Return to Please Part Three


Author: JustSkipIt - Debra
Rating: NC-17 - Really! Really! Very NC-17. Some B&D, fucking, toys, etc.
Disclaimer: Willow and Tara and any other character that appeared in the syndicated television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is property of Joss and Mutant Enemy, I'm only borrowing them and am not making any money off them Thanks.

A few minutes later Willow entered their bedroom, having cleaned up the towels and their study materials. She considered whether she should change the sheets but figured if Tara wanted that done, she would have said. She was glad she had beaten Tara to the bedroom. Unsure how Tara would want her for what she assumed would be a spanking she tried to anticipate Tara's wishes. After placing a towel over her pillow, she lay down over it with her ass raised in the air. As she heard the shower turn off, she interlaced her fingers behind her neck.

Tara entered the bedroom to the sight of her lover lain across the bed with her round little ass raised for a spanking and her fingers intertwined. It heightened her arousal in spite of the numerous releases she had already had today. Goddess! Who would've thought that in 24 hours I've become so crazed at the thought of dominating her? The blonde had intentionally been very vague with her orders to see how Willow would react. Tara kneeled next to her kitten, running her hand over her bottom to let her know what was coming. "My kitten," she called out quietly.

"Yes Tara," Willow immediately answered.

"First, we are changing a rule," Tara began explaining, "you may cry out if something hurts but don't ask me to stop unless you want to safe word. Do you understand?"

"Y-y-yes Tara," Willow agreed. Does that mean she likes to hear me cry out? The thought intrigued and excited the prone girl.

Tara's hand speeded up its caress as she asked, "how do you address me kitten?"

"T-t-tara," Willow groaned in anticipation of her spanking.

"Yes kitten," Tara agreed, "you may address me as Tara, Mistress Tara, or just Mistress." She heard the redhead whimper and added, "with each spank today you will count and thank me. Do you understand?" "Yes Mistress Tara," Willow eagerly answered. She finally had permission to use the title that would make her feel most submissive. Oh Goddess...

Tara's first stroke fell lightly n the round globe of her lover's bottom. "One. Thank you Mistress Tara," the redhead called out. Barely had she finished speaking when she felt the blonde's hand descend again. Tara varied location and strength, noting the reddening of her kitten's soft skin until she heard the smaller girl cry out, "Ten. Thank you Mistress Tara!"

Gently she kissed her lover on the lips before asking, "how are you Willow?"

Willow noticed Tara's use of her name and feared that the blonde wanted to end the game. The redhead wanted to reassure her lover. Her ass felt wondrous, red, and hot, and she was glad she had put down a towel or she would have been sleeping in a puddle tonight. "Mmm," Willow purred, "it feels wonderful Tara. Thank you."

Tara was pleased with her lover's answer. She had given her an out and it was obvious that the girl did not want it. "Wait here kitten," she ordered as she rose from the bed to return after a few seconds. "You did very well in that lesson kitten," she said.

"Thank you Mistress Tara," the redhead again groaned. She felt the leather straps against her bottom as Tara told her, "that was a lesson. This is punishment for your impatience and for not addressing me correctly when I asked if you understood. Count my kitten."

Willow's body was shaking with excitement even before Tara finished speaking. The first stroke was much harder and more stinging than the slaps of her "lesson." It fell just as Tara instructed her to count. She cried out involuntarily as the leather struck her sensitive flesh but still managed to say, "One. Thank you Tara." Her nipples ground into the bed with each stroke as they fell on her ass and thighs. She did not cry out with each stroke but still managed to count and thank her Mistress appropriately until "ten. Thank you Mistress Tara!" roared forth. She felt Tara softly press her body on top of hers, Tara's wet pubic hair tickling her red sensitive skin.

Firmly the blonde pressed her lover's legs apart with her own as she probed between them with her fingers. Knowing how close the redhead would be to climaxing, she stroked through the wetness only long enough to determine how turned on the girl was. "You did so well my kitten," Tara whispered as she began nibbling on Willow's ear.

