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Author: JustSkipIt - Debra
Rating: NC-17 - Really! Really! Very NC-17. Some B&D, fucking, toys, etc.
Disclaimer: Willow and Tara and any other character that appeared in the syndicated television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is property of Joss and Mutant Enemy, I'm only borrowing them and am not making any money off them Thanks.

The two girls exited the restaurant hand in hand and waited for the valet to bring the car. By the time the meal was over Tara had had two glasses of wine but since they had eaten slowly, she felt relaxed but fine to drive. With Tara's permission Willow had actually had three glasses of wine and she felt anything but relaxed. Pleasantly buzzed, yes, but relaxed, no. Her clit throbbed and she was somewhat embarrassed standing waiting for the car and thinking of her juices surely starting to drip down her thighs. The hardness of her nipples had never abated since her lover had discussed them nor in the teasing and subtle strokes the blonde had given her breasts.

The redhead had no idea what else to expect this evening. Tara hadn't admonished her for anything since her punishment, and in fact had been praising her as her "good kitten" through the dinner. Of course, in addition to praising her kitten, Tara had continued teasing her with tales of the things she was going to do to her body. Alternately the blonde had told Willow that she was going to spend hours licking and sucking her clit or use her hand to fill the redhead. At times she had explained how she wanted to make the girl come over and over all night long or that she would hold back permission until her kitten was begging and pleading for wonderful release. Willow knew that Tara was teasing her, wanting her as on edge and anticipating the rest of the evening as possible.

Her eyes glazed over a little bit, not from the wine, but from her memory of Tara's words: "I haven't decided whether I want you free while I take you over and over again or tied to the bed." Willow had whimpered slightly at the thought and Tara smiled evilly. "Oh yes," she pondered, "you look so sexy when you're straining against ties as my hand thrusts into you." Then, as if she had just landed on this planet she asked, "oh kitten. Are you wet?"

When the valet had brought the car, Tara had gently led her kitten to the passenger side, lowered her into the car and subtly run her fingertip up Willow's leg, raising the hem of her short skirt briefly but slightly before closing the door. As they started to drive away from the restaurant Tara asked, "did you enjoy dinner my kitten?"

"Oh yes Mistress Tara," Willow responded somewhat breathlessly, "thank you so much."

"Did you like sitting in the center of the restaurant, knowing that you are my kitten?"

Willow whimpered slightly. "Yes Tara," she responded. She felt that there was so much more to say but she didn't dare. She looked up surprised that the drive had passed so quickly as they pulled into the driveway. For a second she was startled to see the Jeep in the driveway but then she remembered that Xander and Buffy had traded cars for the weekend and he brought the Jeep back before heading out for patrol tonight. She wondered idly how she and Tara had gotten out of patrol for a second night. Perhaps Tara had called Xander and arranged it? Or Spike?

"Mistress Tara?" Willow asked as Tara led her up the stairs to the front door.

"Yes my kitten?"

"Who is patrolling tonight?" the kitten asked.

Tara smiled as she opened the door and led Willow through it. "I called Xander. He or Spike will take it." She took the opportunity to lean over whispering in Willow's ear: "I was just enjoying today too much to spend any of it with nasty vampires."

"Mmm hmmm," Willow moaned as she felt Tara's hands sneaking under the hem of her skirt, cupping her hips between them. She could feel the softness of Tara's breasts pressing against her shoulder blades and her stomach against her lower back. Her legs were practically molded to Willow's which were shaking and seemed to be growing weaker.

"You seem shaky kitten," Tara whispered although she did nothing to still her hands on her lover's hips, "perhaps we should go upstairs so you can relax." "Perhaps not," she tacked on cryptically as she guided the two girls past the foot of the stairs as if to enter the hallway. Willow could hardly stand as she felt Tara's body molded to her back, her arms wrapped around the smaller girl.

