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North Carolina

Author: Little Vixen
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Tara, Willow and other Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

The knock on Willow door was very very light and wasn't too loud, she figured it was probably Tara seeing as everyone else pounded on her door like a screaming mob seeking revenge for something that they can't even name, but just to be seeking revenge... which doesn't make any sense at all.

Willow walked over to her door and answered it.


"Hey, Willow?"

"Hi Tara," Willow moved to the side a bit and then signalled for Tara to come in.

"It's nice to meet you," Tara shook Willow's hand.

"Likewise," Willow smiled at Tara, then seen her tea starting to smoke," uh-oh," she rushed over to the thing and tried to turn it off, but of course, it exploded," ow! hot," Willow took off her shirt to get the boiling water off of her.

"Are you ok Willow," Tara rushed over to her side and handed her a towel that was laying on the counter and then seen Willow's black Victoria Secret Bra she was wearing,"wow," Tara said without even thinking.

"Yeah I'm alright, and what's with the wow," Willow asked then looked down, "oh, that wow," Willow ran to her room and got a spagetti t-shirt that was also from Victoria's Secret.

"I like your apartment," Tara said when Willow came back in the room.

"Thanks," Willow said then smiled.

"You're welcome," Tara said then shot off her lopsided grin, and took off her jacket she was wearing, to reveal her in a tight black spagetti strap t-shirt.

"Wow," Willow said without thinking," I mean, uh, nice shirt."

Tara laughed, then walked around to Willow, and leaned against the counter. Then she looekd at the time, 4:45. Willow turned on her radio, and they were playing Jealous by Shania Twian. Then Willow started singing and dancing.

"If I were the moon I could get your eye, I'm jealous of the moon, if I were the wind I would make you fly, I'm jealous of that too," Willow sang, and then started to dance close to Tara then pulled her into the dance," I wish I were the sun shining on your face, carressing like a lover, I would wrap you up in a warm embrace, we'd be holding one another, I'm jelaous of the sun...."

Tara blushed and then danced in Willow's arms with her. The giggled through the dance.

"Oh I don't want to share you with nothing else, gotta have you to myself, oh, I can't help it I'm so in love I just can't get you close enough oh," Willow kept singing and dancing," when the suns on your skin, I can't hold it in, and i know it's a sin, but I'm jealous of the sun...I wish I were the rain running down your neck, and dripping from your finger."

Willow twirled Tara around the room and did a few quick spins together, but still kept listening to the song together with Willow singing it.

"Then I could be the drop strolling off your back, I'd love to let it linger, I'm jealous of the rain, oh, I'm jealous of the rain, oh I don't wanna share you with nothing else, I gotta have you to myself oh, I can't help it I'm so in love I just can't get you close enough."

They finished listening to the song, and when it went off they stopped dancing.

"I love that song," Willow said.

"I noticed," Tara grinned.

Later that night, it was almost 8:30 and Willow suggested them play a game.

"Do you like Scrabble?"

"Yeah," Tara said," why?"

"I have the game, you wanna play?"

"Ok," Tara smiled.

Willow got up and went into her bedroom and Tara followed her, and just for the fun of it, Willow wanted to play with Tara a little. Willow waited for Tara to sit on her bed and look right at her. When Tara was in the perfect position, Willow bent over, and started moving things around, Willow was trying to restrain a laugh when she heard Tara gasp since she could see her in a small mirror in her hand.

Willow picked up the game form behind her sleeping bag and got it out and sat it on her bed.

"Do you want to play in here?"

"If you want to," Willow said.

"Ok," Tara said and then helped Willow set up the game.

When they first started, Willow went first. Willow's word was SNUGGLE and then Tara made her word. They played for about 2 hours, and they were down to the last word on the game of the 3rd game they played. Tara won the last game with the word FOREVER.

"Good game Tara," Willow said smiling.

"You too Willow," Tara reponded back and then smiled with her lopsided grin, then she caught sight of the time," Oh no, look how late it is. I should go."

"You can stay here if you want," Willow said with a welcoming smile.


"If you want to."

"Ok, just let me call Buffy and Faith and tell them I'm staying over here tonight ok?"


Tara walked out of the room and then Willow changed into black silk gown she wore to bed, then grabbed out another gown for Tara if she wanted to wear it. In the meantime, Tara was in the other room talking to Buffy and telling her where she was and she was staying with a friend.

When Tara came back Willow was laying on her bed in her long silk, black night gown laying on her stomach with her hand rubbing her right shoulder. Tara sat down beside Willow.

"Want a back massage Willow?"

"Sure," Willow said and smiled," thanks."

"Anytime," Tara said, starting to rub her shoulders gently.

"Oh that feels so good," Willow said.

When Tara was finished Willow rolled over on her back and looked up at Tara.

"There's a night gown on my dresser if you want to change into it."

