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Paid to Get Excited

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

"Alright its now been narrowed down to Suicide King and Kings of New York," asked Spike as Faith and him walked into the house hosting the party. "Right?"

"Damn, this is a tough one. They both have Christopher Walken," said Faith shrugging while walking over to the keg to get herself a beer.

"True, but Kings of New York with some guy getting the shit shot out of him." Spike said while grabbing himself a cup to pour himself a drink. "Plus boobs," he added as if that would win over the debate.

"I guess weíll just have to have Will settle this one for us," said Faith walking off.

"Bollocks," grumbled Spike storming off.

"Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in," snickered Xander as he noticed Spike leaning against a wall talking to some college girl.

"Beat it blondie," Xander said to the girl, taking her place against the wall.

"What are you doing here Spike?"

"Well if I wasnít mistaken this is a college party, right." Spike mocked looking around at there surroundings. "What are you doing here? I donít ever recall you even finishing highschool."

Xander looked at the slightly shorter male in outrage.

"Now if you donít mind Iím donna go find that little Goldie locks and get her digits," Spike laughed as he brushed passed the taller man. As he reached the doorway to the kitchen he pivoted and turned around. "Oh and Xander, your now living on my turf.... donít fuck with me," he snarled before leaving.

She looked around to make sure she was alone with this guy. Just the two of them. They exited the party to get down to business and decided to do it behind the small shed.

"You have a baggie right?" she asked nervously switching feet.

"Yeah I got it," he replied showing it to her.

"Now thatís going to work right? I donít wanna be in the middle of doing it and not have it work.," she said giving the guy a determined look.

"Itíll work, I promise."

"All right how much you want for it?" she asked getting even more antsy. The slightest noises where causing her to jump.

"Three hundred," he replied with a smirk, his blonde hair sparkling due to the reflection of the moon.

"For a fucking dime bag! You must be out of your mind." she yelled.

"Take it or leave it," the man said waving the bag in the girls face.

"Fine," she growled pulling out three hundred dollars out of her pocket and thrusting it at him while grabbing the bag, before carefully making her way back towards the house.

"Chug, chug, chug," the crowd of student co-edís cheered excitedly, raising their beer bottles and cups in all the excitement.

"Yeah!," they yelled as the beer cup was crushed to the table.

"Damn little lady, you sure can handle your beer," said a dusty haired blonde male.

"Well my father is a drunk," she replied with a smile while grabbing herself another beer. "I learned from the best."

"O... well, I... uh," he stammered not knowing what to say to her.

"Oh whatís the matter? You donít wanna talk no more now that you know my fathers a drunk and use to beat me senseless ? Ahh come on," she pouted and batted her eyelashes at him. "Everybody needs a friend."

"Will leave the poor lad alone before he pees himself," came a strong British voice from behind the males right side. "Iím sure........ oy what the bloody hells your name mate?" asked Spike gripping his shoulder tightly.

"Ma-matt, " he replied looking back and forth between the redhead and the bleach blonde.

"Figures," Spike snickered before continuing " im sure Matt here would have been a night in bloody shining armor back in the day when your day was pounding away on you. Causing blood to spill out of those pretty sateen red lips," he smirked at Willow before turning to Matt. "Wouldnít old sport?"

"I.....I ..... I have to go," Matt said shaking off Spikes grip and leaving the two friends to laugh in his aftermath.

"Old sport?" asked Willow cocking her head sideways.

"It was something my father use to say. You know before he died," Spike said shrugging his shoulders. "I thought I would give it a try."

"How about we give that beer bong a try instead," said Willow pulling her friend to the aforementioned item.

The glass door slid open from the back porch and a dark figure walked in smoothly. But not smoothly enough.

"Crap,"shouted Xander looking down at his beer stained shirt. "What the hell is wrong with..." he stopped mid sentence when he saw who he was talking to. "Oh Faith. I already now whatís wrong with you," he snarled.

"Hardy, har, har," she pretended to laugh before flipping him off and walking away.

Faith found her friends in the kitchen playing with the beer bong. "Yo Micky get me a Sam Adams," Faith called to a tall lanky guy standing near the fridge. "You guys almost ready to leave, this parties getting dull." she stated hoping up onto the counter as Willow finish chugging down another beer.

"Let me beat Red and we can go," said Spike taking the beer bong from Willows hand.

"As if," snorted the guitarist filling the funnel.

"Are you guys gonna do this all night," questioned Faith after taking a swig of her beer that Micky had given her.

"Only until Red admits Iíll kick her ass in beer chugging," Spike announced handing Willow the beer bong that he just finished with. "Your turn."

Willow grabbed the beer bong and placed her lips around the opening of the plastic tube. On the count of three she started to chug. Spike knowing that he was already starting to get dizzy decided to play a little dirty since that was what he was best at.

"Damn Willow for a lesbian you sure now how to suck a long hard object," Spike sneered.

Beer came shooting out of Willows nose and mouth at Spikes comment making her drop the beer bong and whirl around on Spike giving him a death look.

"Oooh, now youíve done it," grinned Faith wiggling on the counter top.

"You're dead," Willow said in a calm even tone that sent shivers down the spins of everybody present in the room. Holding up his pointer finger on his right hand.

"Wait, wait, wait," Spike said as if he was going to say something to the pissed off redhead to calm her down. Instead he quickly grabbed Faith from off the counter next to him and pushed her into the other guitarist as he bolted out of the kitchen. Willow pivoted out of Faiths way and only collided with her a little. Running out of the kitchen , she dashed through the livingroom after her foster brother.

"Spike! You son of a bitch get back here," she shouted after him while jumping over turned over chairs and empty kegs that the bleach blonde threw in her path. Spike ran wild through the crowded house, jumping over or on tables, chairs, couches and the occasional people but surprisingly enough it wasnít Spike who collided with a fellow party goer.

As Willow was making her third lap around the first floor she ran head on into an unsuspecting blonde woman.

"Tara," Willow said looking down at the blonde underneath her.

"Uhh... hi," she grinned.

"Watcha doing on the floor?" asked a baffled redhead.

"Uh h Will you're kinda on top of me," Tara said looking into soulful green eyes.

"Oh!" Willow shouted pushing her upper body up so that she was now straddling the blondes hips. "I didnít hurt you did I?"

"No Iím okay," assured the blonde with a gentle smile.

"You sure? Cause...I ... did....kinda..tackle ....ya." Willow said as she lowered herself backdown. But before she could totally lay back down on top of the blonde again there was as a sharp pull at the back of her t-shirt and she was flung off of Tara and across the floor.

"Stay the fuck off of her," demanded Xander, standing between the startled blonde and the dazed redhead.

"Xander no," Tara gasped out.

"Damn Xander you always come at the wrong fucking moment," Willow said while staggering to a standing position. "You never were one for timing, right Anya," she smiled to the brunette standing behind Tara. "You now if you wanna switch teams Iíll be more then happy to show you a good time."

"I think you should leave," said Tara. "Maybe go sleep off your intoxication... or your ego."

"Oh you now you wish you could be alone with me," she grinned giving the blonde a wink.

"Will let's go before you say something your gonna regret," Faith said coming up behind the redhead and grabbing her by the arm to drag her towards the door.

"I have four years plus some of regretted words," Willow yelled before tugging her arm out of Faithís grip and exciting the house on her own with her band mates fallowing close behind her.

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