Tara leaned forward and began trailing kisses up Willow's neck, nipping at the sensitive skin and enjoying the sound of Willow's moans. She could smell Willow's excitement, honestly had been able to smell it back at the restaurant. Cradling her lover tightly in her embrace she began caressing Willow's breasts in her left hand, moving from one to the other. Although she began with soft tender passes across the soft lace of her kitten's bra, she escalated quickly to pinching the nipples to make them hard before using her thumb and forefinger to rub the lace across the surface.

Willow was whimpering as Tara played with her nipples and licked and bit her neck. She felt so wanton standing in the hallway, her juices dripping down the inside of her thighs. Her eyes were closed and her head leaned back onto Tara's shoulder, making it even easier for the blonde to reach the sensitive skin of her neck. Suddenly she felt Tara's right hand sneaking its way under her short skirt. Just as she thought that the blonde was going to touch her and bring her to release, her hand was gone and redhead felt the tingle of magic. She looked down to see Tara's hand extended ever so slightly and the hallway door opening slowly to reveal the full-length mirror mounted on the other side. When the mirror stopped moving the redhead opened her eyes and took in the surreal sight in front of her.

Tara was pressed to her back and nearly obscured by the body of the smaller girl. Her head was clearly visible as she continued her assault on Willow's neck, ears, and shoulders having unbuttoned Willow's blouse and lowered it to reveal her creamy white skin. Her left hand continued it's ministrations over Willow's breasts, moving from one nipple to the other and interspersing soft caresses, passes over the nipple with the back of her hand, and hard pinches or rolling the nipples between her thumb and finger. Her other hand had snaked its way under Willow's skirt and was gently teasing the wetness on Willow's inner thighs. "Take off your skirt kitten," Tara ordered without stopping any of her attentions to her lover's vibrating body.

"Oh yes Mistress Tara," Willow immediately answered as she pulled down the garment and kicked it off. As her lover began trailing her fingertips along her lips she closed her eyes and moaned with the pleasure of the attention.

"Eyes open kitten," Tara whispered as she grasped Willow's engorged clit in her fingertips. The redhead's eyes snapped open immediately and locked on the mirror as she absorbed the sight of Tara's hand floating through her wetness, a wetness that coated her mound, her curls, and her soft inner thighs. The blonde began stroking her fingers more and more quickly through her lover's wetness telling her, "keep your eyes open kitten so you can see me loving you."

"Yes Mistress Tara," Willow groaned as she fought to stay upright, speak English, keep her eyes open, and not come until given permission. Her breath was more and more short as the blonde began circling her clit and rubbing her fingertips over it in the way that she knew would always bring Willow to release very quickly.

"Oh yes my kitten," Tara purred, "that's right. I want to watch you in the mirror. I'm going to make you come right here in the hallway." She speeded up her hand's movement and noted a sound like her kitten was grinding her teeth to keep from coming without permission. Willow's hands grasped for purchase and eventually she wrapped her fingers around Tara's forearms. "You've been a good kitten today my love," Tara whispered into the ear she was currently nibbling on. "I'm going to show you how good and how proud I am of you..."

"Th-th-thank yoooouuuuu," Willow crooned as she felt her lover's hand moving over her body like fire. The entire day had led to this moment, this excitement, this building release and she knew it was coming. She knew the way that the game was played and she knew how much Tara wanted to make her her own. When she heard Tara's command, "come for me now kitten," it was as if an explosion went off in the redhead's entire body. Her orgasm came not only from her clit and her cunt, but her legs, her arms, the small of her back, her head and her heart. She could feel the tenderness of her own flesh and taste her lover's essence in her mind. She flashed through the day of waking tied to her own bed and pleasuring her Mistress before receiving her own release, of serving her Tara on her knees when they were supposed to be studying, and of Tara punishing her and making her wait for this rush. Her body shook with the climax, held up by her lover's strong arms, her lips, her words as she whispered how much she loved her kitten in Willow's ear.

