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Paid to Get Excited

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.
Note: Rating change from this chapter.

At the college dorm, there was a part in the left wing that was set up for bands and their instruments. But recently it was taken over by a group of miscreants who call themselves the 'foster demons'

"So what song do you wanna practice first?" asked Spike looking over some sheet music.

"Actually I wanna work on some stuff alone. So maybe we each can take some time and create some lyrics and beats?" requested Willow.

"Yeah sounds good," said Faith. "I got this solo I wanna try out."

The studio was made up into four booths. Three small ones and one large one, for all three band members to fit into together with their instruments. Willow was in the first booth, Spike in the second, and Faith in the last one because it was slightly bigger then the other two to provide enough room for her drum set.

After three and a half hours of practice the band members split up, making plans to meet up latter that night.

"Anya have you seen my black striped t-shirt," asked Xander coming out of the hall bathroom.

"No, why? Are you going somewhere?" asked the brunette coming out of their room.

"As a matter of fact yes. And so are you," smiled the carpenter. "There's a party about two blocks from here so I'm gonna go check out what SunnyDale University frat students have to offer."

"Yay a party is just what I need. Buffy wont be home till tomorrow morning. She still has to finish this computer lab project and Tara is still locked in her room." pouted Anya. "So I have no one to have girly talk time with. Unless you wanna?"

"Why don't we try to get her to come with us?" asked Xander making his way downstairs and towards the other blondes bedroom. "Tara open up," Xander shouted as Anya knocked on the door.

"Go away," Tara yelled back.

"We're not going anywhere until you come out with us tonight," Xander said leaning against the closed door. "Come on Tare, please. It's just down the road."

"Yeah and we can get fuckin' piss ass drunk," added Anya.

"No!" came her rebuttal.

"Come on," whimpered Anya. "All the drunk college girls you want, free booze, load music, and its all at someone else's house"

"Tara why wont you go?" asked Xander.

"You know why," she replied.

"Sweetie I doubt she'll even be there." said Xander in a gentle voice.

"Really?" asked the blonde, opening the door slightly.

Xander and Anya gave each other a quick look as if to say 'hell no' before simultaneously saying "sure."

The three friends made there way down the street towards the house that was bombarded with people. At the door Xander paid the entry fee for the two ladys and himself before entering.

"Hey Tara what do you want to drink," asked Xander making his way into the foyer.

"Water's fine."

"I'll get ya a beer," he hollered over his shoulder back at her as he and Anya walked off to get drinks.

"Great," mumbled Tara as she plopped down onto a couch near a tall brunette.

"Friends ditch you too?" asked the brunette next to her.


"Hi, I'm Heather," said the girl stretching out her hand to the blonde, who took it gingerly. "Came with friends but wound up alone also," she chuckled. "Well at least I have good looking company now," said Heather look Tara up and down. "So if you want I would be more then willing to keep you company," asked Heather.

Before Tara had a chance to respond Xander and Anya returned with the beers.

"Oh Tara who's your new friend," teased Xander wiggling his eyebrows up and down while handing the blonde a beer.

"Oh, ah guys this is Heather. Heather this is Xander and Anya, my roommates." she smiled weakly while doing the introductions.

"You can't have Xander he's mine," Blurted out Anya while stairing at the other brunette.

"Ahh, well , yeah. He's not really my kind of.... how should I say this...sexual persuasion."

"Oh so you mean your gay !" shouted Anya causing some heads to turn and Tara's and Xanders' checks to blush. "Then you and Tara should be perfect together." Tara and Heather just looked at each other. Tara not quite sure what to say and Heather with a gleam of lust in her eye.

"Umm Ahn why don't we go dance," said Xander dragging his girlfriend into the livingroom.

"Well that was kind of awkward," stated Heather.

"Yeah. I'm so sorry about that. Anya can be a bit... well... Anya," she gave a nervous chuckle then looked down into her plastic cup of beer.

"It's alright," said Heather placing her hand on the blondes shoulder. "So are you new around here?"

"Oh me? No, no. I... I use to live here a while ago. I just moved back to finish school."

"What year are you?" Heather asked relaxing into the couch while putting one arm behind Tara.

"My junior year. You?"

"Sophomore." she gave the blonde a sexy smile. "Hope you don't mind talking to a lower classmen."

"Nope, none at all," Tara said smiling back before a flash of red caught her eye. Turning her head she noticed Willow in a tight embrace with a tall skinny dark haired brunette, whispering in her ear.

"Ahh, I've seen you have notice Willow Rosenberg. Or Casanova as the ladies and some men like to call her," said Heather leaning forward so her elbows rested on her knees. "She comes to almost every party and always goes upstairs with a different girl. But lately its been the same girl.... that one." she indicated to the brunette in the redheads tight grasp with a tilt of her head.

"What's her name?" asked Tara still looking at Willow wrapped around the brunette.

"Not sure. See her a lot at the Bronze though."

"Does she go to school here?"

Yea I think so," answered Heather. "Hey are you okay?"

Willow pulled the other girl closer, gripping her hips tightly. "I need it. I want," Willow groaned out into the brunette's ear.

"Upstairs. Let's go..... upstairs," she panted out clutching Willow tighter to her body.

"No now," Willow moaned.

Turning around the brunette grabbed Willows hand and lead her up the stairs towards the master bedrooms. Once inside a selected bedroom the brunette slammed the door shut and Willow was upon her in a matter of seconds.

"Give it to me." the redhead pleaded.

"Get a hold of yourself Willow."

Grabbing the other women by her jacket collar, she slammed her into the wall before throwing her to the ground. "Where the fuck is it Kennedy! I need it."

"I don't have it." said Kennedy trying to get up. Willow quickly advanced on her, stratling her stomach and punching her in the eye before asking.

"Where is it?"

"Look at yourself Willow. This isn't you." shouted Kennedy. But once again the redhead hit her in the face.

"Where the fuck is my fix!" Willow yelled, spit coming out of her mouth.

"Rack has it. Tomorrow when you play at the club he'll give it to you. He wanted to give it to you himself," Kennedy whined, blood dripping down her nose into her mouth.

Willow sprang up onto her feet and ran out of the room. She dashed down the staircase missing the last few steps and crashed into two guys standing at the bottom of the stairwell.

Picking herself up on shaky hands and feet. "Watch were the fuck your going," she yelled before hastily exiting the foyer.

"Willow," Tara gasped at seeing the guitarist fall down.

"'Watch where the fuck your going' echoed throughout the room before the redhead dashed out.

"Okay? What was that all about?" asked Heather confused. "That chick has a major problem," the girl laughed relaxing back into her seat.

Tara gave the brunette a look of anger before getting up and walking out of the room. Fallowing in the same direction Willow went in.

"Hey, Tara ...! what's the matter?" heather shouted out after the retreating blonde. 'God I'm never gonna get laid' she mumbled to herself sitting back in defeat.

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