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Author: JustSkipIt - Debra
Rating: NC-17 - Really! Really! Very NC-17. Some B&D, fucking, toys, etc.
Disclaimer: Willow and Tara and any other character that appeared in the syndicated television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is property of Joss and Mutant Enemy, I'm only borrowing them and am not making any money off them Thanks.

Tara woke slowly aware of the strong scents mixed in the room. The unmistakable aroma of their lovemaking filled her senses and she smiled as she thought of the evening before. Willow slept as if drugged, her back pressed into Tara's naked front, their heat mixing under the covers. Taking a moment to brush her fingers along the thin wisps of hair on the redhead's neck and noting that Willow didn't even stir Tara kissed her lightly before extricating herself and rolling from the bed. She knew that after last night Willow would sleep for hours if not woken.

Tara laughed inwardly at herself as she remembered the first few times the two girls had spent the night together. They weren't girlfriends or even sharing kisses yet but were enjoying the closeness of chaste snuggles in the single bed in Tara's dorm room. The first few times Tara had awoken and waited for the redhead to do the same. After minutes and even hours she would go and shower, returning to find Willow still sound asleep. Much later returning with coffee and muffins she would find her love still unconscious. Finally after Tara had been awake for two hours or more, Willow would stir to find the blonde studying nearby and always ask where she had gone. She would complain that she missed her Tarebear and that she couldn't sleep without the girl. Right. That's why I've been up for hours while you slept on like the dead Tara would inevitably think.

The blonde went into the bathroom thankful for this time alone each day. Usually she used the time to rise and greet the day, sometimes taking a walk, always mediating. If Dawn had school she would wake the teenager and enjoy their breakfast together as a private bonding time. Now with Dawn and Buffy out of town for the weekend, hopefully having some sister-sister bonding time in LA, she had the house to herself as the sun began to slash through the window.

Tara enjoyed a long slow shower and thought about the night before. She had been the somewhat reluctant to act out Willow's fantasy. Finally she had agreed that if Buffy and Dawn were away for an evening sometime they would try it. Tara hadn't really expected that the slayer would be willing to leave her post but when the trip came up she couldn't back out of her promise. Over the two years the witches had been together they had indulged in light play. It had always been more talk than action as if either woman was afraid to scare the other with her wishes.

And now Tara had a pretty good idea about Willow's wishes. The redhead had gotten so into last night's little adventure that she knew she would only want more. She had apparently been suppressing her interests because she didn't think that Tara would want to dominate her. It was obvious to the blonde witch why Willow would revel so in the submissive role. The redhead had pressure on her in every aspect of her life. She was partnered with a woman who to all appearances had much less power than she did. She was a powerful witch, friend to the slayer, and at times leader of the Scoobie gang. She felt pressure to keep it all together and save the world every day. But in their play, she could totally give it over to Tara. She didn't have to think about magic or power or saving the world. She didn't have to be surrogate mother to Dawn or wonder why Buffy was so depressed since returning to life. She could give that all up. While Tara had no interest in losing herself in that way, she understood why Willow would.

And it was apparent to the blonde just how much Willow had been into their little game last night. Tara didn't know when she had ever felt the redhead so wet as she had been when she was tied to the bed. The blonde smiled as she remembered the stop at the sports store to get some new socks for Buffy. She had seen the carabiner clips near the front desk and picked up four, chuckling as the clerk asked if she was a climber and complimenting her choice: "those are really great clips. Very sturdy. Good for sport. You'll enjoy them."

"I'm sure I will," she had responded with a blush to her cheeks. And with the start to her hardware collection she had begun preparing for Willow's little fantasy with little purchases here and there, things she thought the redhead might enjoy And that you might enjoy too, her brain taunted. And actually that might be the biggest surprise of the evening. The blonde had truly expected that Willow would really get off on their little game but Tara was not prepared for how it had affected her. From the moment she first wrapped her fingers into Willow's curls she had been aroused beyond belief. It was like she wasn't just Tara Maclay anymore. Not the meek shy witch who had so humiliatingly told Willow that no matter what they would still be friends. Not the stuttering girl who couldn't even bring up spells in the Wicca group. Not the girl who was so abused by her family and certainly not the woman who had her sanity stolen by a hellgod bitch. No she was "Tara" and the way Willow said that word, with absolute submission had turned her on like she had never expected.

