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Author: JustSkipIt - Debra
Rating: NC-17 - Really! Really! Very NC-17. Some B&D, fucking, toys, etc.
Disclaimer: Willow and Tara and any other character that appeared in the syndicated television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is property of Joss and Mutant Enemy, I'm only borrowing them and am not making any money off them Thanks.
Note: This is my first foray into writing First-person. I'm not completely confident but I thought if would be a good exercise for me. I hope it works...

Monday 6:15 a.m.

That ought to do it. Mmm. She'll finish her shower and come out here and punish her kitten. Mmm. Ten spanks I bet. Maybe more if I sass her. Just a little.

I should probably not have this happy little grin when she comes out of the bathroom. I can just imagine though. The water just turned off. In a minute she'll get out of her shower and see my towel crumpled on the floor. A sure way for the kitten to get her punishment.

Mistress just must teach her kitten a lesson. Right?

She's taking her time. Maybe touching herself to get her juices flowing so I can serve her and "earn" forgiveness.

Oh Goddess. Serving her on my knees...that's the best. Well... ok. Maybe her hand slapping against my ass while she taunts me. Well ... ok. Maybe the whip... or the belt...or after those...Those times when she's whipped me and then taken me fr...

"Hey Will, You look happy. Watcha thinking about?" she asks. There's my beautiful lover, my mistress looking gorgeous and fresh and wet. Here it comes. I'm probably grinning like a maniac.

She tells me, "I heard Dawnie getting up a minute ago. I told her we'd drop her off at school on the way to the magic box."


She's come out of the bathroom and is pulling clothes from the closet, obviously getting ready for the day. "Should we leave a few minutes early and stop for coffees or make some here sweetie?"

Her eyes roam over my body and she suggests, "since you're dressed, do you want to check on Buffy?"

"Uh," I answer brilliantly, "sure." After a quick kiss I go to check on the moody slayer.

But I'm still thinking of Tara, my lover, my Mistress.

Tuesday 7:15 a.m.

I wonder if she'll try the same thing today. My predictable little kitten. Towel on the floor? Let's show some originality Will. "I'll shower first," she announced the moment the alarm went off. Then a quick kiss and she was gone. She'd be sneaky if she wasn't so adorably predictable.

A few minutes later I get up. From the sink I casually ask, "you're out of class at 1:00, baby. Was there anything you wanted to do today?" I can tell she's trying to formulate an appropriate answer and push on: "I'm out at 2:30 so we have all afternoon."

Obviously she came up with her answer: "anything you want my Tara." She pulls open the shower curtain and gives me a pouting look. Goddess, if I didn't have plans, that would have gotten me.

"Well, Mr. Giles said he's getting a shipment of new books in," I tell her, " I'll meet you there?" Her look is absolutely priceless. Like she can't imagine I'd rather look at a pile of dusty old books than pile on her punishment. Mmm. Nice parallel. Ok, now I'm laughing at my own internal babble. I'm turning into my lover. But back to that priceless look: so sweet and desperate and she's drying off and doing her lovely hair.

It's not like she's dying of celibacy or something. We made love yesterday - Hell! Twice! And half of the weekend. Even Anya would be impressed with our orgasm per day output. Especially if she could make money off it...hmm...Maybe an orgasm-a-thon? Way off topic now.

"I love you baby," I purr as I give her a soft kiss which quickly grows more passionate as she traces my teeth with that tremendously talented tongue. Mmm. Willowtongue. By the time she pulls away we're both flushed and breathless. Her smile is sexy and optimistic. "Mmm," I murmur as I step into the shower, leaving her looking disappointed and adorable.

"Ahhh! I scream as the cold water hits me. Ok Willow, that was a good one. It takes quite an effort to manage to leave the showerhead thing pulled up and the cold water on full blast. She must have gotten a good jolt of cold herself too although I guess she knew what to expect and stood to the side. No wonder her nipples were so damn hard. What starts as giggles turns to full-fledged laughter as I allow the now warm water to pour over me.

"Baby? Are you ok?" she asks and it takes me a few seconds to stop laughing.

"Fine sweetie," I tell her sticking my head out of the shower, "you must have accidentally bumped the water; it was full-on cold."

"Oh," she shows exaggerated concern. "I'm so sorry Tara. I wish I could make it up to you?"

Adorable. Absolutely adorable.

"Hey," I tell her with extreme levity, "accidents happen. It's hardly the biggest danger we face on the Hellmouth." She looks at me askance but nods slowly.