"T-t-thank you Mistress Tara," Willow gasped as much as spoke. Suddenly she felt Tara press away from her body. Again the blonde's hand stroked her sensitive ass and Willow wondered if she had another lesson or punishment planned. "Wait here kitten," Tara instructed as she strode from the bed. Willow lay still as she waited for the next instruction from her Mistress. She felt more than a little trepidation over Tara's plan. While her "lesson" and "punishment" had hurt - and the heat on her bottom had certainly not abated - she was not afraid of more pain. What she was afraid of was her certainty that she would not be able to resist coming if Tara continued. She knew from reading she had done that as a well trained submissive she should be so attuned to Tara's wishes that she didn't even think of coming without permission. But she knew that she had not yet reached that point.

As Tara re-entered the room she was surprised to see the look of sadness on her lover's face. She rushed over to softly stroke her face. "Sweetie? Willow? What's wrong?" She used Willow's name intentionally to let her lover know that the game was suspended. Oh Goddess! I hurt her, Tara panicked.

Willow turned over quickly allowing herself to be enveloped in Tara's arms. She knew that she was shaking. What if she disappointed Tara and the girl didn't want to play again? Smoothly she slid onto the floor kneeling at Tara's feet as she softly begged, "please don't be disappointed. Please?"

"Baby-love," Tara purred as she brushed the tears from Willow's eyes, "why would I be disappointed?"

Willow looked at the floor as she explained, "I-I-I almost came. I'm not a good kitten." She looked up at her Mistress with desperation in her voice: "Please don't give up on me Mistress Tara. I can be a good kitten. Please?"

Ok shocker there, Tara thought as she began to understand how badly her lover needed this game. Attempting to reassure the smaller woman, Tara told her, "you are a wonderful kitten. Come with me."

Willow felt Tara rise from the bed and taking her hands, gently lead her to the bathroom. Realizing that her lover was not disappointed in her she finally stopped shaking. As the redhead looked around she noted the filled bathtub, the soft scent of jasmine filling the room, and the candles lit around the bathroom. "It's the Mistress's job to take care of her kitten," Tara told her. "Get in the tub my love," Tara gently ordered.

Willow quickly did as instructed. The water was the perfect temperature but her bottom still burned when it made contact. "How does that feel?" Tara lovingly asked.

"Wonderful. Thank you Tara," Willow answered. She was pretty sure that they were still playing but using Tara's name would be acceptable either way.

Tara trailed her hand through the water as she told the redhead, "I'm so glad. Just relax and enjoy and I'll be back in a few minutes." She leaned forward gently kissing her lover on the lips and forehead before exiting the bathroom and closing the door behind her.

Willow did exactly as instructed, leaning her head back and closing her eyes. She briefly wondered what her Mistress had in mind but told herself that the day had already been so perfect that nothing could mar it. Whatever else Tara had planned would be just as wonderful. She felt reassured that Tara was not disappointed in her kitten but would continue training her. And... the way the kitten's bottom still stung was a luscious reminder of that training. Although she felt aroused and frustrated her hand never even inched near her center. When Mistress Tara says the kitten can come, the kitten can come, she thought. Her clit throbbed with need as a smile crossed her face.

"That's a beautiful smile kitten." Tara's words broke Willow's thoughts. The redhead had been so involved in her ruminations that she hadn't even heard the blonde enter the bathroom. Tara knelt by the tub and trailed her hand slowly through the water. "Let me warm this up a little," she explained as she turned on the hot tap. As the infusion mixed with the existing water she reached for a soft wash cloth and poured scented soap onto it before lathering it up. "Arms kitten," she lovingly commanded. Starting with Willow's extended arms, she slowly washed every inch of her lover's body. Running her bare soapy fingers through Willow's lips and around her clit she was pleased to note the tension in the redhead's body. She nipped playfully at her kitten's neck and teased, "nice and clean for my snack later."

Willow let out a cry as she heard her Mistress's teasing and promising words. That combined with the gentle cleaning/stroking of her sensitive clit and the bites on her neck would have made her orgasm instantly if not for her submissive restraint. Next the kitten felt her lover pour warm water over her head and slowly work suds into her hair, massaging the scalp. As she washed and rinsed the smaller woman's hair, Tara kept up a running commentary: "oh what a good kitten... so beautiful... so soft... so lovely."

