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Ocean Dreams

Author: WTF
Rating: R for now, may change in the future.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss.

"Wow... this is great!" Buffy said, she was driving the red Jeep they had rented when they got to the island. She had insisted they take the top off of the Jeep so they could "ride in style".

"Okay... turn left here," the redhead said looking at the map they had gotten from the agency. "There, that's the house," she said excitedly.

"Oh, good spot, right on the ocean!" Xander beamed.

"Yes, that IS what ocean front means."

"I know Buff, just didn't think it would be so... fronty," the dark haired man replied.

They started getting the bags out of the back of the Jeep. "I got first dibs on a bedroom!" Xander said taking off for the house.

"Oh I don't think so!" The blonde also took off.

"What makes you two so special?" Willow said running to catch up. By the time the redhead made it inside the others had already chosen a bedroom. "How rude," she said to herself making a pouty face.

Buffy came out of the room she chose. "Don't worry Wills, they're all the same. It is rather disappointing," she said with thought. "So... what do ya say we grab some lunch then check out the beach?"

"Sounds good, I'm starved."

Faith and Tara were heading back to their house to grab some lunch. "Yo Tara, someone renting the Stanley house?"

Tara looked at the Jeep parked next door to their house. "Guess so, man, I hope it's not those stupid guys again."

"Oh, they were such a pain in the ass. But it was well worth it seeing those dummies try to surf," Faith laughed. "Oh and the look on their faces when..." Faith stopped abruptly.

Tara looked back at her friend. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"Well... it's not those guys," she said trying not to drool.

The blonde looked to see what Faith was talking about. She saw a petite blonde girl standing on the porch wearing a purple bikini with a sarong wrapped around her waist. She was applying lotion to herself. "She's pretty," Tara told her friend.

"Pretty? She's freakin hot!" The dark haired girl said a bit to loudly.

Tara saw the blonde look up. "Shit Faith!" she said before running into the house. She didn't want the blonde to think she had said that.

Faith was still standing their like nothing had happened. She saw the blonde look her way, smile briefly and then go back into the house. She looked back in her friends direction. "Tara?"

Buffy and Xander were waiting on the porch for Willow to finish getting ready. "I bet there's a lot of hot girls here... oh... I can't wait. What is taking her so long?"

Just then they saw two girls come out from next door. "Oooh... we don't have to be on the beach to see the hotties," Xander grinned motioning his head to Buffy.

"Xander... do you ever think about anything else?" the blonde questioned.

"Oh please, you can't tell me they're not hot."

"No I can't but I am not going to drool over every hot girl here either," she said secretly wishing she knew who the dark haired girl was and why she was so wanting to get to know her better.

Just then Willow came out. "Ready. What are you guys talking about?" she asked overhearing a little of the conversation before she came out.

"The hotness of those two," Xander pointed out.

The redhead rolled her eyes before looking to see who he was talking about. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the blonde girl. The girl was waxing her surf board and talking to the dark haired girl. She wore a black bikini top with red and black surfing shorts. Oh... my was all Willow's brain could come up with. She continued looking at the blonde. Her blonde hair was a bit wet and messy from what the redhead guessed was being in the water already that day. The redhead thought the look was sexy... very sexy. She then noticed the tattooes the girl had, one on her right upper arm and one on her left shoulder blade. She couldn't make them out from that distance but she decided it was a plus. What's not sexy about tattooes?

"Willow?" she heard her friend say.


"I said are you coming or not? You know... swimming?" Buffy smirked.

"Oh... uh... yeah... lets go." And with that they headed to the water. She glanced one more time at the blonde before going. Yummy...

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