Return to Journey Part One


Author: Magrat
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: Not mine; I would have treated them better.

Willow was almost bouncing with excitement in her plane seat and Tara loved to see her innocent sense of wonderment, something she hadn't seen from Willow in such a long time. She really felt that the dark events of the past year were finally behind them and all she could see was a shinning bright future full of love. "There's so much to do, we can go on swamp excursions and there are all sorts of museums…"

"Swamp excursions? I don't think so," giggled Tara.

"Why not?" Asked Willow frowning.

"I have alligator issues," said Tara

Willow put her head to one side and gave Tara a questioning look. "Really?"

"Too many teeth and since we've left Sunnydale the home of sharp teeth I think I have the right to say no," said Tara with a grin. "Anything else you want to do there?" She noted the hacker's grin and slapped herself on the forehead. "I should know better than to give you a line like that to feed off."

"You should. Hey this is going to be so much fun, you and me alone. I love the gang but it's gonna be nice not having to worry about Scooby meetings or the Hellmouth…"

Tara placed a finger over Willow's lips and almost jumped out of her seat as the tip of Willow's tongue just sneaked out and licked down her finger and then back up to the tip. Willow's eyes challenging Tara to keep talking. "H-hey, you know I've already s-said it, no m-mention of Hellmouths, demons or vampires while we are there," said Tara stumbling over her words because of Willow's mischievous behavior. "We are officially off duty."

"Unless some voodoo witch doctor raises a barrel load of zombies to take over New Orleans," giggled the hacker enjoying the blush from her lover.

Tara shuddered. "Don't even joke about it."

They arrived at Louis Armstrong airport and caught a cab to their hotel in central New Orleans.

They checked in and went to their room. Tara put her bag away in the closet and reached for Willow's but the redhead still had her hand on the handle and their fingers touched for a brief moment. Willow looked up and smiled. "Hey Sweetie, you don't have to do that. I can manage."

"I know," said Tara sliding her hand up Willow's arm and pulling her close. "I know, but I like to do things for you." As if to demonstrate she continued moving her hand, now at Willow's neck, brushing her fingertips lightly over the taught skin and then cupping her cheek.

Willow traced her fingers over the back of Tara's hand. "Anything particular in mind?" She asked surprised by how affected she was by the small touch. She brought Tara's hand around to her lips and kissed her wrist.

"Nothing, yet." Answered Tara softly, figuring she might be able to back to get Willow back for the teasing on the plane.

"Yet? Come on Tara we have this lovely hotel room," said Willow breaking away from Tara and lying on the bed, patting the other side then dropping her voice to a sensuous purr. "And we have this nice, big, bed."

Tara smiled and walked to the bed, she leaned over and nuzzled into Willow's neck, giving her a nip on her pulse point and then licked all the way up to her ear. Willow's eyes were closed and she subconsciously spread her thighs slightly, anticipating an afternoon of fun and games with Tara, as her love ever so softly whispered in her ear. "I thought you wanted to see everything, the museums and swamp excursions…"

"But now I want to see you," pouted a disappointed Willow as Tara moved away from her.

"Well you're gonna have to wait," said Tara giggling.

"Why? I want you," said Willow reaching for Tara's hand and pulling her towards the bed.

Tara danced out of the way, slipping from Willow's grasp. "Hmm, maybe I think you could want me more."

"Not possible," said Willow shaking her head.

"Oh, I think it is, I think we should go out and have some fun and I bet you will want me more by the time we finish," said Tara a mischievous flame flashing in her blue eyes.

Willow shook her head knowing that she wasn't going to change her lover's mind. "You win, but there is no way I'll want you more that I do right now."

We'll see," said Tara coyly.

They left their hotel and walked hand in hand as they made their way to Bourbon Street to take in the full atmosphere of New Orleans and to look in the shops. They decided to buy some gifts for The Scoobies that day so they wouldn't have to worry about what to pick out for them during the rest of the weekend.

Willow caught sight of something interesting in a window and bent down to have a closer look. Tara moved quickly so she was just behind Willow when she stood up. She rubbed her breasts softly against her back and stroked her hands down Willow's arms and then moved away.

Willow turned quickly. "Whoa, what are you doing?"

Tara stuck out her tongue. "I told you, I was going to make you want me; more."

