Return to Please Part Six


Author: JustSkipIt - Debra
Rating: NC-17 - Really! Really! Very NC-17. Some B&D, fucking, toys, etc.
Disclaimer: Willow and Tara and any other character that appeared in the syndicated television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is property of Joss and Mutant Enemy, I'm only borrowing them and am not making any money off them Thanks.

Willow and Tara walked down the alley toward the Bronze quickly. Both girls were of course aware of the danger of going anywhere in Sunnydale although their powers kept them from being too afraid of the run-of-the-mill creatures of the night. They could see Spike just ahead and knew that a scream from either of them would bring the bleached vampire running if they needed assistance. Tara glanced at her watch again realizing that the entire gang would probably be waiting for them. Oh well, that's what happens when the kitten stages a little snit, she giggled to herself.

"What's so funny Tara?" Willow asked as she saw Xander standing in the doorway obviously looking for them.

"I was just thinking of you making us late," Tara teased as they reached their friend and gave him a hug.

"Could Willow not decide which shoes to wear again?" Xander joked.

Knowing that she was safe for a while Willow answered, "it was actually Tara's fault we were late. She had something she decided needed done at the last minute." She mock-whispered, "women... you know," to Xander who laughed at the thought.

"Well," Tara interrupted, "you know how some things can be. You just have to try and get a good grip on them before they get out of hand. You don't want some slippery situation lasting all night." Willow blushed at her lover's description of their reason for lateitude and Xander nodded his head pretending that he knew what they were talking about but really having absolutely no idea.

Hand in hand the two girls walked over to the table that Anya and Buffy had staked out. They were surprised to see Dawn with them. "Hey Dawnie," Willow greeted the teenager, "boozing it up with us old folks tonight, huh?"

"Like I drink," Dawn scoffed. "Buffy said I could come out to dance with everyone tonight."

"And then Spike or I will walk her home by 11:00," Buffy explained pointedly.

"Well hey," Willow answered, "that still gives you a few hours to dance."

"I am payday man," Xander announced proudly, "who wants to do some damage to my wallet?" Everyone gave their orders and he left for the bar to get the drinks while Dawn went with him to help carry.

As there was only one stool left, Tara sat and Willow stood right next to her, her hand resting lightly on the blonde's knee. Without even thinking about it she was stroking and petting her lover in a very "acceptable in public way." After a few minutes the music picked up and Xander came back getting Anya to dance with him. Tara and Willow stood to dance but when Buffy asked Dawn to come dance the teenager again scoffed, "like I'm going to dance with my sister. How gay is that?" She looked at the witches before explaining, "I don't mean how gay is that although, ok, pretty gay since she's my sister and a girl. But how incest is that?"

"We've got it Dawnie," Tara answered, "come dance with me and Willow and Buffy can dance." They joined the others on the dance floor and began enjoying the evening, the music, and the chance to relax. When the music changed everyone switched partners and pretty soon they weren't really dancing with partners anymore; everyone was just dancing in group. After a while Spike tapped Dawn on the shoulder and he and she left the bar promising to head straight home.

When Anya left the dance floor announcing that she "needed to pee," the others stayed and Tara smirked to herself as she got an idea. Announcing that she and Willow "needed to pee too" she pulled the redhead from the floor and toward the bathroom.

"I don't need to pee Tara," Willow protested frustrated that the blonde was pulling her away from the dance floor.

"No," Tara agreed, "but you need to go to the bathroom with your Mistress my kitten."

Willow stopped suddenly and got a devilish glint in her eye. "Do you want me to assume the position right here, Mistress?" she teased.

Tara leaned forward to nip at her lover's ear. "You wish," she whispered. As she felt the redhead shiver she decided to delay their visit to the bathroom. Taking a step forward and forcing the smaller girl to take one back so that she was against the hallway wall she pressed her body up against Willow's. "Would you like that kitten?"

"If it pleases you my Tara," Willow answered. Her tone of voice was impenetrable. It was hard to distinguish whether she was affecting perfect obedience or being a perfect smart-ass.