"Ok my love," Tara said as she held out the soft bath sheet into which Willow smoothly stepped. The blonde wrapped the towel and her arms around the smaller woman and began to slowly dry her. She knew Willow was in heaven from the dreamy unfocused look on the girl's face and her intermittent moans and sighs. Once Willow was thoroughly dry, Tara led her to sit on the edge of the bed.

As she sat down, Willow noticed that two outfits lay across the bed. Except for changing into her dress, Tara appeared ready to go somewhere, having put up her hair and applied light makeup. After a moment Tara returned to the bed and began working on her lover's hair. Since she liked it best with the wet curly look, it only took a moment before she quickly applied a little makeup. Tara marveled at how beautiful her lover looked with or without make-up.

As the blonde instructed her lover to sit or stand or extend her arms and legs, Tara dressed Willow in her carefully selected skirt, garter belts and stockings, lace bra, and silk blouse.

By the time she was fully dressed, Willow was literally shaking once again. Her Mistress had made no effort to avoid arousing her. In fact, the blonde had intentionally trailed her hands over every area of Willow's body. Whenever she had leaned close she had taken the opportunity to blow hot air onto the redhead's skin. With each pass, she had allowed her fingertips to circle or fondle the smaller girl's nipples. The lacy bra rubbed against Willow's erect nipples and Tara was obviously pleased by their reaction when she chafed the material against the dimpled flesh. Willow wondered what her lover was thinking when she appeared to consider the effect for a moment.

Willow watched intently as Tara again reached behind her, picking up the leather band she had worn as a choker the night before. Gently she tied it on Willow's neck running her fingertips under the edges and ensuring that the knotted ends were even. Softly she kissed the redhead at the point where the knotted and lay over the hollow of her throat. "Ok kitten, wait while your Mistress finishes dressing," she instructed the smaller girl.

Willow briefly wondered what Tara wanted her to do. It seemed that the blonde was intentionally making her instructions vague to test her kitten. Wanting to please her Mistress the redhead quickly clamored from the bed to the floor and kneeled facing the dressing blonde but with her eyes downcast and her hands against the small of her back.

Tara couldn't believe how turned on she was by the sight of her kitten again kneeling in supplication at the foot of the bed. A few steps forward and her wet mound would have been pressed to the redhead's face but she resisted. Her plans weren't complete yet and she was really looking forward to the next part of the evening. She looked to the window and noted the light fading in the sky. Holding out her hand she cooed, "kitten come with me."

The redhead stood and Tara gave her a soft kiss before leading her down the stairs and out the front door, locking the door behind both of them. Without explaining where they were going the blonde led her lover to the car and let Willow into the passenger seat, closing the door behind her. She crossed around the car and got in the driver's seat, pleased to see Willow looking at her knees with her hands folded in her lap. "That's just how you were sitting last night when I brought you home with me kitten," Tara told her. It was an obvious statement but she wanted Willow thinking about the drive home last night, wanted her anticipating the evening as she had then.

"Yes Tara," Willow answered. She couldn't imagine what response was expected to such a statement. Her bottom was already red and sensitive from her lesson and punishment earlier and it heightened her excitement. She could feel incredible wetness dripping from her and wondered if Tara could smell it. After a few minutes they pulled up in front of one of Willow's favorite restaurants in Sunnydale. The name and accompanying jingle were silly - Skippys: where eating out is always a pleasure - but they had very good food.

Tara got out of the car quickly and waved off the valet who wanted to open Willow's door. She walked around the back of the car to release Willow and extended her hand as she whispered, "come with me kitten." They entered the darkened restaurant and approached the host stand as Tara announced, "reservation for Maclay." The hostess nodded and led them to a table near the center of the restaurant.

Willow was surprised as she was seated at the table in the center of the restaurant. Tara always liked to sit in booths or at least against a wall. Her time with her father and brother had taught her to appreciate a clear line of vision and escape routes and she had not ever stopped the habit. "Tara?" she blurted out before she could stop herself. "I'm sorry," she quickly apologized.

Tara smiled as she watched Willow squirm in her chair. "No kitten," she told the girl, "that's ok. What is it?"

Willow looked briefly up to see Tara's beautiful blue eyes shining at her. The look on Tara's face told her that she was allowed to do so and she maintained the contact. "Why are we sitting in the center of the restaurant Mistress?" She didn't necessarily have to use that title but she liked it and suspected that Tara was starting to like it too.

