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Love Thy Neighbour

Author: Shai
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All the characters belong to Joss, that lucky man!

Half an hour later Tara walked towards her room at the farmhouse. She was about to open her door when Willow emerged from her own room.

Upon seeing Tara she rushed to her, and without even stopping to think pulled the blonde into a bear hug!

"You did it! You actually tamed the horse! And not a single bruise! I was sooo scared...I mean when you got on and he stomped the groud...but you were brilliant! You tamed him" Willow exclaimed, not once letting go of Tara!

Not that Tara was complaining! She had Willow right where she wanted her arms! "It was nothing really" she said, her arms around Willow's waist.

"No...It was were brilliant!" Willow said, snuggling deeper into Tara's shoulder.

Tara said nothing and just held onto Willow. Neither girl said anything as they stood that way for the next few moments, holding on to each other, both very comfortable where they were.

"Ok now is DEFINITELY the moment for me to tell her how I feel" Willow thought and was about to speak up when...

"Willow?" Tara asked.


"We should be leaving in an hour or so... so I just thought that you should finish packing up your stuff..."

The moment was gone. "Yeah I should" Willow said, and after holding on for 2 more seconds let go of Tara and said "Ok...I'm gone", before turning back and walking to her room.

Tara immediately missed the feeling of warmth that she'd just felt. Sighing, she opened her door and walked in.

Seven hours later they were back at Tara's place, physically exhausted from the past two days. The drive back had been uneventful, with Willow cursing her guts...or the lack of them, and Tara cursing Mr. Klein's horrible sense of timing, apart from her confusion regarding how Willow felt about her.

They were now sitting in Willow's room, sipping on coffee, when Willow suddenly asked "Hey Tara...does your laptop have an internet connection?" When Tara nodded WIllow asked " Could I check my mail?"

"Of course...tell you what, I'll leave it here with you at night, and you can stay on as long as you like.Just disconnect whenever you feel like. Ok? Hold on...I'll just go get the machine."Tara said, rising and walking out the door, only to return moments later with the laptop. "Here you go. Have fun. I'm off to bed. Gonna be along day at work tomorrow."

Willow nodded, smiling. "'Night Tara".

Smiling back Tara replied "'Night Willow".

"There she said it again" Willow thought, as she followed Tara with her eyes as she walked out of the room. When Tara was gone Willow logged onto the net, and connected to MSN. Buffy was online as usual!

"Hey!" Willow said.

"Where the hell have you been?" Buffy messaged back, so Willow got to explaining about the trip to the farmhouse, Matthew trying to impress her and Tara's amazing abilities with regard to horses! By the time she noticed the clock she'd been online for almost an hour and a half. But there stillwas one thing that she needed to talk to Buffy about...

"Buffy? There's something I need 2 talk to u about..."


"Ok this is gonna come as a surprise...a big surprise..."

"Just tell me will u?"

"I think I'm kinda gay..."


"I seem 2 have a crush on a gal..."


"Oh? What's Oh supposed 2 mean? Are u freaked?"

"Not freaked... but definitely surprised.."

"Ok surprised is not bad... surprise is ok... I really like this gal... she's everything anyone looking for someone could ask for... and more!"

"So who is this perfect dream lover???"


"Tara? Whoa babe... when u fall u fall 4 the best!"

"You like Tara?"

"Yup, she's nice! All I have to say is go 4 it pal!"

"Thanks for the support... but there's a problem... I dunno how she feels about me... I mean I know that she's gay... she told me herself... but that doesn't mean that she likes me right?"

"Well there's only one way to find out isn't there?"

They chatted on a while more before both agreed that it was late. Willow fell asleep that night feeling much better... and with her mind made up...

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