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Author: JustSkipIt - Debra
Rating: NC-17 - Really! Really! Very NC-17. Some B&D, fucking, toys, etc.
Disclaimer: Willow and Tara and any other character that appeared in the syndicated television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is property of Joss and Mutant Enemy, I'm only borrowing them and am not making any money off them Thanks.

"All of Gaul is divided into three parts."
"All of Gaul is divided into three parts."
"All of Gaul is divided into three parts."

Tara shook her head as she attempted to concentrate on her studying. The entire first part of the conquest would certainly be on the test so she had quite a bit more to translate by Wednesday. Latin should have been an easy class, not to mention being useful for spells and Scooby research. And normally she would have found Caesar's conquest of Gaul fascinating but for some reason her mind kept wandering.

For some reason? Gee Tara, what reason do you think that might be? She giggled to herself as she subtly slid one finger under her boxers to find a nice wet covering infusing her inner lips. The crotch of her shorts was nearly uncomfortably damp. Looking down to see Willow concentrating on her computer, the blonde licked the wet off her fingertips. Mmm, delicious. Not quite as bold as Willow's juice but lovely nonetheless, she confirmed.

She thinks I don't know what she just did, Willow smirked glad that Tara couldn't see her face. Tara thinks, she corrected herself. I need to train even my thoughts to submit to her, she admonished. Her lips curved up as she took a deep breath, inhaling Tara's wet scent, a scent she could faintly detect anyway. But when the blonde had stroked herself her essence had intensified. Only Willow's certainty that they were still playing kept her hand from shooting out to capture the blonde's wrist before seductively sucking each finger into her mouth and tasting that wondrous treat.

And there was absolutely no doubt that they were still playing. When Tara had woken her the first time this morning, she had said that she wanted to take all day. At first the kitten hadn't been entirely sure that Tara meant that the game would really go on all day but for the most part it had.

When Willow woke up after their intense morning session she opened her eyes to see Tara staring at her lovingly. The blonde was softly rubbing flavored lotion on her lover's wrists. "I love you Willow," she whispered.

Willow smiled before leaning forward to capture Tara's lips in a chaste kiss, all too aware of the potential funkiness. She still had not brushed her teeth since last evening and although Tara had showered before thoroughly cleaning her kitten, the sheets definitely needed changing. If Buffy and Dawn had been home the witches would have been burning incense. Of course if Buffy and Dawn had been home, this would not have happened. "I love you Tara," she whispered.

"I d-don't want to hurt you my love," Tara told her, the mood turning serious.

Willow could see the concern in her lover's eyes. She answered, "you don't."

Tara looked slightly askance at the redhead as she continued caressing her soft flesh. "Tara doesn't want to hurt her kitten, she emphasized.

Willow again attempted to comfort the blonde: "she doesn't."

Tara kissed the redhead gently on the cheek before challenging her answer. "Sweetie. The whip? The spanking? The biting? It has to hurt." Much as she had enjoyed the play she didn't enjoy the thought of hurting Willow.

Willow rolled over so she was lying on top of the taller girl. She wanted to explain what it meant to her, how it made her feel, but she didn't trust her ability to do it in a way that pacified Tara. "Yes, it's pain at a basic level but it doesn't hurt like that." She searched for a way to explain: "it it it... it focuses everything."


"Focuses," Willow repeated, "it's like all that is important in the whole world is the kitten serving her Tara." She looked away as she continued, "there's nothing else. I don't have to worry about Buffy or Dawn or stop an apocalypse." She looked up again: "I'm the kitten and the kitten has one prime directive: please Tara."

Tara smiled as she heard the girl's honesty. Much of what she said fit in perfectly with Tara's suspicions about Willow's interest in the game and her motivation (plus which she obviously got off on it). But still... "but baby. I know it hurts."

Willow heard Tara's words again. Am I not speaking clearly? Is she not listening? Then it started to hit her: I haven't really thought about why she wants to play. Why would Tara want to play? Again she tried to explain in a way that would make her gentle lover accept and embrace the game. The redhead strongly suspected that Tara really wanted and needed this too but she had to make it ok for her. "It's a good kind of pain baby. It's ... like..." She struggled for words: "it's like... you know right before you orgasm - how it hurts at that instant, but then it breaks and you fall over and in and it's completely amazing. And the more intense it was before the more intense it is after?"