When she notes the way my eyes roam over her towel she acts surprised: "darn." Her eyebrows crinkle up so cute. "I keep forgetting." She bends slowly over totally showing off her ass as she glances back at me again.

Wednesday 7:00 a.m.

Ok. She's got some kind of plan. How do I know that? Because she's acting like she doesn't. Like everything is "tra-la-la" and skipping through the daisies singing. And we haven't sung in weeks!

And I'm her kitten, damnit! I'm her fucking kitten. Every pun intended. I fuck her. I get fucked by her and that's the deal.

Except suddenly not.

So what to do? Wait patiently? Flirt? Keep trying for a punishment?

She'll be out of the shower in a second. No cold water. No towel on the floor. Maybe a little more direct?

Checking myself out in the mirror, I look totally hot. This plain black choker is the closest thing I've got to a collar and my nipples are totally hard from the pinching I've given them. The shower cuts off and I run my fingers along my lips, gathering some "eau du Kitten" to anoint my neck, hard peaks, and lips. If I can smell it, I'm sure she can.

She barely steps into the room and I'm on her. "Good morning lover," I purr as I rub my body against hers. That's what good kittens do right? Purr and rub against their owners? Her cute nose twitches with recognition of my scent all over me. Her right hand winds into my hair as she pulls me in for a hard kiss, thrusting her tongue into my mouth and leaving me breathless as she licks around my lips, effectively cleaning them of my essence. She sniffs at me for only a second before pressing my body against the doorframe, her longer leg splitting mine and becoming covered in my wetness.

Oh Goddess! Her mouth is so hungrily ravaging my skin as she licks and sucks and nibbles my juices from my skin where I've spread it as an invitation.

My eyes are still closed, head leaned back and breath coming in short gasps as I register her moving toward the dresser to put on clothes, her words flung over her shoulder: "Mmm. Delicious."

Thursday 6:30 a.m.

I'm waking and the feeling and the Oh Goddess and the... Oh Goddess ... Her mouth... and I'm ... and ...Oh Goddess.. and her tongue tracing my wetness so slowly...and over and over. I run my hand down my body to brush it over her hair, gently cupping the back of her head, those red curls more pronounced in the Oh Goddess early.

Knowing that I'm awake now by my moaning and my hand's motion, she hardens her thrusts, alternately plunging inside to drink me or circling my clit. Oh that Willowtongue!

"Oh Goddess, baby," I cry and wet my free fingers with my own saliva to begin circling my nipples, their peaks rising automatically.

"Let me," her muffled voice offers and her hand takes over to circle and rub and pinch my now hard nubs.

And her mouth is still... and her tongue... and the licking... and ... Oh Goddess... and that bite... and... Oh Goddess! And... Willowhand. And her fingers... pressing into my... and ... Oh... Oh... Oh Goddess!

Her small body is wrapped in my arms, arms that feel week and struggle to hold her. "I love you my Tara," she whispers as she places feather light kisses on my neck, kisses that make me squirm and giggle when I have the strength.

"Good morning," I mumble as my hands begin to rub over her skin. I can feel her excitement on her skin... and on my hip.

Her breath catches as I grasp her nipple between my fingertips. I squeeze a little harder and she whimpers: "Oh Goddess, Tara." Ducking her head she adopts an effective and submissive appearance. Mmm. God. How she looks. A nice spanking for... well... something. Don't' want to deter that wake-up. But the towel... or the cold water. A little patience Tara, I have to remind myself. My hands are pinching and twisting both nipples and she's moaning and thrashing and it's so fucking hot. Fuck! How did I ever? And my mouth curls up in memory of just how I won this woman's heart...and body.

She rolls onto all fours so I can reach her still lying on my back and our lips are pressed together, first my tongue in her mouth and then hers in mine. And back... and forth...

"Did you... Oh Goddess... like... my... Oh Goddess... and... um... waking?" and two fingers are inside her and she's moving against my hand, taking me so deep in her wetness.

"Hot my Willow, so fucking hot," I whisper and she's moving faster.

"I just wanted to please you my Tara," she whimpers and it's a plea for our game. And she moves faster on my hand, groaning in pleasure as my third finger meets only the barest and wettest resistance on sliding into her. "Thank you Tara," she groans.

"Oh Willow," I whisper, "I love making love with you." She's a smart girl: she will understand that we're not playing. And maybe she'll realize what I already know: right now our play is up to me. Ultimately it's up to both of us. It's just... I have plans...

