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Ocean Dreams

Author: WTF
Rating: R for now, may change in the future.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss.

Willow, Tara, Faith, and Buffy were sitting on a blanket they had laid out earlier. Willow had caught two more waves each time able to stay on the board a bit longer than before. Tara was very proud of her and told Faith how she proved to be the better teacher. Faith of course disagreed on that and threw some ice from her drink at her friend. Now they were chit chatting about general things.

"Where's Xander been lately?" Willow asked Buffy.

"Trying to get in Anya's pants I'd imagine," Buffy smirked.

"Yes he did try and was successful."

The group turned to see Anya standing behind them with Xander in tow. The blonde didn't make eye contact with the newcomers. "Sorry"

"No problem, I am very happy to tell. I can share all the details with you, if you want." Anya perked up and sat beside the blonde.

Everyone except for Tara and Faith had their jaws almost hitting the ground. "You have to excuse our friend, she's a little forward," Tara said looking at the group.

"Looks like everyone's getting some but me," Faith mumbled, feeling depressed. She looked up and saw her friends looking at her. "What?" she asked hoping no one heard her.

"It'll be all right Faith, you keep trying sweetie," Tara teased, trying not to laugh.

The brunette didn't comment, she was still cringing that they heard her, all she could do was stare at the blanket.

Buffy felt bad for her and decided to help out. "Don't worry about them, you'll get some." She smiled seeing Faith look up at her with a surprised look. Placing her hands on the sides of the brunette's face Buffy leaned in and kissed her deeply.

The group could only stare, not believing how bold Buffy was being. Even some guys on the beach stopped to enjoy the view.

"Oh... that looks good, kiss me like that!" Not waiting for an answer Anya practically pounced on her boyfriend.

"Oooook... an orgy on the beach? Not my thing, lets get out of here," Tara said, getting up and holding out her hand for the redhead.

The girls made their way to Tara's house. Once inside, the blonde made them both a sandwich, they sat at the table enjoying their food and talked about their lives. Tara learned the redhead was a genius and was working for a very big computer company. Willow seemed to talk nonstop about her job. The blonde was surprised at how enthralled she was, usually these type discussions bored her to tears. However, the redhead had a way of making everything fun with her babbling. Once they finished eating the blonde gave Willow a tour of the house, the last room was her bedroom. The redhead was very intrigued. As she browsed through Tara's room she noted all the surfing trophies that neatly aligned the wall on a shelf. She saw the computer on the other side along with a bookshelf that was filled with books and quirked an eyebrow at the blonde.

"Who would've known?"

"You won't tell will you?" Tara asked, pretending it would be the worst thing ever.

"Hmmm... and what do I get for keeping my mouth shut?" Willow said roaming her eyes over the blonde's body.

"Anything you want," Tara gave her love a half smile.

"Come here then."

Tara walked to the redhead and kissed her. Her breath hitched as she felt the redhead pulling the string to her top.

Green eyes darkened as they saw full rounded breasts staring back. "I take it they like me," she said smiling as she saw the nipples harden.

"Oh yes... very much so," Tara said as if in a daze. She then took the bottoms to her bikini off and lay on the bed, spreading her legs for the redhead to see her... all of her.

Without hesitating the redhead climbed on top of her lover. She kissed the blonde deeply but Tara wanted more. Moving the redhead away from her mouth she pushed her head down towards her breasts, throwing her head back as a wet hot mouth connected and began sucking. "Harder Willow," she pleaded.

