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Paid to Get Excited

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

"What was that about?" Giles asked curiously as Spike reentered Willows room.

"I told him if he hears any news tell us right away. Also that nobody else is allowed into this room with out our consent," Spike lied, plopping himself down onto an uncomfortable green cushioned arm chair.

"When will he be back," asked Giles pacing back and forth. "I have some questions for him."

"How the bloody hell should I now, the bloody wanker looked like he was twelve," Spike moaned, becoming aggravated at Giles questioning. "The stupid poufs father probably paid his way through medical school anyway."

"What crawled up your butt and died," asked Faith leaning against a off white painted wall.

"Oh I don't now.... maybe because my sisters in a fucking coma and they give her a bloody doctor that looks like he hasn't even finished college yet," Spike snapped.

"This is coming from a guy who barely got into college," retorted Tara lowering her eyebrows at the pale haired man.

"Did I ask for your input?" growled Spike as he propelled himself out of the green chair he was sitting in. "An' why the fuck are you even here? You couldn't give two shit's about red or her bloody habits."

"What do you me..."

"Why don't you jus' go back to New York," he stared her down. "She don't need you fucking up her life anymore then it already is."

"Hey Spike chill out," said Faith coming to Tara's defense.

"Yes Spike I do say you have taken this quite to far." Giles finally spoke up from his position in front of the doorway.

"O' fuck off Rupert," Spike hardly gave the older man a passing glance.

"That's it outside now!" Giles bellowed at Spike grabbing him by his jacket and dragging him out of the room.

"Get your bloody hands off me, Ripper. You think you're my father, ha that's a laugh. And if you were such a good father where were you all the times she was getting high," he yelled pointing to where he believed the redhead was laying motionless on the all white bed.

"What?" he gasped.

"Oh that's right you don't now two shit's about Red. You just think she's your little angel."

"No your lying," Giles shook his head in denial, not believing what Spike said.

"O please. She snorts more cocain then Courtney Love." Spike rolled his eyes as he walked further away from Willows room.

"And you've known?" Giles asked bewildered.

"Of course I've known. I'm the one whose been watching her like a hawk trying to make her stop."

"Why?" the older man asked confused.

"Because I new this shit was gonna happen." he yelled. "I new she was gonna end up doing some other stupid shit and end up in a coma like...."

"I'm sorry William," Giles rested one arm around the younger man in what he believed was a show of support.

"Yea well it wasn't your fault she killed herself ," he said shrugging out of Giles grip.

"No but I wish I could have helped your mother." he gave him a sympathetic look. "She was a good women and she loved you very much."

"Not enough I guess or she would have given up the drugs," He walked over to a waiting area and sat down in a old wooden chair.

"She tried. A couple of times to get clean. I took her to rehab centers and she would emerge clean for a couple of weeks but she would always get dragged back in. It was hard for her." Giles tried justifying his friends need for the drugs.

"Yeah well she should have tried harder after all she did HAVE A SON!" he yelled tears welling up in his eyes as he remembered his mother laying in the hospital beds much like his friends/sister was now.

It was hard for him to understand what was happening at the time seeing as how he was only seven. He watched as his mother laid in a all white bed with machines hooked up all around her. Her skin was a deadly pale color. All her veins were sunken in making it difficult for the Doctors to get the IV into her arm. Thinking back to all the thing s that happened to his mum to let her body come to this state he came up with one possible answer.

He had been watching her while they were at home, watching her for about a year. He noticed how she lost weight about every day. How she wouldn't eat normal food just this white powder that she drank through her nose. He came to a conclusion... It was weird. His mum didn't care about anything else but that white powder food.

There were times were she would leave him alone in the house for days un-end. No more then three usually but on a rare occasion five. Those times he wold go over to a friends of his mums, another British chap named Giles. There he would be feed, biscuits and tea. Food he never got. Food he never will have. There was no food at home. Mum doesn't work, she just drinks white powder.

It was one of those rare occasions where pop comes home. He comes home every six months to a year and a half. It was a bad time for him to come home.

I was sitting on the kitchen floor playing with my toys and mums white stuff. Its good to make mountains with to run toy cars through. I guess he didn't like my mountain. He picked me up without say hullo and flung me on the table. Nearly broke my back.

"Stupid Git ," he bellowed in outrage.

I laid on the table quietly crying my back hurt so much.

He scooped up as much of mums powder as he could and placed it in a dish before turning towards me.

"You stupid wanker you now how much money that cost me," he raised his left hand across his chest and brought it down upon his sons face cutting open his left eyebrow.

"Ahh pop," William screamed in agony.

"Shut up boy and take you punishment.

Again he raised his left hand across his chest and brought it down across his sons face this time catching him below the left eye causing hit to swell right away.

"Dad please stop," he begged.

"You're a begger now," he grabbed him by his dirty ripped shirt and flung him off the table to the kitchen floor where he landed on his shoulder with a pop. "Well start begging like your mum boy."

A swift kick caught the six year old in the stomach. "I don't hear begging William," he kicked his son again.

"Stop. Please stop." he whined as he coughed up blood.

"Why so you can ruin more of my precious cocain. So your mum can fuck some more blind ass retards as I rot away in jail."

"No please, just stop." he kept begging but to no avail.

Kicking him in the face so his neck snapped backwards, eyes flutering open and closed.

"You know I didn't even want a son." was the last words William heard before he blacked out.

"Ahh," Spike snapped back to reality noticing that Giles had been talking to him for some time. "I'm sorry what."

"I think we should be heading back to the room now. Wouldn't want them to get worried," he smiled at Spike.

"O yea I guess so," he picked himself up from the chair and headed towards Willow's room. "O and Giles thanks."

"For what," he asked confused.

"When I was younger and my mum went of with her supplier you feed me. Thanks," he smiled at the grey hair man.

"It was my pleasure."

"O my god where the hell did you guys go," asked Faith as the two men re-entered the room. "I thought Spike killed you," she hugged Giles.

"No we just went and talked a little." reassured Giles with a smile.

"Any change," asked coming to stand next to Tara who took his former seat.

"No not yet," she said looking up into his face. "I'll let you now though."

"Huh?" he raised an eyebrow.

"I plan on staying the night..... Just in case she wakes up," she clarified.

"Riggght. Did the Doctor come in?" questioned Spike changing the subject.

"No not yet."

As if on cue the doctor opened the door and stepped in.

"Hey how's it going in here?" he asked making his way to the bed.

"Yo Doc how long till she wakes up," asked Faith.

"Well that depend," said doctor Squire writing her vitals down on his clipboard.

"On what?" asked Tara.

"Well on her... and you guys," he said crossing his arms.

"What that's a load of bullshit." Spike scuffed.

"Spike please," Giles insisted.

"Alright sorry." he apologized.

"Well scientist have proven that coma patients do increasingly better when there loved ones are around."

"Alright check," said Faith. "What else?"

"Well talk to them. Tell them that you're here that you care for them read them stories. If you know their favorite band or music that has also been proven to work. Also home made moves can do the trick." said the Doctor raddling off some ideas. "Now just to let you now these didn't work for everybody. So if it doesn't work for you and Miss Rosenberg here I am incredibly sorry."

"But it's worth giving a shot?" asked Tara to the Doctor.

"Yes definitely," said Doctor Squire giving her a charming smile.

"Then let's do it," said Giles.

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