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The Perfect Song

Author: Amazonaa
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: None of them are mine except for maybe a couple.

Luis was up on the stage talking. "Hello Ladies and Gents. We have a great show for you tonight. We have six very good friends of mine who are having a bit of relationship trouble, and I think it would help them to come up here and sing something for us. About the way they feel. So without further ado the first person up is Alexander Harris."

Everyone started clapping and Alex went pale white.

"Come on man." Luis said. Dragging him on stage. "Now pick a song. And make it meaningful." Alex knew exactly what he meant as he looked down at Faith.

"This one." He said. As he got ready to say everything he's wanted to say since the almost engagement had happend.

Alex looked at the floor as he started to sing.

Sometimes the time just slips away
And your left with yesterday
Left with the memories

He slowly started to lift his head. Looking at everyone but Faith.

I'll always think of you
And smile

Alex finally looked straight at Faith. As he said that line and kept his eyes locked on hers.

And be happy for the time
I had you
With me

Faith looked down. Wanting to get away but couldn't help but look up at him and listen.

Though we go are separate ways
I won't forget
So don't forget
The memories we made

Please remember, please remember
I was there for you
When you were there for me

Please remember
Our time together
When time was yours and mine
And we were wild and free

Please remember, please remember

On that last note. Alex's voice cracked and tears started to roll gown his face.

There's just no sense in what to say
And it's sad to walk away
With just the memories
Who's to know
What might have been
We leave behind a lifetime
We'll never know again

Please remember, please remember

Alex repeated the chorus again.

Please remember, please remember

And how we laughed, and how we smiled
And I was yours, and you were mine
I stood bye you, you stood bye me

And by now Faith was almost in tears herself.

Please remember, please remember

And Alex walked off the stage wiping his eyes on his sleeve.

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