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Author: JustSkipIt - Debra
Rating: NC-17 - Really! Really! Very NC-17. Some B&D, fucking, toys, etc.
Disclaimer: Willow and Tara and any other character that appeared in the syndicated television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is property of Joss and Mutant Enemy, I'm only borrowing them and am not making any money off them Thanks.

Willow winced slightly as she slid into the chair at the library. She had an hour and a half between classes so she might as well check e-mail and do some work while at campus. The soreness of her bottom certainly hadn't helped her concentrate in her lecture all morning. It was accompanied by an unmistakable wetness between her legs. Every time she moved the soreness reasserted itself which in turn increased the wetness as she thought back to the cause. Since her Mistress didn't like the kitten to wear panties after a spanking she knew that her jeans were soaked.

A grin crossed the redhead's face as she thought about this morning's spanking:

Willow dressed slowly suspecting, ok hoping, that she would soon be undressing. There was no way that Tara would accept the condition she had left the bathroom in after taking the first shower. While expecting the punishment she knew her Mistress would deliver, she was trying to think of more ways to incite her lover's anger. Not that it was real anger. But Willow was trying to give the blonde a good reason to punish her. Not every day, but many days the blonde would give her a spanking before going to class or the magic box. Both girls knew that it turned the redhead on incredibly and made sure that she could do nothing all day without thinking of servicing her Mistress. Since the blonde rarely granted the kitten release after punishing her in the morning, Willow would spend the day in a state of deliciously constant and frustrated arousal.

"Oh kitten," Tara sang from the doorway of the bathroom.

Willow dropped to her knees immediately, bowing her head, and folding her hands behind the small of her back. She could see Tara's bare feet moving toward her but did not look up until she felt the cool touch of the blonde's fingertip on her chin lifting her gaze.

"What does this look like my kitten?" Tara asked as she held up the offending towel.

Willow had to consciously fight a smile as she answered penitently, "my towel Mistress?"

"And where do towels go my kitten?" Tara asked teasingly.

"On the rod Tara," Willow answered obediently, "or over a pillow." The redhead knew she was being cheeky as she referred to the necessity to put down a covering when she was getting a spanking.

Tara squatted down gracefully as she took in the sight of her lover with a predatory gaze. "I was going to give you ten for leaving the bathroom such a mess kitten," she teased, "but you seem so cocky I think I'll add on five. How does that sound?" The question of course was somewhat rhetorical. Although Willow was required to answer, her answer would have no bearing on what Tara did... Unless the redhead was disobedient.

"Thank you Mistress Tara," Willow whispered, excited by the prospect of five extra swats.

"Stand up my kitten," Tara instructed as she moved to sit on the end of the bed. She watched as the redhead gracefully did as told moving to the side of her legs. The blonde didn't even have to give Willow instructions for the girl to pull down her jeans and bare her bottom.

Tara smiled as she inhaled the obvious scent of her kitten's arousal. She didn't have any intention of fulfilling her needs right now, except for her need for punishment and then anticipation. It had become a wonderful game between the two of them. Tara would punish her kitten in the morning and the anticipation would build throughout the day. And when she finally gave her kitten fulfillment... Oh Goddess!

Like a proper Mistress Tara patted her knees and her kitten sank down to lie across them, her bottom raised in the air. The blonde felt the wetness of her lover's center already and smiled as she though of what it would be like by the fifteenth swat. She laid her left hand across the redhead's back, not because her kitten was likely to struggle but because both women enjoyed the feeling of her control over her servant.

"Count," Tara instructed as her hand fell for the first strike, a strike that rang out with a resounding and sharp crack. As the redhead counted each contact Tara peppered her glorious bottom with blows which left an immediate red mark and then faded to a pink tint. "A good kitten would pick up her towel," she whispered as she continued the spanking.

"Yes Mistress Tara," Willow answered struggling to keep her voice down, "seven."