Tara continued loving and stroking Willow as the redhead came down from her intense climax, her body shaking and her breath still coming in short gasps. "Thank you Mistress," she moaned as she dropped to her knees on the floor. Tara was surprised as Willow quickly turned around and wrapped her arms around the blonde's lower body, hugging her close as she shook from the intensity of her climax. Finally she lifted her head to smile at her lover. "Thank you Tara." She got a playful look no her face as she began rubbing her face surreptitiously against the girl's upper thighs, "can I show you how grateful I am for that my Mistress?"

Tara smiled at her lover as she extended her hand to her. "Not yet my kitten," she answered lovingly, "pick up your skirt now. We're going upstairs."

Willow did as her Mistress ordered and quickly picked up her skirt before following Tara up the stairs to the bedroom. As soon as she entered the room she felt Tara sandwiching her body between the blonde's and the door. She relieved her kitten of her skirt, tossing it on a chair, as she thrust her tongue into Willow's mouth eliciting even more moans and whimpers. "That was just the beginning," Tara teased as she finished unbuttoning her kitten's blouse and unfastened her bra. As soon as her kitten was naked Tara stepped back to admire the girl. "You are so beautiful my kitten. I love you," she told her as she softly kissed her on the lips. She saw a smile grace the redhead's face. Tara smiled back as she told Willow, "why don't you go 'freshen up' and I'll do the same in the other bathroom."

"Yes Tara," Willow answered glad that Tara was so thoughtful. A few minutes later the redhead returned to the bedroom wondering what else the night had in store. Her release downstairs was amazing and had eased the anticipation and tension that had built throughout her day but she knew there was more to come no pun intended. Quickly she folded her clothes and put them under a chair before kneeling in the center of the floor with her hands folded behind her back and her head down as she heard her Mistress ascending the stairs once again.

Tara entered the room to see her kitten on her knees on the floor. While downstairs she had taken the opportunity to use the restroom and brush her teeth but she was still fully dressed. "My kitten," she called out.

"Yes Mistress," Willow answered without looking up. Tara had moved to stand in front of the kneeling figure and her shadow fell over the redhead.

"Undress me my love," Tara instructed the kneeling girl. She was pleased as Willow did as instructed. She lovingly removed every piece of Tara's clothing, starting at the bottom to spend as much time on her knees as possible before standing to remove the blonde's dress and bra. The girl did her best to be sensual in her touching without being too much of a tease to her Mistress. Ok, maybe she teased her a little, but not enough to incur a punishment. She could tell that the blonde was happy with her performance as her breath was coming in shorter and shorter gasps. There was no way that Willow could fail to smell her lover's wonderful scent and she looked forward to tasting it yet again today. Maybe Tara would allow her to serve her on her knees again.

Tara could tell that her kitten was trying to tease her as she undressed her. Maybe another day she would punish her for the action but today she just enjoyed it. She saw the redhead's nose and lips twitching and knew that she was thinking of tasting her. While Willow gently teased her lover, Tara was taking every opportunity her ownership of her kitten allowed her. She ran her hands liberally all over the smaller girl's body, stroking her skin until it practically hummed with excitement and tension once again. Once Willow had undressed her fully Tara again initiated a kiss which started slow but grew more and more passionate until Willow sucked her Mistress's tongue into her mouth and began groaning against it, pressing their bodies together. Grasping Willow's round butt in her hands Tara pulled away from the kiss as she began nibbling the smaller girl's neck. "You've been a very good kitten today."

"Thank you Mistress," Willow whimpered.

"I'm going to lick and suck you and fuck you so hard," she announced, using the same tone of voice she might use to order a Mocha. She felt the redhead shiver against her and whimper. "Would you rather be tied to the bed or free to move my kitten?"

Willow felt like she was going to pass out or come just from her Mistress's question. "Please tied up my Mistress? Please?" she begged.

Tara smiled as she looked at her lover. "You don't have to beg my kitten just to please me," she teased as she led her to the bed, "...but it is so sexy..." After laying Willow down on the bed she reached into her dresser and pulled out a set of handcuffs. "Well look at that," she smirked. "I just remembered these." She tossed them to the girl on the bed. "I think you can fasten those to the headboard yourself can't you kitten?"