"You mean you are going to tease me, all afternoon?" Asked Willow plaintively but her busy brain thinking; that two could play at that game and if Tara was going to up the stakes she might just have to play along.

Tara just laughed and started to walk down the street.

"You know it's amazing the balconies and guttering never collapse," observed Willow as they sat in a side café drinking in the ambience of the French Quarter.

"Oh, they were built purposely like that, sloping downwards to let the rain roll off," explained Tara.

"I forgot it rains here a lot," said Willow shivering slightly.

"But warm rain," said Tara winking. "Kinda sexy really."

"You find rain sexy?" Asked Willow raising her eyebrows.

Tara moved her chair closer giving Willow a throaty whisper. "Can't you imagine the tingle on your skin as the warm water runs down your face and neck slowly soaking through your clothes as I pull you into an alley and start to kiss you. At the same time, I'll start to unbutton your shirt as I move my mouth down your neck," Tara's eyes sparkled as she spoke.

Willow gripped the table transported to a warm, dark, wild evening and imagining a very passionate, unrestrained Tara peeling the clothes from her body. "Okay I'm persuaded, rain sexy, well as long as I'm with you."

Tara caught Willow's eyes and her slow cute lop-sided grin appeared. "You were easy to persuade."

Willow moved in close, her lips just by Tara's ear. "Only when I get the practical demonstration."

Tara met the challenge. "That can be arranged."

Willow's stretched her neck out and blew out her cheeks as she felt Tara's breath on her throat and for a moment she was expecting Tara's lips, crowded street be damned, but instead the blonde darted back in her chair and gave Willow a playful smirk. The hacker shifted in her chair, aroused by the blonde's flirtatious behavior. "Are you really going to keep teasing me all day?"

"I thought it would be fun," said Tara her face radiant.

"Do you want to go out tonight?" Asked Willow changing the subject before she gave in and insisted on taking Tara back to the hotel.

"Yeah, you know I read that New Orleans has this great gay scene maybe we could, you know go out and enjoy," said Tara giving Willow a questioning look.

"Sounds like a plan. Did you happen to notice the names of any places, that you just happened to have read about?" Asked Willow.

"I might have," admitted Tara almost bashfully. "And you did remember the key?"

"The key you kept reminding me about every 10 minutes before we left?" Teased Willow. "Why, am I finally going to find out where it fits?"

"Maybe, if you're a good girl," said Tara winking.

They wondered in and out of various markets all through the French Quarter, occasionally making small purchases, when they saw something they thought their friends would like. Even something, against their better judgment, for Spike.

They were walking past a clothes shop when Willow saw something that caught her eye. "I love that skirt."

Tara was quickly at her elbow. "Which one?"

"The peach, wrap around one," answered Willow.

"You'd look cute in it. Why don't you try it on?" Asked Tara.

Willow shrugged. "I suppose…but we weren't buying stuff for us."

Tara held Willow's face. "Will, we are far from home. We can do whatever we want. If you want that skirt, you should have it." Tara tugged Willow into the shop and spoke to the assistant, who brought one out for them to see. "Do you have a dressing room so my friend can try it on?"

"Sure," said the assistant, nodding in the direction. "There are in the back."

Tara thanked her and they made their way to the dressing rooms. They checked in with the woman who was overseeing them.

"Is it okay if I can go in with my friend?" Asked Tara.

"Sure Honey."

Willow walked into the dressing room with Tara just behind her, she felt the blonde's hands on her shoulders as she was spun 'round to face her. Tara's hands dropped to roam over Willow's firm bottom and then up to her waist 'till she found the button and the zipper on Willow's skirt, undoing them with nimble hands. Tara slowly pulled the skirt down and she dropped gracefully to her knees as she moved with the skirt. She placed a kiss softly on Willow's panties, making the redhead throw her head back but before she could catch her breath, Tara was rising with a smooth quad movement, allowing her hands to rub up the outside of Willow's thighs as she did.

Tara then left her stunned lover standing with her mouth hanging open and sat down on the chair in the corner of the small room. Willow pulled herself together and she pushed herself into action. She walked purposely towards the blonde before sitting herself on Tara's lap. The blonde witch was surprised, wondering if she had won her game, so she held on tight as Willow kissed her, softly at first and then with increasing intensity. The red head brushed her hands over the front of Tara's shirt feeling her nipples harden under her touch.