"Maybe you left your wet towel on the floor because you want me to use it to whip you kitten?" Tara teased. She spoke almost to keep her fingers from probing into her servant's wetness. Although the redhead disputed the suggestion with a shake of her head, Tara noted the way her body shook as she counted the blow that accompanied it, "twelve," and filed that idea away for another day.

Willow didn't mind the extra spankings at all. In fact she was grateful to receive them. She loved nothing more than to accept punishment from her Tara, nothing except serving her lover that is, but she was again having trouble keeping from coming. Only two thoughts existed in her mind: to count successfully and to resist coming. "Fifteen Mistress Tara," bellowed forth as the redhead internally thanked the goddess that she had resisted climaxing. With the final stroke she slid onto the floor and kneeled in front of the blonde.

"Please Tara," she whimpered.

Tara watched her servant closely. She knew that the girl had been close to climaxing. Leaving her like this all day would be so fun. She leaned forward to kiss her lover on the forehead. Then, as if nothing unusual had happened Tara grabbed the towel from the floor and handed it to Willow, obviously expecting the smaller girl to go hang it up, and started toward the bathroom. "Don't you need to go to class Willow?" she asked signaling that their play time was over for the morning.

Willow looked up with obvious disappointment on her face. She had wanted to serve her Mistress this morning, attempting to make it up to her for being a bad kitten. Reluctantly she stood and pulled on her pants shifting her mood. "What are you going to do today baby?" she asked as she quickly replaced the towel and returned to the bedroom.

"Dawnie has the day off since the teachers have meetings or whatever," the blonde called from the bathroom as she finished her hair. "We're going to do some shopping, maybe a movie or something. Girls day out."

Willow harrumphed: "must be nice to not have classes on Friday."

"You set up your schedule sweetie," Tara responded as she pulled on a skirt and blouse.

"Well I guess the computer and math professors like teaching on Fridays," Willow pouted, "geez: Classics. That's like reading myths." It was a conversation the girls had had many times as Willow teased Tara about her major. She understood that the major required a lot of work but it was still fun to tease the blonde.

Her hand on the doorknob Tara turned back to kiss her lover. As she hugged her she bent her mouth to her ear. "It's nice to have a day free," she whispered, "it gives me time to be creative." A nip on the redhead's ear left no doubt what she was being creative about.

Willow's little trip down memory lane did nothing to cool her arousal, which was actually one of the intended purposes of her punishments. She spent the entire day aroused and frustrated and by the time she came home she was even more eager to do whatever her Mistress required. Oh Goddess! I've got to stop thinking about this. I still have three hours of class this afternoon, she tried to tell herself.

Determined to accomplish something other than fantasizing about her incredible lover she opened her mailbox to find 23 new messages. After culling the spam, and skimming over notes from her mother, and some online research acquaintances, she was surprised when a new message popped up. yrMis-T. Ok, that's a new one, she thought as she considered deleting what would probably be spam: either an offer to enlarge her penis size, refinance her mortgage, or get Viagra online. If I increase my penis size, do still need the Viagra? Or vice-versa? she giggled.

Her eyes almost bugged out when she read the salutation of the note:

My kitten, she was thankful she hadn't deleted that without reading. The rest of the note did nothing to reduce her ardor:

Dawnie and I have had a very successful morning shopping. I'm so sorry that you are stuck in class. I'm sure that you are finding yourself very distracted. Your bottom was so gloriously red by the time I finished spanking you this morning. I could smell your pussy juices and considered plunging my hand into your wetness. I could have fucked your brains out right there on my lap. Can you imagine? Are you imagining it now? But that would have been so easy... Almost too easy...

Hell I'm sure that you are so wet right now that I could just walk up and fuck you. Right there in the library on one of those tables. Don't you wish I was there...

But alas I'm not.

After getting some new school clothes Dawn and I hit a few garage sales. Just for fun. Your Mistress got a present for you. I think you will find it intriguing. We are going to see a 3:30 movie so I will be home at 6:00. Dawn is spending the night at Janice's. Isn't that convenient? I think you'll know what I'm expecting once you see your present.

