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Paid to Get Excited

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

At 10:30 that morning Giles decided to take a walk to Faith and Willow's dorm room. Walking down Fret avenue near the dorm complex he noticed a moving truck filled with boxes parked outside one of the rental houses. As he was walking by a blonde women jumped out of the back of the truck carrying a small box marked 'kitchen' . Quickly taking of his glasses and rubbing them clean, he returned them back to his face mumbling, "it couldn't be."

"Buffy." he asked approaching the blonde and the truck. The blonde turned around so fast she almost dropped the box she was holding.

"Giles," she yelped in surprise. Placing the box down she hugged the British gentlemen for a good minute before letting go.

"What's going on Buffy?" Giles pointed to the house. "Are you and your mother moving here? Are you having money trouble?"

Laughing the blonde placed a hand on the older mans chest to stable herself. "O god no! Anya, Tara, and I are moving in here instead of a dorm," she answered. "More room. Plus Xander also needed a place to stay."

"So you're all going back to school here?"

"Well except xander," he never made it into college. Which still never stopped him from becoming a carpenter. "Plus my mom got really sick and she need my help now so I transferred here. And the guys didn't want me going to school alone or have to take care of my mom alone so they transferred also."

"Well that was quit remarkable of them," smiled the British man. "I must be going but please pass on my blessings of hello's to your friends and mother," Giles said before once again walking down the street.

'Well at least one person here is still nice' thought Buffy resuming unpacking the truck.

Giles knocked on door 217 twice. A groggy Faith came to the door with toosild hair and peered at Giles with anoyence written all over her face.

"Faith!" asked a stunded European "Where's Willow?" Willow was always the first to rise. She would also always welcome Giles in with a worm smile while Faith would still be sound asleep. So when the brunette answered the door this morning it sent the grey haired man into a state of worry."Sleeping," Faith indicated to the bed the redhead was curled up on. "She cam back in around eight after leaving around six thirty. Then went to sleep after sighing a shit load of times."

"Is she alright?" asked Giles peering at the redhead a bit worried.

"How the fuck should I know," Faith declared falling back on her bed.

"You are no help Faith," Giles made his way to Willow and gently rubbed her shoulder. "Will, Will come on time to get up." he costed her gently out of sleep.

"Really don't wanna." Willow answered him opening her eyes.

"What's the matter? Are you alright?" he asked sitting beside her on the bed.

"Yea," she lied. "I guess I was just tired. Why are you here?" she asked wondering why her foster father was in her dorm room.

"Well I came to see if you wanted to go ralley up Spike and maybe go out for lunch," he said standing up. "But now I have more news to tell you"

"Alright what is it," asked Faith.

"Let's get Spike and I'll tell you," Giles said making his way out the door so the two women that he came to love as if they were his own flesh and blood could change.

'She loves me? She loves me! WAIT she loves me? She loves me. She loves me. She loves me?' Tara kept repeating to herself on the walk back to her house.

"O my God Tara," Buffy squeaked running to her. "you'll never believe who just came over! He was so sweet."

"You know what Buffy? I really don't give a shit about who was flirting with you at the momment," Tara snapped continuing up the walkway to their house.

"Ouch," Buffy whispered looking at the retreating blonde.

Upstairs Tara continued her monterauge of 'she loves me!'. walking into the blondes room with a slight tap on the door frame Buffy entered to witness Tara sitting at the head of the bed, knees curled to her chin with her hands clenching her hair. Looking up into the hazel nut green eyes of her roommate "she loves me Buff. After four year she tells me she loves me!"

"Who your step mom?" Buffy was utterly confused.

Shaking her head but never releasing her hands "no." tears started to escape from her eyes. "That bitch will never love me." Buffy cautiously approuched the bed. She didn't want her friend to snap at her again. "I'm so sorry Tara," she placed her hands on the distressed blondes back. "But if it isn't you step mom, then who is it?"

"Willow," she whispered. Her baby blue eyes wide open, red rimmed and staring into her best friends chestnut eyes. "Willow loves me...or she did." her words faded as she lowered her head, her hands falling limp at her side. "I doubt she does any more... I hope she still does."

Sitting down next to Tara and rapping one arm around her shoulder "Me too. Me too!" she said.

All throughout lunch they chit chatted amissly about everything and nothing at all. About how the band was going and what direction they thought it was going to go this year.

"So G-man you ever gonna tell us that news,"asked faith while cleaning her teeth with a tooth pick.

"You will never believe who I ran into today," Giles said placing his napkin on his finished lunch plate."

"Elvis Presley," asked Willow.

"No," he replied " it was ..."

"Marvin Gaye" Spike guessed.

"No," he gave Spike a weird look.

"Marilyn Monroe," questioned Faith with a smile.

"NO" shouted Giles. " what the fuck is wrong with you people their all dead!"

"Oooooh Giles said fuck," sing songed Willow as if she was a three year old.

"Well do you want to now who I saw?"

"Yeah sure why not," said Spike flicking his lighter on and off.

"Buffy Summers. She's moving into a house on Fret Avenue with her friends Anya and Tara and that boy Xander."

Spike's face scrunched up into a snarle. He dropped his burger with a thump onto his plate and pushed his chair back from the table. "I'm going to the bathroom," he mumbled out in a growl before stalking off towards the restroom.

Upon the mention of Buffy's name Willow started putting pressure on the uttensel that was clutched in her hand. When Tara's name was spoken the knife bent in half.

"I'm gonna go pay this check," Willow said between gritted teeth grabbing the bill forcfully form off the table and stalking off towards the cash register.

"Did I say something wrong?" Giles asked Faith who just sat there with her arms crossed and a smile plastered on her face.

"Well I'll sum it up for you. Spike and Buffy date, Buffy screw someone else. Spike get mad, Buffy leave." she put it in such lament turns that she almost like a caveman.

"Then what is Willow's problem?"

"Well here is where it gets fun. Willow's had a thing for Tara since....well forever basically. Then Tara left senior year after prom right out of the blue and something tells me something happened between them that night! Any how four years pass... no word from Tara. All of a sudden she shows up at the Bronze last night with Anya and Buffy. So what the fuck's up with that?" Faith yelled the question getting a weird look from one of the waiters. " so this is where it gets really fun. Last night after the gig, Tara comes up to Willow to say 'hi' and shit like that, and Red totally blew her off. She was all like 'do I know you?'" Faith laughed lightly.

"My dear lord," Giles said removing his glasses to clean them.

"Faith, lets go we have to go practice some new songs," said Spike coming back to the table.

"Where's Red," asked Faith not noticing the redhead in the restaurant.

"She's probably outside having a fag," Spike said shrugging his shoulders.

"What is Willow doing smoking?" Giles bellowed.

"Relax Rupert, it ant gonna kill her," said Spike. 'The other shit she does might though' Spike couldn't bring himself to say it to the old man. Despite how much he despised him at times he was still the only person he would ever now as a father, for he had taken him in and loved him like a son.

"Bye Giles," Spike said taking a ten out of his pocket and leaving it on the table as a tip.

"Bye daddy-o," Faith hollered out while she ran to catch up with Spike's long strides.

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