"I think you would like that," Tara told the girl as she raised her hands above her head and held them to the wall. "The night that I took you out and showed you off to that restaurant, you were so turned on." She nipped at the girl's ear eliciting a low moan. "You know you would love to be my obedient little servant in front of an audience."

Again the redhead merely answered, "anything that pleases you Mistress."

"I have a game to play tonight my kitten," Tara began explaining.

"I love your games Tara," Willow answered. She was excited beyond belief. Tara was holding her against the wall and the way she had the girl's hands over her head, anyone who came by would know something was going on. Her bottom was pressed to the rough plaster with only the thin material of her skirt and the nubs were pressing into her already tender skin. She could feel her juices dripping from her center.

Willow knew that Tara was thinking the same thing she was when the blonde explained, "I'm going to release one of your hands. I want to taste you now kitten." The redhead wasted no time stroking her fingers through her wetness and holding them out for the blonde to lick. She was surprised when the blonde asked her, "who frustrated you more in high school, Buffy or Xander?"

"What?" Willow asked completely confused by the question.

"That's what Mistress," Tara corrected, "how many strokes is that?"

"Ten Mistress," Willow obediently answered. Goddess this is going to be a great night!

"Now back to my question: who frustrated you more in high school, Buffy or Xander?"

"Ummm, Xander I guess," Willow answered.

"You get Xander," Tara explained, "I get Buffy. Whoever's partner has to excuse themselves from the dance floor first gets a reward."

Willow smiled as she thought about what she thought was a sure-thing. "What's the reward Mistress?"

Tara smiled evilly: "winner's choice."

"Oh Goddess," Willow moaned, "at this point I think Xander may win."

Tara smiled as she saw Anya emerging from the bathroom. "Go ahead kitten," she whispered as she turned to Anya. "Hey Anya," she greeted the ex- demon, "I was just going to get some drinks. Can you help?" Anya agreed and they returned with their hands full, finding an empty table by the dance floor. Tara set down her drinks and looked out to where Willow, Buffy, and Xander were dancing in a loose circle. "This is such a great table," she hinted.

"Why don't you go dance then?" Anya took the hint, "I'll hold the table."

"Well, if you don't mind," Tara agreed attempting not to smirk.

As she reached the group dancing she winked at Willow who asked, "what's up with Anya?"

"She's going to sit this one out and hold the table," Tara explained.

"Oh well," Willow philosophized, "her loss is my gain." She Xander by the hand and pulled him deeper onto the floor. "You can be my personal stud."

"I thought Tara was your stud?" Xander asked confused about Willow's teasing tone.

Fuck this is going to be even easier than I thought the redhead thought as she began dancing slowly and sensually. She ran her hands slowly through her hair as she explained, "well she is definitely my stud but you know how it is. Sometimes you need to sample the other horses."

Xander gulped as he continued his shuffling movements. He was shocked at the way the redhead was flirting with him and attempted to convince himself that he was imagining it. But he couldn't be imagining the way she was moving. She was rubbing her hands all over her body, touching her hair and face, stroking her stomach, cupping her breasts, and toying with the hem of her skirt all the while staring at him like he was the last chocolate bar on the space station.

In the meantime Tara set her sights on Buffy. The blonde witch had a pretty good idea what was going on between the slayer and Spike. Much as she didn't like it, she believed that the slayer was doing it because she needed affection if not love. Gently Tara took Buffy's hand and began dancing. She was glad when the music slowed and she never missed a beat pulling the smaller girl close.

Buffy was shocked when Tara pulled her close and began dancing with her, their breasts pressed together. She had never danced with another woman like this. Faith and she used to come dancing to blow off their slaying energy but that was always frenetic and sexy dancing, never sensual and close. She could feel the softness of the witch's body and her arms wrapped around her felt strangely comforting. She almost imagined that she could feel the blonde's breath caressing her neck or ear but that couldn't be. Willow was right here. It's not like Tara would be making a pass at her with her lover around? The slayer swallowed uncomfortably as she tried to take in the confusing input. Ok, bad-temper- powerful-witch girlfriend right over there. Not wanting to see those black-eyes focused on me, like ever. ... Brick walls. Ice cubes. ... No not ice cubes. Ummm rotten food. Yeah rotten food. Yuck.

