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North Carolina

Author: Little Vixen
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Tara, Willow and other Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

The next morning... well... a few hours later, Willow rised up out of bed trying not to disturb a peaceful Tara from her beauty sleep... of course Tara didn't need any beauty sleep because she was already extremely admiringly beautiful anyway... so thought Willow...

Willow crept into her bathroom and brushed her hair with her pink brush with little butterflies on it. After her hair was nice and pretty she grabbed her purple toothbrush with the flexigrip handle out of the toothbrush holder with the 2 extra toothbrushes, placed neatly beside it. She brushed her teeth to her natural pretty shine, quickly laced the toothbrush back into the holder, then washed her face, and exited out of the bathroom into the kitchen and made a cappichino, with the cappichino maker her brother gave her on her last birthday.

She drank her cappichino, as she looked through her closet quietly looking for something to wear... it was casual Friday so she could wear virtually anything she owned that remain appropriate at the school she taught at. She fingered through a few t-shirts, and sweat shirts... undecidely looking through all of them. She finally settled herself on a pink long sleve shirt, with a blue jean jacket, followed by a pair of dark denim jeans that tightly hugged her hips, and a cute belt that stretched around her with pink stars that dotted the center through the belt all the way around.

When she became a full dressed girl, she looked at her hair once more and decided to brush it again, but when she did she and finished, she dropped her brush... Tara flinched a little... then opened her beautiful sparkly, sleep eyes.

"Hey," Tara said in a sleepy, yawning voice. She then Sat up quickly and leaned against the headboard.

"Goodmorning Tara."

They exchanged smiles for a second before Tara glanced over to the clock.

"It's early...," Tara said yawning still, beginning to stretch her arms above her head, giving her arms and shoulders a good stretch and let out a soft sigh when she finished.

"You can go back to sleep if you want... I have to go to work," Willow made a slight frown, but smiled before Tara could see it.

"It's ok, I usually get up around this time in the morning anyway... too bad you have to work."

"Yeah, I know... it's a bummer, but I get to go to work and teach a bit, then ya know... have lunch, teach a little more, and then come home. Unless there's a meeting, which I'll just skip out of and just say that I didn't know about it. They'll understand."

Tara grinned, Willow smiled. Willow grabbed her keys to her vehicle.

"I'll see you later ok Tara? Oh and there's a few phone numbers on the bar, and there's the number to my brother's resturaunt down the street... if you get hungry just call him, ask for Kirk Rosenberg, and tell him that you're at my place, he'll bring you whatever you want free of charge. He's very sweet."

"Thank you Willow," Tara smiled, got out of Willow's warm comfy bed and got up to stretch her legs," have a good day at work, drive super safely."

"Ok, I have to go, before I'm late."

Willow grabbed her bags, and placed her keys in her hand, going to her pocket, then quickly moved to the door, but as she opened it...

"Oh my goddess!"

Tara ran from the bedroom thinking something bad happened.

"What is it-," Tara looked out the door," wow, it's so pretty. Is that snow?"

"Uh-huh... well I guess I'm not going to work today," Willow let out a brief giggled with a grin as the after effect.

"Ever been in a snowball fight?"

"Yep, plenty of them, why... are you challenging me to a snowball fight Ms. Maclay?"

"Maybe," she gave a sexy, tempting flirty type of smile," what do ya say?"

"I say... okie dokie," Willow grinned," but um, you might want to change into something warmer..."

"Yeah... oh... I have to call Buffy and Faith... they're gonna love this. Can I use your phone again please?"

"Be my guest."


Tara called Buffy and Faith. She told the two slayers about the snow...she also asked them to come over, she told them Willow's address and the number to the cab company. She also asked Buffy to bring her her dark blue jeans with a baby blue t-shirt and her black silky jacket and her black gloves with it. They hung up and Tara reported back to Willow.

"Faith and Buffy are coming over here. You'll get to meet them soon."

"Should I call Anya and Xander and have them come over too? Then we could have a big snowball fight."

"Cool," Tara said happily, then she gave Willow a big smile that stretched all the way across Tara's soft smooth, silky skin on her beautiful face.

Willow walked casually over to her bar and then dialed Xander's phone number... well actually pressed the speed dial button.

"Hey Anya, where's Xander?"

"He's in the shower, what do you want?"

"When he gets out tell him to come over here with you in his big 4 x 4 truck ok?"

