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Ocean Dreams

Author: WTF
Rating: R for now, may change in the future.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss.

Willow did not say a word, she couldn't even breathe as the blonde led her to the dance floor. Once they were at their destination she felt slender hands on her hips, pulling her closer. As she felt the warmth of the blondes body press against her she closed her eyes. She couldn't think of anything but the feel of this woman against her. The softness of her breasts, the way her hands felt, the way she smelled. The world around her was gone, at this moment only she and this mysterious angel existed. She layed her head on Tara's shoulder, her senses well aware of the softness of the skin beneath her cheek. She sure was glad she chose a slow song to play on the jukebox.

All Tara could do was smile. This was the only place she wanted to be, in the redhead's arms. Mmmm... she feels even better than I thought she would. The connection she felt was stronger than anything she had ever felt before. Her heart was feeling helpless at this moment, for the first time ever, she was setting it free. She trusted Willow, she didn't know how or why but she did.

Back at the table Faith and Buffy were alone for the first time. Faith had thrown her arm around Buffy and it was the way they still sat. The blonde looked to see her and Faith's friends dancing slowly, and closely.

"Those two are cute together," she said sliding a bit closer to Faith in the booth.

The dark haired girl smiled, putting a firmer grip on the blonde. "Yeah... seeing as how they're still slow dancing and the slow song stopped five minutes ago," she laughed. Getting an evil look on her face she added. "I'll be right back... I um need to get something."

"Oh... okay," Buffy said watching Faith walk off.

"You know the song stopped a while ago right?" Tara whispered in the redhead's ear.

"I know, I don't want it to end... oh... unless you do?" she asked pulling away only to be pulled right back.

"Never. I plan on keeping you Willow, what do you think about that?" she said taking a quick lick of the redhead's earlobe.

"Oh... um... I think... yeah... great... and there's some woo hoo too!" she said as her heart sped up.

The blonde grinned her vixeny grin. "Woo hoo is good... but I was thinking more along the lines of... ooooohhhhhhhhh and ahhhhhhhhhhh." She moaned the last part in the redhead's ear.

Green eyes widened briefly before closing half way. "...oh..." was all she could come up with due to the attention parts of her body suddenly wanted.



What the... Tara thought looking up. "Faith! What the hell?!" She parted from Willow, her hands on her hips.

Faith's whole body was shaking with laughter. "What? It was a kodak moment! Both of you looking like you were going to orgasm in the middle of the dance floor! And lookie... I got it all right here... a good one for my collection." She winked, catching the look her friend gave her, she ran.

"That's it Faith! You are dead!" Tara ran to catch her.

Willow stood frozen, unable to move. Oh god oh god oh god. Her face was the color of her red shirt, she felt like fainting.


The redhead's mind cleared enough to realize she was being spoken to. "Huh?" she asked seeing it was her friend Buffy.

"Come on... don't want to miss the action do you?" Buffy asked referring to Tara and Faith.

Without saying anything the redhead followed the blonde outside where she saw the two girls wrestling by the water. Tara had Faith in a headlock demanding for the camera. Faith laughed pulling Tara's legs out from under her. The blonde fell but kept a tight hold on her friend making both fall. Tara looked on the ground above her head and saw the camera, she grabbed it and got up. "Ha! For MY collection now!" she said wriggling her eyebrows at Willow who was now standing off to the side.

Faith stood up wiping sand from her pants when she heard Buffy laughing. "'s funny is it?" she asked, also laughing as she approached the blonde. "I'll show you funny!" She picked a shocked Buffy up and carried her to the water where she threw her in.

Buffy stood, her hair was now a wet mess and her clothes clung to her body, she carried a very distinct look of disbelief on her face. "You are so gonna get it!" she said walking out of the water towards Faith.

The closest person to Faith was Willow. She ran behind the redhead hiding from a very determined Buffy. The blonde wasn't having much luck catching the girl.

Seeing this Tara joined in grabbing her friend and throwing her into the water.

"What was that for?!" Faith asked.

"Gee... I dunno Faith?" she said, sarcasm in her voice. Faith saw how close her friend was to the water, she jumped on her stomach, pulling Tara's leg out from under her and dragging her in. Both laughed as they started wrestling once again.

"You two just gonna ignore us?" Buffy asked getting their attention.

They looked at each other, then at Buffy and Willow. Both smiled as they walked out of the water slowly toward them. Then suddenly they picked them up and threw them in as well. "Might as well make it a group thing," Faith said as she and Tara smiled satisfied with the expressions on the girl's faces.

Tara looked skeptically at her friend before joining her redhead in the water. As she apprached the girl she took in the sight of her wet locks, wet clothes, and the beads of water running down her freckled, creamy skin. "Forgive me?" she asked with a puppy dog look plastered on her face.

"After I do this one thing, I might," the redhead said tackling the blonde. Before she knew it she was laying on top of the blonde.

Tara could see the blush on the redhead's face. "I could get used to this," she said almost growling. In a quick movement she flipped them both so she was on top. "But this is more my style," she purred feeling her nipples harden against Willow.

For the second time that night the redhead closed her eyes. Tara was laying on her and her lips were so close. She started to feel an ache between her legs. She took a deap breath and opened her eyes again. Blue eyes were fixed on her, like they were looking into her soul. Before she knew it, lips met hers, very soft and yummy lips moving softly against her own. She was so caught up in the kiss she didn't notice the rising tide until the warmth left her and she was being pulled up. "What..."

Tara laughed. "We almost drowned baby... you didn't notice?" she teased.

"Um... guess not," the redhead admitted. Why does something always have to mess our moments up?

"Damn Red... you almost ended up with those sea creatures," Faith mused. "We're gonna head back now, getting up early tomorrow to teach Buffy how to surf."

"Oh," Tara turned to Willow. "You want me to teach you? I promise safety and fun!" she said matter of factly. Seeing the redhead hesitate, she continued. "Do you trust me?"

The redhead did not have to think about that question. "Yes."

"Then let me teach you?" The blonde smiled.

"Why so eager, what's in it for you?" she teased.

"To see your hot ass on a surf board of course!"

"Oh... in that case... count me in." Willow smiled from ear to ear. She loved that Tara thought she was hot.

"Really?" she asked before receiving a nod. "Great!"

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