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Another Ordinary High School Day

Author: Amazonaa
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: None of them are mine except for maybe a couple.

Tara looked at herself in the mirror. Sometimes she hated being herself. She was a vampire with a soul and she hated it. Sometimes.

She just wanted to be normal. Well since that wasn't going to happen she would just have to settle for undead.

She turned on the water and splashed some onto her face. As she dried it off she heard someone.

She looked underneath and didn't see anyone but smoke coming out of the last stall. She walked over and lightly tapped on the door. Someone moved.

"Who is it?" The unidentified person asked. "Um... Tara Maclay." Tara said.

She heard the door unlock and opened it slowly.

The redhead who had fallen ,literally, into her first hour class was sitting on the toilet smoking a cigarette.

Tara looked at her and saw the unsure emerald eyes of a girl trying to fit in but still be herself. Tara had a knack for reading people.

"Rough day?" Tara said, motioning to wards the cigarette. The redhead handed it to her and nodded. "One of the better worst days."

Tara took a drag and handed it back.

"Ya. I've had those. So you just come in here to find a reason to smoke or a reason to get away?" Tara asked leaning against the now closed stall door.

"Both. I guess." Willow said handing the cigarette back to Tara.

The two girls sat there passing the cigarette till it was down to the filter.

"So where are you supposed to be?" Tara asked looking at the girl intently. "World history." "With who?" "Mr. Schmelzer." Willow said with disgust. "I had him last year." Tara said wrinkling her nose up.

Willow thought it was the cutest thing.

"What year are you?" Willow asked looking down at her skirt. "Junior. You?" Tara said trying to catch the redhead's eyes again. "Supposed to be a Junior. Got held back in the first grade." Willow said smiling a little.

Tara started laughing and Willow joined her.

"Well I guess we should head back." Tara said holding her hand out to help Willow up.

Willow grabbed her hand and stood up. They didn't realize how small the stalls were until they were standing nose to nose holding hands.

They both moved in simultaneously until there lips touched briefly.

Willow pulled back trying to look everywhere but at the blonde goddess before her.

Tara was also a little stunned until she realized she wanted to do it again. Then she grabbed Willow's chin and pulled her face up. Tara smiled and kissed her again.

They were in the moment when the door burst open and Cordelia and Harmony came stomping in.

"God. Can you believe that creep. Thinking he can put his hands all over me like that and not expect to be kicked in the crotch." They heard Cordelia yell.

Tara put her hand over her mouth trying not to laugh.

"I know that must have been torture for you." Harmony added.

Willow rolled her eyes. 'Cordelia Chase wouldn't know real pain if it stepped right in front of her and said Hey I'm pain.' Willow thought.

Tara stepped out of the stall and pulled Willow with her pulling her out of her hating of Cordelia.

Tara walked passed them along with Willow and out the door.

Cordelia stopped putting on her make up and looked at Harmony.


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