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Ocean Dreams

Author: WTF
Rating: R for now, may change in the future.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss.

Willow... Tara smiled as she thought of the redhead's name. After a lot of torturing, Faith finally told the blonde what she wanted to know. She stood in the mirror trying to figure out what to wear. Tonight she was going to meet Willow and she wanted it to be a meeting the redhead would not forget. She knew first impressions were important, and she was going to make sure that it was a good one. Why do I care so much, it's not like I've had a problem getting women to like me before. She was never that big on being nervous around women nor had she ever took this long getting ready. She didn't know why but this was different than usual. She wanted to impress this girl, and not just to get her in bed or have one of her famous "quickie" relationships. She also had never been attracted to someone quite like this, usually it was... they're hot and that's about it. But this... was something more.

"Tara? Are you gonna be ready anytime soonish? We leave in five minutes... damn girl! Look at you!" Faith said giving her friend a run over with her eyes. "Forget Buffy... I want you babe!" she said laughing.

"Sorry... already taken," she smiled.

"Taken? You... taken? Well that's a first." The dark haired girl gave her friend a confusing look. "You've never even talked to the girl."

"I know... let's just go have some fun tonight okay?" the blonde asked trying to drop the conversation.

"You got it!"

The house next door was a bit crazy. Everyone was on a mission to look their best.

"Buffy?!" Willow called through the bathroom door. "Are you almost done in there?" she asked.

"Yeah... two more minutes Will!" came the reply.

"Whoa Wills..."

Willow turned to see Xander looking at her... "Xander! Do not look at those, they are off limits buddy!" she scolded trying to pull her shirt up a little on her chest.

"Oh..." he said being caught, his face turned red. He didn't know what to say so he turned and went into the other room. Normally this situation wouldn't bother him but Willow had been his friend since he was a kid.

Ten minutes later the group was ready to go. Hearing a knock at the door Buffy jumped up to get it. Xander got up excited to be going out, and Willow got up, then sat back down. She was nervous and didn't want to look anxious but she didn't want to be rude either so she got back up again. Buffy straightened her clothes before answering the door.

"Hey!" Faith said a bit too loud. She made an audible gulp seeing the blonde's tight dress.

"Hey yourself," the blonde smiled, noticing the leather pants and black skin tight t-shirt. It's hot in here! she thought.

"Oh, this is Tara, my friend," Faith said looking flirtatiously at Buffy.

Buffy looked at the girl, she remembered seeing her with Faith earlier. She smiled knowing Willow would think she was even hotter up close. "Hi Tara, come in and meet my friends," she told the other blonde.

Tara smiled and stepped through the doorway. Her blue eyes immediately found "her" redhead. Omg omg... wait... what? Oh please Tara, straighten yourself up! She couldn't help but roam her eyes over the redheads body. Wow. Willow was wearing a dark denim skirt with a fitted red shirt that was a little more than low cut in the chest area. Her wavey red hair flowed over her shoulders. That was all Tara could take before her eyes were yet again looking at the other girls boobs. Damn! I so wanna touch those!

Willow in turn checked the blonde out. Tara was wearing loose-fitting jeans and a tight tank top. She noticed how the white shirt brought out Tara'a tan skin. She didn't dare to look for too long though. One more glance wouldn't hurt. She thought as she looked up only to see the blonde looking at her boobs. Her eyes widened as she unconciously pushed her chest out a little to make them seem bigger.

Tara met the redheads eyes only to realize she had been caught. Oh shit! She played it off and pushed herself into her non-shy mode. "Hey, I'm Tara," she said, her eyes sparkling.

"Willow," the redhead said.

"I'm Xander," the man said extending his hand which Tara took with a smile.

"Are we ready?" Faith asked.

Everyone gave a nod and they headed to the bar.

Jim's wasn't far away so they walked. Faith and Buffy walked beside each other talking, Faith of course flirting every chance she got.

Xander walked between Tara and Willow, clueless as always. Tara liked Xander just fine but it pissed her off that he was walking between her and the redhead. Hmmm... I'll just have to find him a woman, she thought.

The bar itself was pretty plain, but it was very crowded. The group found an empty table in the corner.

"I'll go order the drinks... mostly they just have beer here, is that okay with everyone?" Faith asked.

After recieving numerous yes's she proceeded to the bar.

"Hey Faith!" the bartender said overly excited.

"What's up Anya?"

"Just making money!" the bartender smiled. "What can I get for you?"

"Five beers."

"Five? Who's with you?"

"Some people rented the house next door so we invited them out," Faith replied.

"Oh really? Must be some cuties... are you having sex with them yet?" she asked not bothering to keep her voice down.

The other girl laughed. "No, but it won't be long."

"It's been too long since I've had orgasms... I miss them," the bartender sighed.

"There is a guy with us... from what I can tell he's single."

"Really?! Why don't I bring your beers for you?" she asked putting the beers on a tray.

"Sure thing," she laughed and went back to the table.

Faith sat down beside Buffy, putting her arm around the other girl. "Did ya miss me babe?"

Buffy decided being shy would not help her situation so she told the truth. "Yes."

Faith's face had a brief look of shock. She smiled very satisfied with the answer.

From across the table Tara sat beside Willow. "How long you guys staying for?" the blonde asked.

"Two weeks, are you renting the house you're in or do you own it?" Willow asked.

"Oh... we live there... have for about a year. Do you surf?" Tara asked wanting to keep the conversation going.

"No, but it seems like fun. I don't think it's my thing, I'm really clumsy and would fall right off you know? Then some sea creature would probably eat me or I'd get tangled in something... I saw that on TV once... someone got tangled up in that stuff at the bottom of the ocean... I don't remember what it was but it was not good and I don't want to end up like that cause if it were to happen it would happen to me... no thank you... no ma'am," she finally ended, her cheeks turning red.

Tara laughed along with everyone at the table. Willow wanted to crawl under the table at that point. Seeing the look on the redhead's face Tara stopped laughing, she wanted to comfort her. "I know what you mean... that is a scary thing. If you ever do want to try it though, I will teach you and I would protect you from the sea creatures." She smiled seeing the redhead relax a bit.

"Your beers are here people!" a voice came. Everyone looked up at the woman.

"Hey... bout time!" Faith said.

The bartender didn't even notice the girl talking, she was too busy looking at Xander. "Here you go, if you need more I am over there," she said pointing to the bar. "I have lots of beers!" she said winking at him before walking off.

"Hmm... friendly girl," Buffy stated.

"I think so," Xander said guzzling his beer.

"Thirsty?" Tara asked.

He finished his beer. "Yes, I think I need another. Be right back."

"Desperate much?" Buffy said.

"Yes," Tara said looking straight at Willow.

Willow's jaw almost hit the floor. She took a drink trying to clear her mind.

Faith grinned at the blonde. Bout time Tara came back. I thought I was gonna have to knock some sense into that girl.

"Buffy... want to go look at the songs on the jukebox?" the redhead asked needing to get away for a minute. She was starting to sweat and didn't want Tara to see.

"Sure," she said getting up, she didn't want to leave Faith but she could tell her friend needed her.

"You lost your nerve or something?" Faith asked her friend.


"Uh huh."

"Oh shut up Faith," she said as she got up.

"Where you going?" the dark haired girl asked.

"You'll see," Tara said with a vixeny grin.

Willow had just picked a song, she and Buffy were looking at more they could play. She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Tara standing there.

Tara leaned into the redhead, her mouth almost touching the girls ear. "Come dance with me," she whispered as she pulled the redhead onto the dance floor with her.

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