Make me proud... Your devoted Mistress Tara.

PS. You were a bad kitten today denigrating your Mistress's major.

Willow instinctively looked around as she finished reading the note. Somehow she suspected that someone would be looking at her. Noting how her juices gushed or her clit throbbed she read the words again and again. A present? she marveled. She couldn't think of anything her Mistress could have found at a garage sale. Did people sell whips or handcuffs at garage sales? And actually her Mistress already had handcuffs... and one whip although she kept saying that they needed a variety.

What else had Tara been talking about getting? She had been teasing Willow quite a bit lately about how she wanted to spank or whip her bottom before taking her from behind. Willow didn't know whether she meant with her hand or sporting an add-on but either way it excited the redhead to no end and either way, a garage sale wouldn't help her. She could only imagine the excitement of having Tara squeezing or slapping against her bottom when it was already sore while fucking her. Oh Goddess... it was like heaven to think about and to do it... Fuck I can't believe I have to sit through a three hour class this afternoon, she thought.

The redhead couldn't think of a single thing that Tara had been thinking of getting that could be found at a garage sale. Add in the factor that she bought it with Dawn there and it was either very confusing or very distasteful to ponder.

Four very frustrating hours later Willow let herself into the house. Her bottom was almost completely recovered from her morning punishment but her arousal was far from decreased. She had spent the entire class pondering what Tara could have gotten from a garage sale and what would happen that evening with Dawn away. The chances that Buffy would actually be around were so slim that Willow didn't even seriously consider that interference. As she had sat in class she had made fantasy after fantasy about what Tara might have gotten her. Eventually they had gotten outrageous as she gave up any chance of verisimilitude and just fantasized about continuously serving her Mistress all night long.

After getting a snack and a drink she looked at the clock. It was 5:20 and Willow wanted to take a shower before Tara got home. She took the stairs quickly and opened the door to the bedroom. Her eyes immediately went to the present that stood in front of the long mirror. It might have been a piano bench or a dressing table bench in its former life. She set down her books neatly and walked over to take in the beauty of the piece. It was polished wrought iron and each leg was curved so that its form resembled a sleigh more than anything else the redhead could imagine. The bench portion was red-velvet and Willow ran her hand gently along it, reveling in the sensual texture.

There was no doubt the purpose for the piece as Willow looked down to note the blindfold lain across what she assumed was the "head" of the bench and then to the ground where clips were attached around each leg and resting on the floor. She knew that it would be her job to attach her own wrist restraints before her Mistress arrived. She didn't see a whip and didn't know if that was because Tara was worried that Buffy might come in unexpectedly before either of them arrived home or because her Mistress wanted to surprise her.

The redhead was practically bouncing as she quickly undressed before taking a shower. Her center was so wet that the soap multiplied into thick foam without even trying. She was momentarily tempted to bring herself to orgasm - it would have been so easy - but resisted. Her Mistress had been very clear that when the kitten was learning anticipation she was not allowed to come until given permission.

As she came out of the bathroom, leaving the room in perfect order this time, she glanced at the clock. 5:48 - just enough time. Wearing a small silk robe she ran downstairs and prepared a snack for Tara. Crackers with cheese were complimented by a sliced apple and a glass of wine. She placed both on the table by the door, knowing that Tara would know they were for her, and dashed back up the stairs.

5:57 - she was cutting it close. Willow hurriedly attached her wrist restraints and checked again that Tara had only attached two and not four clips to the bench; obviously she didn't want her legs clipped. After slipping the blindfold around her head she lay down on the bench. She clipped one wrist restraint to the clip and, unable to attach the other one-handed, ensured that her arm was in position by touching the d-ring on the restraint to the other clip.