"Ok, why?"

"Big snowball fight... more people, more fun."

"Who's going to be there," Anya asked out of pure curiousity and wondered who could possibily be there.

"Um, me, Tara, Buffy, Faith, and hopefully you and Xander," Willow said, knowing Anya was going to say... 'who are those people?'

"Who are those people," Anya asked, Willow held back a laugh.

"New friends, they're form out of town."

"Ok, I'll tell him... goodbye!"

"Bye," Anya had already hung up by the time that Willow could get that out of her mouth.

"Hey B, what did Tara want," Faith asked walking out of the bathroom drying her hair from just being in the shower, while Buffy was standing over Tara's suitcases and then grabbed the clothes that Tara had asked her to get for her.

"Oh, she wants me and you to come over to meet Willow, I think that's her name. She gave me the cab phone number, and Willow's address. I wonder if she's nice?"

"I'm sure she is, I mean Tara did stay the night with her last night."

"You don't think those two did anything last night do you?"

"Probably not, knowing Tara she at least like to go on a date first, and for all we know this Willow girl is straight," Faith shrugged her shoulders and then picked out some clothes seeing as standing in a towel wasn't going to cut it much longer before she turned in the ever-lasting-popsickle.

Faith picked out her outfit of her usual leather pants and this time a shirt that actually covered her entire stomach and chest...followed with a leather jacket that she wore when her and Buffy went out on patrol. Then right out of the blue, Faith drops her towel...Buffy looks back at Faith and can't speak barely.

"Oh...," Buffy is stunned even though she's seen Faith naked before, "yep, knowing um... what were we talking about again?"

Faith pulled her thong and leather pants on, followed by her bra and shirt with her jacket and boots.

"Um, Buffy are you ok?"

"Uh-huh...," Buffy then changed her clothes aswell... she dressed almost like Faith was... leather pants and boots, with her pink long sleeved t-shirt covered by her leather jacket," almost like we're twins eh F?"

The two Slayers burst into laughter at that...

"I'm going to call the cab," Buffy said as she picked up the phone and dialed the number, getting a cab over to the hotel.

About 15 minutes later the cab arrived at the hotel and the two Slayers shuffled into the cab and got seated comfortably while Buffy gave the address to the driver.


"Yeah Anya," Xander said, putting his pants on with a t-shirt and sweatshirt and combing his wet hair back and spraying his Axe deoderant stuff on himself.

"Willow wants us to come over, she wants to have a fight with balls made of snow and meet 3 girls over there. I don't know why, but she told me to tell you that," Anya shrugged her shoulders, she sat down on the couch and flipped the TV on to watch Judge Judy.

"Alright. I'm ready to go, when you're ready we'll leave," Xander kissed Anya's forehead, walked into the bedroom, grabbed his big black boots, slipped his feet in them, secured them, looked in the mirror to check how he looked, then went back to Anya.

"I'm ready," Anya said after a few minutes, she then grabbed her jacket and gloves and followed Xander out the door, hopped into his truck then rode to Willow's.

Willow and Tara waited inside Willow's apartment while their friends arrived.

"Do you believe in magick," Tara asked Willow in a low kind of voice.

"Yeah, I p-practice it. I'm a witch," Willow said," do you?"

"Yes, I'm a witch too...," Tara smiled at Willow.

"Cool, I've never met another witch before... how long have you been practicing?"

"A long time. I mean, not too long, but a pretty good while, a few years."

"Cool, me too... 6 or 7 years... I started when I was 16 or 17. I'm 23 now. How old are you?"

"I'm 24," Tara said, smileing at Willow.

"Neato. Xander and Anya should be here soon."

"Buffy and Faith too..."

A couple of minutes later, as the two witches were talking, there was a knock on the door.

"That's probably Xander and Anya, or maybe Buffy and Faith...," Willow said, getting up to answer the door.

As Willow opened the door, all four of them had arrived at once. Tara seen Buffy and Faith so she walked over to the door beside Willow. Buffy, Faith, Anya, and Xander had already been aquanted with one another before they approached the door to knock, so Willow and Tara introduced themselves to the ones that didn't already know them.

Buffy caught Faith eyeballing Willow's chest, so Buffy elbowed her in the side, breaking Faith's little daze or stare, whichever. After everyone had shaken hands, including themselves, just for laughs, they all entered Willow's warm and cozy, lightly cooling from the open door, apartment.

