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Ocean Dreams

Author: WTF
Rating: R for now, may change in the future.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss.

"Maybe they went out and lost track of time," The blonde tried to comfort her now pacing friend.

"Or maybe something happened and she's hurt. Maybe Emma did something to her," Panic took over. "Oh god..."

"Calm down Will, Tara and Faith are tough girls, they're fine. Try calling back in a little while," Buffy got up and placed her hands on her friends shoulders to stop her.

"I'm sorry, I'll stop now... but if she still doesn't answer later, I have every right to be panicky," Willow said.

Willow tried to call Tara about an hour later, still getting no answer she started to panic once again. Buffy did the best she could to calm her friend down saying that they were probably out and not to worry. It was hard for her to give the advice to the redhead when she was worrying too. Buffy talked Willow into sitting down and watching a movie with her, though their eyes were fixed on the screen, they weren't really watching it.

"I'm going to try again," Willow told Buffy rushing to the phone. She looked at her friend with hurt showing clear through her eyes. "Buffy, I don't know what's going on. Do you think Tara doesn't want me anymore?" She asked as tears formed in her eyes and her soul.

The blonde rushed to her friend's side, her own tears peaking out from the corners of her eyes. "No I don't think that. It's going to be alright, it's probably some funny reason she's not answering and we'll all be laughing about it tomorrow."

"I just don't know what to do, this girl is walking around with my heart and I can't find her. My heart is missing Buffy and I can't stand the way that feels," Hope showed through Willow's tears, hoping Buffy would have the answer to her problem.

"I know sweetie," Buffy took her friend into a hug, she wasn't sure if she was offering comfort or taking it... maybe it was both.

Willow gently pushed Buffy away. "I have to go there."

"What? Will..."

"No... you can't stop me. Giles is going to be okay, I'm not, not untill I find out what's going on," The redhead picked the phone up and made arrangements to go back to the Island then ran up the stairs.

Buffy sat back down on the couch, she wanted to go with her friend but she didn't want them all to leave and Giles not have anyone there for him.

"I'll call you later, okay?" Willow told Buffy hoping her friend wasn't mad at her.

The blonde got up and hugged Willow. "Okay, you be careful and tell Faith I love her and miss her."

"I will," She then walked out the door and got into the cab.

Willow got to the airport and was now waiting for the boarding of her flight. She had a while before it was scheduled to leave but still felt she had to leave her house as soon as possible.

Buffy had watched a little more t.v. before deciding she should go to bed. She shut off the lights and was about to ascend the stairs when the doorbell rang. Her nose scrunched as she tried to look at her watch. She slowly opened the door and her jaw dropped upon seeing three smiling girls.

"You gonna let us in?" Faith asked the still dumbfounded blonde.

"Oh yeah," Buffy opened the door further to allow the three girls in. Suddenly she was in a bone crushing hug from her girlfriend. "What are you guys doing here?"

"We came because we missed our girls," Tara smiled glancing around the room hoping to see Willow. She saw Anya looking at her, "Oh and guy," She said giving Anya an 'I'm sorry' look.

"I can't believe this, we've missed you too! Oh god... Willow, she went to the airport to catch a plane back to the Island," Buffy said picking up the phone to call her friend's cellphone. "No answer."

"Shit! I knew we should have waited, I let Faith talk me into not waiting for her phone call, what time is her flight?" She asked Buffy.

"Um... I dunno... it all kinda happened fast."

"Shit! I gotta go see if she's still there," Tara then ran out the door.

Anya pulled out a peice of paper and dialed Xander's number. "Xander? Yeah it's me, you have to come to Buffy's house, I'm here!"

About two minutes later Xander came rushing through the door. "Anya?" He called out.

"Right here," She said running and jumping into Xander's arms.

Buffy and Faith smiled from their place on the couch. "I just love happy moments," Faith smiled and lovingly kissed Buffy.

"Shit! Come on!" Tara yelled at the driver in front of her. "The limit is 55... why the hell are you going 35 idiot!" She could see the driver watching her out of his rear veiw mirror. "That's right, I'm talking to you," She said as she flipped the driver off.

After what felt like an eternity she made it to the airport. She pulled up to the valet parking and through the keys to the man who was taking his time getting to her, then ran inside. She looked at the list of flights and made a beeline for the right one. She didn't care about the stares she was getting, the only thing that mattered was getting to her lover on time. She saw the line that was disappearing into the plane and the blur of red in the middle. "Willow!" She yelled as loud as she could getting everyone's attention.

Willow turned around seeing the love of her life, she thought maybe it was a halucination. Then she heard her name again and realized it wasn't, Tara was really there. She dropped her bag and started running to Tara.

The blonde did the same and started running to the redhead. Their bodies practically slammed into each other as well as their mouths. They kissed deeply, conveying their love through lips and tongues. Finally they broke apart and looked into each others eyes. "Oh god Tara, I was so worried, I thought something happened to you....and why are you here not that I don't like it but I certainly wasn't expecting it," Willow said loudly enough for those around her to hear.

"I'm so sorry... I told Faith we were coming here and she didn't want to wait. I thought I would be here in time but we had trouble finding your house plus the plane was late. And I'm here because I love you and don't want to be without you, is that okay?" Tara asked even though she knew the answer.

"Yes... very okay... how long are you staying?"


Willow smiled as her eyes teared up. "Forever?" She asked needing to make sure she heard the blonde right.

"Yes... forever and always," Tara brushed away the tear on her lover's cheek and held her tight.


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