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Another Ordinary High School Day

Author: Amazonaa
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: None of them are mine except for maybe a couple.

Willow was sitting in the back of her seventh hour class. The second to last class of the day and normally she would be writing down notes and little drawings waiting for the bell to ring but she couldn't stop thinking about Tara.

'Goddess even her name sounded like it could be some type of chocolate.' Willow thought.

"Wil-low. pause Ms. Rosenberg!" Came a voice. Willow snapped out of her dream about Tara and chocolate and whipped cream. She looked at the teacher standing right in front of her and gave a cheesy smile.

Tara wasn't faring any better in the paying attention category.

She couldn't get her mind off the redhead. Well until they heard a gunshot and someone scream.

The teacher turned to wards the door and told everyone to remain seated and calm. She opened the door and went out. The door closed and everyone was quiet.

Then there was some more gunshots and the body of their French teacher hit the floor.

Tara got up and locked the door as the handle started to jiggle. She looked around for anything they could put in front of it.

She started moving the teacher's desk and didn't get it more then about a centimeter before it wouldn't budge.

"Xander! Help me!" Tara said, pushing the desk again. This time Xander and two other jock guys helped barricade the door as other students put there own desks and chairs in front of the door.

Everyone in Willow's class was hiding underneath there desks and being as quiet as possible.

There was no sound except for gunshots that could be heard down the hall.

And the only thing Willow could think about was Tara. And Tara's safety.

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