Return to Journey Part Two


Author: Magrat
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: Not mine; I would have treated them better.

Soft, sleepy morning kisses quickly turn into something deeper, harder. Tongues and teeth start to be used. The Blonde's full bottom lip gets sucked into the Redhead's hot mouth. This causes an arch of the back, a desperate sob, a flood of wetness. Claimed once more by her passionate love.

Kisses move from the others mouth; to neck, breasts. Nipples start to harden under concentrated ministrations.

Words are exchanged, whispered, moaned. "Yes baby…Please…I need…Oh god yeah…Don't stop…Never stop…I love you."

The pace changes, a film of sweat glistens on pale flanks. Mouths move lower still, licking and sucking. Fingers urge it on; scratch marks leave red burning trails on white delicate skin. Fingers are then tangled in soft, silky hair; long blonde, short red.

Lost in one another, passion rises to a dizzying height. Fingers start fires everywhere they touch. Mouths meet again as fingers start to probe, penetrating the heat. Hips move in an answering rhythm. A scream of ecstasy. A bite leaves its mark on alabaster.

Heartbeats slow, eyes come into focus and they smile. Their love, their connection never stronger.

Leaning over and kissing her life's forehead, she whispers. "Have I ever told you how much I love waking up with you?"

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