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Love Thy Neighbour

Author: Shai
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All the characters belong to Joss, that lucky man!

Willow awoke the next morning with the most throbbing headache ever. "Uuuhhhhhggggg," she groaned, when she opened her eyes and was greeted by the sun's rays streaming straight onto her face. "Someone turn the sun off," she grumbled, closing her eyes again. Turning her face into the pillow she tried to go back to sleep. Moments later she was up, rushing to the bathroom to hurl. "What the hell's wrong with me?" she wondered, making her way back to the bed. Turning to look at the clock Willow realized that once again she's missed Tara before she left for work. Lying down she dug her head into the pillow, and tried to sleep once again, when her stomach churned. "Here we go again" she thought, as she ran back to the bathroom.

That's how Willow spent most of her morning - lying down, trying to sleep, feeling queasy, running to the loo, hurling, flossing, and then making her way back to the bedroom. She thought about calling Tara, but every time she decided that she didn't wanna disturb the blonde while she worked. By one o'clock when there was no sign of her getting any better though Willow figured that she really should call Tara and ask her where she kept her medicine. Looking at the sheet that Tara had left her on the first day of her stay Willow dialed Tara's cellular number.


"Hi Tara... it's Willow."

"Willow! Hey!" Willow could hear the smile in Tara's voice and it already made her feel better!

"Hey! Ummm... Tara... I just called cause I haven't been feeling too well today... and I was just wondering where you kept your medicines?"

"You're not well????" Willow was concerned by the note of concern in Tara's voice. "What happened?"

"Not much honestly... I've just got a bad headache... and I threw up a little... a lot actually..."

"How long?" Tara cut her off.

"All morning," Willow said, wanting to run and hide now.

"And you're calling me now???" Tara yelled. Willow was now thinking about how fast she could make it to Mexico! "Ok listen... there's a strip of aspirin in the drawer next to the fridge. Pop one and lie down. I'm coming home as soon as I can... I just have to finish a little editing... don't you do anything... Just try and get some sleep ok?"

"But you said that you had a busy day at work..."

"I know what my priorities are" Tara said in a sincere voice. "Now you just relax and I'll be home in a while ok?"

"Ok Tara... bye."

"Bye" Tara hung up.

Willow went to the kitchen and took an aspirin. She was already feeling better after talking to Tara. "So I'm a priority, huh?" she smiled. Going back to the room she sank into her mattress and a few minutes later she was asleep, dreaming of Tara holding her and telling her just how important she was to her... the most important thing in the world!

Hours later Willow awoke to the feeling of a cold cloth on her forehead. "Mmm... that feels good" she thought. Opening her eyes she saw Tara taking the cloth off her forehead and dipping it into a bucket of iced water before placing it on Willow's forehead again. Tara noticed that Willow was up.

"Hi" Willow said, her voice strained from throwing up that morning.

"Shhhh, go back to sleep," Tara said, running her fingers through Willow's hair.

Nodding her head Willow pulled herself up slightly and moved towards where Tara was sitting on the bed. When she got to her Willow put her head into Tara's lap, closing her eyes and holding onto one of Tara's hands. Moments later she was asleep, comfortable as can be, with one of Tara's hands running through the soft auburn strands that made up Willow's hair...

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