And she stills for a second, realizing she can't cajole me into play this morning either and maybe knowing I control everything and my teeth around her nipple and she screams as her cunt clenches around my fingers.

Friday 7:45 a.m.

I hit the snooze button perhaps a little too hard but I'm not ready to get up. Why should I? Tara is just starting to stir and her arms tighten around me. Her face has that adorable half-smile and I wonder, is she thinking of how I woke her up yesterday? Maybe she's been dreaming.

I certainly was. Oh Goddess, how I was. My subconscious mind is a pervert. I start to giggle thinking of my dream. Intense and the bench... and... wow!

"Don't worry. Be happy!" the radio screams and I hit the snooze again. Who tunes our alarm clock to this lame retro crap?

"Don't you have to go to class?" she half-asks, half-mumbles into my neck.

"Mmm," I answer, "not if you keep doing that." She nuzzles into my neck more and in spite of the temptation I glance at the clock. "Crap," I mutter and roll away to take my shower. My lover grasps my pillow and I lean over to kiss her forehead. A smile twitches up at the corner of her mouth but she's asleep again before I leave the room. Lucky no classes-on-Friday girl. Mmm, especially after the late night we had.

I'm smiling a mile wide as I adjust the water and step under the spray. Goddess! The night we had... I lost count of orgasms for both of us. That mouth of hers... and the Tarahand... Oh Goddess.

I guess she's changed her mind about wanting a kitten? I know that in the beginning it was definitely me pushing the boundaries but I thought that she more than just came along. She seemed so INTO it. She's the sexiest woman in the world and more so when wielding a whip or belt, pulling me by the hair, or even just whispering "Kitten." She's amazing and I trust her completely. I can't think of any thing she could want for me that I wouldn't want.

If she's uncomfortable, if she's changed her mind, that's ok. I can make love with this perfect woman everyday and never miss the play. And there's always the Internet for feeding my fantasies. Mmm. That one story... with the whipping... and the wax... and how she... oh... oh...OH!

Fuck! That was nice but now I'm going to be late. Fuck! It's ok. I don't need to play. And running out the door, I actually think I believe that.

Friday 7:45 p.m.

Does it seem like we spend all our time taking showers? I'm dressed and ready for our company but Will is still in the bathroom. Not that I'm a portrait of fashion. Jeans and a dark top are hardly fashion but they're comfortable.

It seems like my lover is more content today. Less antsy. I giggle picturing her in the shower this morning. Those magic fingers rubbing her clit until she came quietly. I don't know if she can feel my climaxes when I'm alone but I've always felt hers. Tee hee... easy to catch the naughty kitten if I wanted.

I look up and she's coming out of the bathroom with a silly grin on her face. Adorable. "What time is it? Everyone gets here at 8:00 right? A Star-Wars marathon! How fun. I mean... not that I'm that big on... Xander's idea really," she scowls. "Now you're laughing at me," she pouts.

"Definitely," I agree through my laughter. She comes over to the bed and I wrap my arms around her back to snuggle her, tickling her perfect skin with kisses.

"God Tara," she groans and her hands float through my hair.

"I have a treat for you," I tell her.

"A treat? Oh Goodie!" she bounces away like a playful child for a second before returning. A sexy look is on her face as she leans down to lick my jugular: "I don't think we have enough time for my favorite treat."

A smile ticks up at the corner of my mouth as I tell her, "oh Kitten, you will definitely get that treat later." And my smile is bigger as I imagine my kitten lapping up my juices over and over. Her face is shocked as she processes my words.

"Kitten?" she asks and suddenly drops to her knees. Her head is down and her hands are folded behind her back as they should be. "Whatever pleases you, my Mistress," she whimpers and her breathing is already heavy with need and desperation.

I tip her face up to kiss her lips before ordering her up onto the bed. She glances around furtively as if wondering where the restraints are.

"On your back, kitten," I order, my voice hard and commanding, and she complies instantly.

I begin to caress and pinch her nipples while she watches my face intently , hers a combination of surprise, delight, and pain. "Our guests will be here soon. When they get here, I want you to be a good hostess." She looks puzzled for a moment so I clarify, my mouth right against her ear: "everyone will need drinks and their pizza." "Yes, Mistress," she moans. Oh my good little kitten.

I hold up her treat. "This is your treat, kitten."

"This is your treat, kitten," she tells me and holds up something I've never seen.

My eyes trace it and I'm wondering what it could be even as I obediently whisper, "thank you, Mistress Tara." Six days since I've gotten to call her "Mistress." Too long.