Willow's mind was racing along with some other body parts. Where did Mistress get those? When did Mistress get those? She had no idea and began to suspect that the girl wasn't just engaging in this play to make Willow happy. Apparently she had been harboring these fantasies for a while too and a smile graced her face as Willow wondered what other fantasies she might hold. She quickly grasped the handcuffs fastening one to her wrist before lifting both wrists to the headboard and passing the other behind a slat. It was slightly awkward but in a matter of seconds she had fastened the other cuff around her wrist and was fastened to the headboard. Somehow the metal of the handcuffs felt more substantial than the ties she and Tara had used before and she shook with excitement and just a little fear at giving up so much control. Short of using magic she couldn't get free without Tara unlocking her and the blonde would be able to do whatever she wanted until that happened.

Tara watched Willow's actions with a pretty good idea what was going on in her mind. The handcuffs were a surprise to the girl and again something Tara had just picked up at a store a few weeks ago. Strangely she had taken Dawn shopping for a lava lamp at a combination head/sex shop and seen the handcuffs in the cabinet. Buying them without the teenager noticing hadn't been too much of a challenge and she had stowed them in her sock drawer not even sure if she would have an opportunity to use them. It didn't take more than a few seconds for Tara to move toward the bed once she saw that Willow had fastened the cuffs, securing herself to the headboard. She held up the key: "here's the key kitten."

Willow whimpered as she watched her Mistress intently. "Yes Mistress."

"I'll just set it right here," Tara indicated as she set it on the armoire. Both girls knew that it was part of a game. Even if there wasn't a safe word, which there was. Even if Willow couldn't open the cuffs with her magic, she could get the key with magic. But the game was exciting and dangerous and both women were on edge with the intensity of it. Tara lay down on the bed and began whispering in Willow's ear, "I've enjoyed today so much my kitten."

Willow felt Tara's hands beginning to move over her aroused body and answered obediently, "I'm so glad Tara."

As her hands glided over the smaller girl's body Tara could feel her shaking. Even with the release she had felt downstairs, Willow still needed so much more as was evident by the way she was vibrating and biting her lip. "What was your favorite part my kitten?" Tara asked.

Tara accented the word part by increasing the pinching on her kitten's nipples. One nipple she was pinching and releasing while the other she just held firm in her fingertips. After a few squeezes on one she would switch so that she was just holding that one and squeezing and releasing the other. For Willow the sensation was nearly overwhelming. She felt as if her entire body, was humming with excitement. "S-s-serving you... Tara," she answered. A wave of fear and excitement passed through her as she realized that she had almost neglected to use her Mistress's title. She had no doubt that had she forgotten, Tara would have punished her and another time she would certainly look forward to that. But right now, she wanted nothing more than to have her Mistress inside her, fucking her hard.

Acting as if she had no idea what Willow was talking about Tara asked, "serving me how kitten?" Using her fingernails she began raking them over the smaller girl's skin. For the most part she tortured her kitten's sides and stomach but occasionally she dragged them over the girl's raised nipples eliciting moan after moan.

"On my knees," Willow answered honestly. Knowing that Tara got off on hearing her kitten talk like this she decided to elaborate. "It was delicious licking and sucking you with my hands tied behind my back. I love the way your hands wind themselves into my hair so tight." She looked up and Tara almost thought she was going to have to punish her kitten until the girl purred, "Thank you for allowing me to serve you Mistress Tara."

"Mmmm," Tara answered as she trailed her fingertips down to stroke them over Willow's thighs. "That was definitely one of my favorite parts kitten." As she grasped the girl's swollen clit in her fingertips she leaned over the girl to whisper, "I also liked giving you your lesson and punishment."

Willow whimpered at the reminder of the way Tara had reddened her ass so gloriously. It had shocked her and at the same time made her in awe of the blonde witch. She was so powerful and was willing to take every ounce of control Willow wanted to give her. Her lips twitched up slightly as she wondered how big a "mistake" she would have to make to get punished in the future. "What's the smile for my kitten?" Tara asked as if reading her mind.

