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North Carolina

Author: Little Vixen
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Tara, Willow and other Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Willow woke up the next morning to her alarm clock. She got mad at her clock for waking her up outta her dream, or for just waking her up period. Willow was having another of her unusual dreams. Willow had been dreaming about some mysterious blonde girl that was about her height and then she had green eyes and then they were walking throught the park holding hands and then the were surrounded by flowers and butterflies. As the sun starts to set and Willow and and the blonde girl walked into the horizon, and then the sun melts down and mysts of purple rain begins to fall and a vague rainbow comes out at night after the quick sunset. Willow then started to look over to Tara and leaned in to kiss her, but before she could... "Good morning everyone," on her alarm clock.

Willow liked to thrown her clock against the wall because it wouldn't shut up. "What did I ever do to that clock to make it wake me up from such a good dream?"

Willow got out of her bed and stretched. She yawned a bit as she went into her bathroom and fixed her hair into a pony tail. Willow went back to her closet and she got her black skirt and white long sleeved turtleneck shirt and got dressed. She brushed her teeth and went to Kripsy Kreme and grabbed a doughnut and coffee.

Willow looked at her watch and it was almost 7:00 am. She decided, 'hey ya know what, it's time to go to work before you're late'. Willow started to drive back and all she could think about was Tara and her dream from the previous night.

"I wonder what Tara looks like..." Willow wondered. "What was up with that dream I had last night as well? Not that I didn't like it, but who was the girl in it?" Willow's voice trailed off and then her cell phone rang. She looked down at the caller ID and she didn't recognize the number, or the area code... But she answered it anyway.


"Hi, Willow?"

"Hey, um, Who's this?"

"It's T-tara."

"Oh, hey Tara, what's up," Willow started to wonder why Tara was calling so early, what was it... 4:00 am where she was?

"Nothing really, I just wanted to ask you what time did you want me to come by your place today?"

"Between, 4:30 and 5:00 would be good... or later.. it doesn't matter, whenever you feel like it... I get home usually around 3:30."

"Ok, I'll be there around 4:30, i-if I don't get l-lost."

"Alright, I'll see you then, fly safely. Bye Tara."

"Bye Willow, and thanks."

The both hung up. Willow continued her drive to work and her thoughts she had been thinking before Tara called her... Willow thought Tara's voice was very sweet, with a pinch of shyness, and a dash of flirtyness... Willow rethought over that last part... "Flirtyness?" Willow thought to herself for a minute... "how the hell was that flirty?"

Willow wasn't really sure of what she was thinking, so she just shut off her thoughts and then drove to work. She arrived at hger work place, the school, ATMS middle school, and walked into her classroom at about 7:30, and she was starting up all the computers and then school came in session about 25 minutes later.

Tara had finished packing and even though it was only 5:00 am, she left her house and then her, Faith and Buffy went to the airport for their early morning flight. Although Tara was almost certain that Faith and Buffy would sleep through most of the flight, they didn't. They didn't make a scene either, they just kinda disapeared through most of the flight.

After boarding the plane, Tara got on her laptop and she started site surfing for a bit, she went to a few testing sites she found, and She had been taking tests through a lot of the flight, while Faith and Buffy weren't in their seats beside them. Tara had started to wonder where those two disapeared off to.

"Where did those two disapear off to? Hmmm," Tara looked around the first class spot of the plane and then didn't see them. "Where in the hell are they?"

Tara got up and looked around a bit, then it dawned on her where they are... 'duh', Tara thought. She walked down between the seperator hall of first and second class... then heard giggling and kiss smacks coming from inside the small passage that was closed by a curtain.

"And behind curtain number one we have..." Tara opened the curtain, "hi guys."

"Oh, Tara, hi, um, what are you doing," Buffy asked.

"It's apparent B, she missed us and was wondering where we were."

"Yes, exactly what Faith said," Tara said,"will you two please come back and sit with me? You two can be alone when we get to the hotel for a while, I'm going to see a friend when we get there."

"Ok, we're coming," Faith said.

Tara went back to her seat and waited for Buffy and Faith, then they finally came and sat with her for the remainder of the flight.

It was now almost 1:05 over where Willow was at school, she was at the beginning of her 7th period class, they were playing Jeopardy like the old computer teacher that used to work there did, then she was offered a job at another school that payed 3 times what she was making, and of course she accepted. Willow got the job from being a substitute teacher that got her college degree for teaching in computers and technology and career exploration, they offered Willow the job, and she was more then happy to accept it.

The plane was now getting ready to land at the airport.

"Planes landing," Tara said.

"About time," said Faith.

"No kidding," Buffy commented back to what Faith said.

The plane landed, then the three ladies walked off the plane, with their luggage and then went inside the airport and called a cab to take them to their hotel. When they reached their hotel, it was now, 1:50 in the afternoon.

"Hey you two wanna go grab lunch somewhere," Tara asked rubbing her tummy.

"Sounds good to me T, what about you B," Faith asked, brushing her hair and sticking it in a pony tail then took it back down and brushed it out and squired some water in it to make the waves more visible.

"Sounds good," the blonde slayer answered to both of them, then also fixed her hair as Faith was.

"Great," replied Tara, sticking her hair in a bun.

The three left the house and decided to hit McDonalds for lunch. They were there about half an hour eating, then they went back to the hotel and then started unpacking their stuff into the 3 bedroom room they had. After everyone was settled in and all clothes and items were put away it was almost 4:00.

"Wow, the day has flew by really quick," Buffy said looking at the clock then changing her watch to the correct time.

"Yeah, B's right it did go by pretty damn fast."

"Well, I'm going to see a friend in a few minutes, I told her I would be at her house by 4:30."

"When are you gonna be back," Buffy asked while folding a blanket.

"Um, later I guess you have my cell number, call me if you need me," Tara said while fixing her hair again because the bun had messed up so she decided to just leave it down this time.

When 4:15 came, Tara left the hotel and went to Willow's apartment by a cab...

Willow was at her apartment cleaning up some stuff in there. She had a pot of tea boiling while she was cleaning up, she had added a few extra things in the tea, but she couldn't leave it on there too long otherwise it would start to smoke then blow up. Willow looked at her watch on her wrist and then seen Tara should be there any minute.

She quickly took her bags with her school planners in them into her bedroom and then put them in her closet. Then Willow heard a knock on her door...

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