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Love Thy Neighbour

Author: Shai
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All the characters belong to Joss, that lucky man!

When Willow woke up again she saw that Tara too had fallen asleep. Looking at the time the red head realized that it wasn't even sunset yet! "What a pair we are" she laughed, noticing that she was feeling perfectly fine now. "Maybe Mr. Klein was right about the sun affecting me thing!" Looking at Tara though Willow forgot about everything but how much she loved the girl. "Wait... love????..." As she continued to stare at Tara's form Willow knew that it was love. The more she thought about it the more she was convinced. She thought about the consequences that a relationship with a woman could cause, and it didn't matter. All she wanted was to be with this woman, to hell with Hollywood. "It hasn't given too much back anyway!" She wondered what time Tara had come home, and figured that the blonde must have rushed home as soon as she could, knowing how she was! The idea warmed Willow's heart. "Ha! And to think that I was planning on telling Tara how I felt today! Imagine that... I *go hurl* love *go hurl* you *go hurl* !!!! I'm sure she would've fallen for me with that!!!" That was when Willow realized that Tara was still holding onto her hand, and she fondled the back of Tara's hand with her thumb. Rising from her place in Tara's lap Willow took a closer look at Tara as she slept, "It's funny how I keep stopping at her lips!" she thought dryly, and wondered how it would feel to kiss Tara and have her kiss her back. "To kiss her all over..." she thought dreamily.

Tara chose that moment to rejoin the world. Her eyes fluttered open and they clearly registered surprise that Willow was the first thing that she saw when she woke. Then she remembered what happened and smiled at Willow. "Hey" she said in a voice heavy with sleep. "How are you feeling now?"

"Oh much better!" Willow said, returning the smile. "I think it was just all the sun I got these past few days that really caused all the problems."

"You're sure you're fine then?" Tara asked as she sat up and stretched. Willow just managed to nod her head as her eyes followed every move that Tara made. "Good" Tara said, now giving Willow all her attention "Because I'm very mad at you!" she finished with a frown.

"Huh?" Willow said, confused and not liking the frown that graced Tara's features.

"Why the hell didn't you call me as soon as you started feeling sick Willow???" Tara demanded.

"Well... I didn't wanna disturb you while you were working Tara..." Willow said, not looking Tara's way at all.

Willow waited for Tara to say something, still not looking her way. When after a few seconds Tara still hadn't said anything Willow glanced her way and the hurt in Tara's eyes almost tore Willow's heart apart.

"Disturbed? Is that what you think I would have been if you called Willow?" Tara asked, her voice full of sorrow.

Willow couldn't bear to see the pain that she'd caused Tara and without thinking she pulled Tara into her arms and cradled her. "No" Willow whispered. "I was sick remember? Who thinks logically when they're sick? I promise, next time I even sneeze you're the first person I'll call. Ok?" she asked, smoothening Tara's hair with one hand as she held onto her with the other. She felt Tara relax against her, and held on tight.

Tara snuggled her head onto Willow's shoulder and they sat that way for a few moments before Tara whispered " I'm sorry for getting mad at you Willow."

"No... don't be sorry Tara... you have every right to get mad at me when I act stupid..." Willow said, planting a kiss on the top of Tara's head. Tara froze. Pulling back she looked straight into Willow's eyes. "This is it" she thought, deciding that she was going to tell Willow that she loved her right there and then. Tell her about how she had spent many sleepless nights thinking about her, how she was perpetually on her mind, how she had freaked when Willow had called saying that she wasn't well... everything.

Without realizing it both moved in, their lips inching closer... both were breathing in each others scents...

The phone rang breaking the spell. Tara and Willow stared at each other stunned. Then Tara reached over and picked up the cordless. "Hello?... oh yeah... hi Buffy. I'm good... you? Yeah... Willow? Yeah she's right here... hold on..." Tara handed the receiver to Willow before wordlessly making her way out of the room.

"Hey" Willow said.

"Hi" Buffy sounded excited. "So did you tell her???"

Willow let out a deep breath, and tried to keep the frustration outta her voice as she said "No."

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