I'm so wet... maybe I should have put down a towel... but if she wanted me to use a towel, she would have left one here... I hope it doesn't ruin the velvet... does velvet ruin... how do you clean velvet...? Her mind and heart raced as she waited for her Mistress to join her.

"Goddess," Tara intoned the second she closed the door, "you look amazing kitten."

"Thank you Tara," Willow croaked. She heard the blonde crossing the room and suspected that she was disrobing as she moved. She could hear her eating her snack.

"Thank you for the snack kitten," Tara said graciously.

"You're welcome my Mistress," Willow answered, "I only want to serve you."

She could hear the smirk in Tara's voice as she teased, "oh you will my kitten." Willow could sense her moving around the bench, circling her prey as it were. "Would you like a drink of my wine?"

"If it pleases you Tara," Willow answered. She simultaneously felt the rim of the wine glass against her lips and Tara's other hand snapping shut the clip and attaching her kitten' free restraint to the bench.

Tara continued to circle the bench. "You look so lovely my kitten," Tara purred, "delicious even." She slowly dipped two fingers into the wine before lowering them to run along her kitten's center. "Two of my favorite tastes," she teased, aware that Willow could smell the wine.

Willow was surprised to feel Tara sit down straddling her on the bench. To avoid hurting the smaller girl's back the blonde rested lightly on the Willow's bottom but leaned forward to whisper in her ear. One hand rested on her thigh to keep too much weight from the smaller girl but the other hand she wound into Willow's soft hair, noting the way the redhead whimpered as she tightened her hold and pulled her head up. She nipped at her kitten's neck before whispering in her ear: "your ass isn't red anymore."

"N-n-no my Tara," Willow whimpered. She loved anything Tara did to dominate her but having her like this, sitting on her with the redhead tied to the bench and pulling her head up was just overwhelming. She knew that if her juices were going to ruin the velvet, it was already too late for the new furniture. The blonde's weight was perfectly distributed, just to exert that she was holding the girl down and Willow could detect a strange sensation touching her back. Could be??? she had to rein in her thoughts.

Still holding her kitten's hair at the nape of her neck, Tara nipped along the other side of the girl's skin. "You were very disrespectful this morning my kitten," she teased as she stood up from the bench. Her hand never left the smaller girl's skin as it brushed over her back and bottom. "Did you come today my kitten?" she asked. She knew that the girl hadn't but she asked nonetheless.

"No my Mistress," Willow answered obediently. She was surprised to feel her Mistress's hands cupping her small hips and gently lifting and pulling them so that only her stomach and chest rested on the bench while her center hung off the end of the bench. The blonde quickly tapped her feet against her servant's knees to spread her. Then the blonde was gone and she couldn't tell where she was.

Willow's sharp intake of breath as she heard Tara's next words - "I'm going to give you a reward my kitten" - indicated that she knew where the blonde had positioned herself. Her Mistress's words were breathed directly onto the kitten's wet center and Willow knew that Tara was lying under the bench, about to take her into her mouth.

The blonde tipped her chin up to lightly nip at her lover's outer lips. Willow was drenched and dripping and Tara took the opportunity to savor her delicious essence. She darted her tongue out to trace along her lover's lips, capturing the wetness in her mouth and moaning. "My love," she whispered, "I want us to really enjoy this present so I am going to give you release so you will be more relaxed." Just before contacting her lover's dripping center Tara teased, "you can show me your gratitude later..."

Before Willow could even answer, "thank you my Mistress," she felt Tara's mouth on her center. She was devouring her, her tongue swiping over and over along the redhead's lips, her teeth teasing at her clit and her fingers now dancing over her opening. The redhead was whimpering and moaning as she felt her lover bringing her closer and closer to her release. And with no need to wait for Tara's command she climaxed as the blonde's teeth again grasped her most sensitive spot. "Oh Goddess!" she screamed as Tara accompanied her lover's climax by thrusting two and then three fingers into her wet opening.

