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Ocean Dreams

Author: WTF
Rating: R for now, may change in the future.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss.

The next few days were filled with surfing, hanging out, and the couple's spending quality time together. Faith had finally "gotten some" and her and Buffy were falling in love fast. Most nights Buffy could be found staying at the brunnette's house and Tara at Willow's. Xander and Anya were still hitting it off very well too, mostly giving each other orgasms.

Willow and Buffy had decided to have a little friend time, so they went to a local amusement park to hang out and have some fun. So far they moslty played some games, the redhead had told Buffy she used to get sick on rides when she was little so she was still scared to go on any.

"Oh there, wanna do that one?" the blonde asked pointing to a squirting game.

"Sure," Willow said as they made their way through the crowd. "but only if you're prepared to lose," she teased, getting a 'yeah right' look from her friend.

They each took a seat one of the six stools, and gave the man the dollar it cost to play. Before starting they glared at each other to intimidate the other. Once the horn was blown they started squirting the small bulls eye. Buffy was in the lead at first, "Ha!" she looked away to gloat to the redhead, then looked back to see that the redhead had caught up and was now leading. The blonde then started concentrating, catching up to her friend. They finally finished tieing in the end.

"Why don't you both pick something." The man gave a flirtatious grin while motioning his hand to the stuffed animals that hung from the ceiling of the booth.

Buffy picked a monkey dressed in a motorcycle clothes. "Think Faith will like this?" she asked her friend.

"Yeah... it's cute," Willow smiled, then looked to see what she might pick out for Tara. After a couple of "Just pick something," from her friend, she decided on a gray teddy bear dressed in surfer shorts with a small surfboard attached to it's hand. "Awwww... isn't he cute?"

"Yeah... and so perfect for Tara," the blonde laughed. "Really wish you'd ride something with me," Buffy said as she turned around and noticed how cool some of the rides looked.

Willow started to apologize and noticed her friend squinching her eyes at something. "What is it Buffy?" she asked following the blondes line of sight.

"I think that's Tara and Faith over there in that line... yeah, it is!" she said getting excited. "Lets go say hi." The two giddy girls walked hurridly through the crowd to their girls.

"Hey," Buffy tapped Faith's shoulder.

Faith and Tara turned around, both surprised to see their girlfriends there. "Hey!" they both said at once.

"We didn't know you were coming here," Faith said. "wanna ride with us?" she asked the other girls.

"Yeah! Oh... but I don't think Willow wants to," the blonde frowned. "I better not."

"No Buffy, you go ahead, I'm good, I'll wait for you." She smiled to let her friend know it was okay.

"You want me to stay here with you?" Tara asked the redhead.

"No... you go ride too."

"You sure?" The blonde felt bad and needed confirmation.

"Yes I'm sure... I'll be here when you guys finish," Willow said as she waved her hand in dismissal.

"Okay," Tara said giving her girlfriend a quick kiss on the cheek before moving ahead with the line.

When the three girls finished their ride, they were met by a smiling redhead. "Hey, look who else I found," she said as Xander and Anya walked up.

"Hey guys, having fun?" Xander asked pleased to see his friends.

"Yeah, lots," Buffy replied.

"They have a cool haunted house here..." the dark haired man said before being interupted by his girlfriend.

"Yes, and it's very dark and private!" Anya said ignoring the looks she got. "Xander, give me more money, I want to play some games."

"Sure hon... see you guys later!" He waved while being pulled away by his girlfriend.

"What a strange pair," Buffy offered.

"Very strange... wanna check out that haunted house?" the brunette asked the group. After getting some nods, they went to go find it.

When they found the haunted house, Willow said she would just wait for them, but Tara talked her into going so now they were entering "The Haunted Castle". Buffy and Faith led the group in, followed by Tara and Willow, who was holding tightly to her girl.

At first nothing happened, they were just walking in a dark hallway. "Well this is scary!" Faith said aloud, which made the redhead jump and almost trip over her own feet.

"It's okay baby... I'm here," Tara soothed, trying to control her laughter.

A few seconds later they were met with a mummy that jumped out of the darkness, causing all the girls to jump, then they started to laugh.

"Um... I think I should just wait outside," the redhead said, still holding onto the blonde for dear life.

Tara didn't get a chance to respond as another monster jumped from the darkness, followed by screaming noises. The rest of the haunted house was pretty much the same.

"That wasn't very scary, I think it's mostly for kids or something," Buffy said as they exited the haunted house.

The redhead blushed, deciding to keep quiet as her friends joked about how pathetic the haunted house was.

After a few more rides they all headed back home and changed to attend a bonfire that was being held down the beach from where they lived.

As Willow finished changing she smiled remembering Tara's reaction to the surfer bear she gave her. "Awwww look... it's so cute... thank you Willow," the blonde had said while pretending to make it dance. The redhead let out a deep satisfying breath of the memory, she had so many good memories with the blonde now. She took one last look in the mirror before turning to leave but something caught her attention from the corner of her eye. She walked to the table beside her bed and picked up a note that had been placed there. She opened it and began to read.


I just wanted you to know Tara is not who you think she is. She doesn't want to be tied down into a relationship, she wants to be free. I know this because she once told me. I mean, if she really wanted that then why would she have slept with me earlier today before going to the amusement park?


The letter slipped from the redhead's hand as tears streamed down her face. She fell onto the bed, shaking from the sobs that took over.

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