Tara shifted in her seat feeling the buzz between her legs; sure she had gotten Willow just where she wanted her. When Willow felt the blonde move and her breathing start to change she stood up, stepped away and reached for the skirt.

"Will…" said Tara panting slightly.

"What's wrong Sweetie, you think only one of us can play this game?" Asked Willow winking at her lover.

"Wow, it's 7:30 already," said Willow as they entered their hotel room.

"You know what they say, time flies," said Tara as she opened the closet door and carefully stored the presents they had bought for the Scooby's in her suitcase. "Do you wanna use the shower first, before we go out?"

Willow moved to Tara and put her arms around the blonde's waist. "Don't you want to join me?"

Tara looped her arms around Willow's neck. "I do but…?"

"But, you give me a but! After teasing me all afternoon," said Willow kissing Tara just below her jaw line.

"Me?" Asked Tara feigning innocence, leaning into Willow's soft touch.

"Yes, you," said Willow. "We don't have to go out tonight."

Tara moved back slightly. "Go, have your shower. I'll have a surprise for you when you come out." She smiled to herself knowing that the teasing was going to lead to a reward well worth having.

Willow tilted her head to one side and mouthed silently. "For me?" As her smile spread across her face. She walked the couple of steps and kissed Tara just once and turned to go.

Willow showered quickly, not giving herself the amount of time that she would usually luxuriate under the hot water. Instead she just wanted to find out what Tara had in store for her.

The red head came out from under the shower and jumped, surprised to see Tara standing there a big, white, fluffy towel held in front of her. Willow stepped into the towel and then turned so that her back was pressing up against Tara's breasts. Tara engulfed Willow in the towel and gently started to pat her down.

Willow relaxed into Tara's body and then let out a small groan as Tara patted a particular sensitive part. "This is nice."

"Nice?" Questioned Tara, one of her eyebrows shooting up. "Is that all?"

"Better than nice," admitted Willow as Tara started to towel her hair.

"You're all dry now," said Tara.

Willow half turned to catch Tara's eyes. "I wouldn't say all dry."

"Vixen," giggled Tara. "Now I believe it's my turn for the shower."

"You are determined to tease me all evening," sighed Willow.

"And all night," said Tara. "I want you begging for me."

Willow turned and for the first time since she came out of the shower she saw that Tara was naked. She pulled Tara in close and kissed her softly on her collar bone, Willow then started to lick and nip her way up the blonde's neck and at the same time she ground her hip between Tara's legs. The redhead smiled as she felt Tara's body stiffen and then start to grind back on her. She brought her lips to Tara's ear and whispered softly. "We'll see who will be begging who." Before turning and walking out the bathroom, leaving her beautiful blonde panting and shivering with want and need.

As Willow walked out the bathroom her eyes went to the bed where she could see an oh so familiar envelope and a blue, velvet covered jewelry box. She opened the envelope, all that was written in Tara's familiar script was. "I hope you remembered the key, Darling."

The hacker ran to her purse and pulled out the small silver key, which she found slipped easily into the jewelry box's lock. She flipped the lid open, her hands shaking with anticipation, as she removed a piece of tissue that was covering her gift. Willow let out a small gasp as she saw what Tara had bought her and she gently lifted it out.

It was a silver locket in a heart shape. It was intricately engraved, but it had a couple of unusual features; instead of being attached to a chain, it had been woven onto a midnight blue, velvet chocker. It was held shut by a tiny silver padlock.

Willow fastened the chocker, which had a silver clasp to keep it shut, around her neck. The locket nestled snugly in the hollow of her throat. She ran her finger over the locket and tugged lightly on the padlock, obviously leading to another of Tara's surprises.

The blonde stood watching silently from the doorway. "You like?"

Willow jumped slightly. "I thought you were in the shower and I more than like this, I love it." She walked to her to her lover and linked hands before kissing Tara sweetly on the lips. "Thank you, it's almost as beautiful as you."

"I just want to make you happy," said Tara with a slight shrug.

"You do, very much, but why is it locked?" Asked Willow.

Tara smiled, dropped a kiss on the top of Willow's head and shook her head before turning back into the bathroom.