"Oh Mistress," Willow answered, "I enjoyed the lesson and punishment very much too."

Gently Tara eased two fingers into her dripping wet kitten. "Oh that was easy," she commented almost to herself as she lay her body down to cover her lover's. Beginning to kiss Willow's neck she explained, "I loved reddening your ass so well. It got red and hot. Did you like that?"

"Goddess yes Mistress," Willow moaned. She felt like she was going crazy. Tara's voice was making her wetter and wetter and her full length was pressed to that of her kitten. Willow could feel her lover's weight holding her down firmly and between that pressure and the tension of her hands attached to the headboard she was nearly coming even without the help of Tara's hand. It felt just so good to be held so securely.

After thrusting her fingers gently into the smaller girl one time, Tara had withdrawn her hand almost entirely and was just allowing her fingertips to circle Willow's soaking opening. Winding the fingers of her other hand into Willow's hair the blonde began whispering in her kitten's ear: "I liked it too. More than I expected..." she left the statement hanging to see how her lover would respond.

Willow's breath was coming in short gasps and moans. Did Tara want her to respond? She hadn't asked a question and Willow thought she should wait for a question but did Tara expect her to say something. The blonde's fingers were driving her crazy as they teased and danced at her opening. Trying to control her self she began biting her lip as she waited for Tara's next wish.

Tara smiled as she watched the red headed witch biting her lip. She had learned so much in such a short period of time. As if in reward for Willow's restraint, Tara again gently eased her fingers into her lover's wet pool, this time adding a third finger. The smaller girl could not keep back the whimper that escaped her mouth but again Tara withdrew to trail her hand over the girl's sopping wet mound, only occasionally glancing across her engorged clit.

Willow was surprised when Tara continued her last statement: "...oh yes. I liked it so much feeling my hand and then the whip reddening your ass." She was even more surprised to feel the blonde lift Willow's knees slightly to rub the palm of her hand over her ass before lowering her to the bed once again.

"Just checking..." Tara told her cryptically. "Your ass is already cool my love," she commented.

Unsure how to answer her Mistress Willow had a question in her voice as she strained to answer, "I'm sorry my Mistress?"

Tara laughed at her kitten's response. "Oh no my baby," she explained. Suddenly she leant her head to capture one of Willow's nipples in her mouth and suck it deep before scraping her teeth over the bumps. Even with her weight on the smaller woman she could feel Willow straining up, arching her back into the rough contact of her lover's mouth. Quickly she moved her mouth to Willow's other nipple, ravaging it in much the same manner. "Mmm," she mused, "distracting. Now what was I saying?"

Willow was pretty sure that it was a rhetorical question and was having trouble forming verbal responses anyway. Her supposition was confirmed as Tara continued her thoughts: "oh I know." Suddenly the kitten felt her Mistress thrust her fingers inside her. She expected to feel them withdrawn once again as they had been every time, but this time Tara began moving them slightly inside her kitten.

Quickly Tara speeded up her thrusts as she explained: "I was saying how much I love your ass all reddened from your punishment. Don't you think it would be ... fun... one day to..." she trailed off as if she had distracted herself and watched for her kitten's reaction. The girl's body was straining against the ties and against Tara's weight and she was moaning with pleasure. Leaning forward Tara again took one of Willow's nipples between her teeth and began tugging on it.

"To... to... to what my Mistress?" Willow finally asked. She had the vague feeling that Tara wanted something from her but wasn't willing to say what it was. She only hoped that this would do. The redhead could feel her cunt wrapping it self around her Mistress's hand and the only thing restraining her from coming harder than she had ever come before was her Mistress's command.