Willow was being the little hostess and served everyone a nice hot, steaming, cup of hot cocoa.

"Ow, hot," Anya screeched, fanning her mouth and holding back tears from the extremely fire hot liquid.

"Sorry Anya," Willow appaulogized for the overly hotness of the drink. After everyone drank their hot cocoa and was all warmed up, " so who wants to have a snowball fight?"

"I do," everyone yelled except for Anya who didn't know what the hell she was talking about.

"Ahn, baby, you gonna join us?"

"Ok, how do you fight, I mean, with those snowballs?"

"Oh, you pick up snow, push it into a ball, or squeeze, whichever you please, then throw the round white ball at someone, but try to avoid being hit with them, and no is to throw to the face," Willow answered.

"Ok, I'm in, let's fight with balls... of snow."

Everyone headed out the door and into the snow.

"Ok, everyong pick a teammate, three teams of two ok," Willow instructed. Xander and Anya paired up, and Buffy and Faith paired up.

"Hey W-willow, will you be my partner," Tara asked smiling with her hands behind her back.

"Ok," Willow said, she then started to begin making a fort type thing, Tara caught onto it and helped Willow make it big, tall, and strong, well as strong as snow can get... as they were making it, everyone decided to copy them, as they all finished they waited for the 'ok let's start', "ok, begin!"

Everyone began throwing snowballs, and ducking down when they seen one flying towards them. As this went on for a few minutes, Anya was hit by the most snowballs, she finally gave up, she ducked down in the snow so she couldn't get hit anymore, but, one flew over the thing and dropped right on her stomach. Anya then got back up and started rapid fire with quick made snowballs. Tara got distracted for a minute by a quick passer by.

"Bunny," Tara yelled when she seen it. Anya screamed, then dived into the snow head first, "was it something I s-said?" "Anya doesn't like bunnies," Willow said in a low whisper, "they scare her."

Tara tried to surpress a laugh... 'how could anyone be afraid of bunnies,' Tara thought.

"Sex, money, and Xander digging on a hot day," Willow yelled, and Anya came out of hiding.


Everyong started to laugh at that. Willow and Xander always got a major kick out of a line like that one, now, Tara, Buffy, and Faith could get a kick out of it aswell. At this time, the six of them had been out in the snow for about an hour, it was getting close to 12:00 and everyone was starting to get hungry because no one had eaten breakfast yet.

"Hey who wants to go to Willow's brother's diner for brunch, I'm paying," Xander asked. Anya for once didn't object to him spending a lot of money that wasn't on her.

"Cool," Willow said, followed by everyone else.

"Great, let's go, um, only 4 can ride in my truck, Willow, is your Truck ok for you to drive?"

"Yeah, me and Tara can take it and the rest of you can ride in your truck ok Xand?"

"Roger that Will," Xander shot Willow a friendly smile.

"Ok, let's get the trucks loaded up then," Willow directed the two new ladies to Xander's truck in the back of the cab behind him, but still inside of the truck. Anya took her seat in the front passengers seat, followed by Xander in the driver's seat. Willow and Tara boarded Willow's truck, Willow obviously in the driver's seat and Tara in the passenger's seat.

The trucks engines began to run and warm up before rolling out of the parking lot of the English Court Condominums. Xander was about as happy as could be, in a truck, in a closed space with three girls, but he played it cool, like he always does. When Willow started her truck the CD she had in the stereo started to play.

"I wanna be bad, make that look so good, I've got things on my mind, I never thought I would," Willa Ford started singing on the CD.

"Oh," Willow took the CD out very quickly. She noticed Tara trying to hide her very distracting grin and slight giggle, "what's so funny?"

"That's a good song...," Tara smiled.

"Oh, yeah, it is. My favorite is number 10 though," Willow placed the CD back in the stereo, put it on number 10 for it to start playing.

Knowing Willow, she had to start singing along... but not to let Tara know that in a way she was kinda singing the song to her.

"The candle, pictures of you, the things I, I plan to do to, you won't see until I'm done, my potion has just begun, now you feel obsess for me, you're wanting more you're needig me, 'cause in your dreams you dream of us, but when you wake you're still in love, I change your thoughts your minds not clear, except for what I make you feel I know my magic's taking hold you're losing all your self control," Willow sang, Tara smiled and started to sing the next verse and let Willow hear her sing.