The object is small - about the length of a finger and made of wire. It's curved so that it makes an upside down U at the "top." Each end curls back toward the U and has a fine chain with a small glass bauble dangling from it. "It's a kitten clip," she whispers teasingly.

A clip? To clip what? It's too big to be a nipple clip and there's only one of it. Oh Goddess! She's grasping my... Oh God. So that's what the clip is for. Those blue eyes. Oh Goddess. She takes her hand away but it still feels like she's grasping my nub. Extending her fingers she moves them toward my mouth. "Oh kitten," she whispers, "you got my fingers all wet."

"I'm sorry Mistress," I tell her glad for the opportunity to taste myself on her fingers as I slowly run my tongue over each digit, completely cleaning them.

She leans down to kiss me. "Mmm," she comments. "Wear a skirt," she says as she nearly bounces from the bed, stopping at the door only long enough for me to respond, "yes Tara."

By the time I get downstairs Buffy and Dawn are arguing over which remove works the stereo, VCR, or TV. "Do you know how to do this Tara?" Dawn practically whines holding a veritable pile of remotes.

"No," I tell her as I take a seat on the couch, "but Willow does."

"Willow does what Tara?" the woman of the hour asks as she slowly descends the stairs. There's a slight spring in her step as she takes the remotes and hits an endless combination of buttons until the FBI warning comes up on screen. She sets down all but one control on top of the TV and places that one on the coffee table. I'm impressed with how casual she sounds as she tells the other girls: "I'm getting a drink. Do you guys want something?" It's not obnoxiously obvious but we both know she's serving them because she serves me.

"She didn't even ask you," Dawn scoffs as she watches Willow disappear into the kitchen.

"She knows what I want," I tell the teenager.

"I bet," Buffy coughs into her hand.

I look at her sideways and then to Dawn who doesn't seem to have noticed her sister's comment. And my kitten is back, looking me in the eye before glancing down and giving each girl her drink with exaggerated effort. Finally she sets my wineglass down on a napkin in front of me, "here's your drink, Tara," and drops to sit at my feet, leaning against the arm of the couch. What a good kitten.

I pick up the glass in one hand and take a drink and place the other on the back of my lover's neck. I can feel her tension and excitement with every stroke. "You forgot to get yourself a drink, Willow," Dawn notes.

"Oh," Willow explains, "Tara will give me whatever I need."

Again I'm pretty sure Buffy's cough is caused by something other than a throat tickle. But no matter.

"Well, that's seven hours we could be having sex Xander." Anya's voice cuts through the room as Buffy and I each shoot our hands toward Dawn's ears. Even with slayer speed, Buffy isn't in time and I'm not even close.

"Gross," Dawn spits out as she turns back to the TV.

"Anya, Xander," Willow jumps up, pleasing me with her attentiveness, "can I get you drinks?"

"I'll have what Tara's having," Anya waves at my glass and insinuates herself between me and Dawn while grabbing a handful of popcorn.

"Doubtful," Buffy mutters so only I can hear.

"I'll help," Xander offers and follows my kitten into the kitchen. I smile as I think how turned on my lover is from this. I can sense her excitement like electricity flowing between us. Having tried out that clip last week, I know what it's like: I came twice walking across campus. Mmm. Necessity breeds invention? How about my kitten's adorable little clit breeds my ideas?

She sets down Anya's wineglass before settling to the floor at my feet again and I hand her my wineglass. She takes a slow sip before handing back the glass. "Thank you, Tara," she says as she starts the first movie. My hand is on her back of her neck again, just caressing and occasionally winding into her hair.

Oh Goddess! Just thinking of my hand holding her in place as she serves me later. Oh no: we will not be watching Star Wars for seven hours. That magic mouth. Mmm.

"Giles," Willow squeaks, "do you want a cup of tea?" She's on her feet and I'm pulled back to the present.

"Not now Willow," he responds and settles uncomfortably into a chair. He didn't want to come but everyone insisted on a Scooby movie night.

"Anyone else?" my kitten offers but no one takes her up on it and we're all watching the movie. I couldn't care less about the movie. My kitten is at my side, at my feet, and my hand is wrapped in her hair. I'm caressing her skin and alternating my grip. I know she's thinking of the same thing I am: her serving me with my hands wrapped in her hair--sometimes right here on this couch.

But that clip works best when you're moving around. With no one wanting anything, it's a perfect time to change settings. "Willow and I are going to go patrol," I announce. My lover jumps to her feet eagerly and extends her hand to help me from the couch.