"Thanks," Tara picked up the gown and walked into the bathroom and changed.

Willow got under the covers and then got back up and turned her tall water fall lamp on. She went back to the bed and then crawled back under the covers. Tara walked out of the bathroom a few seconds later and then walked to the bed with Willow and then layed down beside her. Then the two started to talk.

"Why'd your girlfriend break up with you? What was her name?"

"Her name was Emily... Emily Lewis. She broke up with me because," a tear fell from Tara's eye," she said that she had been seeing someone else and she didn't love me," Willow wiped Tara's tears off her face and took her hand and rubbed it softly," and, she said she was planning on breaking up with me anyway...."

"Oh Tara, I'm sorry," Willow hugged Tara and then rubbed the back of her head and let cry on her shoulder.

Tara was crying for a minute then sat up and yawned and wiped her tears away.

"Can we go to bed Willow?"

"Yeah," Willow said in a soft voice then pulled back the covers and crawled under them and Tara joined her and then layed her head on Willow's collar bone and stretched her arm across her, and Willow didn't object to it. Willow felt very sorry for Tara. 'She must've had one hell of a bad day...' Willow closed her eyes and then went to sleep, followed by Tara.

Tara's dream:

She was at a wedding... she was at her wedding... and everyone was there, Tara was so happy... she walked down the aisle, but she didn't know who she was marrying... then she looked to her side and her dad was walking her down the aisle, then suddenly, her dad jerked her away and tried to force her to go home... then a girl came running after Tara and then pulled her back... the girl was unidentified... she wasn't visible for Tara to see... but se stopped her dad from taking her... then Tara went back to walking down the aisle and then when she got to the top, everyone was gone and Tara was left all alone under an old oak tree a couple of hundred years old. Tara looked around and then someone came to her. It was Willow... Tara was under the tree crying and then Willow came and sat beside her... they were talking, but the words didn't make sense. Willow was trying to tell her something, but Tara didn't know what... it was like the words were there, but weren't.

Tara stood up and then Willow was gone... she looked around, but there was no one around. Then it suddenly turned night and vampires came out of the ground and then came after her and then she ran and ran and ran, but they kept up, and then she seen Buffy and then ran for help, but she was on the vamps side, and tried to help them kill Tara. Xander and Anya tried to help her... Tara used a protection spell on herself and then then next thing that happened was, she wasn't a witch anymore and then they had her cornered and she was sure she was going to die... but then Willow saved her from them... and took her away... away to a safe place... near the waterfalls and tropical islands. Then Willow and Tara were safe away from them. When Tara and Willow thought they were safe, they began to lay back and relax and watch the waterfalls... a short while later, right as they began to talk to each other... no words could explain was happening to them, or what was beginning to happen to them. Willow leaned over to Tara and snuggled up next to her, then started sucking on Tara's ear when she caught her off guard...

Tara wakes up when Willow starts calling her name... of course though, from Tara's dream... she wakes up sucking on Willow's ear.

"Oh Willow, I'm sorry I-," Tara stopped in the middle of that statement and got up and went into the bathroom a little embarrassed at what happened.

As Tara was in the bathroom, Willow was siting on her bed, rubbing her ear and trying not to laugh at how much that was tickling her.

Tara stood in the bathroom, 'Oh goddess, Willow's gonna think I'm a total idiot now! I just met her and I wake up sucking on her,' Tara giggled quietly at that last thought, 'I wonder what Willow is thinking right now?'

Willow was still trying to repel a laugh then finally got it out of her system and then went to her thoughts,' I wonder what Tara's thinking, I bet she probably thought I think she's weird now...which I totally don't. It happens to the best of us.'


Willow walked into the bathroom up behind Tara and then put her hand on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry Willow... I didn't mean to-," Willow cut Tara off by putting a finger over her soft wet lips.

"Shhh... it's ok Tara," Willow removed her finger from Tara's lips and then put her hand on her shoulder...," it's ok... it's happened to me before... except to one of my stuffed animals."

Tara smiled and then started to giggle, followed by Willow.

"Can we go back to bed? It's like 2 something in the morning," Willow said and smiled.

"Ok," Tara said then followed Willow back to bed," are you sure you're ok with me waking up sucking on your ear?"

Tara and Willow both smiled.

"Yes, it's ok... if I was straight, then there might be a problem there...," Willow said then grin. Tara met her grin and raised her a laugh and a warm smile followed by a wink.

The two teachers climbed into bed, and snuggled up to each other to get warm again because it wasn't the hottest in Willow's apartment. After a few minutes of laying as they were earlier, all snuggled up tight, Tara moved her hand a little, not really meaning to, but in a way, tickling Willow's stomach. Of course without a doubt, Willow started laughing.

When she settled down, Tara too...the two drifted back off asleep.

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