While the hot water continued to flow over her body Tara allowed her hands to follow. She found herself wet again and enjoyed that slick warmth. Closing her eyes she remembered the sight of Willow's smooth ass raised for her punishment and the sound of Willow's voice as she responded to each stroke and taunt. She stroked her clit and ran her fingertips along her wet lips as she reminisced about Willow's hot wet pussy as she thrust those same fingers into her lover when the girl was tied in place. When she got to the part of the memory that included the redhead kneeling on the floor her hands clipped behind her back, Tara's hands wrapped around her hair, and her mouth working Tara's clit so feverishly as the blonde came powerfully into her lover's mouth, the blonde came again leaning against the wall of the shower.

Willow smiled in her sleep. She felt happy and content and safe and was wrapped in a wonderful erotic dream. She felt as if a huge warm tongue was slowly licking her. The warm caresses began at her toes, working between each one. Then up her feet and calves. Special attention was paid to the knees and she began to giggle at the contact behind the knee. It felt wonderful and made her move as the tongue hit that sensitive spot. Unable to control her movements she jerked her feet slightly away but they didn't move. Waking more fully she tried to move first one foot and then the other but neither would move. Neither would her hands. But she must be asleep; it was so dark in the room.

"Willow," she heard the voice singing quietly in her ear and woke fully. She felt unsure what was happening but Tara's soft voice encouraged her to trust it.

"Yes?" she asked.

"How do you feel?"

Willow moaned slightly as she thought about it. "It feels like I'm a kitten and you are licking me clean," she purred as she felt the continuing movement of the washcloth.

As if in reward for her answer Tara moved the warm cloth to stroke her lover's lips and brush against her clit. The redhead strained slightly against the ties as she gasped, "not that I'm not e-e-enjoying it baby... but why am I tied down?"

Having completed washing her little kitten Tara placed the washcloth in the bin of warm water before leaning toward Willow. She allowed her hands to trail over the redhead's taut body as she whispered in her ear. "You said you feel like a kitten. Would you like to be my kitten baby?"

Willow was graced by the simultaneous feelings of confusion and arousal. Being tied to the bed was certainly a turn on. For a long time she had been hoping that Tara would want to elevate their play but hadn't been willing to suggest it. But last night... Wow and also wow! But this was just confusing. Why had Tara tied her down and what did she mean "be my kitten?" "Uh, what do you mean?" she asked the blonde.

Tara began paying increased attention to her lover's hard nipples, twisting them in both hands as she again whispered erotically in Willow's ear. "Well," she paused for dramatic effect. It was obvious that she had 100 percent of the redhead's attention as she was again straining against her bounds and breathing heavily. "last night was so... fun. I thought you might like the chance to play like that more often."

Willow felt her wetness trickling from her core as she heard Tara's words. She moaned quietly trying to think of something to say. Before she could do so she felt Tara's soft fingers gliding through her wetness. "Shhh kitty," Tara whispered. "I can tell you like that idea. You want to be my little kitten don't you baby?" Rather than giving Willow a chance to answer verbally she leaned in and began kissing the redhead's mouth with nipping pecks. Slowly she began tracing her tongue around Willow's lips and felt the girl suck her tongue into her mouth. Not ever doubting it in the first place, she was completely satisfied that Willow wanted this too when she began pulling back and felt her lover chasing her, straining against the ties the entire time.

Shifting her touch, Tara began trailing her fingertips lightly along Willow's skin, the feather touch causing the redhead to wiggle as she reached her sides and the undersides of her breasts. Even as Willow trembled from the torture of her tickling she gasped quietly: "yes."

Tara smiled at the desired response. The redhead's reward for agreeing to the play was the sudden sensation of Tara's eight fingernails raking a path down her stomach as Willow arched from the bed and moaned. "Thank you," the smaller girl could barely breathe out.

