The Perfect Song

Author: Amazonaa
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: None of them are mine except for maybe a couple.
Summary: Some unhappy Scoobies have matchmaker played on their behalf.

Luis was getting everything set up for the club opening tomorrow night. He had waited for this moment ever since he was a sophomore in High School. He dreamed every night about opening his own club. It was also perfect because Buffy, Willow, and Alex whom Luis had went to school with and still kept in comtact with were a bit depressed.

He had seen plenty of that in High School. People keeping their feelings all locked inside. He wanted them to get things of there chest and he had it all planned out.

He had sent them all invitations to come check out his club. What they didn't know was that he had also sent invitations to there ex's. Tara, William, and Faith. He hated seeing them all unhappy. So he was going to play matchmaker tomorrow. And they didn't even see it coming.

He smiled and looked around a bit before turning out the lights and leaving. Anticipating the club opening tomorrow.

Tara opened the letter that the bell boy had given her. It had her and Faith's names on the front in big loopy letters. She showed it to Faith and they opened it.

She opened it to find an invitation to some club. It said come enjoy good food, drinks, and lots of Karaoke. They both decided to go and that they were tired of being cooped up all depressed.

'At least Willow won't be there.' Tara thought.

And one by one all the other scoobies got the exact same letter with each of there names on it. And all of them decided to go. Fun was greatly needed.

Willow arrived first. She was wearing a long jean skirt and a red, long sleeved, v-neck shirt. She went over to the bar to get a drink. Luis saw her and went to greet her.

Next Alex came in wearing jeans and a rather shiny blue silk shirt. He spotted Willow and walked over to say hi and get a drink for himself. They sat down and started chatting.

Alex was in the middle of a sentence when he saw Faith walk in wearing black leather pants and a black form fitting tank top, with a blue jacket over it.

Willow was about to ask him what was wrong when something too caught her eye at the door. Coming in with Faith was Tara with skin tight, black jeans and a sky blue shirt on. Willow was at a loss for words as she glided into the room.

Tara and Faith both looked up and saw there ex's oogling them from afar. They walked up to them angrily. "What the hell are you doing here?!" Faith asked. "We were invited." Willow said looking down at her drink. "Well so were we." Tara said. A light bulb going off in her head.

Then Buffy and William walked in at the exact same time. They both looked at each other and turned to leave when Luis was there blocking the door.

"What are you guys doin'? You can't leave yet. We have a great show tonight." They looked at each other then went there separate ways. Buffy went to hang out with Willow and Alex and William went to greet Faith and Tara.

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