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Ocean Dreams

Author: WTF
Rating: R for now, may change in the future.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss.

"It sure is hot today, I'm gonna look like a very ripe tomato," the blonde said putting more suntan lotion on.

The brunette licked her lips at the sight of Buffy rubbing her body down. She stood from her spot on the towel and picked up the lotion. "Want some help?" she asked already putting the lotion in her hand.

Buffy cleared her throat and adjusted her sun glasses. "Sure," she squeaked out and rolled over for Faith to do her back.

Faith put the hand with lotion on the blondes back, she smiled when she felt her tense from the coolness of it. She massaged the substance over the other girls back, enjoying every second of it. She paused coming to the black string that was tied across the blonde's back. She slowly lifted the strap and began rubbing that area as well.

Buffy had never felt so relaxed in all her life. She took a deep breath when she felt the girl lift her strap and message the area oh so nicely. She sighed feeling hands leave her back leaving her wanting more... more hands. Suddenly she felt said hands on her calves, she smiled and relaxed once again. She was glad she chose to lay out on the back deck where it was not so crowded. She saw a shadow cover her and frowned as she rolled over to see what was going on.

"Where is she?" an angry sounding voice said.

Faith turned around. "None of your business," she said giving the newcomer a mean look.

"Is she in there?" she pointed to Buffy's rental house. "I already checked her house and she's not out surfing," the girl said pushing a strand of auburn hair behind her ear.

"It's none of your business I said. Why don't you just go away and leave her alone?" Faith almost yelled.

The girl glanced at Buffy with a raised eyebrow. "Is this your new bitch of the week?"

"That's it, you leave now or you leave with a black and blue face!" the brunette said clinching her fists.

"Fine, but this isn't over, I want to talk to Tara and I will!" the girl said before storming off.

"What was that all about?" the blonde asked worried.

"Tara's ex, basically Tara didn't want her anymore and Emma, the girl, won't leave her alone," Faith said resuming her earlier position on her own towel. She carried a sad expression on her face as she looked at Buffy. "Look, I'm sorry... about what she said..."

Buffy cut her off. "No, it's okay, I know her type, don't worry about it."

Faith smiled as she leaned in and gave the blonde a gentle kiss on the lips.

"Mmmmm... can we do this every morning," the redhead looked at the clock. "Um... or afternoon rather?" she smiled sheepishly.

"I think that sounds like a great plan." The blonde smiled and kissed her lover tenderly. "How about some surfing?"

"Oh... now? Um... s-sure," Willow gulped knowing she had to do it at some point.

The two girls scrambled around the room locating their clothes then went outside. They stopped when they saw their friends kissing. "Awwwwwwww," the both said at once.

Faith looked up. "Yeah yeah, and what have you two been doing in there?" She eyed them with raised eyebrows. "Either of you sore or limping?" she teased.

Willow ducked her head blushing while Tara looked the brunette dead in the eyes. "No! But from the looks of it you'll be tomorrow." She smiled in victory at a speechless Faith and a blushing Buffy. "I'm gonna go get changed, be back in a few okay?" she said turning to the redhead.

"Okay, I'm gonna go back in and do the same." She grinned giving the blonde a quick kiss on the cheek before going back inside.

Tara smiled at her lover and turned to see Faith watching the redhead walk.

"She's not limping... your turn... walk."

Instead of commenting, the blonde just turned and walked away, stunning both the other blonde and brunette with her "sexy walk". The brunette cleared her throat. "Well she's not limping."

A few minutes later all the girls were once again gathered on the deck. They all decided to go down to the beach together. Tara dropped the board on the sand and motioned for the redhead to join her. "I wanted to show you how to stand on the board," she said seriously. Taking Willow's hand she guided her to where she wanted her to stand. Once in position the blonde then took hold of Willow's ankles, gently pushing them apart to where they needed to be. The blonde smiled as she looked up to see that her head was merely an inch from her lover's crotch. She stood up and placed her hands on each side of the other girl's waist, pulling her back to where her butt was sticking out a little. "Ok, bend your knees a bit." Once the redhead did what she said she continued. "Ok good, the key to surfing is balance. Raise your arms out to the side, this helps the whole balance thing." She saw the redhead paying close attention and smiled. She loved how into things Willow could be. "When you're on a wave you have to kinda steer the board, you use your body to do that, but the first thing is to balance yourself and the rest will sort of follow, you know?"

Willow nodded soaking in every bit of information that the blonde said.

"Any questions?" Tara asked. The redhead shook her head no, truth was she had tons but didn't want to seem like a moron so she kept them to herself.

"You haven't said anything at all Willow, are you okay?" Tara said with a worried expression.

"Oh... I'm fine... just you know, nervous," she admitted.

"Awwww baby, it'll be okay." The blonde gave her love a reassuring hug. "The waves aren't very big today and the crowd has died down, I'll be right there the whole time, I promise," she finished kissing Willow's forehead.

The redhead started to feel more relaxed and gave Tara a beautiful smile. "Let's do it."

The blonde looked like a deer caught in the headlights. "Right here?"

The redhead laughed, "I meant surfing."

"Oh... um... okay," the blonde said while trying to keep her blush from surfacing.

Both grabbing their boards, they walked to the water. Once in deep enough Tara sat upright on her board, Willow followed suit. The blonde explained how to paddle to the shore when a good wave came and how to stand up on the board. She noticed a good sized wave coming, well, good size for the redhead. "Ok, this is one coming now, I'm gonna follow right behind you on my board." She motioned for the redhead to start paddling. She paddled at the same speed as Willow to make sure she was right there with her. Both girls stood up, the blonde smiling when her love stood without falling. Willow was in awe of the feeling she had once she was standing. "I did it!" she excitedly yelled back at the blonde. The redhead made a face when she realized she was beginning to fall. She looked back at the blonde, fear written all over her face.

Tara saw Willow falling and she jumped off the board towards the redhead. Luckily she jumped so close that she grabbed the other girl as soon as she fell into the water. She pulled her up to the surface, "You okay baby?"

It took Willow a minute to realize what was happening. "Oh, yeah... did you see? I was surfing girl!" she beamed.

"Yeah I did see, you're a pro," Tara laughed and gave the redhead a big hug.

"What was that for?"

"For being you... and I am proud, you did great," the blonde said giving the girl another hug.

"Yeah right... probably not as good as a lot of newbies." The redhead pouted, trying to stop grinning.

"Actually better, some can't even stand up the first time."

The girls heard yelling and looked to the shore. "Go Willow!" both the Faith and Buffy yelled after seeing how good the redhead did. Willow's smile was huge, her tongue peeking out through her teeth. Tara's smile was almost as big, seeing Willow this happy made her heart swell. She put her arm around the redhead's waist, pulling her close and planted her lips on Willow's.

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