They set off for the evening, dressed casually. Willow in black jeans, boots and t-shirt. Tara in her dust pink jeans, blue low cut t-shirt and a denim jacket. Willow felt strangely exhilarated as they walked the city streets and stood lined up to enter one of the clubs Tara had picked out. She felt Tara's arm around her shoulders as she pulled her in close; it felt nice to be so free standing with hundreds of gay women and being able to cuddle in close to her lover.

They paid their cover charge and entered the club. The first thing Tara noticed was the energy coming from the women in there. It felt alive to her and her heart started to pump along with the music.

"Do you want a drink?" Shouted Willow over the music.

"Yes, would you choose? You can surprise me," answered Tara

They stood at the bar, but Tara spent the entire time with her eyes closed tuning into the atmosphere. It was energizing her, making her feel even wilder than she had before. She started to feel impatient as Willow waited for their drinks. She wanted the redhead close to her. Willow returned with two vodka martini cocktails in hand.

Tara looked in surprise. "I didn't think this was your kinda thing?"

"I thought we could try something new. We are on vacation," said Willow handing one to Tara, she reached into her own glass and took out the olive; she slid it off the cocktail stick between her teeth. Tara put her drink down on the table beside her and pulled Willow in close. She put her tongue in Willow's mouth, stealing the olive and dancing away from Willow with a wicked laugh.

"Hey, that's mine," objected Willow.

"You mean was," laughed Tara still giggling. "C'mon I wanna dance with you."

"I just got the drinks," protested Willow.

"Yes, you did but now, I want to dance with you," repeated Tara more insistent this time, pulling the redhead towards the dance floor.

Willow rolled her eyes and smiled as she, put her drink down next to Tara's and allowed herself to be maneuvered onto the dance floor. Tara held Willow close with her hands on her waist and a started to move with a loose-limbed ease. The redhead was enjoying the sensation of being so close to Tara and they started to bump and grind against one another oblivious to anyone else in the club.

The music changed from a fast disco beat, to a slower, heavier Ragamuffin style and Willow turned her back on Tara pushing herself against the blonde who, reached for Willow's hands. They raised both of their arms in the air and Tara slowly slid her hands down Willow's arms, brushing down the side of Willow's breasts until her hands reached Willow's hips, pulling her closer as they moved in time to the sultry Caribbean beat. Willow's arms came down and she touched Tara's cheek before moving her hands to Tara's. To the casual observer it looked almost like they were making love, their eyes closed, breathing heavily and moving as one, almost as if their bodies were connected.

Willow suddenly scooted away from Tara and headed towards a dark corner of the club not even turning to check if her lover was following her. She turned as she reached the wall and Tara was right there, not even a pace behind and she leaned into Willow, pushing her against the wall. Their lips met with a burning passion and they kissed for what seemed like ages. Willow sucked in Tara's tongue making the blonde groan into her mouth. Tara moved her lips from Willow's and started to bite down her neck, one of her hands was braced against the wall and the other was snaking it's way between their bodies, rubbing and teasing Willow's breasts feeling her nipples harden with her touch.

Tara moved one of her thighs between Willow's legs and the redhead added to the friction by cupping Tara's ass with her hands and pulling her in even closer.

"This is too much," moaned Willow. "We need to get out of here."

"I agree," said Tara. "If we don't get out of here soon, I'm gonna have you right here and now, but I'd prefer to take this somewhere private."

"The hotel, Now." Panted Willow.

Tara nodded.

They flagged a cab down outside the club and climbed in.

The driver watched the two pretty girls climb into the cab. "Where to ladies?"

Tara gave the name of their hotel, but her eyes never left Willow.

The driver grinned, knowing the club; he guessed the girls had something else on their minds.

Willow sat on her seat but could hardly contain herself and she felt like her skin was humming, she noticed Tara, was as fidgety as she was. Willow reached for Tara's hand and she felt the spark as soon their skin made contact. She tried to resist Tara's smoky blue eyes but she was so wound up she couldn't.


One word was all it took to feel hands twisting in her hair and hot kisses burning her. She felt Tara's hand moving on her body and she knew she should stop her, that they were putting on a free show on for the cab driver, but she didn't want to. In fact she couldn't. She wanted Tara so much that, she didn't care who saw, not anymore.

The cab pulled up outside the hotel and the driver cleared his throat, he was getting a strange vibe off these young women that he should treat them with respect. He waited about a minute and then hesitantly broke into speech. "We're here, ladies."

