the thought... Even without her Mistress fastening the collar, even without her attaching the leash, the redhead was ready to drop to her knees in a second. "Beautiful," Tara murmured as she placed a gentle kiss on her lover's forehead.

Turning back to the salesman, or sales demon, she handed him the collar and began to look over the other merchandise. "If you don't see what you need here, I can get it for you, Miss," the demon reassured her. It was obvious from his tone that he now realized that he had initially misjudged the two girls.

Willow's hand traced the line of collars on the table as she asked, "may I...?" She indicated the entirety of the table with a sweep of her eyes.

"Yes, love," Tara answered, "show me anything you want." Tara didn't say that she was shopping tonight and she didn't say that she was. Perhaps she would get some new ideas tonight.

Willow's heartbeat quickened as her eyes swept over the arrayed toys. She guessed that the table held only a representation of the available wares. At the far left end, the collars varied between brightly colored nylon, metal, and leather. Some were thin, almost necklaces or chokers, while others were made of thick black leather that she imagined would make a slave's head nearly immobile. Wouldn't be able to serve my Mistress the way she likes best, she mused regretfully. An equally varied assortment of leashes accompanied the collars. She glanced only momentarily at the wrist and ankle restraints displayed on the table. Her Mistress had already given her adequate restraints and their trip to the cemetery last week showed that Tara felt no concerns about being able to control her kitten without tying the girl.

Next to the restraints were a few handles ranging from about 18" to 4 feet long. Although a few had metal rings at each end, the rest did not. She picked one up trying to determine if it might be a sort of paddle. "It's a spacer bar," the demon offered.

At Willow's confused look, Tara took the bar from her and placed her mouth close to the girl's ear. "You would hold it over your head or behind your back," she whispered.

"Oh," Willow squeaked as her mind filled with the visual of her Mistress punishing her while she held the bar. Shaking, she handed the bar to the salesman.

Next the redhead's eyes took in the paddles and whips. She caressed each item quickly and found herself handing a riding crop to her lover without thinking about the action. All she could comprehend was the wild image filling her mind Tara raising the black stick again and again and the snapping sound of it hitting her flesh. Just the thought, combined with the image of her using the space bar, had the redhead's crotch soaked.

Tara's mouth split into a wide smile as she observed the dreamy gaze on her lover's face. She allowed her fingers to trace the object, bending it slightly to test the tension. Mmm. The sound it was bound to make as it marked her kitten's pale skin was just one of the aspects encouraging her to indulge in a new purchase. She silently handed the crop back to Willow, but not before subtly tracing the inside of the redhead's arm with the tip of the implement. Willow gulped but turned to hand the item back to the amused demon.

Knowing that they weren't playing (at the moment) Willow turned to press her body against Tara's. She wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed her deeply before pulling back slightly. "Would you like to go home, Tara?" she suggested. Both girls knew that that inclusion of Tara's name in the question was meant as an offer.

"Not yet," the blonde whispered and motioned toward the table again.

Willow turned back to the display more than a little confused about Tara's rejection of her pass. Usually the blonde was receptive unless she was sick. Well... sometimes then too. Willow felt the taller girl's arms wrap around her waist as she continued inventorying the offerings. The table held an array of harnesses, dildos, vibrators, and other toys. As she was about to reach for a set of intense-looking nipple clamps the music suddenly stopped. "Welcome to Fetish Night at The Club!" a voice called out and both witches turned toward the "stage."

The redhead noted the smug look on Tara's face as she whispered, "let's see the show." Taking Willow's hand she gently pulled her toward the front of the focusing crowd.

Willow's heart beat in her chest as the blonde led her toward the stage. It was obvious that Tara had chosen this club intentionally, knowing that it was "Fetish Night" whatever that meant. Her rejection of Willow's pass made more sense now.

Once they had a clearer view of the stage, Tara pivoted to again stand behind her lover with her arms wrapped around her waist and her chin resting on her shoulder. She could feel the redhead's trembling excitement.

On stage three people were emerging silently from behind the curtain. The man and one woman were casually dressed. Between them walked a young woman with her hands tied in front of her. She held her hands high enough that the audience could see her thong, the only covering she wore. Even from this distance, Willow could see her wetness on the silk.

The Mistress whispered in her slave's ear for a few seconds before kissing each cheek. Then she turned to speak to her apparent partner. Although she was obviously speaking loud enough for him to hear, neither Tara nor Willow could hear them.

Tara felt the redhead's body trembling and worried for just a second before she realized the girl was giggling. The blonde ran the tip of her tongue over her lover's ear before asking, "What's so funny, Will?"

Willow turned quickly into her lover's embrace still giggling: "I was thinking that I couldn't hear them and then I thought too bad Buffy's not here because she could tell us what they said and then I pictured her here... You know with the vampire employees and patrons and hardware for sale and stage show and it was a funny mental image. I want you." She ran the entire thought and following declaration together and began kissing Tara's neck.

The blonde enjoyed her lover's attention for a few moments, also giggling at the thought of Buffy shooting crossbows through the room. "Let's watch the show," she whispered, lightly turning Willow back toward the stage and again wrapping her arms around the girl.