Tara felt her pulse quicken at the way Willow said the word Mistress. It was as if it meant so much more. It carried with it her complete submission and craving for what only Tara could provide for her. The redhead's need was palatable with every word she spoke and every breath she took and Tara loved it. It was almost like a high to be so worshiped and needed. Tara seductively trailed one fingertip along Willow's forearm as she explained: "I wanted to sit in the center of the restaurant so that everyone here would see me with my beautiful kitten." She waited for a second for the information to sink in before continuing. She allowed her hand to trail further up Willow's arm until she ran it gently along her shoulder and fingered the leather choker around her throat. "Most don't know you are my kitten but they probably know you belong to me."

Willow couldn't believe the affect Tara's words and motions were having on her. It wasn't just that she was on display but that Tara enjoyed that thought. Her Mistress wanted to show her off. It made the girl doubly proud that she had resisted coming earlier and earned her Mistress's pride. Unsure how to respond Willow said, "thank you Mistress."

Tara opened her menu with one hand but continued stroking her lover with her other hand. For the most part she allowed her fingertips to lightly caress Willow's arm but every few passes was punctuated with a subtle pass across her breast. "You won't need your menu my kitten," she whispered without making eye contact with the redhead.

Willow whimpered audibly as Tara's husky voice reached her. Her reddened bottom was a constant reminder of her lesson and punishment and her clit throbbed painfully inside an unbelievably wet set of lips. Each time that Tara's hand brushed across her breast she bit the inside of her mouth to keep from moaning out loud.

The waiter arrived to take their orders and turned to Tara first. She authoritatively informed him, "Willow will have Chicken Picata with the mixed vegetables and a salad with Oil and Vinegar on the side. She would like a glass of white wine. I will have Eggplant Parmesan also with a salad with Oil and Vinegar and a glass of red wine." The waiter looked a little strangely at the two women as he wrote down the order but answered that he would bring their wine in a minute just the same.

"Thank you Mistress," Willow whispered as soon as he had left the table.

Tara didn't respond to her kitten's appreciative comment. Her hand never stilled its movement over the girl's flesh as she asked, "is your ass sore from your lesson and your punishment kitten?"

"Yes Tara," Willow breathed out. Taking the chance that Tara wanted to hear more she added to her answer, "it feels hot and sore and every time I move I'm reminded of how your hand and the whip felt on my skin."

"Is it making you wet?" Tara teased. She knew the answer but she wanted to hear Willow say it.

"Goddess yes Mistress," Willow gasped, "I'm so wet you couldn't believe."

Tara smirked as she heard exactly the answer she was expecting: "Really?"

"Oh yes Tara," Willow eagerly answered, "it feels wonderful."

"And tastes?" Tara asked.

"What?" Willow asked, shocked at Tara's words.

"That's 'what Mistress?", Tara instructed her kitten as she exaggeratedly shook her head to show her disappointment. The blonde didn't wait for her kitten to make the correction before she told her, "I want to see you taste your own juices kitten."

Oh Jesus God! Willow's mind screamed as she tried to take in the stimulation coming at her. Wanting to please her Mistress she began moving her hand slowly under the table just as the waiter returned with their wine and their salads. Seeing a chance to be naughty without breaking any rules she surreptitiously ran her finger along her wet lips before raising her finger to her mouth and softly brushing it across her lips, leaving a glistening wet trail. Slowly she flicked her tongue out of her mouth to taste her own wetness as yet more emerged from her body.

Tara smiled as she handed the redhead her glass of wine. "That was naughty kitten," she admonished.

"I'm sorry Mistress," Willow lied as she took a sip of her wine.

Tara picked up her fork and knife and began cutting her salad as if completely uninterested in Willow's condition. But her words betrayed her. "After we get home, I'm going to suck and lick and taste that wetness. I'm going to make you come screaming my name for hours." She took a bite of salad and looked as if she were considering the lettuce as she took a drink of the wine. She could see the look of complete shock on the redhead's face. "I want my first taste now kitten," she announced, her voice giving away no trace of it being a request.