Tara was snapped back into reality and with some difficulty pulled away from Willow, who was still lost in the moment. "Hmm sorry, how much do we owe you?"

The driver took the fare from the women and watched them stumble towards the hotel. He closed his eyes hoping the fantasies that were flashing across his brain could be kept at bay until the end of the of his shift.

Tara stood in the lobby of the hotel barely able to keep her hands off Willow, feeling like she wanted to punch the elevator control panel to make it hurry up. The cab ride home had added a further edge to her desire. The elevator was on the side of the building, so that the patrons of the hotel could look over the city as they made their way to their rooms.

Willow kept glancing across at Tara, she was enjoying being the subject of the blonde's open lust and she couldn't wait to get to their room. They entered the elevator and Willow punched in the floor and when she turned she found Tara on her once more, kissing her. She pulled Willow's legs up and the hacker fastened her legs around Tara's waist, with her back against the glass wall. Willow was biting Tara's neck with a bruising force, in a moment of pure, blind passion and lust. They didn't care that their actions could be witnessed from the outside, in fact if anything it was spurring them on. They reached their floor and they barely disengaged, Tara holding on tight to Willow. She pressed the redhead, who once again wrapped her legs around Tara, against the door as she fumbled in her pocket for the key card before managing to get them into their room.

Willow dropped her legs down and her hand reached for Tara's zipper. Lowering it and slipping her hand inside, she could feel Tara doing the same with her. They never broke from their kiss as they started to thrust fingers deep in one another, thumbs rubbing hard, aching flesh. They came quickly and hard. Willow dropped her head on Tara's chest, breathless, stunned by their passion, but it had only increased her desire instead of sating it. She was surprised as Tara lifted her back up, so that she once again had her legs around her waist. "You are being so butch tonight," teased Willow.

Tara didn't say a word, instead she laid Willow down softly on the bed, with her knees bent over the edge and dropped gracefully to her knees pulling off Willow's boots. Then raising her hands she started to pull Willow's jeans down over her thighs. Tara let loose a low whistle. "Since when do you go commando?"

"Since I could read the sort of mood you were in tonight and figured I didn't want any of my best panties ripped, and you never noticed before?" Laughed Willow shaking her body up off the bed, pulling her top off and revealing her braless breasts.

Tara nostrils flared and her blue eyes seemed to go a darker shade, while her pupils dilated. "I was a little busy, but no underwear? Why Willow I'm shocked." But her movements belied her words as joined Willow on the bed. She stroked her fore finger and thumb over the delicate features of the redhead. "God, I love you so much, Willow."

"I know," said Willow her hand going to Tara's face and bringing it to her lips kissing it softly. "I've always known." Willow closed her eyes as she felt Tara's lips on her collarbone and then her fingers about to unfasten the choker. Willow's hand reached to stop her. "No, I want to keep it on, it's special. I don't ever want to take it off."

Tara stopped for a second, touched by Willow's words. She was tempted to reveal the secret of the heart, but she knew it wasn't the right time and not how she planned it. She looked down at her naked lover and was stirred by the sexy image of the velvet choker setting off the hacker's pale skin, the silver of the heart glinting in the half-light.

Tara moved to kneel between Willow's legs. She waited until she had Willow's eyes on her and removed her t-shirt and shrugged off her bra. Willow's hands reached up to caress the breasts she loved so much. She teased out Tara's nipples feeling them go as hard as rocks, as she rubbed and tugged at them. Willow sat up and carefully pressed Tara's breasts together and managed with to get both the blonde's nipples in her mouth at once, sucking them in. Tara threw her head back gasping out Willow's name at the unexpected and intense sensation.

She cradled Willow in her arms as she slowly lowered her back onto the bed. The redhead never once stopped her assault on Tara's nipples, until she was on her back and she felt the rough fabric of Tara's jeans against her aching core. She moaned at the feeling and moved her own hips in time with her lover's. Tara started to descend Willow's body kissing down the very center of her body while her thigh moved harder and faster between the hacker's legs. Tara then moved her leg away as she started to kiss Willow's lower belly but was surprised when she felt a hand pulling at her shoulder.

"No," said Willow. "I want you up here; I want to kiss you when I come. Please Tara; I need you to be with me."

