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North Carolina

Author: Little Vixen
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Tara, Willow and other Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Willow was in class going over spread sheets and databases with her 3rd period class. "Ok, now what do you call the horizonal lines in a database?"

From the left front of the room, a hand shot up like a bolt of lightning, it was from one of the little computer geek brainy acks, it reminded Willow so much of herself hen she was younger. The girl that had her hand raised was the girl by the nickname of Little Vixen.

"What's the answer Little Vixen?"

"Records," she said super cheerfully. Willow smiled.

"Correct," said Willow, Little Vixen was one of her favorite students, and that was extremely obvious. She was just like Willow, a little computer whiz...

Later that day, after Willow had left the school and went home to her one bedroom apartment that was perfect for just her by herself. As she walked in she sat her bag down that she carried her notebooks in for her planning and stuff, then she signed on her computer then she went over to her fridge and grabbed the koolaid and then grabbed a cup and poured herself a glass. Then she sat down at her computer.

Willow sat down waiting for her friend Tara to sign online. She at first just surfed the web and stuff for a little while. "Come on Tara, please sign on."

Willow got up and went to the bathroom, then realized she'd ran outta drink in her cup, so she went and got another glass then she turned on her radio... they were playing Evanescence - Bring Me To Life. Willow couldn't help but dance and sing-a-long to it.

After being away from her computer for about 10 minutes, she went back to her computer and then when she sat down, an IM popped on her screen from Tara.

SMcollegetchr:: Hey Willow.
NCcomputerchick:: Hi.

Willow typed back... ((Tara is the first one, Willow is the second)) ...Willow was so happy when she saw Tara's IM on her screen.

SMcollegetchr:: How are you? Did you have a good day?
NCcomputerchick:: Yes, it was good. I'm doing fine. What about yourself?
SMcollegetchr:: No. Bad day for me. I got fired from my job, and my girlfriend broke up with me...

Willow was shocked when she heard Tara say that her girlfriend broke up with her, she didn't know Tara was gay...

NCcomputerchick:: What happened?
SMcollegetchr:: I won these tickets to stay a week at North Carolina, and I asked for some time off and instead he fired me. Then my girlfriend broke up with me for god knows what reason. :(.
NCcomputerchick:: I'm sorry Tara...

Willow re-read the IM... Tara was coming to North Carolina! Willow smiled when she seen that. Can you say "Net crush?"

SMcollegetchr:: Thanks. It isn't your fault though.
NCcomputerchick:: I know, but I still feel bad for you. Anything I can do to make me feel better? Hey are you still going to North Carolina?
SMcollegetchr:: I'll be ok, thank you though. Yes I still am, why do you ask?
NCcomputerchick:: I live here, in North Carolina.
SMcollegetchr:: Cool, really?
NCcomputerchick:: Yeah. You sure there's nothing I can do to make you feel better?
SMcollegetchr:: Just talk to me. My friends are gone and you're the only I will talk to that I trust... I mean... well, you know what mean... right?
NCcomputerchick:: Hehe. Yes I do. Hey I was wondering, if you are coming to North Carolina, can I meet you, ya know in person?
SMcollegetchr:: I don't know, I usually don't meet people that I talk to online.
NCcomputerchick:: Please. I'm as harmless as a little kitten.
SMcollegetchr:: I like kittens. Ok, we can meet, but don't try anything weird on me. :-P lol.
NCcomputerchick:: Oh darn now you just took all the fun outta it. Hehe, alright, I'll "behave". :-D
SMcollegetchr:: Lol. I'll be flying there in a day or two from now, I'm picking out a hotel now. It's already paid for so I can pick where ever I want.
NCcomputerchick:: Awesome. Try to get one in Randolph County, that's where I am.
SMcollegetchr:: Ok, found one. Inn Keeper, on South Main street. So how are we gonna meet?
NCcomputerchick:: I'll give you my address and my apartment number and cell number, you already have my e-mail.
SMcollegetchr:: Ok, cool. E-mail me your address, I'm going to go pack now. See you soon. Bye Willow.
NCcomputer:: Bye.

Willow was so happy when Tara said she was coming to North Carolina. Willow couldn't wait to meet her. Willow kinda had a tiny little ineret crush on Tara, but was Willow willing to tell Tara that? Willow wasn't sure, but she'd know when she met Tara herself. Willow just decided to play things at a slow steady pace, and see how they play out... then would play it cool and act normal... unless... unless Tara made the first move.

Willow signed off her computer and then called Xander, her best friend and talked to him for a little while, but when she called, as always, his wife Anya, formally known as Anyanka, answered the phone. After her and Xander hung up, and Willow told him about Tara coming down, and then was getting a little hungry and ordered something to eat.

After she ate, she did her usual work out, she ran on her tredmil and watched Jeopardy... and yelled at the people on the show because she knew the answers and they didn't. By now it was almost 10:15, so Willow went into her bathroom, brushed her teeth and her hair, then changed into her Pajama's then went to bed. Willow didn't toss and turn that night, instead she slept very peacefully, and she fell asleep quickly and had wonderful dreams.

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