When they turned their attention back toward the stage, they noted the slave's new position. Her arms were extended over her head and the binding between them was attached to a meat hook. It was just high enough that her muscles were not relaxed but there was no slack either. She wore a blindfold which disappointed Willow who would have liked to see the girl's eyes. The master was just setting a paddle back on the table.

Tara felt her lover shudder slightly as the woman next picked up a small frayed whip. She allowed the fingers of her left hand to snake under Willow's top and rest against her flat stomach. She wondered, what did she mean, "I want you"? Did she mean she wants my hand thrusting inside her or the other way around? For her to take me and possess me as I scream her name? She didn't try to stop the simultaneous fantasy, or fantasies, dancing through her mind as she watched the show. Willow's body was trembling against her front with excitement even though it seemed too be a very tame show. Perhaps it was more a demonstration than play. Even so, it was apparent that the redhead was entranced and her body shook with each strike. Tara extended her fingers just enough to touch the elastic on her lover's panties and idly played with the border as she whispered in her ear: "are you enjoying the show, Willow?"

The redhead whimpered in response. She was completely aroused by the sound of the whip striking the girl's flesh and the way her body shuddered. It was easy enough to read her lips as she thanked her Mistress.

"Do you wish that was you?"

Tara's voice shocked the redhead from her reverie. She turned around with a glint in her eye and wrapped her arms around the taller girl's neck. Her lips virtually caressed her lover's ear as she whispered, "do I wish that was me? Do I wish that this body," she cupped Tara's hand and ran it down her side so that it brushed the swell of her breast before coming to rest on her hip, "was stripped naked in front of a room of strangers while my Mistress delivered my punishments? That I could make my Mistress proud as everyone watched how thoroughly she possesses me?"

"That's pretty much my question," Tara smirked as she dug her fingertips a little more tightly into the smaller girl's hips.

"Only if it pleased you," Willow answered with an equal smirk on her face. Turning back toward the stage she was somewhat disappointed to see that the show was apparently over. Before the music could begin again she turned into Tara's embrace, delivering a searing kiss, her tongue thrusting between the blonde's moaning lips. "I want to take you home and feel your wetness. I want to lick and suck your body as my hand fills you and you scream my name for hours," she boldly announced as they began dancing to the hard beat once again.

Before Tara could respond to Willow's declaration she felt a light tap on her shoulder. She turned to find a young man wearing a G-string and a black studded collar. He looked down as he explained, "as friends of Spike's you are invited to the show. I'm so very sorry for my delay in finding you." He held out two shot glasses and offered them to the witches who shrugged at each other before downing the drinks. After all, they surmised, if someone wanted them drugged, the bartender could have done it earlier. Invited to the show? I thought we just saw the show, Tara thought. The confused look on Willow's face showed that she thought similarly.

Tara nodded to the young slave before following, extending her hand back to take Willow's. The redhead's small hand was damp with sweat from their vigorous dancing. Both girls could feel the building tingle of their shared magic as they cautiously followed the boy.

They went down the hallway past the doors to both bathrooms before reaching a third door at the end of the hall. Although they could feel the beat of the music, the sound itself was relatively muffled. He knocked on the door and it was quickly opened by another slave, this one a vampire. The vampire cut his eyes away from both girls immediately but opened the door wide to allow their entrance.

"Spedoinkle...," Willow muttered as she first saw the room. The lights were dim but she could make out the mass of bodies throughout the room.

Before she could assess the sights and sounds, their guide led them to a large man in a dark suit and tie. The slave immediately dropped to his knees as his master turned toward the girls. "Welcome," he greeted them warmly in a very deep voice, "I am Alfonse, owner of The Club." He extended his palm and the coolness of his skin confirmed each girl's suspicion. "My servant was to find you much earlier. Would either of you enjoy punishing his tardiness?"

Tara wondered at protocol in this situation. Was it an offense to refuse? She felt Willow's squeeze giving her support and hoped she would not stutter: "thank you for your generosity. We would p-prefer to watch tonight."

"Of course," the vampire nodded, "if you decide to play, enjoy. Otherwise, we hope you find the entertainment suitable." He waved at the room before turning to the kneeling servant. Neither girl had to look back when they heard leather hitting flesh to know that they boy was learning a lesson about tardiness.

Allowing their eyes to scan the room they each sucked in a quick breath. Throughout the room, couples and groups engaged in various manner of play or sex (or both). A glance to the far side of the room at a blonde chained to the wall and taking an intense whipping from her leather-clad Mistress concerned both witches. The intensity was just too much for any human to bear for long. Her flesh hung in strips on both her front and back.

Tara and Willow started moving quickly across the room before stopping suddenly as the red-head wielding the whip leaned forward and sensually licked a path along each wound, obviously savoring the blood seeping out from the openings. The blonde locked her yellow eyes momentarily on Willow's before closing them, ecstasy inscribed across her features.

