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Paid to Get Excited

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

"Hey T, I'm gonna take Giles and Faith back home. Let them get some rest. Pick up some clothes and items for myself, maybe some of Will's CD's." Spike said coming to stand next to the sitting blonde. "Do you want me to swing by your place and have Anya or Buffy pack some clothes for you to wear tomorrow?"

"O shit Buffy!" Tara yelled digging into her left butt pocket for her phone. Upon turning it on five voice mail messages appeared. "Shit."

"You alright luv," Spike asked concerned.

"I was suppose to meet Buffy at the club. She had some date with some guy and I was suppose to act as a buffer incase things didn't click."

"Ooh," Spike said, looking down fallen.

"I'm sorry Spike," she gave him a succor apology "but it has been almost three years. Haven't you moved on?"

"Yeah your right. I mean I bet you did."

"Nothing ever happened between Willow and me." she defended herself.

"Well that's not what she seems to recall." Spike tilted his head as he grinned.

"She told you?" Tara looked up with cloudy eyes into his expressionless gaze.

"Ahh... so something did happen." he gave a award winning grin.

Giving a slight shake of her head that it barley registered to Spike, "I have to go return these phone calls." she said in a sob standing up out of her chair and exiting the room quickly.

"Well...damn," Spike growled out, kicking the wall next to him.

"Where the fuck am I . This is creepy." the figure sat on a yellow couch in what appeared to be a run down motel room. A mirror hung on the far wall opposite the door with a slight tilt.

The room was mostly empty, just the couch , a dull light bulb hanging from the ceiling, a mirror, and a few scattered card board boxes with papers in them.

A blur pasted in front of the mirror. So fast that the figure on the couch could not make it out . "What the hell." it mumbled pushing itself of the dirty yellow sofa.

As the figure approached the mirror its face was no longer obstructed by darkness. Red hair cascaded down the back of a grey trench coat. Green eyes stared intently into the mirror but only black eyes stared back.

The face was the same but no longer was there red hair. In its place was a jet black main flowing down her doubles back. Cobalt steel eyes replaced her emerald green giving her the creeps.

"Weird," she said into the mirror only to have the double mouth it back to her.

Placing a hand, palm down on the center of the glass the two reflections started to follow each other. After some time the red headed figure placed her other palm on the mirror and began rotating that one two.

As she was about to lift her hands away from the mirror her dark double grabbed her wrist and started dragging her into the mirror. Screaming in terror she put her feet against the wall and pulled against the dark haired women with all her might.

The black eyes grew angry and released her target. She started pacing inside the mirror, flipping the hood to her trench coat over her head. She will get her.

"O shit, o shit, o shit," the redhead panted while laying on the floor after the little brawl with herself and the mirror. Crawling over onto her hands and knees she made her way to the couch.

'What the fuck is this place? What was that? O god I need to sleep' she thought to herself as she rested her head on the arm rest of the couch and curled up into a little ball.

No more then a minute past before the pillow cushions started shacking. "What the," was as far as she got before being dragged between two pillow cushions.

The phone rang for what felt like eternity before a sleep voice finally picked it up.

"Hello," a feminine voice rasped out.

"Buffy! O thank god," Tara said happily.

"Tara were the hell are you? I've been trying your phone all night," Buffy yelled at her like an over protected mother. "But then it dawned on me, phone off, at a club. Hey maybe you picked up some hot chick," she giggled.

"Buffy, Willow's in the hospital." Tara could barley say the words. "She was having a seizure. Something happened to her," she couldn't hold it in anymore, she started to cry.

"Alright Tara, which hospital are you at?" Buffy asked trying to get Tara coherent.

"Mount Saint Mary," she whispered.

"Alright I'll be right," she said hanging up the phone.

"Thanks," Tara said to static.

About forty minutes later Spike returned to Willow's room.

"Alright Goldie locks, I come baring gifts," he quipped as he open the door. " what the fuck is she doing her," he pointed to the other blonde next to Tara."

"I invited her," said Tara.

"Yea and I said nobody else is allowed in this room," he said dropping his bag of clothes and other assorted items. "So scram."

"O fuck you Spike," said Buffy finally talking.

"Ah we did that once, didn't care for it much," he gave her a grin.

"Well I'm not leaving Tara needs me," she said ignoring Spike's jab.

"Well then you both can fucking leave," he started pulling out CD's from one of the two book bags he brought.

"Alright. Tara if you need me I'm just a phone call away," she said giving her friend a hug before leaving.

"Why do you have to be such a jerk," asked Tara.

"I guess it's in my nature," he answered back. "Here, here are some of her CD's. Her own that she recorded with out the band and stuff she bought. There are also some home made videos in the bag," he handed her some CD's before grabbing some cash out of the first book bag. "I'm gonna go down to the cafeteria, you want anything.

"No. Thanks," she said looking up at him.

"Your welcome," he said before he too left.

Her double had her again and this time she couldn't get away. They were falling. Falling for what seemed like forever until they hit something hard yet soft at the same time.

She was on a queen size mattress with out any sheets, pinned down by her double who was grinning at her.

"Get off of me," the redhead snarled at her trying to wiggle and buck her way free.

"Now, now you gotta be patient," the double said with a hint of venom in her voice. "Don't you want your surprise."

"No!," she shouted still wiggling but her double was to strong. After some time of strugling she finally got one hand lose. Punching the black haired women in the face and knocking her off her balance the redhead got enough room to squeeze out from under her grasp.

"Tisk, tisk," the women mocked grabbing the redhead by the hair and yanking her backwards to the center of the bed. "Now we're gonna have to play dirty," she grinned lowering one hand to the redheads throat cutting off her air supply as the other hand held her captives hands above her head.

"Hey! I said tame her. Not kill her," came a husky male voice from behind the fighting duo.

Turning her head so that it looked over her shoulder she gave the man a smile. "Sorry master," she released her captive who rapidly grabbed her neck trying to gasp for air.

"Bitch," she gasped out trying to sit up. As she sat up her eyes made contact with the man stading next to her double.

"Willow," the man's booming voice repeatedly sounded in her head.

"Dad," she choked out.

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