"Here Mistress?" Willow asked. Tara felt her anger beginning to rise that her kitten was questioning her but Willow's next statement pleased her instead. "Mistress. You want to taste me right here in the center of this restaurant?"

Tara smiled but didn't answer as she watched Willow quickly dipping her fingers under the table. When they emerged she could see the girl's juices glistening on two fingers. She reached out quickly to capture Willow's wrist in her hand and pulled it slowly to her. Slowly she touched the tip of her tongue to the redhead's fingers and ran it slowly around them. She kept her eyes locked on Willow's green ones and could see the need and desire overflowing there.

Even as she felt her clit throbbing Willow followed Tara's example. The blonde witch was eating her salad and taking sips of her wine as if nothing was unusual about this meal. Occasionally she ran her fingertips over Willow's arm again, each time running them more boldly over the redhead's nipples. As they waited for their entrees and their second glasses of wine Tara continued teasing the redhead: "You were wonderful today my kitten. I came so hard so many times."

"Thank you my Mistress for letting me pleasure you," Willow answered dutifully.

"Was it frustrating?" Tara asked.

"My Mistress?" Willow responded confused of how she should answer.

"Was it frustrating bringing me to pleasure but having no release of your own? Not feeling my mouth on you or my fingers in your pussy? Did you wish I would touch your clit or fuck you hard and make you come in my mouth?"

Every fiber of Willow's body radiated with the tension of how hard it had been. Before this meal she had thought that when her Mistress had touched her after her punishment was as aroused as she could possibly be but this was beyond that. "Yes Mistress," she whispered with shame. She wanted to be such a good kitten that her pleasure meant nothing to her, that she could go without release and just be happy to get to pleasure her Mistress but she wanted to be honest too. "But it was wonderful too," she explained, "I got to serve you and feeling frustrated just reminded me all day that I'm yours to do with whatever you want." She smiled as she noted the pleasure filling Tara's face and her bright blue eyes.

Tara continued interspersing questions for her kitten with promises of what she wanted to do to the girl's body until their meals came. Once the waiter had delivered their meals and second glasses of wine, Tara brought up a new subject: "I love the way that bra looks on you."

"Thank you Mistress," Willow answered, unsure where the girl was going with this conversation.

Although she continued eating as if she was unconcerned with the effect of her words on her kitten, Tara explained, "I should have sucked and bit your nipples until they were raw so you could feel them against the lace of it." She glanced up to see a blank look on her lover's face and teased, "another day I will."

Willow gulped as she squirmed again in her seat. Just the thought of Tara torturing her nipples had them hard as rocks and they stressed the lace of the bra in exactly the manner that she knew Tara was describing. Imagining them in the future was almost too much for the girl who finally let out a low moan. Additionally she could feel herself being almost uncomfortably wet. Her bottom was sore and every time she shifted she was reminded of her spanking earlier. If she had been wearing panties, they would have been thoroughly soaked. As it was, the insides of her thighs were completely coated with her juices.

Tara enjoyed her meal, which was delicious as usual, while she observed her lover. Willow kept squirming in her seat and the blonde could just imagine what was causing that movement. She knew that the redhead's bottom would still be hot and red from her spanking earlier and was sure that Willow's clit was throbbing in her wetness. The blonde wanted nothing more than to take her lover right here right now but she knew that both of them needed to learn to appreciate anticipation. Well, ok there was also the fact that they were in the center of a crowded restaurant. After refusing desert, I know what I want for dessert she thought, Tara took care of the check. As the waiter walked away with her credit card she looked at Willow and intertwined their fingers. While gazing into those green eyes she loved she slowly lifted both hands to her mouth and kissed each finger lovingly. "I love you Willow," she whispered as tears formed in her eyes.

Seeing the tears welling up in Tara's eyes Willow felt a spark of worry. However, feeling the love flowing through the connection of their hands she realized that Tara was just feeling overwhelmed with her love for the redhead. Within seconds Willow's own eyes were shining with tears too as she responded with her love, "I love you to the ends of the earth and beyond my Tara."

Tara swallowed down a lump in her throat before flashing a smirk and returning to her game persona. "Come my kitten," she purred, "let's go home and see if your Mistress has any rewards for you." She took her lover's hand and slowly led her from the restaurant, appreciating the gentle shake from the smaller girl's body.

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