Leaning forward Tara sucked one of Willow's rock hard nipples into her mouth. Initially she gently kissed and licked the tip, bathing it all around with soft caresses. Just as Willow was getting used to that motion she suddenly drew the tip into her mouth and pressed it against her teeth while simultaneously twisting the other nub between her fingers. Willow continued to moan and whimper and both girls could smell their combined scents filling the room. Tara stretched her body over the bed and pressed her soft breasts against Willow's chest as she whispered in her ear: "I added a new item to my list this morning."

"Uhhh huh," Willow gasped shakily.

"Number three."

"Uhhh huh," Willow again gasped.

"It may take all day though," Tara hinted.

"Please...," was all Willow could manage as she felt Tara's fingers probing in her soaking wetness. All she wanted was her lover's fingers inside her, filling her, making her come and pull against the ties.

She was surprised when Tara explained, "we need some new rules though my kitten." Willow stilled completely speechless. She truly had no idea what her lover might be talking about and was just focused on the attention she was paying to her dripping wet center. Suddenly grasping Willow's clit between her thumb and forefinger and using her other two fingers to slightly thrust into the redhead's opening Tara whispered in the redhead's ear: "this is mine." She was pleased to hear Willow moan her agreement but wanted complete submission. "Who does this belong to kitten?"

Willow could barely believe this scene. Here she was absolutely floating, pulling against the bounds and entranced by her powerful lover. She had never dreamed that Tara would want to play like this. She must have really enjoyed last night. "You," Willow squeaked.

Tara twisted Willow's clit slightly to express her displeasure with the girl's response. "I said who does this belong to kitten?," she emphasized the title at the end of her question.

As the pain and surprise of the twist on her clit passed through Willow's being she tried to focus on the question. She wants me to use her title. But what is the title? Do I call her "Mistress" or "Mistress Tara" or "miss Tara" or what? I guess if she wants me to call her something different from last night she'll tell me. With that conclusion Willow finally passed a significant point. She finally understood her role. If she needed something it would come from Tara. "You Tara," she moaned.

Tara smiled evilly as she heard Willow's response. Oh she is learning so well, she thought with approval. Gently she leaned down to kiss her lover's lips before whispering her next point: "Yes kitten; it's mine and I say when it comes."

Willow gulped as she heard Tara's dominating words. Oh Goddess! That's about the sexiest thing I've ever heard, she thought. Realizing that she wasn't reacting quickly enough she eagerly answered her lover, "yes Tara. You say when I come."

In response to Willow's eager words Tara leaned forward and started playing with the redhead's tiny nipples again. She could smell Willow's essence escaping from between her slick lips and was glad to know that this play could affect the girl so strongly. As she pinched and tugged at Willow's nipples, entranced with both the feeling and the low moaning sounds Willow was making, she started telling the redhead a story: "while you have to wait for my permission, I already came once today." She waited a beat and knowing that Willow wouldn't interrupt she told her, "I was in the shower thinking about last night. It was just so hot the way you looked on the bed, how wet you were for me..."As she said this she ran her fingers through Willow's wetness as if to demonstrate that again the redhead was just as wet. "And then your tight little ass as I spanked and whipped it for your poor training...mmmm"

She leaned over and began to nip at the soft skin on the underside of Willow's small breasts as if reminding the girl of her mistake. She could feel Willow trembling under her touch and knew that she was virtually dripping onto Willow's hip. "But do you know what I was actually thinking about when I came kitten?" she asked.

Willow could barely answer the question. She didn't think it was rhetorical. "No Tara," she whispered. As Willow spoke Tara reached down to run her fingers through her own wetness. Oh Goddess! I'm going to come the second she touches me she realized. Gathering plenty of her essence on her fingers she softly brushed them against Willow's lips. "Oh please Tara, may I suck your wonderful taste into my mouth?" Willow obediently begged.

Pleased to reward her kitten for her obedience Tara assented: "yes kitten. You may." She continued with her story: "when I came I was thinking of how much I enjoyed coming in your mouth and all over your beautiful face while your hands were tied behind your back."

As she heard Tara's words Willow slowly ran her tongue over her lips, pulling her wetness into her mouth and sucking it from the tip of her tongue. Moaning from the taste and smell filling her senses as well as the blonde's words Willow answered, "th-th-thank you for letting me pleasure you Tara."