Her intentionally distracting self-talk worked great, or so she tried to tell herself, until Tara spoke. "I think they're having a good time," Tara whispered as she indicated Willow and Xander with her hand. Buffy couldn't help but watch her two best friends dancing. Willow was pressed sensually to Xander and the high- school friends were both facing the two blondes. Willow's hands were wrapped around the construction worker's neck and her head was leaning back on his shoulder. As both blondes watched the red head briefly removed her hands to take his, hands which were hanging uselessly to his sides, and place them firmly on her hips squeezing them slightly to convince the young man to hold her tight. As soon as he had complied she returned her hands to his neck and began gyrating her hips and bottom against her pelvis.

Good moves kitten, Tara thought as she watched her lover. She couldn't believe how turned on she was getting thinking about what her kitten would do for her. She knew that Willow didn't want to sleep with Xander but it was fun to see her torment the boy who had been the subject of her fantasies for so long and she enjoyed knowing that the girl was doing it all on her instruction.

Or maybe I need to worry about Tara killing Xander, Buffy thought confused about how the entire evening was playing out. Knowing that she was hitting below the belt but also able to see the tension in Xander's face Tara explained, "she just loves being held like that... so tight... so safe..." As she spoke the blonde witch moved her hands down to Buffy's hips to hold her in just that way, digging her fingers in only slightly. "Like this," she whispered, "but I'd do it much harder with her." When the slayer whimpered quietly she knew she had her and added, "she likes that."

Willow could feel Xander's erection pressing against her ass. The man was moaning and saying her name and it occurred to her that perhaps Tara had the easier part of the bet since Xander was probably too embarrassed to leave the dance floor. Somewhat desperate the redhead turned suddenly so that she was facing her dancing partner. Hoping to end the game immediately she whispered, "sorry I had to turn around. It's just that my ass is still tender from the spanking Tara gave me before we came and your hard-on was rubbing it." She felt the part of his anatomy in question jump a little at her explanation and added, "I swear you can feel anything through the thin material of this skirt."

"Holy fuck," Xander muttered before making a sound as if he were choking on his tongue. "Hey," he suddenly announced, his voice sounding oddly high, "it looks like Buffy is going to patrol maybe we should go get a drink."

Willow turned around disappointed as she saw Tara standing at the edge of the dance floor with Anya watching the remaining couple dancing.

"You know it's a good thing you two are lesbians," Anya pointed out, "or I'd be very jealous of the way your girlfriend is flirting with my fiancÚ."

Tara answered sincerely, "yes, it's a good thing." She watched the two high- school friends walking toward them, Xander walking very uncomfortably. "Are you ok Xander?" she teased. "Yeah," he answered, "I might have pulled something dancing."

"Maybe everyone should make an early night of it," Willow suggested, "Anya could take a look at that injury and we can go home too." Tara smiled at her as she wrapped her fingers around her lover in much the same position that Xander had used. "Speaking of early nights, where did Buffy go?" Willow asked.

"Oh she said she needed to patrol," Tara explained grinning at her lover, "I think she was getting hot dancing."

"It was hot," Xander squeaked. "Do you two want a ride?" he added.

"Sure," Tara agreed, "the sooner we get home the better."

"I bet," he muttered as all four friends exited the bar. Ten minutes later the two witches were at home. Tara checked on Dawn while Willow went to get ready for her lover.

Tara reentered the room to see her kitten as usual naked kneeling at the foot of the bed. Her hands were folded behind her back and her eyes were on the floor. The blonde was overwhelmed with her love for the girl as she watched her a minute before crossing to stand in front of her. "I love you my kitten," she whispered.

Willow answered immediately, "oh I love so much my Tara." She did not see the hand her lover held out but did begin to notice the sounds of Enigma filling the room. Apparently the blonde had started a CD after entering.