The redhead obeyed and sucked harder, the moans escaping the blonde's mouth were making her knees weak. "Harder!" she heard her love say, she hesitated, not wanting to hurt her but she did as she was told . "Yeesss!" the redhead heard, giving her motivation, she bit down fairly hard. "AHHHHHHH!" She stopped and looked up at the blonde, about to apologize but was stopped by hands pushing her down again. "Don't stop... bite... bite harder!" Willow grinned, not surprised Tara liked it rough. She bit and sucked a little more, moving and kissing down the blonde's body. Willow continued kissing Tara, till she reached her "treasure". She thought about teasing her lover but decided against it knowing how bad Tara's need was. Sliding her tongue into the folds, she made a circular motion around the blonde's clit, savoring the taste of the wetness there. Tara's hips were thrashing so hard against her face, Willow couldn't keep her tongue where she wanted it so she moved her hands towards the girl's hips to help keep her steady. The readhead decided she liked this position, it gave her more control, so she could put more pressure on Tara's clit. "OHHHHHHHHH..." She continued, glad to see the blonde liked the added pressure. Taking the clit into her mouth, she started sucking. The more moans she got, the harder she sucked. All too soon for the redhead, her lover climaxed, she left her mouth in place basking in the feeling of the now throbbing clit. Finally, she moved and gave Tara a tender kiss.

The blonde felt satisfied but at the same time not. She wanted more, much more. She saw Willow staring at her full of love and caressed the redhead's cheek. "I love you, Willow." It was the first time she had ever said those words to anyone. The feeling was so overwhelming she almost started to cry, but she fought it not wanting to worry her lover.

A beautiful smile crossed the redhead's face. "I love you too, Tara."

"There's this place I like to go sometimes, it's really pretty, will you go there with me tonight?" Tara asked.

"I would love to." The redhead smiled figuring it was a special place for her lover and was touched that she wanted to take her there. "Ugh... I have to go get changed," she stated making a sad face.


"We're all going out for dinner, remember?" Willow asked, pleased at how she had made the blonde forget all about it.

Tara looked at the clock seeing that she only had a short time to get ready. "Shit!" she said pushing herself up to get out of bed.

Once both were up, they put their swim wear back on. "I'll see you soon," Willow said kissing the blonde tenderly before leaving.

The blonde stood with a smile as thoughts of Willow's tongue on her danced in her head. She glanced at the clock again, "Shit!" then rushed into the bathroom to shower.

Smiling gracefully, the redhead was walking towards the house to get ready for dinner. She was trying not to smile, knowing Buffy would tease her but couldn't control it. She was snapped out of her thoughts by a hand waving in front of her face. Scrunching her nose, she turned to see a girl with auburn hair looking a bit frustrated.

"Bout time, I was starting to think you were a zombie," Emma smirked.

"Oh... sorry... more like daydreaming."

"Yeah, I'm looking for Tara, I noticed you coming out of her and Faith's house. Is she in there?" the girl asked trying to be polite.

"Um... yeah..."

"Great, who are you?" Emma asked bluntly.

Unsure of what term to use Willow redirected the question. "Who are you?"

The girl was starting to get pissed but held back. "I'm Tara's lover... now, who are you?"

Willow's heart shattered into a million pieces in a split second. She opened her mouth but nothing came out, tears started to sting her eyes. Maybe she had misunderstood, she took a deep breath. "Her girlfriend..." was all she could get out.

Anger flashed through Emma's eyes. "What?! I don't think so, you stay away from her, she's mine, you hear?"

The redhead just stood there letting the tears fall, she couldn't respond, she couldn't even move.

"You better back off bitch," he blonde stood there, her arms crossed.

"What the hell is this Tara?" Emma asked as her eyes took on a pained look. She looked at the redhead who was still just standing there looking at the ground.

"That is my girlfriend and if you ever come near her again you WILL be sorry. You better get the hell out of here, before I kick your ass," the furious blonde demanded, moving closer to her lover's side.

"But Tara... I... I love you."

"No Emma, you don't know what love is. You are a manipulative, lying bitch and you have two seconds to walk away," Tara said looking dead into the other girl's eyes, daring her not to go.

Emma huffed and walked away. All she could think was that she would get the redhead for doing this to her. Nobody was coming between her and Tara... nobody.

Tara immediately took the redhead in her arms. "Willow baby, I'm so sorry, are you okay?" she asked as her heart broke for her lover.

Between sobs Willow choked out, "Is she your lover?"

"God no... I mean... once yes... but not for a long time. I don't want her, I don't even like her, only you baby...forever," she said, needing to make the redhead see.

Willow looked into blue eyes and could see honesty in them, a small smile broke through her tears. "Really?"

"Really," Tara confirmed, as she held her lover tightly.

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