As Willow climaxed Tara continued licking and sucking her center while she thrust her fingers into the redhead. She was moaning and she thrashed against the bench and Tara already knew what a wise purchase it had been. Her second climax brought her arching up from the bench, carrying Tara's fingers and mouth with her as the blonde moved with her to extend her lover's peak for as long as possible. As her shaking stopped Tara placed soft kisses on her lover's center before rolling out from under her body.

Willow felt her Mistress leaving her center and believed that the girl was standing. Tara's fingers softly came into her mouth and the redhead gratefully cleaned her own essence from them before crying, "thank you Tara. Thank you."

Again the blonde teased her servant: "you can show me that gratitude later my kitten." She again grasped the smaller girl's slight hips in her hands and guided her forward onto the bench so that it fully supported her weight. After offering and giving her lover another drink of wine and one of water, she began to caress her ass.

"This morning your ass was so nice and red," Tara commented as she watched the skin she was referring to, "and that was just me using my hand." She left the suggestion hanging while her kitten considered the implications for her statement.

Willow heard her Mistress's taunt and recognized the familiar sensation of frayed leather replacing the blonde's hand on her ass. She smiled subtly thinking of the way her lover would surely whip her for her disrespect this morning. And then she was going to let the kitten thank her... It was almost too much to hope for. Then the sensation of the whip was gone and she knew that Tara was drawing back her arm for the first strike. It was a strike that she knew would be light since Tara always varied her location and intensity but worked up to the most biting strikes. She attempted to breathe normally as she waited for the contact that never happened.

Tara watched her kitten expectantly. The smile on the kitten's face as she draped the whip over her ass hadn't gone unnoticed. She didn't know whether the girl was more excited by the prospect of her punishment or by the idea of serving her Mistress but either way she was looking forward to it. Tara smiled herself as she thought of the little surprise, ok surprises, she had planned for her lover tonight. "I wanted to make a stop on the way home from dropping Dawnie off," she explained as she opened the closet and pulled out the prop for her first surprise. The second was already in place and she had to fight a giggle every time she caught a sight of herself in the mirror.

"...but it was too late." She left that thought hanging for just a second before explaining, "so I decided to use something we had here." As she spoke she doubled over the leather belt she had gotten from the closet, punctuating the final word by snapping it together so that the leather cracked throughout the room.

Before Willow could register her shock at the sound of Tara obviously wielding a belt to whip her with, that belt came screaming against her backside. The redhead whimpered in shock more than pain as she felt the initial burn of the contact and then the feeling of the blood rushing back to her skin. "One," she barely remembered to count out.

Tara watched her lover with fascination. One sign from Willow that she couldn't handle this punishment and she wouldn't even have had to think of safewording; Tara would have stopped the scene for her and immediately attempted to soothe her. The redhead whimpered as she felt the leather cut against her flesh but gave no indication that it was too much. Emboldened Tara drew back her arm again to lay a similar stripe on the other side of her adorable ass. This time she appreciated the symmetry of the strike and the pattern that was starting to form on her lover. Goddess, who would have thought this would turn me on so much?

Tara had learned that usually when she was turned on by the thought of dominating her lover, it was best to share it with her. "Oh kitten," she whispered before laying another strike almost exactly over the second one, "you should see how wonderful you look."

"Three," Willow groaned, "thank you Tara."

"Oh yes, your ass has these criss-crossed lines turning white first and then red as the blood rushes back in..."

"Oh Goddess, four!"

"You are the most sexy thing I have ever seen..."


"Half-way done my love... ok more than half-way now..."


"Seven," Willow whimpered.

Willow knew that her lover was testing her when the next strike came much harder than the ones before it. When you added that to the fact that her ass was already sore and nearly raw from her punishment, this was the most intense strike by far. "Eight!" She admired even more Tara's choice of the bench as she arched away from it involuntarily. Her clips were attached not only around the legs but around the support-bar that ran between the two legs so that she couldn't rise up more than a few inches.

