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Ocean Dreams

Author: WTF
Rating: R for now, may change in the future.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss.

So I'll see you in the morning right?"

"Yeah... um... we are taking it slow right? I mean, with the monster waves wanting to take me to the big monsters waiting to eat me up," the redhead said, a look of horror on her face.

"Yes, we'll take it as slow as you want," Tara promised trying to control her giggles.

"Okay, good," Willow smiled feeling calmer. "Well... good night then."

"Good night..." Tara said looking at Willow. She didn't want to leave but she knew she had to. She took the redhead's hands and leaned in and kissed her. It wasn't a passionate kiss, she wanted to leave the redhead wanting more. Seeing the look on Willow's face she smiled satisfied that she had done a good job. There would be plenty of time for more smoochies.

The blonde smiled thinking of the night before. She missed the redhead already and couldn't wait to see her again.

"Do you want to see her again or are you gonna just daydream about her?"

"Huh?" Tara asked not hearing the question.

"I said are you ready? Or would you rather sit here all day and... daydream?" the brunette teased.

"Yes Faith, just waiting for you."

"Oh... is that a blush Tara? Oh my god... you are blushing!" Faith accused.

"I am not! I am hot... that's all... it's not a blush!" the blonde retorted.

"Hot eh? Okay, whatever you say," she laughed throwing her towel at Tara.

The blonde got up to throw it back, but Faith took off out the door.

"Come here you little bitch!" she said chasing after her. She ran through the door and slammed into Faith's back causing both girls to fall.

"Geez Tara... watch it," the brunette said getting up.

The blonde looked up and saw Buffy and Willow standing there. "Oh... sorry."

"You okay Tara?" the redhead asked moving to help her up.

"Yeah... I'm fine," Tara said getting up before the redhead could help her. "Ready to surf?"

"Um... did you want an honest answer?" Willow asked playing with a string on her towel.

"If you want we can just watch for a bit. Then maybe start out with a body board, to get you used to the waves?" she asked wanting the redhead to be more comfortable.

"Um... okay," was all she said.

Faith looked at Buffy. "What about you? Are you nervous?"

"Nope, not at all," Buffy smiled.

"The waves don't look heavy so it's a good day to learn," the brunette observed watching the water.

"Oh... I want to try that body boarding thing," Buffy said seeing some kids doing it in the water.

"I thought you wanted to surf."

"Can't I do both?" the blonde asked.

"Um... yeah I guess. It's mostly kids that do that around here but what the hell," she said going into the small storage shed and grabbing a couple of body boards. "Come on."

The group went to the water finding a spot to sit. Buffy and Faith went straight to the water and Willow and Tara stayed and sat on their towels. The redhead saw the huge smile Tara was sporting. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing, it's Faith, she acts like a kid at Christmas time when she gets in the water. She's fun to watch," the blonde said.

Willow looked at the black dragon on Tara's arm. "So how many tattoo's do you have?"

"Three, what about you? Got any?"

"Oh no... not me... not so good with needles," Willow said with a pained expression.

"It's not so bad... just stings a little," the blonde smiled at Willow's cuteness.

"What does the symbol stand for?" the redhead asked looking at Tara's back.

"It's the Chinese symbol for peace, that's what the ocean makes me feel," Tara answered.

Willow smiled and looked at the ocean. "Where's the other one?" the redhead asked.

"Um... I think I'll wait and show you that one in private... too many people around," she said seeing people starting to crowd the beach.

"Oh," the redhead said blushing a little.

"Come on... lets get you in the water," the blonde said holding her hand out to Willow.

Tara grabbed the body boards and both went to the shallow part of the water. The waves were getting a little bigger from earlier. "So tell me what kind of experience you have in the water."

"None in ocean water really. My mom never let me go out in the sun too much, she worried I'd get burned, with the fair skin and all," Willow told her feeling stupid.

"Oh... well... I guess you should get used to the waves then. Lets go a little deeper," the blonde said slinging the body boards onto the sand. She took the redheads hand and walked her a little further out.

"Ok... you see that wave coming?" She received a nod. "You stand in front of me and when it reaches us I want you to jump with me so we'll go over it instead of getting knocked down," she said getting behind the redhead, putting her hands on the other girls hips.

The redhead nodded, getting scared as the wave approached. "There's no way I can jump that high!"

"You won't be literally jumping over it... you'll sort of float over it," she laughed. "Okay... ready... jump!" she said holding tight onto the redhead as they both jumped. The wave lifted them, pushing them back slightly, then setting them back down on their feet.

Willow's fear lifted once she was safely on her feet again. "Oh wow... that was awesome!" she stated, very proud of herself.

"Yeah... it is," the blonde said right before being almost knocked over by the hug the redhead gave her.

"Again?" the redhead asked bouncing up and down.

"Sure," Tara said laughing at Willow.

"Willow! Willow! Look at me!" Buffy called to her friend.

Willow turned to see Buffy standing on the surf board, riding a wave for a few seconds before falling head first into the water.

"You want me to do that?" Willow questioned, looking at Tara, after Buffy had resurfaced.

"Yeah, well not exactly that, I'd prefer you not fall off. It doesn't look good for my reputation," Tara smiled.

"What if I hit a rock, like Greg on the Brady Bunch, and his whole head got cut open? I like my head, I don't want to bleed," Willow pouted.

"You watch the Brady Bunch?" Tara asked skeptically.

"No... well... maybe I used to," Willow admitted feeling slightly stupid.

"Alrighty then," Tara said rolling her eyes. "How bout we go grab a coke?"

"If it means no surfing, I'm all for it," Willow responded looping her arm into Tara's. They headed to where Faith and Buffy were sitting.

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