Return to North Carolina Chapter Five

North Carolina

Author: Little Vixen
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Tara, Willow and other Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Everyone was awake by nightfall, Willow and Tara were in Tara's room on her bed talking, as Buffy and Faith were also doing in their room.

"Are there vampires in California?"

"Yeah, are there any here Willow?"

"Yeah, there's a Hellmouth under the ATMS school," Willow looked out the window, she seen the darkness flowing over the streets with only the light of street lamps, TV's, and car's.

"There's a Hellmouth here too?"


"Well, Faith and Buffy are gonna love that, that means they get to go beat up some vamps."

"Did I hear beating up vamps," Faith questioned as she came into the room with Buffy on her arm.

"Yeah, there's a hellmouth here too," Tara responed.

"Awesome, hey B, wanna go patrol?"

"Sure... F," Buffy answered grinning.

"Be careful you two, did you bring your weapons Buffy," Tara asked.

"Yup, just gonna grab some Holy Water and a couple of fresh stakes and go out with Faith on patrol. We'll be back later."

"Ok," Willow and Tara said, as they watched them leave the room.

Faith grabbed a bottle of holy water and stuck in the back of her jeans, along with grabbing her curved, sharp, extra-pointy knife. Faith also picked up two stakes to stick under her jacket for fast access, Buffy did the same with her stakes. Buffy put her holy water under her pants leg, in her small strap that made it's way around her calf of her lower leg.

The two armed Slayers made their exit in a professional manner, but held hands together as they walked around looking for somewhere to patrol.

"Think we should've asked Willow where a cemetary was or something," Buffy asked looking around at the newfound, unknown area she walked upon accordingly. As she glaneced around, she took a quick deep breath and focused on Faith who was still discovering the new sites that flowed around them.

"Nah, we'll find them, I mean, it can't be that hard... we're slayers aren't we? Shouldn't we be like about to sense the cemetaries or something, or atleast sense the vampires that near, and watch where they take us, maybe to a cemetary to greet fellow vampires arrising."

"Yeah, your right Faith... 'my spider senses are tingling' thing should say something to us soon."

"Oops...," Willow said, covering her mouth with her soft pale palm.


"I kinda forgot to tell them where the cemetaries are... and that there are usually gaurds that stand around them to keep people from entering at night time."

"I'll call them, Buffy should have her cell phone on her," Tara picked up Willow's phone. She quickly dialed Buffy's number, listening to the ringing of it, Buffy answered," Hey, Buffy?"

"Yeah Tara?"

"Did you find the cemetaries?"

"Well, not really..., seeing as we don't have the slightest clue where they are."

Tara handed the phone to Willow so she could give the two fiesty, lovebird slayers directions to their destination point.

So Buffy and Faith found a cemetary, but there was one thing Willow forgot to mention... the gaurds that stood at the gates.

"Um, Faith do you see those there?"

"You mean the gaurds B, yeah I noticed...," Faith responded looking around the sides for the best way to break an entering in a cemetary. Faith noticed an overhanging tree trailing it's way inside the cemetary..., "B, look over there," Faith pointed into the direction of the sideways tree.

"Think we can get into the cemetary that way?"

"It's worth a shot Buffy," Faith said and grabbed her hand and they two walked past the gaurds holding hands and acting like two normal girls walking along the sidewalks enjoying a walk together.

As the Slayers turned the corner, the peeked back around to see the gaurd staring forward, they were gonna have to be quiet to get past them. Faith started up the tree and got pretty high up there... noticing that her original way wasn't gonna work because of a short steam type thing with rocks all around it and slight busted glass, barely visible.

Faith inched higher and higher, looking through the trees as Buffy kept a watch on the gaurds... after looking around a few times, Faith climbed over a branch... and motioned Buffy to come up with her. Buffy took one last quick look at the gaurds and grabbed a branch and pulled herself up, Faith grabbed her hand and lifted her up further.

Faith lifted her hand, she pointed at an entwining tree, looking a bit laced with this one. With a few silent nods, the two girls made their ways over to the crossing branch. Faith grabbed it first and held tightly to it, she held to it, dangling down from it, slowly pulling herself to the left until she made it to another tree. Buffy waited for Faith's 'ok' to follow, she did the same routine as Faith did. When Buffy made it to Faith, she wrapped her arms around Buffy and dropped her down, then jumped down landing on her flat feet.

They walked a little ways behind a few big rocks that had been put there so people couldn't get through, although they didn't work very well. When they got a little closer to the gaurds, they ducked and quickly, but quietly scurried across the back away from them. When they had gotten out of sight of the gaurds, but not out of their hearing range, Buffy's cell phone began to ring.

