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Paid to Get Excited

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

"Ambulance number 3-1-9 is bringing in a seizure patient, may be relevant to drugs," said Mike into his walkie talkie as he rounded the corner to the Hospital.

"Okay 3-1-9, bring 'em in" said the voice on the other end.

"I have a person in the back with the patient. You may wanna ask her for some questions," inquired Mike.

"Will do."

As the ambulance came to a stop outside of the ER the back door opened up and Rick jumped out. He reached back inside of the automobile and started to pull out the stretcher as Mike ran around the other side.

"We have to get her inside her heart beat's slowing down," said Rick raising up one side of the stretcher.

The two hurried inside the Hospital building, were they placed the redhead on a movable bed and had nurses take over for them. The nurses quickly rushed the redhead into ICU where they prepared her for surgery and a drug test.

"She's going to be just fine," said Rick placing his hand on the blondes shoulder when he noticed her standing in the doorway with unshed tears in her eyes.

Tara sat alone in the waiting room for over two hours. Every once and a while some body would come in and sit down, but they would leave in twenty to thirty minutes upon arriving with a loved one.

The blonde just sat stock still staring at the door that the nurses would bring Willow out through. She hadn't move for an hour, her bones were starting to ache. She grew aggravated at the black cat clock, with the rotating eyes and the swinging tail. The one that made a clicking noise every second. She wanted to get up and rip it off the wall, but that involved moving. She might miss Willow if she did that. So she sat there instead listening the TICK TICK TICK of the clock.

After another five minutes the door behind her swung open revealing an out of breath Spike. His hair was plastered down to his scalp and his leather coat was dangling of his shoulders. He made is way over to Tara and plopped himself into a seat.

"What the hell took you so long?" yelled Tara. "I've been here for almost three hours."

"Will had...keys," he panted. "Faith went....find Giles....I run...Hospital," he gasped sinking further into his chair.

"Good thing your not out of shape," she teased, noticing his deep breathing and red face.

"...fuck you..." he panted in some what of a joked.

"Listen Spike at the club you said something about Willow not getting hurt or about her saying she wont get hurt...?" Tara asked trying to get Spike to enlighten her on what happened.

"Um....she's kinda a.......look blondie Red's a cra..."

"I'm looking for the family of Willow Rosenberg?" asked a young Chinese nurse coming through the door Tara was just recently watching.

"Um, yeah that's me," said Spike jumping up out of his seat. "I'm her brother."

"Why don't we go somewhere private to talk," said the nurse looking at Spike then at the blonde behind him.

"Umm," looking over his shoulder at Tara, "yeah." he said following the nurse through the door she came through.

"The Doctor, Doctor Ezra...he realigned her ribs. Three were broken out of place and two were cracked. The cuts on her face were stitched up. One hundred and three all together. Major contusion around the right eye and cheek bone. Also.... there was a huge quantity of heroin found in your sister's blood stream....... Enough to kill her."

"What?" said Spike shocked.

"So you didn't know your sister did drugs?" question the nurse while checking something off on a sheet of paper.

"She...she doesn't do heroin," he said trying to wrap that fact around his mind.

"Well according to Doctor Ezra there's enough in her to kill a moose," said the nurse in a stern voice.

"He's lying," Spike said threw his teeth, in almost a growl.

"Well then why don't you ask him yourself," said the Chinese women pointing to the light blonde haired doctor in his late forties.

Flinging around so fast that his duster flew up behind him like a cape, Spike marched over to the Doctor.

"Oy, you Doctor Ezra?" he asked tapping the older man on the shoulder.

"Uh yeah what can I help you with," he asked as he looked the bleached blonde male in the face.

"My sister isn't no fucking heroin addict!" he snapped.

"Oh you mean Miss Rosenberg," said the doctor with a big grin as he hugged his note chart to his chest.

"She isn't" he protested.

"Well you see that heroin floating around inside her blood stream says otherwise," he continued to grin.

"Where is she? I wanna talk to her. Get this all straightened out." the guitarist demanded.

"Well you see, that leaves us in a bit of a pickle," chuckled the Doctor. "She slipped into a coma about an hour ago while in surgery.

"Wha...." Spike squeaked out. Backing up until his shoulder-blades hit the wall behind him. Slowly he slid down the pale green wall and sat on the floor staring at nothing.

"I'll make sure your updated with anymore news," said the Doctor walking away.

"Spike!" Tara shouted running up to him. "How is she ?"

"She's in a coma. Their.... their gonna do more test," he said walking over to a dirty looking brown couch and took a seat.

"A ....a coma," whispered Tara. "How the hell did that happen?"

"Don't know," Spike lied. "All we can do now is wait."

After another hour passed by, nurse Anne came back out to the waiting room to inform both Spike and Tara that Willow had been moved to a regular patient room and that they could go visit. She gave them the room number and directions of how to get there through the hospital corridors.

As Tara was about to open the door to leave the waiting room , the door opened before she grabbed the door knob. As she stepped back, Giles and Faith rushed in.

"Bout time ye got here," Spike said bringing Faith into a hug.

"Have you heard anything," asked Giles stepping Further into the dimly lit room.

"She's in a coma. We were just about to go see her," offered Tara.

"Alright let's go," said the older man.

As the group approached Willows room they noticed a dark brown haired Doctor in his mid twenties to early thirties checking over Willow's vitals, making sure everything was fine.

"Oy is everything alright," asked Spike stepping into the room.

"Oh you must be her family. I'm Doctor Squire, I'll be taking care of Willow while she's in her coma." he smiled but it wasn't genuine.

"Doc, can I talk to you outside a bit," asked Spike with a tilt of his head.

"Sure," said Doctor Squire.

"Um I was wondering, if at all possible.... if you wouldn't mind not mentioning the drug problems to the girls inside, just to me and my Father?" questioned Spike hoping the Doctor would say yes.

"And is there a reason why your sisters shouldn't now about their own sisters addiction?" the Doctor questioned back.

"Well it's just that...god this is so hard to say," Spike put on his best acting skills. "Mum use to be a heroin addict and before that cocaine, until one day it took her," he gave a little sniffle and whipped his left eye with the sleeve of his jacket. "I just don't want them to look at Willow and see our mum."

Doctor Squire just looked at the bleach blonde man unsure of his speech.

"Please!" He begged. "For my sisters."

"Fine just you and your father," the Doctor retorted before turning on his haunches and walking to another patients room.

"What a stupid git," Spike whispered to himself as a grin spread across his face.

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