"Whatever you want, Sweetie, you know that," said Tara moving back into her former position with her leg between Willow's thighs and she bent down to kiss Willow and hold her body close as they moved, hips locked together until Willow sucked in Tara's bottom lip as her movements became more and more frantic as her orgasm rocketed through her.

Tara rolled from Willow, but pulled her with her and held onto the redhead's still shuddering body, whispering soft words of love until the hacker's green eyes focused again.

Willow snuggled up against Tara's shoulder. "That was amazing, baby, so very good. I hope you never get bored of hearing this, but I love you."

"How could I ever get bored of hearing those words from you Willow? And I will never stop loving you."

They lay together for a while just touching one another's face and gazing into the other's eyes. Willow caressed her hand down Tara's back and was broken from her revelry as she touched the rough cotton at the waistband of Tara's jeans. "I must have made a mess of your jeans," she laughed. "Maybe I should take them off."

Tara just nodded as she felt Willow's hand on the already open fly and then with more impatience the redhead tugged Tara's jeans off, followed quickly by the blonde's panties that were already soaked though. Willow's fingers rested on Tara's hot opening, she could already feel Tara's sticky honey on her fingertips and she dipped one finger into her. "Oh baby, you are so wet, so hot."

Tara felt Willow add another finger. "For you Willow, you do this to me." She closed her eyes as the redhead moved slowly in and out of her body. "I want more, please Willow."

Willow added a third finger, surprised by the lack of the resistance from the blonde's internal muscles. She moved her hand quicker in, flicking her thumb against Tara's erect clit.

"Oh yes, Willow you feel so good in me, but…more, I want more," commanded Tara. "I want all of you inside me."

"I don't understand," said Willow and then getting it. "Baby, I'm not sure…I've never…well obviously you know…"

"Please," said Tara not wanting this to stop. "Please, I want you to. I so need this."

Willow said nothing, instead she eased her little finger inside Tara and then with more trepidation she gently added her thumb. She was surprised that Tara's muscles felt smooth as she carefully curled her hand into a fist. Willow stopped, stunned, not sure how she felt, it felt like possession and that this was everything; although she was so totally inside Tara she couldn't believe the blonde would give such a gift to her and so intense that she couldn't tell where she stopped and Tara started.

Tara felt Willow's unease and wanted to reassure her. She moved her left hand to Willow's wrist, the other wrapped in her hair urging her on. "Oh god, baby, this feels so good, don't worry I really want this."

The redhead rotated her fist slightly and experimented with some gentle movements. The effects were electric with Tara gasping, moving her hips desperately. Willow was amazed and elated with the reaction, she wanted to make it even better for Tara so she bent her head and added her lips to the party, finding the blonde's engorged center and sucking it between her lips.

Tara almost came off the bed, the added sensation of having her clit sucked, on top of the way the redhead's fist was rocking gently against her inner pleasure points, taking her to very edge. Even though she had pleaded for this, Tara tried to stop the orgasm. She had taken a peek at the power and was sure she would be consumed by it, but her lover was too good, too skilled and too adept at reading the changes her body went on in her journey to release. The orgasm broke through her and she screamed Willow's name in pure ecstasy that seemed to last forever.

Willow felt Tara's muscles tighten around her hand and slowly withdrew, one finger at a time, while rubbing the blonde's belly, trying to make sure that Tara wouldn't regret their passion in the morning. Willow moved up the bed all her limbs shaking, she was sure she had never felt anything like this and she felt a little scared as she came towards Tara. She needed to be reassured she hadn't overstepped any boundaries; she had felt so close to Tara but wanted to know everything was okay. She looked into the blonde's eyes and melted, she had never seen such love and open tenderness. "Tara…"

"I know," whispered Tara into her ear. "It was incredible, being that close. I wanted you to have me completely and you did it so wonderfully, with so much tenderness. I…" Tara faltered feeling vulnerable. "Was it okay that I w-wanted…"

Willow smiled and softly stroked Tara's face and lifted her chin. "I love it when you want and I love that you trust me enough to do that for you." She kissed Tara softly. "This is a forever deal, you know that."

Tara smiled and with the light behind her she looked like an angel to Willow. "I know," said Tara and gathered Willow to her breast kissing her softly on the head as they drifted into an untroubled sleep.

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