"I've got to make a spell to haunt you, you're haunted, you know you are," Tara sang, then waited until the end to talk to Willow. After it went off, "I love that song by Willa Ford, Haunted Heart, great song. Good love song in a way," Tara grinned her lopsided grin at Willow.

"Yeah it is," Willow agreed, not knowing what else to say, 'wow, she has a very sexy grin... hey, stop daydreaming here! Pay attention to the road so you don't have a wreck genius,' Willow said in her mind.

"So ladies, where are you from," Xander asked politely.

"California," Buffy replied.

"Cool, so um, what do y'all do," Anya asked, as politely as an ex-demon knows how to.

"Um, can we trust you not to tell anyone," Buffy asked both seated in the front.

"Sure," both Xander and Anya said.

"We're the Slayer's. There's really only suppossed to be one, but I drowned, and Tara revived me, and then because I did die for a minute, a new Slayer was recruted, her name was Kendra, but she was killed by a vampire who had hypnotized her and slit her throat, then Faith here came along, so we're both Slayers, The Vampire Slayers."

"Cool, see Xander I told you Vampires and Slayers existed, I used to be a demon you should've believed me."

"You're a demon," Faith asked, Buffy was wondering the same.

"Ex-demon. I used to be a vengeance demon. But one of Xander's ex-girlfriends made a wish, I granted it, it sent them to an alternate reality, then Giles smashed my necklace and my powers were taken away and we returned to the actual universe. So then she left Xander and I fell in love with him and he fell in love with me and now we're married 3 years later."

"Cool. What do you suppose Willow and Tara are talking about back there," Buffy wondered, turning around in her seat and looking back to see the two right behind them talking in Willow's navy blue, four-seater, 4x4 driving truck.

"Don't know. Oh and adding to the Slayer, Demon subject, Willow's a witch."

"Really? Cool. Tara is too," the blonde slayer spoke up.

"She's also gay," Anya said, then looked out the window. Xander trying to ignor that.

"Tara's probably gonna like that, she's gay too, and so are we," Faith said, joining hands with fingers laced with Buffy's.

"Really," Xander asked, 'oh god, four lesbians, I'm so loving Willow for making new friends right now....'

"Xander. Xander," Anya yelled trying to get Xander's attention, snapping him away from his thoughts.

"Huh? Oh, what Ahn?"

"We're coming up on the Rainbow, pay attention to the road!"

"Yes dear," Xander said, focusing his eyes back on the road. When he approached the diner he pulled in, parked near the front, then the 4 passenger's, including Xander stepped out of the vehicle. Willow pulled up beside him, tok the keys out of the ignition, stepped out with Tara, and walked inside with her friends.

They all took a seat at the far left corner booth going to the left as you first come into the place, big enough for eight potential-customers. A nice waitress approached the table to give each of them a menu. She was wearing a blue shirt and black pants, but they weren't jeans, also sh was wearing a black pouch type thing to carry her tips and straws and napkins and other things like that in. She recognized Willow, Xander, and Anya, but not the other three girls.

"Hello Christina," Willow said, greeting her sister.

"Hello Willow, Xander, Anya, and-," Christina said, stopping in the middle still not knowing who the other three girls are.

"Oh, this is Tara, Faith, and Buffy, guys, this is my sister Christina."

"Hi," Tara said.

"Hey," Buffy said.

"Hey C," Faith said, Willow managed a slight grin.

"Hello," Christina said with a friendly nod, followed by the usual welcoming smile that followed, "here are your menu's all, so I'll be back in a few minutes to tak your orders."

Christina walked back in the breakroom in the kitchen.

"Hey Rain, guess who's out front?"



"OH. Yay," Rain said, getting up, putting her laptop down from site surfing, then rushed to outfront where she spotted her cousin Willow, "Willow!"

Willow stood up.

"Hey Rain," Willow hugged the 14 yearold girl.

"Hey Willow," Rain said, then looked at everyone that she was there with," hey Xander, Anya, and um..."

"Rain, this is Tara, Faith, and Buffy," Willow said then turned to them," this is my cousin Rain."

"Hello," all three of them said at the same time.

"What no 'hello R'," Buffy asked to Faith.

"Nah, not this time B," Faith said.