"Dance with me my love," the blonde whispered.

Willow looked up to grasp her lover's hand rising gracefully to her feet. "Am I your kitten?" she asked showing her confusion.

"Always," Tara smiled as she began to sway seductively, "but dance with me Willow."

The redhead moved closer to rub her naked body against Tara's as the two began to move erotically against each other. Wrapping her arms around Tara's neck she began nibbling on the blonde's neck. Tara moaned loudly as she gripped Willow's hips in her clasp. "May I undress you Tara?" Willow asked without lessening her assault on the blonde's neck.

"Oh yes," Tara moaned. She could smell Willow's arousal and knew that hers was equal. The game at the club had turned her on more than she expected and she wasn't sure it that was dancing and teasing Buffy or watching her kitten performing with Xander.

As the redhead lowered her hands to deftly begin unbuttoning Tara's shirt she felt the blonde's mouth begin to claim her neck. She was placing soft kisses all over the redhead's skin as her hands began to roam over her body, stroking her back, ass, thighs, stomach, and breasts. By the time the blonde's shirt and bra were off Willow was moaning from the way Tara was fondling her.

She was shocked as the blonde kissed her lips and stepped backward, stripping the rest of her clothes before again capturing the smaller girl's body in her hands. Tara's mouth immediately reasserted its assault on Willow's body as she wrapped an arm around the small of her back and softly pulled one nipple into her mouth. Both bodies continued to move erotically to the sounds of the music filling the room. As Tara sucked and nipped at the first nipple, her hand caressed, twisted, and pinched the other until she switched her attention to the second nipple. "Oh God Tara," Willow moaned as she felt her knees weakening and giggled at a thought that crossed her mind.

"What's so funny kitten?" Tara asked playfully as she smoothly moved behind the smaller girl, pressing her pelvis against Willow's tight ass and grasping her hips in her fingers, much like she had danced with Buffy.

Willow giggled again and pressed her body back into the strong one behind her as she explained, "my knees felt weak from what you were doing and I was thinking that I have spent so much time on my knees lately that I'm not used to having to stand," still not sure the state of their play she tacked on, "my Mistress."

Tara laughed also at the thought as she resumed kissing and nipping at the redhead's neck. "I enjoyed watching you dancing with Xander tonight kitten," she purred. As she spoke her hands roamed from grasping Willow's hips to pull her body close to cupping her breasts in her seeking hands.

Willow merely moaned in response to Tara's statement. "Tell me about what you did to him," Tara prompted.

Willow smiled as she whispered, "let me show you my Mistress." She took a step back and began dancing as she had in front of the construction worker, stroking and caressing her body with her hands while fixing Tara with a piercing gaze. It reminded the blonde of the time Willow had danced for her at the club before coming home for their first night of intense play. As she danced Willow watched her lover's body, noting the blush of her nipples and the way they were so hard even without any contact. She could see the glint of Tara's arousal on the trimmed hair between her legs.

"Then I came closer," the redhead whispered turning to press her back against her lover's front. She reached up wrapping her fingers around the blonde's neck as she had with Xander, knowing that her nipples were extremely hard. "I know he was surprised and was concentrating on my breasts and the way I was pressing my ass into his front."

"Yes I saw that," Tara purred, "he looked very uncomfortable."

Willow reached up with her hands to take the blonde's hands and place them on her hips, squeezing the fingers to clasp her forcefully. "Then I put his fingers on my hips like this and got him to squeeze them," she narrated. "But he didn't do it as hard as I like," she hinted.

Tara was already tightening her grip on her kitten before Willow added the last statement. She bent her head to nip at the girl's tender neck as she whispered, "I saw you do that. I was telling Buffy about it too, about how much you like being held like that. And I was holding her hips the same way. But I told her you like it so much harder."

"Oh Goddess," Willow groaned as she felt Tara's teeth digging into her flesh," I do my Mistress."

"But you know what got her?" Tara asked.

"No Tara, what?"

