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Another Ordinary High School Day

Author: Amazonaa
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: None of them are mine except for maybe a couple.

Tara was looking around the classroom looking for a way out or something to help. Then she saw her teacher's French book. Tara picked it up and threw it at the window.

The window cracked but didn't break. Tara threw it again and covered her head as the glass shattered everywhere.

She looked out the window and saw police cars pulling into the parking lot along with fire trunks and huge black vans. She looked along the edge and saw a ladder.It was a little ways down from the window.

Tara pushed the rest of the glass off the window then started helping people out.

Xander climbed out the window and down the ladder. Tara turned and made sure no one else was still there. Then she climbed out the window but before she got to the ladder one word came into her mind.


"Tara. Come on." Xander yelled. Tara just stood there.

'Willow could still be inside. But what if she's dead.' Tara tried to push the thought away. 'Alive or dead. I'm getting her out of here.'

Tara turned back around and climbed back in. Xander shook his head and walked back to where everyone else was.

Willow was getting a cramp in her neck and she really had to use the bathroom. So she got out from under her desk and listened for any movement.

When she heard none she slowly opened the door.

She stuck her head out and saw sparks shooting out of the intercom and people bleeding in the middle of the hallway. She stepped out and looked the other direction.

Willow almost yelled when someone touched her back. She turned and saw the rest of her classmates following behind her.

Willow took a deep breath and motioned for them to follow.

Tara had found a baseball bat and was clinging to it for her life. She had been walking down the hallway checking all the rooms for about five minutes.

Then she came to the Drama room. Shadows swiftly moving in front of the door.

Tara held up her bat and opened the door. Everyone was seated on the steps leading to the stage. Some were crying and others were comforting.

She was about to ask if they were okay when the cold tip of a gun touched her neck. She turned slightly and saw a man in his mid-thirties. He had dark brown hair matted to his head.

He motioned for her to sit and join the rest of the kids on the steps. Then he sat back down at the desk.

He looked at each and everyone of them.

He looked like he was about to say something when there was a loud bang.

The man grabbed the gun as if out of habit and stood.

"There are 62 of you. Any of you missing when I get back. People are going to die." He said before walking out the door.


Willow turned and looked at them. She put her finger to her lips telling them to be quiet.

Willow turned back around. The gun man was standing in front of her. He smiled then backhanded her.

Willow fell to the ground, gun shots being the last thing she heard before everything went black.

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