Abandoning that destination, the girls looked around for a scene to absorb. Near the vampire pair, a thin woman wearing nothing but a collar was on all fours as one man pounded into her from behind and another obviously enjoyed her attentive mouth. While her back bore thin marks, she now enjoyed only occasional slaps of her master's hand interspersed with his thrusts.

Nearby a woman leaned against the wall as a male slave kneeled at her feet, furiously licking and sucking her cunt. Another woman seemed to spur him on with sharply delivered snaps of a riding crop. Suddenly the woman leaning against the wall screamed her pleasure. Moments later, she kissed the second woman as she took the crop to trade places.

Willow attempted to control her shock at the overwhelming stimulation of the scene. Everywhere she directed her attention she saw naked bodies and heard moaning and the sharp snap of leather, wood, or flesh hitting flesh. Her body's Pavlovian response had her nipples as hard as diamonds and her panties soaked. Her heart sped up at the through of Tara turning to call her "kitten." She didn't know if that was more excitement of fear. Obviously seeing the question in her lover's eye Tara whispered, "tonight we're just watching, my love."

Willow nodded, both disappointed and relieved, as she continued looking about. She pulled Tara silently toward a table in the center of the room. Apparently this was a "spotlight" position as evidenced by the mirror slanted above the table to allow more of the room to see the scene.

Three women circled the table, on which lay a beautiful woman, naked except for the blindfold one of the women stepped forward to tie on. Moments later the other two women raised her arms over her head and snapped each wrist into the openings for a set of handcuffs which were bolted or soldered to the table. Neither woman removed her arms from the prone woman's body but ran their fingertips lightly over her skin as if to heighten her sensitivity. When she had finished fastening the blindfold, the first woman moved to the end of the table, bending the girl's legs to cuff them to the table as well. With the servant's heels on the table, her legs were spread so that everyone watching could see her glistening pussy.

Willow was completely entranced by the show in front of her. Tara stood directly behind her, their bodies molded together and her hands caressing the redhead's hips, often rising high enough to tease the smaller girl's breast. Her mind was filled with not only the intense scene playing out in front of her, but thoughts of her Mistress dominating her in front of an audience like this. She was somewhat surprised to find herself incredibly turned on by the idea and wondered if Tara was as well.

The two women who had tied the girl's arms were still caressing her body, having moved to her chest and torso. Willow's nipples became harder as she realized that each woman was interspersing pinches with the soft caresses. Willow was momentarily confused as the single Domme turned away for a few seconds. Where would she be going and why?

Both witches were startled by the voice coming from beside them. "Have you seen this game before?" a vampire dressed entirely in black asked.

Tara didn't think it was a pick-up line and didn't want to react too strongly. At the same time, she didn't want to give the quite beautiful creature the wrong idea. "No," she said strongly, "this is our first time visiting The Club."

The vampire appeared to take Tara's words neither encouragingly or rudely. Instead she explained: "the pet on the table belongs to the woman with the candle. The one kneeling belongs to the other two." Both Tara and Willow nodded that they understood the players so far. "The Mistresses each bet her slave for the rest of the night on whether she can make the first pet come." She indicated the action with a smile. "They'll have agreed upon some time limit." Both witches nodded non-committally. They were very interested in the game and the vampire's explanation of the rules but didn't want to send her any ambiguous signals. Apparently the negotiations for the contest had been more complex than their temporary guide knew: the girl's Mistress slowly raised her hand over her body and tilted it slightly. Willow's shocked eyes focused first on the body shying slightly from the impact of the wax before relaxing. From there her gaze reversed gravity as it climbed the trail of was now falling on a different patch of unmarked flesh.

"Must be hot," Tara whispered in her lover's ear. With her arms wrapped again around Willow's waist from behind, she could feel just how hot the girl found the display.

Her suspicions were confirmed as Willow only managed to groan an affirmative, "Yes, Hot."

After a few turns, the three women began passing the candle to each other. Each varied the location of her pour as well as the height of her hand. Both witches reasoned that the closer pours must cause a hotter contact.

After each woman had taken a turn with the candle, one of them nudged the kneeling slave who hurriedly crawled forward to attach her furiously working mouth to the other girl's dripping cunt. Even with her hands bound behind her back, she was obviously intent on success. The owner of the slave receiving this attention was now checking her watch and obviously whispering encouragement to her pet.

Tara was shocked by the voice of the vampire still standing next to them: "Would you like to place a bet of our own on the game?"

The blonde witch had no doubt of the creature's meaning as she eyed Willow's body, her eyes resting on the redhead's smooth neck. "No. Thank you," Tara firmly told the vampire, offering a silent thank you to her Goddess that she avoided stuttering. Both witches relaxed slightly as the woman shrugged and smiled at them before moving closer to the spotlight position.

Tara was somewhat surprised as her lover turned in her embrace to begin kissing her neck. Willow's lips found the blonde's ear as she bold told her, "Let's go, baby. I don't care how their game turns out." It barely took Tara a glance into her lover's lust filled eyes to agree that it was time to go. Within minutes they had thanked Alfonse for being the host, and were headed out of the club, knowing that it might take them some time to assimilate all they had seen and experienced. Both girls also had many new ideas to consider for their future play.

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