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Ocean Dreams

Author: WTF
Rating: R for now, may change in the future.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss.

"All done?" Faith asked as she saw Tara finish waxing her board.

"Yeah... ready?" the blonde asked turning to Faith. At that moment red caught her eye. Red hair to be exact. All she could see was the back of the person that belonged to the flaming red locks.

"Oh lookie... more next door neighbors," the dark haired girl stated. "I am so gonna hook up with that blonde..." She saw the look her friend gave her. "What? As if you're not drooling at... who exactly are you drooling at... not the blonde right?" she asked hopefully.

"Okay... first, I am not drooling at anyone..."

"Right, I forgot, Tara does not drool," Faith said mocking the time that her friend told her that.

"...and second... you can have the blonde, red is much more sexy," she said winking at Faith.

"Ahhh... gotcha! She looks like a hottie too, maybe I'll have both!" Faith said teasing her friend.

"Uh huh... I'd like to see you try. How many times have you gotten the girl when competing against me again?" the blonde asked trying hard to remember.

"Oh fine! But you are no fair, you put on that mysterious act... and you have that look you do. Tara Maclay does not play fair!" she said remembering the times Tara did indeed win the girl.

"I never claimed I did, and besides, I can't help that I am hotter than you," she winked as she started walking to the beach leaving Faith looking helpless.

"I am so gonna get you for that Tara!" Faith said catching up with her friend.

"This looks like a good spot," Buffy said looking at her friends to see if they agreed.

"Yeah... good view of the babes," Xander grinned.

"Yeah," the redhead said not dissagreeing with the boy this time around. Seeing the looks she got for the statement... "What?"

"Willow is agreeing with me?" Xander said in shock, putting his hand over his chest.

"And you are complaining?" Willow asked.

"Never!" he said as he sat on the blanket Buffy had put down.

Willow thought of the blonde she saw. I sure hope she comes out here, she thought. Oh what am I saying? Someone that hot does not go for someone like me.

"Oh look, it's the two girls from next door," Xander said pointing. "They're gonna surf... hot women on surf boards? Oh yeah... this is gonna be fun."

Willow heard Buffy slap Xander's arm. She smiled... but not at her friends, at the sight of the blonde. Even if she couldn't hook up with the blonde, looking sure was nice. I could look at her all day. That body... mmmmm... milk does a body good! Her smile widened.

"Which one are you drooling over Will?" Buffy asked. It was obvious her friend was checking out one of them. She hoped it wasn't the one with dark hair.

"I am not drooling. Just... appreciating," she said satisfied with her statement.

"You have to pick? Both are drool worthy, lets drool at both!" Xander said. He saw both of his friends giving him the "you're such a perve" look. "Shutting up now."

Willow smiled at Xander then looked at Buffy. "Okay okay, the blonde."

Buffy smiled. Yes! She's not looking at my dark haired angel... wait! MY? Man, I have got to stop.

Faith looked up from laying her towel down and saw the yummy blonde from earlier. She caught the group looking at her and Tara. As soon as she saw them they looked away. She smiled knowingly at her friend.

"What?" the blonde asked also laying her towel down.

"Those neighbors of ours were looking at us. And not in a casual way, in a "I want to fuck you" way," she said smiling.

Tara looked at the group. "They're not looking now."

"Yeah... cause I caught them. I'm going over to say hi," she said walking off.

Tara smiled and watched her friend. Then her eyes drifted to the redhead. It was the first time she could see her face, even though it was a bit hard cause she was too far to see really well. Man... she is hot!

Buffy, Willow, and Xander were still "not looking" at the two girls.

"Hey," Faith said after approaching them.

Both Willow and Buffy jumped from being startled. They looked up... all fearing that she had come to cuss them out for staring.

Buffy was the first to speak. "Hi"

Faith sat down. "I saw that you were renting the house next to us. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Faith," she said extending her hand to each in the group.

"I'm Buffy, this is Xander, and that's Willow," she stated before taking a drink of water.

She looked right at Buffy. "So... you wanna go out sometime?"

The blonde coughed and spit her drink all over the place at the bluntness. "Um... huh?" she asked while trying to wipe up the water.

Seeing the reaction, Faith spoke up. "Haha... just kidding. But, I do think you're hot," she winked. "Seeing as we're neighbors while you guys are here... we should hang out or something... all of us."

Tara was still watching Faith wondering what they were talking about. She hoped her friend wasn't messing anything up, she knew Faith was straight foward and sometimes it messed things up for her too. She saw her friend walking back, the anticipation of knowing how it went was killing her.

"Well?" she asked before Faith was all the way back to their spot.

The dark haired girl laughed. "Anxious are we?"

Tara rolled her eyes. "Yes... now tell!"

"We're hanging out tonight, I told them I would take them to Jim's," she said in triumph, holding her head high.

"You didn't mess it up?" she asked in disbelief.

"No I didn't, have some hope in your friend will ya?"

"Well... that can be a hard thing to do," the blonde teased.

"Oh really? Well then I guess I'll keep the redheads name to myself!" Faith laughed, grabbing her board and running to the water.

Tara got her board and ran to catch up. "Hey! Get your evil ass back here!"

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