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Another Ordinary High School Day

Author: Amazonaa
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: None of them are mine except for maybe a couple.

Tara walked into school and opened her locker. She didn't see Faith come up behind her.

"Hey honey. How was your night?" Faith said against Tara's ear. "Hey Faith. And my night was great except for this." Tara said showing Faith the burn mark on her cheek.

"Damn! What the hell did you do?" Faith said. Carefully touching the burn. "I rolled over and started cooking." "Damn T. You sure you don't want me to stay at your house with you and make sure that doesn't happen." Faith said clearly concerned.

"Faith..." Tara started. "Not like that. We tried and it was the worst three days of my entire life." Faith said picking up her bag.

"Same here. Well I appreciate the concern but my moms taking me out to get some black curtains tonight so it's all good." Tara finished as the bell rung.

"Well I'll talk to you later. If I'm late for gym again Mrs. Mendiola is going to be pissed." Faith said. "Alright catcha later."

Tara entered her Lit class just as Mr. Foley started taking attendance.

Mr. Foley smiled as Tara sat down. Tara smiled back and opened her notebook.

"Sandson?" Mr. Foley called out. "Here."

"Sword?" "Sup."

"Road?" "Not here."

"Rosenberg?" No one said anything. "Rosenberg?"

Then the door opened and Willow came in her books scattering across the floor. "Ms. Rosenberg. Nice of you to join us."

"Sorry." Willow said as she kneel ed down to pick up her books. She kept her head down while people snickered.

"Have a seat Ms. Rosenberg." Mr. Foley said coldly. Tara looked at Willow sympathetically. Then someone tapped her on the shoulder.

"Man what a loser." Xander said. Tara smiled at him and turned back to the redhead. Willow looked up and there eyes caught for a brief moment before Willow stood up and dragged her self to the seat in the back.

First, second, and third period passed like they did every day but then fourth period came and Tara was freaking out.

First she was hot, then she was cold. Then she felt cramped and now she was feeling sick to her stomach. Sweat was dripping down her neck.

Finally she raised her hand and asked if she could go to the bathroom.

She closed the door to the classroom and breathed.

She walked down the hall and into the bathroom. As soon as the door closed a guy walked into the school. He had a dark black backpack in his right hand and a shotgun in his left.

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