"Do you hear that, Kirk," Daniel said, who was looking around seeing where the ringing was coming from.

"Yeah, it's coming from in there," Kirk pointed over to the rocks where Buffy and Faith were hiding now.

The gaurds walked over with their flash lights to check out the mysterious noise. Faith had an idea, Buffy knew it. Faith pushed Buffy up against the rock and started kissing her. Kirk and Daniel heard the push, then the kiss smacks.

"Mmm, Faith," Buffy said in a low voice, pulling Faith closer to her, kissing her more, sucking on Faith's lower lips, her hands running up her sides.

"Buffy," Faith said, closing her eyes, concentrating on Buffy soft, firm touch.

Kirk and Daniel stopped in their tracks when they heard the noises, then the two girls names. They put on their night vision goggles and turned out their flashlights and snuck around behind a tree in pure darkness and caught a nice short show of the two Slayers making out.

Kirk and Daniel finally left after about 5 minutes figuring nothing was gonna happen after that. Faith watched them leave, still all over Buffy, with Buffy's hands starting to trail up inside her shirt.

"They're gone, B," Faith said backing off.

"Good... it's very rude to watch, now let's patrol," Buffy said, removing her hands from the inside of Faith's shirt and straightening her own. "Why do you suposse there are gaurds watching a cemetary? They didn't have those in California...," Buffy's voice trailed off in a questioned-mannered-voice.

"I don't know, you think they're hiding something in here?"


Faith walked to the left, Buffy to the right. They walked hand in hand, with a stake in their free hand. Buffy looked around a bit, Faith too. Buffy let go of Faith's hand when she seen an upcoming vampire rushing near her at a fast pace, she got her stake ready, but hidden. The Vampire jumped to her, she ducked and dropped to thr ground, making the vampire leap and crash into a tomb stone.

He jumped up, Buffy too. Buffy swung a kick near his head, he ducked. Faith came up behind him and while Buffy distracted him, she staked him quickly, making a thick pile of dust. Buffy slapped hands with Faith in a 'woo hoo we win' way.

"Way to go B," Faith congradulated.

"You too... F," Buffy said smiling, looping her arm with Faith's.

They slayed a few more vamps that came their way. Buffy looked at her watch and seen that it was almost 2:00 am.

"It's getting late... and how many vamps did we slay," Buffy asked, with a smirk on her face.

"Want to grab something to eat and head back to Willow's?"

"Yeah, then back to the hotel...," Buffy looked at Faith with a mischeivious look on her face.

"How do you think Faith and Buffy are doing," Tara asked, looking through some pictures Willow had drawn.

"I don't know... do you think they're still out slaying?"

"Um, I think they probably quit slaying and went to grab something to eat, then back to the hotel for um...," Tara stopped.

"For...," Willow had a questioned look on her face, mixed with a little confusion.

"A little action between them... they've told me that slaying vamps makes you hungry and then... um... kinda...," Tara scratched her head in a shy way.

"In the mood?"

"Yeah...," Tara smiled.

Willow grinned and finished up the picture she was drawing. Tara caught Willow's smile and flipped thru a few more pages in the drawing book, her eye was caught on a picture of a dragon surrounded by flames, with the rain coming down, but the fire not going out.

Tara glanced at Willow... watching her go thru some old pictures, moving them in albums. Willow's red hair brushed against her cheeks, while she looked down at the pictures and their labels and dates. Tara took a deep breath, and moved over to sit beside Willow.

''Why'd you move?''

"Just felt like it."

Tara watched Willow a little more. Tara slowly and swiftly moved her hand to Willow's face and brushed her hair behind her ear. Willow looked up at Tara. Tara smiled.



Tara leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on Willow's cheek, along her jaw line, and on her earlobe. Willow looked straight into Tara's eyes. Tara placed her hand on Willow's neck and leaned close to her and kissed her, slowly leaning Willow backwards...

"Tara... Tara... Tara," Willow said," hey snap out of it... Tara?"

"Huh? Oh, sorry... just got caught up in my thoughts," Tara shook her head and took a deep breath.

"What were you thinking that you started to breath a little intensely?"

"Um, just... stuff," Tara shyly grinned and looked down at her hands and sat the pictures down on the floor.

"Ok, hey you wanna come sit with me? It's pretty soft and cozy over here," Willow said smiling innocently.

"Sure," Tara got up and moved beside Willow and leaned back against the arm of the love seat.

Willow was feeling a little bold, so she stood up, moved Tara's legs stretched out across the piece of furniture then sat ontop of Tara's legs, where her entire body was facing Tara completely, except her feet, which were folded underneath her.