Tara continued thrusting into her kitten amazed at the trust the girl showed her. Without stopping her movement she slid down the bed to lay between the redhead's legs. She whispered her plan onto soaking wet curls. "It would be so fun to ... whip you like that... then ... fuck... you... on ... your ... knees... so I can grind against the red marks..." She spoke slowly and between each word stroked her tongue through Willow's wetness. On each pass she ended her movement at the girl's clit and grasped it lightly in her teeth, eliciting cries of pain and pleasure.

Willow felt pleasure and pain like she had never known. Who knew that Tara, her innocent Tara, had it in her? To tease the smaller girl about whipping her and then slapping against her ass as she fucked her? Oh Jesus God. And each time that she took Willow's clit in her teeth the redhead had to bite down on her lip or the inside of her cheek to keep from screaming and coming at once. "Please, please, please," she began chanting. It was like a mantra to the girl and she only hoped that Tara could understand her plea.

Tara smiled, wrapping her lips around Willow's clit. How she loved hearing the smaller woman beg. Her own cunt was soaking the bed in spite of the numerous releases she had already had today. "Yes my kitten," she whispered, "come for me. Come for your Mistress Tara," she commanded.

When Willow first heard Tara speak she feared that she was just going to tease her more. Say, "Yes my kitten... what do you need?" or something like that. But no. The word come was all it took and she was exploding into and onto her lover's hand and mouth. Flashing lights were firing behind her eyes and she could feel the bite of the steel into her wrists but she didn't care. All she cared about was the pulsing pressure filling her cunt as she thrust harder and harder against her Mistress's hand.

Tara felt her lover's explosion before the screaming began and thanked the Goddess once again that Buffy and Dawn were out of town. Maybe they needed to be out of the state to not hear this. Willow's luscious cunt was absolutely wrapping itself around her fingers and clenching them as the girl cried out her climax over and over.

Eventually Willow gained an awareness of her body again. She looked up to see Tara looking at her lovingly as she trailed her hands gently over the redhead's skin. Without Willow even realizing it, the blonde had uncuffed her from the bed and now cradled her body gently in her arms. She was shocked to feel Tara's lips on her cheeks and realized that the blonde was gently kissing away her tears. "I love you Willow," she whispered.

"Mmm," Willow answered, "I love you my Tara." Tara handed her a glass of water, which she hadn't even noticed the blonde bringing into the room what seemed like hours earlier. After taking a drink she looked into her lover's blue eyes. "Thank you my love," she whispered, unable to believe how Tara had taken her. She couldn't believe that her lover would trust her that much and allow her to give up her trust too.

She relaxed fully, pressing her body into her lover's. "Are you ok my love?" Tara whispered.

"Mmm," Willow answered, "wonderful. But I should... I mean don't you want..." she trailed off, feeling completely exhausted.

"I'm fine and I love you more than anything," Tara whispered as she held her lover tighter.

The smaller girl turned sleepily in her lover's embrace to kiss her softly. "I love you Tara," she murmured as she fell asleep knowing that she was truly and deeply loved.

Tara started as the door slammed downstairs. "Willow? Tara? What are you doing?" The teenager's voice carried unmistakable excitement as it came up the stairs and through the open door of the bedroom. Quickly the blonde witch grabbed the handcuffs and tossed them in the nightstand before glancing around the room looking for anything else that she didn't want Dawn to see.

"Mmm," Willow murmured, "don't go. You're the best pillow and the sleestacs ate the other ones." Tara giggled at her lover's incorporation of her dreams and her waking moments.

Knowing Dawn and her tendency to rush into the two witches' bedroom without knocking well Tara had pulled the sheet to cover both women's bodies just seconds before the door slammed open. "You guys won't believe the weekend we had," the teenager started, "Buffy was so cool and I got a pair of black leather pants and Cordelia let me use all her makeup and Angel let me go on patrol with them and it was so great and..." she stopped talking for only a minute before starting a new conversation. "Buffy went to check with Spike and Xander about patrol and do you know why the hall closet door is open downstairs?" Tara blushed attempting to think of a good explanation for forgetting to close the door. At least the way Dawn was rambling on she would have plenty of time before she needed to answer the younger girl.

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