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Ocean Dreams

Author: WTF
Rating: R for now, may change in the future.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss.

The first flight that would be available for the group was the next day, Buffy was surprised to get one on such short notice, and a little sad. Xander was now off with Anya, Faith was at Buffy's, and Willow was at Tara's house. They had very little time left and wanted to spend as much of it as they could with their partners.

"I'm gonna miss you," Faith told her girlfriend. They were laying in bed, neither could nor wanted to sleep despite the late hour.

"I'm gonna miss you too," Buffy frowned. "This is so unfair, that we live so far away from each other."

"I know," Faith said wishing she could get the blonde to stay with her forever, but she knew Buffy had family in Sunnydale and could never ask her to leave them. At the same time, she'd be very willing to go with Buffy but Tara was her family and she knew how much her friend loved the Island. It seemed to be a no win situation.

Tara and Willow were also laying in bed awake. "I can call you everyday and we could visit each other," She said trying to convince her lover and herself it wasn't so bad, she was failing miserably.

"Yeah, sounds good," The blonde tried to give a convincing smile.

"I know you love it here Tara, but you know you could always come back with me," Willow tried.

The blonde sighed. "I don't know Will, this is the first place that's ever felt like home to me, I'm not sure I could leave it. You could always move here."

"My job is in Sunnydale, they don't have companies like that around here," The redhead frowned.

The room became quiet, they both knew it was hopeless, so they just snuggled closer and enjoyed the little time they had left together, they soon drifted to sleep.

Green eyes opened, closing again from the harsh sun that was filling the room. She could feel the heat from her lovers body, her mouth curved into a smile. Her tired brain finally remembered that today was the day she went back to Sunnydale, causing the smile to fade. She looked at the alarm clock which told her she only had three hours till it was time to leave.

"Tara," The redhead said to the blonde, she kissed her cheek.

It didn't take Tara long to know what today meant, her eyes instantly opened. "Will? What time is it?" She wrapped her arms around the redhead.

"Three hours left," She said as she buried her head into the crook of the blonde's neck.

"I'm gonna talk to Tara about coming to visit you really soon," Faith said as she helped Buffy rinse out the shampoo from her hair.

"You think she'll agree to it?" Buffy asked with hope.

"Are you kidding? Tara is crazy over Red, never seen her that way before, I know she will," She smiled and put her arms around very wet and very naked girlfriend.

"Ahhhhhh... cold! Come on," Buffy said as she pulled Faith out of the shower.

When the two girls dressed and entered the living room they were met by Xander and Anya.

"Hey, didn't think you two were ever gonna come out of there," The young man smiled.

"He wanted to come in and get you but I told him no, he's only supposed to drool over me," A jealous Anya said.

"You are the only one I drool over," Xander gave his girlfriend a reassuring hug.

"Hey," The mopey redhead said as she and Tara came in the house.

"Hey," Came from the group.

"Got any coffee?" The redhead asked, she was tired from lack of sleep.

"Yeah, a whole pot," Faith said.

Willow went and got some coffee as did most of the group. They exchanged their address and phone numbers with each other promising to stay in contact. Then they got in there cars to go to the airport. Buffy returned the rental Jeep and met everyone in the terminal. Anya was crying hysterically on Xander's shoulder, he tried to console her but it was no use. Willow and Tara were sitting down and holding hands, Willow had her head on the blonde's shoulder.

"Hey," Faith said as she saw Buffy walking to her.

Just then an announcement came on saying it was time to board the plane. Buffy gave her girlfriend a long hug and kiss. The blonde was letting the tears fall while Faith was keeping hers in, trying to be strong for her love. "I love you," Buffy said.

"I love you too," Faith said still controlling her tears, but the crack in her voice gave her emotions away. "How is it people can fall in love so fast?"

"I dunno, but it sure did happen that way."

"Sweetie, it's okay, we'll see each other again," Xander said still trying to calm his lover down.

"What if we don't? What if you meet someone else and they give you better orgasms than me?"

"That's not possible," The man said as he kissed Anya's head.

Tara and Willow were now standing, holding onto one another. "I'll always love you, no matter what, you know that right?" The redhead told her girlfriend.

"Yes, and I'll always love you too."

Willow gave the blonde a smile as tears rolled down her face. "I'll call you tonight."

"I'll be waiting," Tara reached for Willow's hand and put a letter in it. "It's a letter, and don't tell anyone how mushy I can be," The blonde gave Willow a serious look.

Willow sniffled and laughed. "I promise. I have something for you too," She said digging into the pockets of her jeans. She pulled out a small box and gave it to the blonde.

Tara took the box and opened it. "Oh Willow...."

"My grandmother gave it to me, said I should give it to my soul mate,"

The blonde looked at the charm on the necklace, it was symbols she had never seen before.

"Basically it means eternal love," The redhead said as she looked down, finding her feet suddenly interesting.

"Hey.." The blonde said as she lifted the other girls chin. "I love it, and I feel the same. Don't get shy on me, instead, put it on me?"

Willow smiled and did as she was asked. They hugged again before the redhead took Tara and kissed her deeply. Once again came an announcement, this time saying it was the final boarding call. "I love you my sweet Willow," Tara said through her tears as she caressed her lovers cheek.

"I love you too baby," Willow kissed her girl once more and then walked away, she didn't think she could stand there much longer.

Willow, Buffy, and Xander all made their way to get on the plane, all looking back once more before disappearing down the ramp.

Faith saw how upset the blonde was, she'd never seen her friend like this before. "Are you gonna be okay?"

"I don't know, I think maybe no," Tara said, she was still staring at the last place she saw her lover.

"Come on, let's go home."

Tara followed her friend and a still hysterically crying Anya. She walked up beside the girl, placing her arm around her to try and offer comfort.

The three friends on the plane were quiet, none had said a word since the plane took off. Willow looked down at the letter, she took a deep breath and opened it.

My beautiful Willow,

By now you are gone, I know my heart is breaking, and yours is too. I'm not writing this to point out the bad, but the good. You are so good Willow, the best thing in my life, and that includes the past, present, and future. I'm so glad you came here on vacation, you made this place shine brighter than ever before. You changed me so much, before you I was just some girl, now I feel like a star, special. I never thought I could even fall in love, I had dated a lot of very beautiful girls but not once did I tell them I love them. I promised myself never to lie and tell someone I love them if I really didn't. I would date the same girl for a while and nothing, but you come along and a couple of days later I'm telling you I love you. The thing is, I waited, I didn't want to scare you. Truth is I loved you since the first night we all hung out. you were and are... so cute and sexy, my heart just felt so happy when I was around you. You showed me love, happiness, what life is really all about, and for that I want to thank you. You will have my gratitude forever, as you will my heart. I know this sounds like a goodbye, but it's not, I could never tell you goodbye. I just wanted you to know how much I love you. Talk to you soon my love.

Oh and Willow... never change.

Love always,

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