Author: Magrat
Rating: NC-17.
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Spoilers: Up to the middle of Season 6.
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Summary: Sequel to Encounter.

"Bye Dawn," said Tara giving the teenager a big hug. "And have a nice time."

"I will," said Dawn climbing into the passenger seat of her sister's car.

Tara turned to Buffy. "Enjoy your weekend. You deserve it."

"Who would think catching nerds could be so profitable?" Giggled Buffy.

"It could have been dangerous," said Tara. "The police said they found guns and explosives at the house."

"Warren was too much of wimp to have used them anyway," said the slayer with a shrug. "Jonathan came through though; giving me all that information so that I could catch them before they hit the security van."

"And who would have thought the bank would end up giving you money after all, even if it was a reward," laughed Tara.

"Therefore my sister and I have a pampered weekend at one of California's top health spas, all courtesy of Warren Mears and you get some well needed alone time with Willow. Have your preparations gone as planned?" Asked Buffy winking at Tara.

The blonde blushed. "I t-think so. I hope it works. Willow's been under such pressure, what with finals and...everything."

"But things are good between you now?" Asked Buffy momentarily concerned that she had missed something new between the two witches.

"Oh yes," said Tara smiling. "Things are good between us, never better. I just want to give Willow a birthday she'll never forget."

"I'm sure you will," said Buffy. "I had better be going and you, I believe, have a breakfast tray to take to a lucky redhead. Give her my love and tell her she can't open her card 'til after you've given her, her...uhm present."

"Buffy!" Squeaked Tara blushing again at the knowing way the slayer was grinning at her.

Willow woke up, and turned over disappointed to find that she was in bed by herself. She sighed, wondering where her girl and anticipated birthday snuggles were? As she stretched she gave a little thanks in her mind that today was the last of her finals. She was looking forward to the summer and lots of time with Tara. Funny how almost losing someone can make you cherish every moment you spend together.

"Willow," said Tara standing at the doorway. "Have you been awake long?"

"No, but I must admit I wondered where you were. It's not fair you should be here, in our bed, on my birthday," said Willow pouting.

"Well I thought you might want something to eat," said Tara taking the tray from behind her back revealing a beautifully prepared fresh fruit salad with a little yogurt on the side, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and small glass vase with a single white carnation. "Happy birthday Sweetie."

Willow smiled. "Thank you baby, are you going to come and help me with that?" Said the hacker giving Tara her best coquettish smile.

"Sorry Will," said Tara laying the tray on the bedside table and kissing Willow sweetly on the lips. "I have things to do."

"You're done with school, aren't you and it's my birthday," said Willow the pout back but serious this time.

"Well, baby if you want your presents you are going to have to do without me this morning," said Tara.

"Presents, as in more than one," said Willow smiling.

Tara reached forward and kissed Willow once more but this time the kiss was anything but sweet as her tongue slipped between Willow's lips and then she was gone leaving the redhead breathless. "See you."

Willow laid back wanting to protest but knowing that Tara would only have gone if she really had to. She turned her attention back to her breakfast, as always during finals, she could never eat much but the fruit salad looked wonderful. As she picked up the spoon she noticed an envelope under the plate. She opened it and took out a thick piece of perfumed paper. In Tara's flowing script it said, "I love you Sweetie. I hope you like your first present." The p.s. made her smile; "Don't open Buffy's card." Willow reached back into the envelope and withdrew an exquisite sliver charm bracelet with two charms already on it. They were representations of the moon and the sun. Smiling, she fastened it to her wrist. It was going to be a good day.

Willow sat in the library doing some last minute cramming, not that she had to but it made her feel she was being more responsible. She looked at her watch and made her way to her locker to get a book she needed before. She opened her locker and was amazed to find a white lily and another envelope. She opened it her heart thumping; "Another present, my love." Was all it said. She carefully took out a silver chain with a beautiful Star of David attached. She put it on trying to keep tears from her eyes. She was amazed at how Tara had arranged all this and heart swelled with all the love she felt. She sniffed the lily. The day just kept getting better.