Willow's words warmed Tara. She felt released from her trepidation over the game. In their play she was temporarily released. Just as Willow didn't have to deal with her responsibilities, neither did Tara. She didn't have to try and be the adult to care for Dawn, worry about Buffy, or lecture Willow about using too much magic. Tara knew, had always known, that she was the junior partner in their relationship in nearly every way. Willow was definitely more powerful magically and growing more powerful all the time; the redhead was more useful in doing research and computer work; and Tara knew her lover was smarter than her (not by much but smarter nonetheless). But she was the heart. Willow knew that Tara's love for her was immense. Tara held the love and sensuality for their relationship. She knew that Willow orbited her sexually. In their relationship the redhead had found complete fulfillment. She had always told Tara that she was her everything, both in love and in making love.

And this game could give her both, could give them both. It released both girls from their power imbalance, creating a forum in which they shared power or at least one which temporarily reversed the structure. Her kitten's only purpose was to serve her, to give her Tara pleasure. "Come take a shower my love," she smiled, "we need to study today." As Willow was starting to roll to the side she heard the blonde's quiet teasing, "and do some other things my kitten."

Willow reviewed all this as she sat on the floor, her back resting against Tara's chair as both girls studied, or tried to study. Surprisingly she had made good progress even though her mind had strayed and wearing wrist restraints. Tara had told her that she wanted her kitten ready "just in case" when she had fastened them on. And obviously Tara's mind had strayed ... Willow's face erupted in a full smirk as she thought of the last time her lover's mind had strayed so:

Tara had been stroking Willow's hair softly and the redhead could smell that she was stroking herself too. The touch had become more firm until Willow heard Tara's singsong voice: "Oh kitten..."

And how the kitten had fulfilled her prime directive...

Tara had enjoyed the way her kitten had pleasured her so well. Being pretty sure that she wanted her kneeling servant to use her fingers as well as her talented mouth she had not utilized the restraints but had kept a firm hold on the kitten's soft hair. Although she knew that Willow would be soaking wet and open for her, Tara had resisted, using her teasing whisper to tell her that it was time to learn anticipation: "time to learn anticipation kitten." Willow looked simultaneously disappointed and excited as the blonde instructed her to go clean up, "without spending too much attention on my little toys..."

Willow had almost felt that she could have come right then but of course she followed Tara's directions. That decision turned out to be a good one as the blonde had inspected the kitten's fingertips before kissing her deeply and allowing her to return to studying.

And now... Willow could feel her juices dripping from her naked opening onto the towel. Tara told her as she attached the restraints that she would not need any clothes while they studied. Occasionally the blonde reached over to twist or tweak her lover's nipples but otherwise acted completely disinterested.

The redhead could smell Tara's essence even stronger now. She didn't know if the Mistress would appreciate it or would punish her but she wanted to serve here so much. Slowly she turned to she was kneeling facing the chair, hands on her back, eyes on Tara's feet. "Tara?" she asked tentatively.

Tara grinned as she looked at her obedient kitten. "Yes kitten?"

"Tara," Willow began, "may I please give you pleasure again? I would like to serve you on my knees." She added the last part divided over whether Tara would hit on the fact that it wasn't about what the kitten would like or encouraged by Willow's serving her on her knees.

Tara leaned forward in her chair and started playing with Willow's hair. "You know it's not about what you would like right?" She purred as she began toying with her servant's hard nipples.

Willow bit her lip slightly as she answered, "yes Tara." Unsure what else to do she begged: "please Tara? Please may I serve you?"

As if I would need that much convincing, Tara thought. The blonde leaned forward as she told her servant, "you seem very eager my kitten. Run upstairs and get one clip from the nightstand."

Willow told her Mistress, "thank you Tara," even as she jumped up to run up the stairs. Goddess it's a good thing everyone is out of town, she again thought as she reached the bottom of the stairs. Before she could lower her eyes she noted that Tara had removed her clothes and was sitting again in the armchair, her legs spread and her fingers gliding through her wetness.

Tara did not miss the quick look of excitement that passed over Willow's face but she had quickly dropped her gaze. As Tara continued stroking herself the kitten dropped to her knees again and held out the clip. "Attach it to one restraint kitten," Tara instructed.

"Yes Tara. Thank you," Willow answered as she did as directed. The excitement of knowing how she was serving Tara made her wish she could attach the other.