"I should do it," Buffy offers apathetically.

"Enjoy your movie, Buffy," I tell her. "Will, run up and get our bag."

Willow's attempt to follow our rules while seeming casual is impressive: "sure Tara. Anything else you'd like?" I shake my head and she goes to get our patrol bag with a gleam in her eye. Of course if she knew what I had in the bag besides holy water and stakes, it would be more than a gleam. Is there such a thing as a supergleam? A megagleam? Hmm, a Willowgleam.

Going upstairs is a different sensation than coming down was. It's like my Mistress is pinching and grasping my clit while I move around. Goddess, it's so fucking hot - everytime I move to get anyone a drink or getting the bag, it's all for her. And she's controlling her kitten so completely. She's at the door by the time I skip down the stairs. The look on her face is powerful and sensual at the same time. My mistress. "Tell everyone good night," she whispers in my ear.

I give my best devilish smile as I respond just as quietly: "yes, Tara." Slowly I turn and walk to the doorway and say goodbye to each person. Entranced with the movie, they all wave me off, even Giles who seems sucked in by this "American trash." Of course Buffy is complaining that the council could at least provide her with a light saber to kill vampires. I take my lover's hand and she pulls the door shut behind us.

Two steps and she has me backed against the pillar. Her hand is at the back of my neck and I'm breathless from how she is kissing me. I'm still feeling woozy as she bops down the stairs to announce, "let's go patrol."

I barely remember to answer, "yes, Tara," as I join her on the sidewalk. That kiss seems to have intensified the tension in my body and each step I take is like a caress of my clit. If we weren't playing, I could come right now.

"How do you like your clip my kitten?" Tara asks and it's as much a taunt as a question.

"Oh Mistress," I respond, so glad to be away from the gang, "it's such a wonderful treat. It feels like you are holding my clit between your fingers."

"I am," she tells me.

"Thank you, Tara," I moan as we continue walking. Every step jiggles the chains and I understand why they are there. It's a delicious sort of teasing tension and I'm wondering if we are really going to patrol or if she has other plans—plans that might include me on my knees, licking and sucking her pussy while my clit throbs with need. But I don't think she'd skip patrol even for our play. I trust her and I'm sure she has a plan. In fact, it occurs to me that she's been working toward this all week. Oh Goddess! I would do anything for her.

Within minutes it's apparent that we are in fact patrolling although the first three cemeteries garner only one very stupid vampire. As we watch him burn and disintegrate she assesses him: "good thing Buffy's not here. I think he was too stupid to get her puns."

"Definitely, Tara," I agree. As we walk she alternates rubbing the back of my neck or gripping my hair.

"Did you have a frustrating week, my kitten?" she asks in that knowing and teasing way.

"Until very recently, Mistress," I respond.

Suddenly her hand is tight in my hair and she's pushing me forward so I'm against the wall of a mausoleum. Both her hands slide along my arms to press and hold my hands against the cold concrete. Her breath is hot on my neck as she asks, "what did you miss the most?" just before biting into my skin.

"S-serving you, Mistress Tara," I manage to squeak.

"Vague!" she swats my ass twice and I'm impressed with how smoothly she has transferred both my wrists to one hand.

"I'm sorry Tara," I comply, "I missed serving you on my knees the most."

"Not your punishments?" she challenges.

"Not as much, Mistress," I moan. Her hand is rubbing against the skin she has slapped as if she Is considering adding some punishment. I continue, "I missed bringing you pleasure the most my Mistress." And we both know it's not so cut-and-dried. We both get unbelievable pleasure from everything we do: I get so incredibly turned on from giving her pleasure not to mention the way she wields my punishments. And she loves my mouth on her but I know she also loves granting me the intensity I crave.

Her teeth are against my skin again and she has me pressed almost painfully against the wall as she taunts me: "you will have a chance to show me just how badly you missed serving me later."

Oh Goddess, those teeth. "Thank you Tara," I groan.

"Keep them up there," she orders as she drops her hands down my arms and around my front to cup my breasts. There's only enough room between my body and the wall for her slim hands, her fingers stroking and pinching first one nipple, then the other. I can barely speak to say "yes, Tara."

If I felt like punishing her I could invent a hundred reasons but...I'll save that. For now...I still have my plan. Goddess, I'm fucking dripping wet. My kitten will be lapping that up all night.

I slide one hand back up to grasp hers and step away, pulling her along to patrol. I'm watching for vampires but something else too. A certain kind of headstone. I know there's one around here somewhere. Ah yes! There it is. Perfect and just the right height.