"Oh sure... F," Buffy said, Faith nudged her and knocked her out of the booth, "ow, oh you are so gonna get it Faith."

"Later B, later," Faith grinned, Buffy squinted her eyes and smiled.

Rain looked at both of them funny... then three people walked through the door entering the place, Rain's attention followed the girl. Willow snapped her fingers infront of Rain's face.

"Earth to Rain, who's the girl?"

"That would be the girl I'm totally in love with, but can't tell her. That's Eliza...," Rain's voice trailled off.

"Hey um, she's coming over here," Willow said watching her cousin freak.

"Does my hair look ok?"


"Hey Rain," Eliza said approaching her quickly," can I talk to you in private for a minute?"

Rain nodded her head, then leaded her to the smoking section of the resturaunt, there was not a single person over there so she grabbed a table that was out of view from the entire place. The two girls began to talk.

Christina came back to the table to take everyone's orders. After each and everyone's orders had been written down with the drink they wished to have, she took the to the back, handed the orders to one of the cooks, he began to look over the order and started to fill it. While he did so, Christina got the drinks to take back to them.

"Here are your drinks," she sat the tray down with the drinks to let everyone grab their drink," your food will be done in a few minutes."

So the group sat and talked about the disscusions they had had on the way up there, everyone finding out they each of them were either a witch, ex-demon, or a slayer, except Xander. Christina came back juggling two large trays in her hands, she sat on tray ontop of the table, let who ordered whatever on that tray get it, she sat the other tray ontop of it, to get the remainder of the food off it. She grabbed both trays at once, and made way back to the kitchen after telling all of them to enjoy their meal.

When everyone had finished eating, after laying back in the seats holding their tummys, they decided to each lay out a dollar for the waitress which was all together $6... except Willow left three because it's her sister, so she got almost a $10 for a tip from just them. Xander took the bill upfront to pay for it all, while Willow went to find her cousin Rain to say goodbye.

"Rain," Willow called, she entered the smoking area and spotter Rain and Eliza cuddled up in a booth with Rain's arms around Eliza's stomach," oh, look at you two..."

"Hey Willow, Eliza this is my cousin Willow."

"Hello," Eliza layed her head back against Rain's collar bone.

"Sorry to be like kind of a short visit, but me and my friends are leaving, I just wanted to say goodbye."

"Hey Willow, can I ask you something before you go?"

"Anything cuz," Willow said with a smirk.

"Which one of those girls is your girlfriend?"

"None of them, but the three new girls are all gay, and the two that were knocking eachother out of the seats are girlfriends and the one that remained calm and mature, is the one I really like."

"Really," Tara said as she had come to find Willow and had kinda been listening to the short conversation.

"Tara, you were listening?"

"Uh-huh," Tara walked over and slid her hands around Willow's waist and nipped at her ear a few times and giggled as she did so.

"You like her Willow." Rain asked smiling.

"Yup I do."

"I like me too," Tara said, which made everyone laugh," everyone's already loading up the trucks, um, Faith and Buffy are riding with us this time. Can you take the three of us by our room at the hotel? Please?"

"Ok, I can do that, did Xander and Anya say they were heading home?"

"Uh-huh, Anya said um," Tara whispered what Anya said in Willow's ear, Rain and Eliza watched Willow's facial reaction go from normal to 'Oh my goddess!'

"Ok then, um Rain I'm sorry, but we have to go," Willow pulled away from Tara long enough to hug her cousin and say goodbye, "goodbye Rain, bye Eliza. Nice to meet you."

"Likewise, bye."

"Bye cuz."

Willow and Tara left the Rainbow. As they approached Willow's truck, Faith and Buffy had already claimed the back, which was totally ok with Willow and Tara, as they wanted the front, seeing as Willow had to be in the front because she wouldn't let anyone else drive her truck. Willow cranked the truck, let it run for a sec, then pulled out of the parking lot and headed towards the hotel the three were staying at.

Willow pulled into the hotel parking lot, everyone got out and headed inside up to the room. Faith unlocked the door, everyone walked in and either fell on the couch or in a chair.

"Ow, my tummy hurts," Buffy said with her eyes closed. Faith started to rub her tummy, Buffy opened her eyes and shot Faith a smile," that's making it feel all better."

Everyone got relaxed and all fell asleep for a little while. Each stretched out as comfy as possible, Buffy in Faith's arms, and Willow in Tara's arms.

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