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Another Ordinary High School Day

Author: Amazonaa
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: None of them are mine except for maybe a couple.

Tara was sitting next to the window hoping Willow had gotton out of the building.

The door to the drama room opened and some more kids came in along with the man who was holding Willow in his arms. He set her down and walked over the the desk he had tipped and sat behind it.

Tara quietly crawled over to Willow grabbing her and pulling her into her arms.

She pushed Willow's hair behind her ears and stroked her face. "What are we going to do, Willow?" Tara whispered into the unconcious girls ear.

Then Tara leaned her head against the wall waiting for Willow to wake up.

It wasn't too long after when they heard footsteps and then something hitting the door.

The man looked at the door then looked at the kids. He pointed to a fairly large guy by the name of Larry and told him to go see what was going on.

Larry got up and opened the door cautiosly.

He didn't see anything but there was a black suitcase at his feet. He picked it up and then went back into the room.

"I found this." Larry said setting it on a desk. "Open it." The man said. Larry opened it and found a really old cell phone surrounded by black foam.

He picked up the cell nearly screaming when it rang.

"Well..." The man said to him. Larry shrugged his shoulders. "ANSWER IT!!"

Larry jumped and then quickly answered the phone.

"Hello." Then he looked at the man. "It's a cop. He wants to talk to you." Larry said holding the phone out. The man grabbed it then pushed Larry back to his seat.

The man sat behind the desk again eating a candy bar. Him and the cop talked for a while longer before he slammed the phone into the floor.

Tara hadn't heard much of the conversation. Little bits like 'Don't mess with me' and 'I will kill them all'.

Willow shifted in her arms and then opened her eyes. She looked up at Tara and smiled. Tara smiled back and gave her a hug.

Everyone was sitting in the room half of the them falling asleep. Willow was watching Tara look out the window.

She noticed that Tara was getting very pale and that her breathing was becoming shallow. She was also sweating profously. Willow grabbed Tara's hand getting her attention.

"Tara. Are you okay?" Willow asked feeling the claminess of Tara's skin. Tara nodded.

"I'm fine just a little warm is all." Willow nodded and let it drop.

But the truth was Tara was not okay. It was almost three o'clock and Tara hadn't taken her medicine. The medicine that helped her be a normal girl. It made her almost human. But she could feel it wearing off. She could smell the blood that was coming from the hallways and the fear radiating off of her fellow classmates. And to her it felt so good.She could hear their heart beats and the blood rushing through their veins.

Tara was gonna lose it if she didn't get control of herself.

She looked over at Willow who was looking at the floor while rubbing circles on Tara's palm with her fingers.

Tara was most worried about Willow finding out what she was and didn't want to see that look of disgust on Willow's face as she pulls her hand away and calls her a freak.

So as long as Willow was around Tara was going to be fine. At least that's what she hoped.

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