"I told her that I was surprised you were pressing your ass into him so hard since I had given you a good spanking before we came out," Tara explained.

"You didn't my Mistress," Willow questioned.

"Of course I did," Tara answered, "don't you want everyone to know how you serve me?" With the word serve she raised her hands from the redhead's hips to grasp her nipples in her fingertips and begin to twist and pinch them.

Willow whimpered. "Oh Goddess yes Tara," she agreed. "I told Xander too." She was having trouble speaking but explained, "I told him that his hard-on was just too hard against my ass which was still tender from the spanking you had given me."

"Don't forget that I owe you some punishment too," Tara whispered as she gave each nipple a particularly hard twist.

"Yes my Mistress," Willow agreed eagerly, "ten strokes."

"Too bad they don't all know that," Tara teased and was pleased to hear her kitten moan in response. She backed up two steps to the bed and sat at the edge. "You know what I want kitten," she commanded and was overjoyed as Willow dropped to her knees.

As the redhead's mouth met her lover's center she began licking and sucking with abandon. "Mmm," Tara purred, "ten strokes. Yes kitten like that."

"Maybe with the belt again. I liked that. Your ass got so marked and then when I fucked you with the strap-on it was so hot." Willow loved the way her lover talked to her when she was serving the girl. Her clit throbbed and she knew that the blonde would keep her waiting before giving her a mind-blowing release. And the better she served her Mistress, the better her reward would be. It was like karma.

"Maybe you want someone else to watch when I give you those strokes," Tara suggested. She felt Willow's tongue freeze for only a second before the girl pulled away just long enough to answer, "if it pleased you Tara."

"Do you think it would please me? Whipping you to show you are mine and then fucking you?" Tara was having a hard time carrying on her teasing commentary. Her kitten was doing the most amazing things with her mouth and the blonde was on the edge of coming. As her climax broke she whimpered, "while everyone watched?"

Willow continued her avid licking at her lover bucked against her mouth. She considered slipping her fingers inside the girl but decided that if her Mistress wanted that, she would say so. When Tara's body had slowed somewhat the redhead made long soft strokes with her tongue to clean her lover's lips of their abundant juices. Satisfied she leaned back onto her knees again and looked up at her Mistress with absolute adoration in her eyes.

"I love you Willow," Tara whispered as she leaned over to kiss her kitten softly and then licked around her mouth to capture some of her own taste. It was something that never failed to make both girls crazy when one of them licked the other's taste from her mouth. This time was no exception and Willow whimpered at the attention. Tara grasped the smaller girl's nipples in her hands again as she told her, "I was going to wait and give you your punishment another day but I just got a great idea. Would you like your punishment today my kitten?" As she spoke she tightened her grip until Willow's hard nubs were nearly white in her fingertips.

"Oh please Tara," Willow begged.

Tara smiled at her lover and the way she was so eager for her punishment. "On the bench," she ordered before standing to get the supplies for their scene from the closet. She turned to find the girl draped helplessly over the bench that had been bought for just that purpose. Her ass looked just delectable and Tara giggled as she thought of some toys she hadn't broken out yet. Number eleven would certainly be making an appearance sometime soon. Gathering her props she walked slowly across the floor. Wanting her kitten to savor the anticipation she first blindfolded the girl pointing out unnecessarily, "so you can't see what I'm doing kitten."

As soon as she had done that, she handed the girl her wrist restraints with clips on each d-ring. "Put these on kitten," she ordered. Willow quickly complied; she loved this aspect of their game: that she was always responsible for restraining herself as much as possible for her lover. It was just another sign of how she was submitting herself fully and freely to Tara's control.

The blonde watched with increasing arousal. She loved the way Willow submitted herself to her Mistress. Of course the blonde had to reach down and attach the second clip to the bench but it gave her a chance to kiss her lover's lips and nip at her neck. As she stood she grasped Willow's hair close to the nape of her neck, pulling her head up. "I'm going to use the belt again because I love the way it marks your skin kitten," she explained.