"Good kitten," Tara praised the redhead as she kissed her lips gently while tilting her head up to gaze into her eyes. While she used the clip to hook both Willow's hands behind her back Tara told her, "I like that you are so eager to serve me kitten..." "But," she emphasized as she began twisting Willow's hard nipples between her fingertips, "you seem a little impatient. We will work on that my kitten." She felt Willow shudder at her promise.

Willow felt as if Tara was offering her a reward with her promise of "working on" her impatience. The redhead looked forward to any work the blonde might have in mind. The final twist Tara gave to her impossibly hard nipples sent shockwaves through her body and straight to her swollen clit. Willow could feel her juices spilling from her body and knew that one touch from Tara, combined with permission of course, would cause a shuddering climax. "Please Tara?" she begged looking from her lover's beautiful blue eyes to her glistening delta.

Tara again kissed her kitten, this time more forcefully before pulling back. She could already feel herself becoming more aggressive sexually and could hardly wait for the fun she had planned in a little while. Goddess, she thought, if she hadn't started begging, I would have had her on her knees any second anyway. This way she thinks it's a reward. Tara nearly giggled to herself as she wrapped her fingers in the kitten's hair. "Nice and slow my kitten," she purred as she pulled the girl's eager mouth to her center, "there's plenty for you to drink up little kitten."

Willow felt Tara's hands in her hair pulling her closer and inhaled the heady scent of her soaking arousal. Goddess, she thought, she just loves me on my knees serving her like this. Very slowly she ran her tongue along her lover's soft lips. The taste was stronger now since she had already pleasured the woman a few hours earlier. It was simply intoxicating and she felt completely absorbed into the motion of pleasing her lover. Her mouth and tongue made slow trails up each lip, drinking up Tara's sweet juices once again. She was so entranced with circling her tongue around Tara's clit that she barely noticed the harder and harder pinches on her nipples, Tara's soft voice, or her intense moans.

Tara absolutely could not believe the heights of arousal she felt as Willow's mouth worked its magic. Between moans of pleasure she twisted her kitten's nipples, noticing the muffled sounds it brought. As she closed her eyes, she pictured her hand descending on Willow's smooth white flesh. On it would be just too wonderful to hear the kitten cry out; Tara would have to change that rule very soon. She couldn't tell if the kitten could even hear her as she began telling her, "oh kitten. That feels so good. You look so sweet and sexy on your knees like this... my little kitten...oh yeah... oh ....oh...Ahhh...!" and her back was arching away from the chair as she held her kitten's mouth firmly to her quivering opening and shuddered and shook against that talented tongue.

Willow returned to her awareness gradually continuing to lap at Tara's center. Each stroke of her tongue brought more moans and shakes from the blonde and Tara's hands still twisted in her hair told her not to stop her attention. She knew that Tara loved her on her knees like this and she found it the most special privilege in the world. As Tara finally unclenched her fingers Willow dropped her gaze once again to tell her sincerely, "thank you Miss Tara so much for allowing me to serve you on my knees."

Tara leaned forward to gently kiss her kitten's lips before trailing her tongue around the redhead's mouth to clean her own juices. "Kneel up higher kitten," she instructed.

Willow did as Tara ordered immediately. She didn't know what the blonde wanted and was completely eager to do whatever she asked. Quickly she felt Tara's fingers probing between her lips and circling her clit. "Oh kitten, how wonderful," Tara gasped. Willow groaned out loud as she tensed her muscles to keep from climaxing. She knew she couldn't come if her Mistress didn't give permission. "How much of your studying did you complete?" Tara asked as she grasped the redhead's clit.

"F-f-four of six algorithms, Tara," Willow moaned back nearly crying with her need to come. Tara recognized the tension in her lover's moan. She didn't want the redhead to fail at this lesson. "Then it's time to do some other activities...," the blonde hinted. As she unclipped the restraints she told her kitten: "I'm going to take a shower. Clean up down here before coming up stairs. When I come in, I expect to find you on the bed read to have a lesson. Do you understand?"

Willow feared that words would fail her. Instead she nodded. Quickly she felt Tara's hand on her chin. "I - said - do - you - understand - kitten?"

"Yes Tara, I'm sorry Tara," Willow pleaded.

Tara smirked as she moved toward the stairs: "we'll just add that on."

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