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Ocean Dreams

Author: WTF
Rating: R for now, may change in the future.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss.

Tears filled the redhead's eyes as she folded the letter. She wanted to stop the plane and run into her lover's arms, kiss her all over and tell her how much she loved her. She couldn't though, someone close to her was sick, that had to be the most important thing right now. Her thoughts turned to her friend, more like a father. Her biological father was never really there, always on business. Giles however was always there for her, of course he was set in his British ways but very caring and understanding.

When the plane landed the three friends went and dropped off their bags then headed straight for the hospital. Once they received the room number from the nurse at the desk they went down the hall in search of the room.

"Here it is," Buffy said motioning her friends.

They followed the blonde inside finding Giles asleep. He had an I.V in his arm along with a machine hooked to him telling his pulse, etc.

"Poor Giles," Buffy said as she sat in one of the two chairs beside the bed. Willow took the seat next to her friend.

"Hey, you guys made it," Joyce said spotting the group as she entered the room.

"Yeah," Buffy got up to hug her mother. "How is he?"

"He's doing better, his temperature is much lower now," the older woman said.

"What exactly is wrong with him?" Xander asked.

"He had to come in for an appendicitis, everything went well except he got a fever after the operation which can become serious if they can't get it down and control the infection. I knew he'd want you here," Joyce said looking around at the group.

"Oh... he's waking up," Willow said, she got up and moved closer to the bed. "Hey... how you feeling?"

It took Giles a few seconds to focus on what was happening, he smiled as realization hit. "I'm feeling a little better, still week though."

"We came to cheer you up," Xander gave a goofy smile. "A little singing, jokes, dancing, pick your poison."

"Thank you but that's not necessary," Giles replied.

"Are you sure, Anya taught me how to belly dance," Xander said not noticing the looks he was getting.

"Yes I'm quite sure," Giles said, wishing he had his glasses on so he could clean them. "Who is Anya?"

"Oh... she's this girl I met on the Island, very pretty and her actually liking me is a huge plus," Xander said excitedly.

"We all met someone there," Buffy said smiling proudly.

"Really? I take it your trip was wonderful then," Giles smiled briefly. "I'm sorry it was cut short."

"We love you and would come back early for you any day," Willow said as she gave Giles a small hug, it would've been bigger but she was afraid she'd hurt the older man.

Giles gave the redhead a loving smile then turned his attention to the whole group. "I love you guys too. Now tell me more about these people you met at the Island."

Buffy was the first to speak. "The girl I met was Faith, she's very sweet, pretty, funny, beautiful, charming, fun... oh and very sexy!"

"Oh well she sounds... nice," Giles smiled and turned to Willow.

"Her name is Tara, pretty much the same qualities Buffy described except I would add beautiful in there a few more times... oh... and she's a surfer. She taught me how to surf too, she's amazing," the redhead finished a bit dazed.

"That's wonderful," Giles said before yawning.

"You're getting tired, maybe we should let you get some rest," Joyce said.

"Yes," was all the man could get out before his eyes closed.

"I forgot to say Faith was a surfer too," Buffy pouted as she watched the sleeping man.

"Poor baby," Joyce kissed her daughters head. "You guys hungry?"

"Depends, are you cooking?" Xander asked.

"Yes I am."

"Then yes, I'm starving," the young man smiled.

Three girls were laying in lounge chairs on the beach, each of them quiet and not so happy looking.

"This is no fun without my big teddy bear with me," Anya thought out loud.

"I know what you mean," Faith said adjusting her sunglasses. She caught Anya staring at her out of the corner of her eye. "What?"

"Usually you have some kind of joke to tell at my expense, or some kind of comment, it's just weird," Anya said.

"Well usually I am happy... not so much right now," Faith got up and headed to the water.

"Was it something I said?" Anya asked Tara.

"No... it's just hard for her right now... hard for all of us," the blonde sighed. "I'm gonna go check on Faith," Tara said as she got up and went after her friend.

"Having fun?" Tara asked her friend, Faith was just standing in ankle deep water staring out toward the ocean.

"Yes, loads... you should try it," the brunette smirked.

"Great," Tara walked up and stood beside Faith. "Do you want to talk?"

"I dunno, it's just weird, no girl has ever had this effect on me. I just miss her like crazy and she's only been gone for a short time," Faith said as if she was trying to figure it all out for herself.

" I know what you mean... I have the exact same problem."

"I'm gonna grab my board, want me to get yours too?" Faith asked her friend, she left once receiving her friends nod.

"That was great Joyce," Willow said as she swallowed her last bite of food.

"Thanks Willow," Joyce smiled taking the redhead's plate. She waved her hand in dismissal when Willow moved to get up and help. "You guys are tired, let me do it."

"I hate to eat and run mom but we haven't even unpacked," Buffy said with an apologetic expression.

"No problem sweetie," Joyce smiled and gave her daughter a hug, then turned to give Willow and Xander a hug too. "Will you be going to the hospital tomorrow?" Joyce asked her daughter.

"Yes, first thing in the morning, we'll be there."

"Okay, see you all then," Joyce said.

Buffy and Willow dropped Xander off at his apartment then headed to their house. Willow kept looking at the clock, it was still more than a few hours before she was to call Tara, she sighed.

"What is it Will?" Buffy asked even though she knew what it was.

"I miss Tara," the redhead said.

"I know, I miss Faith too."

Faith and Tara had decided to walk with Anya to work, neither wanted to go home.

"When is she calling?" Faith asked Tara as she took a drink of her beer.

"Not until 11:00," Tara sighed at the time. There was too much time between 5:00 and 11:00. She wondered if this is what everyday without Willow would feel like. She looked at how sad her friend was, then looked at Anya who kept washing the same glass over and over at the bar, she nodded to herself. "Faith, get Anya and bring her over here, we need to talk."

Willow and Buffy spent the evening unpacking, showering, and washing clothes, both were glad they had something to keep them busy.

Once the redhead had finished with her shower she sat beside Buffy on the couch. "Are you going to decide on something or just sit here switching channels?"

"Nothing seems interesting right now, a bunch of boring shows about boring things, except the romance shows but their just sad," the blonde pouted and sat the remote on Willow's lap.

"Oh hey, Charmed," the redhead said as she stopped switching the channels.

An hour went by and Willow was feeling happy, it was time to call Tara. "It's time!" she practically screamed in her friends ear.

"Oh... let me talk to Faith before you hang up," Buffy said.

"Okay," the redhead went to the phone and dialed the number, she could already hear the blonde's voice. One ring came, making her smile, then two rings, making her smile widen. The smile faded.

"What is it?" Buffy asked seeing her friends face.

"No one answered the phone," Willow said in a low voice.

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