Tara leaned down to whisper in her lover's ear: "would you like the chance to try again kitten?"

"Oh please," Willow groaned.

Smirking Tara again whispered, "later we'll deal with that answer kitten." Willow's sharp intake of breath let her know that the girl had realized what she did wrong. Nonetheless, the blonde was dripping wet and she wasn't feeling patient. Smoothly she pivoted so that she was straddling the redhead's face, poised above her mouth but dripping onto her lips and chin. She heard her kitten moan in appreciation of the taste and glanced down to see Willow's small red tongue darting out to taste the warm liquid dripping on her tongue. Gently Tara released the clip on Willow's left hand to free it before gently informing the girl, "tap twice to safe word lover." After waiting a second for Willow to ask a question if she didn't understand, she lowered herself immediately onto Willow's luscious mouth.

The girl immediately began licking Tara's lips and took a second to center herself. She had expected Tara to straddle her facing the headboard so that she could hold on while Willow licked and sucked her to bliss but the blonde was facing the other way. Maybe she's going to... No don't think about that. Just concentrate on pleasing your Mistress, she reminded herself. Slowly Willow ran her tongue along Tara's lips, lips which were literally dripping with the blonde's sweet juices. Quickly she ran the flat of her tongue up and down Tara's dripping pussy as if guiding the flow of her liquid into her mouth before swallowing the sweetness.

Tara's thoughts were completely non-verbal as she absorbed the attention Willow was paying to her pussy. Her clit was completely engorged and she suspected that she would flood the redhead's mouth even more the second she touched the sensitive nub. She had sat facing Willow's body with the initial intention of allowing the redhead to come at the same time. After all, who could resist the promise of simultaneous dripping wet orgasms? But then she realized that to truly make her point this morning about the new rules, she should let Willow please her first. Reinforce for the kitten that her first priority should always be pleasing her Mistress. Mistress? Do I want her to call me that? Is that a little strange? Having decided to postpone both Willow's pleasure and any decisions about her title, Tara relaxed fully into the feeling of her kitten's mouth ravishing her. Willow was darting her tongue deeply into Tara's opening drawing out even more of her juices.

Tara's load moans filled the room. She was practically screaming and Willow smiled her enjoyment of her lover's pleasure. She always loved making love to this beautiful Goddess-like woman and when she straddled her face... well that was just heaven. She felt tempted to use her fingers but knew that Tara had only loosened that binding to allow her a safe-word motion; if she wanted her "kitten" to use her hand, she would say so. Still avidly licking Tara's flowing juices the redhead lightly brushed the tip of her tongue across the Tara's swollen clit. Not until she actually touched that muscle did she realize just how excited Tara actually was by their game this morning. Sure she was dripping all over Willow's face but Goddess, her clit was just so swollen. With the contact Tara screamed: "Willow!"

The blonde was still screaming seconds later as she felt Willow's talented tongue brush across her clit for the third time. Her orgasm started from the soles of her feet and gathered speed as it raced toward her center, exploding outward from there. "Oh Goddess! Willlllloooooowwww!" she screamed as her body shook from the powerful climax. Softly she fell forward onto the bed, tilting slightly to the side to lie next to her lover. After a moment she shifted around to lie face to face with the redhead. "Mmmm," she groaned quietly, "it's a good thing Dawn and Buffy aren't home."

Willow nodded her agreement slowly and smiled broadly as she felt her lover's tongue start to slowly trace a soft pattern around her mouth and chin. Gently the blonde cleaned Willow's face as she whispered, "cleaning my kitten," before removing the blindfold. The redhead smiled lovingly as Tara leaned in to kiss her lips. "I love you my kitten," she whispered.

The smile never left Willow's face as she heard Tara's voice. Obviously the game was still on as indicated by Tara calling her "kitten." She had pleased her lover and knew that that was all the pleasure she deserved, but maybe... She felt Tara's fingers trailing up the underside of her arm, tickling the soft sensitive part of her skin on their way to her wrist before reattaching the clip to the one on the headboard. The redhead failed to restrain a shudder as she appreciated the continuing teasing touch of her Goddess. She watched expectantly as Tara trailed both hands over her arms, chest, and to her nipples.

