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Ocean Dreams

Author: WTF
Rating: R for now, may change in the future.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss.

It was 7:00 in the morning, Tara had been up for about an hour. She couldn't sleep due to a certain redhead that had invaded her mind. After browsing the internet for about an hour she decided to go and wake the redhead. She wanted it to be a surprise and she didn't want to wake anyone else in the house so she went to where she knew Willow's window was. She pushed up on it, smiling when it opened. She quietly climbed inside and sat next to the redheads bed. It took a lot of work but she managed to not laugh at the sight. The redhead was an active sleeper apparently, her white sheet was twisted around her with her legs and feet exposed. There was a blanket that was mostly on the floor, and to top it off she was snuggling a big brown teddy bear. Tara moved to her knees beside the bed, she pushed the red hair to the side to get a better view of the beatiful face underneath. She placed a small kiss on the girls cheek smiling when she stirred.

Willow opened her eyes slowly, she saw Tara looking at her. "Hey, what are you doing here?" she asked in her sleepy voice.

"Should I be jealous?" the blonde asked looking at the bear.

"Huh?" Willow asked before realizing what the blonde was talking about. Her face turned red as she threw the bear across the room. "Where did that thing come from? Must be one of Buffy's jokes," she laughed nervously, not wanting the blonde to think she was a dork.

"Uh huh... too bad, I thought it was cute," Tara said moving to pick it up. "Here, don't worry, I still like you." She gave the bear to Willow then took a seat next to her on the bed. "You can be who you are around me you know. I like you for you, teddy bear or not... I think you're amazing," she said taking Willow's hand in hers. "I want to know the real Willow, what you think and feel, just... everything."

The redhead smiled trying to keep the tears from falling. "You do? The real Willow is a nerd," she said looking down to avoid eye contact with Tara.

"You don't look like a nerd to me."

"I've changed the way I dress, I'm still a nerd though," she said still not looking at the blonde.

"You're not a nerd, you're Willow. A sexy redhead that happens to be smart and have the cutest child-like qualities I have ever seen, who wouldn't want that? If anything, I should be wondering why you want me," she said satisfied when the redhead finally looked up.

"What? Who wouldn't want you... look at you! You're a sexy blonde surfer with tattooes, I see the guys and girls around here checking you out. And you're sweet, smart, funny, the best catch on the beach!" Willow stated proudly.

"You see... that's what I think about you. And I love you... every part of you," the blonde said touching Willow's cheek.

"You... you love me?" Willow asked not believing what she heard.

"Yes, I do," she said looking straight into the redhead's eyes.

Willow smiled as a tear fell down her cheek. "I love you too Tara," she smiled leaning in to kiss her love.

Knock Knock

Both girls stopped and looked at the door. "In a minute!" they both yelled.

"Well excuse me!" they heard Buffy say through the door.

They looked at each other and laughed before resuming their positions. Finally they kissed, both feeling their love for the other emerge. Tara tickled the redhead's lips with her tongue telling her she wanted more. Willow granted the blonde access, their passion was released in the kiss. Tongues dancing, dualing, loving, like never before. The kiss ended leaving each girl breathless.

" dizzy..." Willow said still trying to get control of herself.

"Yeah..." Tara agreed.

"But it's a good dizzy... so... um... more?"

Tara grinned before leaning in once more to kiss the redhead. This time she slowly pushed Willow back till she was laying on top of her. She couldn't control her want or need any longer, she had to have all of her love. Their tongues continued to dance as she moved her hand to Willow's stomach, lifting her shirt a little, she carressed the redhead's skin. "Off?" Tara mumbled through kisses.

"Oh yes," Willow groaned while sitting up and removing her top.

"Damn... I didn't think it was possible," Tara said.

"What... possible?" the redhead asked.

"You getting hotter... I didn't think it was possible, I was so wrong," she said, her eyes turning a darker blue. "I want you so bad Willow."

"Then take me," Willow said anxiously.

"Yes ma'am," the blonde said as she pushed the girl back onto the bed once more. This time nothing was in the way, her hand easily found the warm skin. She slowly made her way up the freckled skin, stopping right beneath the breast. She traced her finger along the curve at the bottom of the breast then moved it around until she was tracing the whole breast, but still not touching it.

"Tara... please... touch it... it needs you," the redhead said getting impatient.

The blonde smiled as she finally took hold of the breast putting the nipple between her index finger and thumb. She gently rolled it in her fingers before she suddenly squeezed it with enough pressure to make the redhead whimper. Smiling she put her tongue to the other nipple barely grazing it, causing Willow to arch her back.

"You're so evil Tara!"

"I know..." the blonde smiled evily. Suddenly she got up and stood beside the bed.

"What are you doing?!" the redhead asked bewildered.

"I decided not to make love to you till I have these off," Tara said looking down at her clothes.

"Oh... yeah... good idea," the redhead said sitting up to get a good view. She payed very close attention as the blonde removed her shirt and bikini top. She swallowed when she saw that even the blondes breasts were tan. "Tanning bed?" she asked.

The blonde half smiled at Willow. "No... never been to one."

"Oh..." Willow said her eyebrows practically on her head. The aching in between her legs was becoming very painful.

The blonde looked down and slowly pulled the string to her shorts bufore pushing them off.

"Oh my," the redhead rasped seeing no panties or bikini bottoms underneath. She did see what she had been very curious about though. "Oh my," she said again, this time under her breath. On the front of Tara's hip was a tattoo of a redhead putting a cherry into her mouth.

Tara smiled knowingly. "I have a thing for redheads... mostly just one though." She walked over to the bed and resumed her former position on top of the redhead. This time the first thing she did was put her hand between Willow's legs. "Mmmm... you're so wet, just how I hoped."

Willow pushed her hips into the blondes hand wishing for more. Her wish was granted as she felt two fingers slide into her. She started pushing more... needing more. The blonde could sense her need and put another finger in moving them slowly in and out while her thumb gently carressed the redhead's clit.

"Ohhhhhh Taraaaa," Willow moaned. "Harder baby... ohhhhhh... make me cum..." she pleaded.

The blonde started moving faster and harder as she took a nipple in her mouth and started sucking not so gently. "Cum for me Willow," she whispered huskily, still pumping her fingers hard in and out of the redhead.

"Ohhhhhhh... yeeessssss... don't stoppp!" the redhead yelled, nearing her orgasm.

Tara obliged, her own wetness and need making her work even harder. She felt the redhead's legs trembling and the fingernails practically in her back before hearing the other girl scream. She smiled as the wet warmth gushed onto and down her hand. "Mmmmm... my Willow treat," she winked and kissed the redhead.

"Yes... yours... all yours," Willow said as she pushed back a strand of Tara's hair.

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