Tara snaked her free hand into her lover's hair before pulling her head up a little to whisper in her ear. "I want you to see me my lover," she announced as she simultaneously pulled off the girl's blindfold and applied her next-to-last blow. Willow's eyes shot open as she took saw a mirror image of herself tied to the bench as Tara brought the leather belt down on her ass.

"Nine Tara!"

Tara saw Willow's eyes wildly taking in the scene in the mirror. "Last one," Tara taunted, "then I'm going to fuck you slapping against your tender ass." The belt made contact on the word ass.

Willow screamed out her final count, "Ten Mistress Tara!" She would have come just from the punishment if she had been allowed to. She was surprised as Tara bent to softly kiss her on the lips before whispering, "I love you."

"I love you too Tara," Willow whimpered as she again felt the blonde pulling her hips backward so that her center was free of the bench. Her stomach rested near the end of the bench and she could feel the amazingly wet material where she had soaked it during her punishment.

Tara kneeled behind the smaller girl so that both of them could see themselves in the full-length mirror. One hand stroked her lover's center as she kneaded the wetness and ran her fingertip around her swollen clit while the other wound in the redhead's hair. Pulling the girl's head up she placed the head of her dildo at Willow's entrance and told her, "this way we can watch while I fuck you." On the word fuck she slid slowly into the smaller girl's opening and heard her whimper.

Gently Tara placed both her hands on the redhead's hips. "Oh baby," she whispered, "your ass is so red." She began to slide in and out of her lover's opening, guiding the girl against her. "Does it hurt?"

"Yes Mistress," the kitten obediently moaned. Willow felt enraptured by the sensations. The dildo Tara was using was filling her so well and each slow thrust brought the girl against Willow's sore ass.

"Does it hurt more when I do this?" Tara asked as she began thrusting more quickly, slapping her stomach against the girl's red bottom.

"Oh Goddess!" Willow shouted, "yes Mistress."

"It's hot on my stomach kitten," Tara described the sensation of slapping against her lover's raw ass while Willow could do nothing but moan in response. Each stroke ground the base of the dildo into Tara's dripping wet clit. The harder she thrust or pulled the smaller girl to her, the better it felt. She knew that the smaller girl was absolutely in heaven.

Willow whimpered as her lover pounded into her while slapping against her sore ass. It was a struggle to keep from coming but she knew she couldn't come until her Mistress said. When she felt the blonde bending over her to press her upper body onto her back she again groaned. "This is giving me more ideas kitten," Tara teased as she thrust harder and harder into her servant.

"Y-y-yes Mistress," Willow barely managed to answer.

"Like tying your ankles while I fuck you like this...," Tara led, "...or slapping you ass even thought it's so nice and red already..." "I bet you really want to come don't you kitten?"

"," Willow managed to groan.

"Good girl," Tara complimented the redhead as she reached around to touch her kitten's swollen clit. She was aroused beyond belief by how wet and open the girl was and the continued friction of the base of the dildo pressing against her clit was about to drive her over the edge. On the next stroke, she bottomed out and her climax shook her entire body. "Now kitten, now," she ordered with a moan and felt the smaller girl's climax beginning too. With both girls shaking and quivering their climaxes instigated further climaxes.

When their bodies stilled Tara gently pulled out of her lover's body, unclipped her from the bench and lovingly led her to the bed. After quickly stripping off the harness and tossing it to the side she crawled up onto the bed to enfold her lover in her arms, kissing her face and neck gently. "Do you have any idea how much I love you Willow?" she asked.

"Oh Goddess yes," Willow answered happily.

Tara reached over for the water offering the smaller girl a drink first before taking one herself. As she did she trailed her hands lovingly over every inch of the redhead's body, enjoying the quivering jolts with every touch. "Did you like?"

Willow rolled over telling her lover, "Oh yes I'm going to show you just how much." Before Tara could say a word Willow had slid down the bed and nestled her mouth between her lover's legs, beginning her night's goal of showing Tara her appreciation.

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