"Thank you Tara," Willow moaned. She loved the way her lover played with her and punished her. As their game progressed she was becoming more and more creative in inciting her punishments. Of course "forgetting" to address her lover correctly was always a good way to be blessed with a spanking or better yet, a whipping. Maybe Tara would whip her and then fuck her from behind again so she could feel the marks on her ass while she was coming.

As if their minds were linked as well as their souls Tara leaned over to whisper in her lover's ear, "I bet you're hoping I'll fuck you from behind after I finish marking your ass as mine aren't you?"

Willow wondered only for a second how her lover knew what she was thinking as she moaned, "yes Mistress it felt so wonderful."

Tara smirked as she let the first mark fly: "it was wonderful kitten." She paused to hear Willow count the strike before continuing, "but I've got another idea."


"Don't worry though," Tara teased, "it will make good use of your tender ass."

"Three! Four. Thank you Tara," Willow whimpered.

"And it will be a new experience..."


"For both of us," the blonde continued cryptically.

"Six and Seven Tara," Willow hollered. She was surprised as a moment later she felt the soft sensation of Tara's tongue tracing the most recent mark on her ass. The contrasting softness of her lover's mouth and hot pain of the mark were juxtaposed forever in her mind as she arched off the bench in a combination of pleasure and pain.

"Hot," Tara whispered even as she pulled away to leave another mark on her kitten's hot bottom. Her own center was dripping in spite of the amazing climax she had experienced only minutes earlier and she could hardly wait to feel her lover inside her.

"Nine," Willow groaned.

When they left the bar, Tara had been going to make her "winners choice" a nice night of loving like equals with her kitten and she making gentle love. But their dancing and demonstrating had moved them away from that goal and now here she stood, placing a final stripe across her lover's smooth bottom while her juices trickled down her thighs.

"Ten. Thank you Mistress," Willow announced clearly as she waited for her reward for accepting her punishment so well. That was something that many people probably would never understand about their relationship: Willow loved serving her lover. She loved submitting to her control fully and accepting, even welcoming her punishments. And then Tara was always so willing to reward her kitten. No matter what Willow had endured, how long she was made to wait, the release was always so much greater than the eternity of waiting. Her lover never failed to cosset her and let her know how much she was loved.

Given how much they had both enjoyed playing with this bench last week, Willow was surprised to feel her lover unclipping her from the bench and even removing her restraints. Again she felt the blonde's soft lips and tongue as she traced each hot stripe on the smaller girl's body. "Stand up my kitten," Tara ordered quietly.

Willow immediately stood from her position on the bench and was surprised at how unsteady she seemed on her feet. Her bottom was burning up and it was just making her sopping wet center and engorged clit throb more and more. As Tara took the girl's hands and began gently leading her across the room the redhead whimpered slightly. The tension in her clit was so great that just the mere action of taking steps was frustrating. "Are you ok my love?" Tara immediately checked.

"My... my clit," Willow attempted to explain. She didn't want her lover to stop their play but she knew that if she didn't explain her whimper the girl would do just that. "I'm just so turned on by you Tara," she explained as she felt the back of her legs make contact with the armchair in the corner of the room.

Tara smiled at her lover's answer. She had been about to stop their play if the girl was hurt and was of course tempted to take her into her mouth to release the tension but she suspected that it would be taken care of soon enough. As the girl stood in front of the chair Tara bent down on her knees and took Willow's left foot in her hand. "Lift," she ordered repeating the process with the redhead's right foot.

Willow followed Tara's orders although she was confused about what was happening. The blonde was apparently kneeling in front of her and Willow could feel a very slight weight around her ankles, like a piece of clothing. Maybe she was going to tie her ankles? She gasped in understanding a moment later when she felt Tara stand, pulling the straps with her and it would have been enough to incite her climax if she wasn't submitted to her Mistress at the time. Tara didn't seem to mind teasing her kitten further as she tightened the harness and secured the base of the dildo against Willow's swollen clit, eliciting another moan from the smaller girl.