"Are we stopping here, Tara?" Willow asks confused.

"For a while," I answer cryptically as I pull a few crystals and herbs from the bag. We step closer to the headstone and I instruct her: "place a protection spell around this stone and us, Willow."

She takes the ingredients wordlessly, understanding that she is free to use all her power for this act. Once it is set up, she reaches out her hand to grasp mine so we can share the incantation. The area within the circle takes on a sparkling glow.

"Very good, kitten," I tell her, capturing her once again. I place my hands on her quivering hips and back her against the headstone. "Up you go," I whisper and between her jump, my lift, and a touch of magic, she's sitting on the stone. She watches intently as I pull two leather ties from the bag. Each end is attached to a small bell. "See the bells?" I ask as I loop the ties around the carved angels on each side of the stone.

"Like a kitten's bell... o-on a collar," she whimpers.

"Hold," I order and she takes the ends of both ties in her hands. "Those are your restraints my kitten," I explain. "The bell is both a signal that you failed to restrain yourself or your safeword."

"Either way we stop, Mistress?" she confirms.

I nod and slip my hand under her skirt to trace the clip and carefully remove it to her accompanying whimper. Leaning forward I kiss her deeply and roughly before replacing my lips with the clip. "Clean this for me, kitten," I order and she immediately begins licking the metal, looking like she's savoring her own juices. "Hold this," I say and she bites down to keep it in her teeth.

"Good kitten," I compliment her and take a step back to admire my creation. She sits atop the monument, skirt raised to show off her glistening pussy, her hands are extended grasping the ties, the clip is clenched in her teeth, and her eyes are locked on my every movement.

I step forward again and begin trailing kisses and bites along her neck as my fingertips graze her swollen clit. "I'm going to fuck you out here... in a graveyard... in the open," I whisper. As my hand continues to tease her clit, I note the tears of frustration beginning to pool in her eyes. Quickly I bend my head slightly to lick her inner thighs, nipping the sensitive Willowskin as I go. Just before I latch onto her wetness I instruct her, "you may come when you feel my finger inside you."

She moans what could only be a desperate "thank you." And oh God, her clit is as swollen as it could possibly be. I lick in long strokes, savoring the tension and luscious juices coating my face. For long minutes I purposefully avoid her pleasure nub. Then I allow my tongue to just barely graze the surface. As I do, I hear her moan loudly, her lips and teeth still clenched around the clip. Back to licking long strokes and darting my tongue inside. I was very specific that she could come only when she feels my finger inside her, not my tongue. If she comes too soon... punishment for my little kitten for sure.

She's moaning and writing and her juices are bathing my face. More frequently I swipe my tongue over her clit and begin teasing my fingers at her opening, ensuring that they are bathed in her slick juices. She is nearly crying and I hear a sound like "hree, hree, hree,..." which I translate to "please, please, please." My finger is coated in her wetness and she's mine, my kitten, my toy, my everything...

Please. Please. Please. And tears are rolling down my face and I need her... to... be... Please... And her slick wet finger surprises me as it slides smoothly up my ass. And I couldn't stop coming if I tried. And it's like my body is part of a cosmic explosion as I clench around her finger and would arch away from the stone if there were anything to press against. I know I'm screaming because I hear it in my head but I don't think I've dropped the clip. She straightens up and begins thrusting inside me. Her mouth is by my ear and she's chanting, "mine, mine, mine," and on the next thrust she slides two fingers into my dripping pussy to match the one in my ass and she's fucking me with all her might. I hear someone moaning, "urs, urs, urs," and it sounds so far away and so close at the same time. And I remember I'm supposed to be doing something but the lights are flashing and my body is exploding and I hear bells ringing.

For a moment there I wasn't even sure if she was really here. She was moaning against the clip in her lips and coming so hard. And it was so beautiful. I wrap my arms around her shaking body and softly kiss her, not knowing if the salty taste is from my tears or hers. And both mix together and we're united in love and passion and the shaking aftermath of this incredible gift.

I'm kissing her cheeks, her eyelids, her hair, and her nose as I tell her, "I love you, Willow."

"I know," she whispers, "God I know, baby. Thank you my love."

I smile knowing what I've done for my lover, my kitten, my everything. "Let's go home," I whisper already coming up with a plan for skipping the last movie.

"Always," she agrees as I help her off the stone. We gather everything from the bag and dispel the circle before walking slowly home together.

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