"Willow, what are you-" Tara was cut short of her statement by Willow pressing a finger against her lips. Willow leaned down and kissed the quiet Tara.

Tara's hands found Willow's back, with resisting at all. Tara pressed against Willow's strawberry flavored lips and slowly started to part her lips, as did Willow. Tara slowly slipped her wet tongue into Willow's hot mouth, which fulley accepted it without hesitation.

Willow moved a little closer to Tara, Tara's hands pulled tighter on Willow's back, urging her forward. Tara's hands slipped up a little bit, beginning to make an entering into Willow's shirt.

"Whoa, what are we doing," Tara said.

"Um, no idea...," Willow smiled and placed a soft kiss on Tara's lips and got back off of Tara. "Thirsty?"

"Yeah, actually."

Willow grabbed two Dr. Pepper's from her fridge. She shook them up, and handed one over to the thirsty blonde.

"You taste good," Tara said boldly, sipping her soda.

"So do you."

"Hey, want to go to the Tiki Club, it's right over there...," Faith pointed.

"Isn't that a strip club?"

"Well yeah, but it's also a club for eating and drinking as well...," Faith answered, "but do you really see any other places open this late?"

"Well, we could just go back to the hotel and bug room service...can we do that? Please Faith? We've got a radio in there, and we'll be alone, having fun, dancing, eating, drinking," Buffy pulled Faith close and whispered in her ear, "and maybe something else..."

"Screw the Tiki Club," Faith grabbed Buffy and kissed her, "let's go back to the hotel... please."

"Fine with me," Buffy said, pulling out her cell phone, "I'm gonna call Tara and tell her we're heading back to the hotel."


Buffy dialed Willow's number and talked to Tara for a minute, telling her that her and Faith were going back to the hotel, and that she might want to stay with Willow again that night, if she wants to get any sleep anyway. Tara agreed to stay with Willow after getting Willow's ok.

"Ok, Tara is staying at Willow's. Faith what are you do-"

Faith throws a snowball at Buffy, socking her right in the shoulder. Buffy picks up a clump of snow, she quickly turns it into a nice round ball and throws it at Faith's waist. Faith jumped on Buffy and knocked her to the ground. Faith leaned down and kissed Buffy, then helped her up and back to the hotel, except now going a bit at a faster pace.

About 5 minutes later, they made it back into the room, since they were moving fast with Slayer speed. As soon as the door opened to the room, then closed, Faith had Buffy pinned against the wall kissing her. She let up and asked Buffy if she was hungry, and they both were, so they called room service. Faith hung up the phone.

"Ok, room service will be up here in a few minutes."

"You are such a tease Faith. Pinning me up against the wall, kissing me like there's no tomorrow, then asking me if I'm hungry," Buffy squinted her eyes playfully. "I am so gonna get you back later... F."

"Promise," Faith asked, getting closer to Buffy, locking her hands on her hips.

Willow yawned. Tara looked at Willow while she made her cute yawny-sleepy face.


Willow nodded.

"Want to go to bed? I'll take the couch..."

"If I'm sleeping in my bed while you're here, you're sleeping with me," Willow remarked with a grin.

"Yes ma'am."

Red and Blondie headed off to Willow's room and changed into silky night-gowns, slipping under the welcoming soft covers, slowly getting into a comfortable position like the previous night. Willow layed her head on Tara's shoulder blade, nesting her face mostly into Tara's neck. Willow leaned back up, and placed a soft kiss onto Tara's wet, pink lips... and another.

Tara slowly wrapped one arm around Willow's back, pulling her more into the sweet kiss that was getting a little steamy. Willow opened her mouth, welcoming in Tara's swishey pink tongue. Tara's tongue tangoed with Willow's, dancing all around the inside of Willow's hot-breathed mouth.

Tara let out a gentle moan, the kissed Willow one more time, then leaned back.

"Goodnight Willow," Tara said watching Willow leaned back down, moving her head down, positioning it on Tara's chest.

"Goodnight Tara."

After they both got settled, they closed their eyes, and drifted away into dreamland.

Faith finished up the rest of the food she ordered from room service, as did Buffy. When they finished, they placed their dishes on a tray that sat beside the door. When Faith placed her last dish upon the tray, Buffy turned her around and pushed her against the door, locking her arms in place, smothering her with kisses.

Faith managed to break free of the arm lock, but had no attempt to break free of the kisses. Faith picked up Buffy, forcing Buffy to wrap her legs around Faith's waist. Faith carried her into their bedroom, kicking the door with her right foot, never breaking the lusty kisses they shared.

When the door closed, it locked behind, the two passionfilled Slayers, spent a romantic, passionate night.

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