Tara observed her kitten's understanding dawn on her like a light bulb glowing over her head. As she pressed the dildo against her kitten she felt assured that it was hitting her clit just right by the sounds the redhead made. Leaning forward she traced her hands along the straps and informed her lover, "these straps are cutting across your marks."

"Yes Tara," Willow whimpered almost beyond the ability to form coherent thoughts or words. The blonde slipped a finger under each strap as she traced the line with her nail and felt her lover shiver as she encountered each hot mark the strap crossed.

"Sit down my kitten," she ordered before pulling off Willow's blindfold. "I want you to see this my love," she explained as she began kissing her lover tenderly. The kiss grew, alternating from tender and loving to aggressive and forceful and Willow was completely transported by her concentration of every drop of blood in her body apparently gathered in her lips and clitoris.

As they kissed on and on Tara climbed onto the chair to straddle her lover. Her knees rested on the chair and her center was directly above her kitten's center. Gently she guided the girl's hands to her hips as she explained, "I'm yours just as much as you are mine my love." With those words she slid onto her lover's extended clitoris, feeling it stretching her slightly and wonderfully.

"I love you Tara," Willow answered as she felt and saw the amazing sensation of her lover pressing against her. She knew that this was a first for the girl. Tara's experience had been limited completely to her first and only lover so this was a completely new sensation. The redhead held her lover's hips with her hands but allowed her Mistress to control the tempo of her movement completely. Each movement pressed the dildo against her clitoris and the rough material of the chair burned against her well-marked ass.

As her pussy embraced this new sensation Tara felt completely and securely held and loved. As she hit the bottom of the first stroke she told her lover, "you can come as much as you want Willow," and wasn't surprised as the redhead did just that.

"Thank you Tara," Willow cried out as her release shook her body. She knew that the sensation filling her lover would be wonderful as her shaking acted like a vibrator. Mustering the few senses she had that weren't centered in her clit the redhead moved her right hand to place her fingertips against Tara's pleasurable knot of muscles. The vibrations emanating from her own center moved her hand against the blonde's clitoris.

Tara was almost beyond the ability to form rational thoughts as she felt the simultaneous sensations of Willow's extension filling her pussy and her hand moving faster than lightening over her clitoris. The redhead's face was a picture of beauty and passion as she whimpered throughout her climax. As Willow's shaking subsided Tara began moving gently up and down the shaft of the toy, feeling it rubbing wonderfully against her soft walls. She knew that the pressure was rubbing Willow's pleasure center again. Willow had removed her hand from her lover's center to gently guide the girl's hips up and down and Tara couldn't imagine when they had ever been closer. "Oh Goddess," the blonde moaned as her climax exploded and her well clenched around the toy filling her.

By the time Tara had stopped shaking from her climax Willow had started another and her body was vibrating quickly as she bit her lip to keep from screaming too loudly. The sensation of her lover's body shaking under and in her and the sight of her restraining a scream incited another release for the blonde.

By the time Tara breathlessly climbed off her lover she had lost count of how many climaxes each had experienced. Their bodies were both drenched in sweat and their sweet juices. Leaning forward she softly kissed the girl on the lips before pulling her to the bed. After removing the harness from Willow's spent body Tara kissed her gently on the forehead. "I'll be right back," she promised as she stood up from the bed.

Willow was surprised to feel her lover leaving her after such an amazing connection and climax but couldn't' think to question it. Within seconds she heard the water in the tub and realized gratefully that the blonde was running a bath for them. She wasn't surprised as the blonde ensconced her in the tub before venturing to the kitchen some fruit juice and snacks for the two girls before joining her lover.

A short time later the blonde tucked her lover into bed before cleaning up and putting away their toys. When she finally joined Willow in the bed and wrapped her arms around her it was with absolute love and fulfillment. "Tara?" Willow asked quietly as her fingertips traced a pattern on her lover's forearm.

"Yes my love?" Tara asked as she placed gentle kisses on the girl's neck.

"I...I...," she faltered. "Thank you my lover."

"Thank you my love," Tara whispered as both girls drifted into absolute serenity and comfort.

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