Ocean Dreams

Author: WTF
Rating: R for now, may change in the future.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss.
Summary: Willow and her friends take a vacation to an island. Tara happens to live on said island.

"Willow! Are you coming or what?" the petite blonde called from downstairs. "Paradise awaits and you are not ready?" She looked up at the sound of heavy footsteps coming down the stairs along with a loud banging sound. She saw the redhead dragging a suitcase behind her that was almost as big as her. "Willow? We are going for two weeks, not a year. You already have four big bags in the car, are you taking your whole room?"

Once she was down the stairs, the redhead answered breathing heavily, "What if something happens Buffy? You know, stranded on an island... it could happen."

"This is an island that has lots of people Willow... it's not deserted," she said smirking at her best friend. This was typical Willow, always worrying and overdoing things.

"I know Buff... but I do NEED these things. Like my laptop, which is a neccessity. And..."

The blonde laughed. "Okay, okay... we have to get going. Don't want to miss the planes" she said taking the suitcase for her friend and heading out the door.

Xander was waiting for his friends at the car. "Bout time Wills. Is that your suitcase?" he asked pointing to Buffy putting it in the trunk. "YOU could fit in that thing. I hope the plane can take all the weight..."

"Oh shut up Xander!" the redhead said to her friend since childhood. He always did like to tease her.

Everyone gathered in the car. "Alright kids, here we go!"

Knock Knock. One eye blinked open, then closed again. Knock Knock. This time two eyes opened. "What?!" the girl yelled out.

"Come on, open the door!" came a pleading voice outside the door.

The girl pulled the blanket off of her and sat up. Messy blonde hair covered her face. She stumbled to the door opening it. "Damn... what do you want? Why are you up so early and why are you knocking?"

The dark haired girl rushed passed her and went to the fridge. " I forgot my key," she said taking out the orange juice and taking a drink from the carton.

The blonde set a glass on the counter. "The OJ goes in one of these," she said giving a knowing look. "You know... if I didn't love you so much you would have been gone long ago." She smiled as she pushed the glass to her friend.

"Yeah right Tara... it's more like if I didn't love you so much I would not be here," the dark haired girl said with a challenging expression.

"So tell me Faith... who are you hiding from?" the blonde laughed at her friend's "how did you know" look. "Oh come on... it's so obvious. You pleaded for me to open the door. The Faith I know NEVER pleads."

"A girl."

"A girl? Since when do you hide from girls? What? Don't want to be a "player" anymore?" Tara asked sitting at the kitchen table resting her head on her hands paying very close attention.

The darked haired girl laughed. "Me? Like you haven't been with a lot of girls!"

"Yes but I don't have a different one every week!" she laughed knowing there was no way Faith would win this one.

"Whatever! This girl kinda found me out you know? She knows now that I'm not interested in her... mind. So, she's all pissed. It's not like I told her we were dating or that I was commited to her. I just don't get why they assume that," Faith said talking more to herself than her friend.

Tara couldn't control it any longer. She busted out laughing which caused Faith to look at her like she was insane.

"What the hell is so funny Tara?"

She wiped the water from the corner of her eyes. "Nothing Faith... you are so predictable!"

"Oh gee thanks... fuck this talking... lets catch some waves," she said annoyed with Tara.

The blonde perked up. "Okay! Let me change, give me five minutes."

Seven minutes later the girls were heading to the beach. Considering they lived by the ocean it only took them two minutes to get to their usual surfing spot. Sometimes they would go to other spots but mostly they stayed close to home. It was what Tara always wanted, to live by the ocean, to be surrounded by it. She loved her home, she loved the whole island really. Most of the people were nice, with the exception of a few. It was her dream since she was little, and now she was living it. Though sometimes she wanted more, she wasn't sure what she was missing but she knew it was something.

They came to the edge of the path. The blonde took a deep breath smelling the sea. "Nice waves out," she said.

"Mmmm... nice girls out." Faith said checking out all the hotties laying on the beach. Most were there watching their boyfriends surf.

Tara rolled her eyes at her friends comment but she couldn't help but smile. She looked around. "Yeah, there are some hotties out. But that is not what we came for and besides they're all taken," she said a bit disappointed. She hadn't had a girlfriend in a while and was starting to really miss it.

"Oh well... come on, lets show those guys how to surf," Faith said as she winked and walked off.

They found a spot to put their blanket on and prepared to go into the water. "Race ya!" Faith said grabbing her board and taking off to the water.

"No fair!" Tara said grabbing her board about five seconds later.

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