Finding Willow's nipples rock hard, diamond hard, as expected, Tara tweaked them playfully for a minute before pinching harder. She alternated pinching one and then the other as Willow moaned, "oh thank you Tara."

Not changing her pattern of alternating pressure on the redhead's small nipples Tara huskily whispered, "very good kitten." "You have pleased me well this morning kitten," she purred. As if an afterthought she added, "for the most part," as she slid down the smaller girl's body. Her nipple virtually glided through Willow's soaking wetness and she could smell the girl's arousal emanating from her body. A smile covered her face as she reached down to unclip the girl's feet. The smile was absolutely indelible as she thought about those legs, legs that she knew would soon be wrapped around her.

Willow felt Tara releasing her legs but wasn't sure why until she felt the blonde push her legs apart and urge her to bend her knees. Obviously she wanted her kitten open for her, Goddess knew that she was as wet as she had ever been. She began to straining lightly against the binds still holding her hands as she felt the blonde nipping her way up the inside of her thighs. When she reached Willow's soaking wet center Tara began rubbing her face against Willow's hair, thoroughly soaking her cheeks. She purred into the redhead's center but she still wasn't hearing what she wanted. She'll learn, she silently reassured herself as she continued teasing the redhead.

Willow's body was shaking from the tension. She had never needed released so badly and prayed that Tara would give it to her soon. She could feel Tara's warm breath on her hair. Oh Goddess, she thought over and over almost praying for sweet release. Why doesn't she do something? What does she want? Anything... Finally it hit her. Maybe... maybe... maybe... "Please Tara?" she cried and only hoped that it was what the blonde was waiting for.

The instant Tara heard Willow's voice she wrapped her lips around the redhead's clit. A brief thought about immediate positive reinforcement and its probability for eliciting the same action in the future was quickly replaced with her pleasure at the wondrous taste of her lovely kitten on her tongue. As Tara softly licked and sucked her lover the redhead moaned and writhed with pleasure, pulling gently against the bounds, the pressure of which only increased her arousal. Knowing that the kitten was close to her release Tara pulled back slightly, nipping at her outer lips and rewarded by the sound of Willow's sudden intake of breath.

Thank God I didn't cry out, Willow thought as she managed to stop her cry in response to Tara's nip. It was just such a sudden contrast with her luscious mouth on her sensitive nub. She knew she was being rewarded for resisting crying out when she felt two fingers enter her suddenly. She was so wet that they just glided right in with no resistance and she wondered if the blonde would soon augment them with another. Tara hadn't told her not to move but she hadn't told her to move either and Willow wondered which the blonde witch would prefer.

Tara couldn't believe how hot and wet and open her lover was as her fingers virtually slipped in and out of her slick core. Simultaneously she returned her lips to Willow's swollen clitoris and slid a third finger into her. Willow arched her back as she screamed, "thank you Tara."

Thrusting quickly and deeply into her lover Tara whispered, "come for me kitten. Wrap those hot legs around my body," before latching her lips around Willow's clit once again. As soon as she had spoken she felt Willow's legs wrap around her as the redhead began to buck wildly with each thrust of Tara's finger. Willow was so wet and was thrashing so hard that the blonde wondered if her entire hand was going to slide right in maybe another day...

"Oh Goddess, thank you Tara!" Willow screamed as her core clenched around Tara's thrusting fingers. She wrapped her legs even tighter around the woman's body as her body shook uncontrollably.

Even as Willow's body continued to spasm Tara used her tongue to lick the redhead clean. She could hear the girl interspersing her praise in the form of repeated exclamations of "thank you Tara," with indiscriminate moans and whimpers. Allowing the smaller girl to ride out her climax as well as the one following that, she slowly moved up Willow's body to place a gentle kiss on her lips. Gently she released the clips holding Willow's wrists and kissed the girl on the forehead. "I love you Willow," she whispered as she felt the girl's arms wrap around her. Rolling onto her side she allowed her hand to gently caress her soft skin.

The last words Willow heard before falling into a deep and exhausted sleep were "I'll always take good care of you my kitten." She vaguely registered Tara's strong arms wrapping around her and noted her own smooth breathing.

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