Willow finished one of her finals and went to the cafeteria. She knew she only had a short paper in the afternoon and then she would be home with her baby. She pulled her lunch from her bag and was almost prepared for the familiar envelope and this time a white orchid it's stem in a little glass vial to keep it fresh. The paper simply said; "I love you" and there was small brass key that Willow slipped into her pocket, her mind racing over what it could be for. She carefully lifted out the orchid. She loved orchids. She shook her head again unable to believe her girlfriend's ingenuity. She ate her lunch wondering what else she had to look forward to.

As she grabbed her jacket, she smacked herself on the forehead. How could she not have noticed the sprig of white heather fastened to her jacket? All those thought Willow, knowing Tara knew all about them. She reached for her laptop, her pesky memory just not allowing her to remember the meaning of the flowers. She smiled loving that all this information was at the tips of her fingers.

She quickly connected to the internet before clicking to a site she had saved that had the meaning of flowers. Willow checked the first flower, the white carnation, sweet and lovely, innocence, pure love, and woman's good luck gift. Wow, thought Willow but maybe I'm just reading things into the flowers. She checked the next flower, the white heather; Willow smiled at the words protection, wishes will come true. She quickly clicked to the white lilies, virginity, purity, majesty and its heaven to be with you. It was true that Tara had given Willow her virginity but was her girlfriend really meaning all these words, Willow checked on the orchid, funny how just even checking out the names of flowers had her heart pounding with excitement. The orchid meant love, beauty, refinement, beautiful lady and was the Chinese symbol for many children. Willow now knew Tara meant for her to understand. The week before they had had a giggly conversation about the many children they were going to have.

Willow didn't know how she got through the afternoon and she felt weak at the knees as she approached the door. She immediately noticed a small vase with a white chrysanthemum and she smiled as she picked it up. She knew what it meant, truth. There was an another envelope under the vase. Willow opened it with shaking fingers. "Ready for the rest of your presents?" Tara had kissed the paper and Willow traced her finger along the lipstick imprint before entering the house, vase in hand. Which she almost promptly almost dropped as she stared at the sight before her. The hallway and the stairs were paved in white flowers, carnations, lilies, orchids and chrysanthemums with little heather sprigs dotted in amongst them. Willow followed the trail to their bedroom. She opened the door expecting to see Tara in there but instead saw the now usual envelope but this time a red flower was waiting for her on the pillowcase. The flower, a camellia, Willow struggled for a second for the meaning. Then her lips twisted into a wicked grin; you're a flame in my heart. She opened the envelope wondering what could be inside, just a message. "Go to the bathroom, enjoy a shower and collect your next present."

The redhead entered the bathroom and noticed her present right away, a beautiful silk robe, ivory colored, decorated with green silk thread, a green silk sash lay beside it. Willow picked up the robe deciding it was one of the most beautiful things she had ever seen. She was almost at a loss of what to think, what to feel. Willow just hoped Tara would be with her soon so she could thank her.

She went into the shower and found herself relaxing in the warm water. Could this day get any better? She looked down and noticed the new body wash left on the side. Orange blossom Willow closed her eyes and the meaning of the flower came to her making her heart thud with anticipation, she had hardly spent anytime with Tara and she couldn't wait to see her girl. She stepped from the shower and toweled herself dry and then slipped into the robe. Her hands were shaking as she loosely tied the sash. When her hands had stopped shaking quite so much she took one deep breath and pushed open the door.

Willow's eyes went straight to the bed. No flowers or envelopes this time. Just Tara. Willow shook her head did she just think that, just Tara, how could she ever think that way, Tara was so special. The blonde was lying on the bed dressed in a white lacy robe and Willow could make out flashes of blue silk underneath.

"Disappointed?" Asked Tara watching the way her girlfriend had gone into a totally catatonic state.

"Disappointed, in you? That's never going to happen," said Willow. "I can't did all this and you look so beautiful and I haven't said thank you, yet, have I?"

"Will, breathe," said Tara laughing. "I want to show you how much I love you."

Willow went to the bed and kissed Tara gently on the lips. "I honestly can't believe this. You are wonderful. Do you know that?"

Tara ducked her head, unusually shy at this point in their relationship, where she usually felt confident but she had so much planed that she didn't want anything to go wrong. Are you h-hungry?"

"For you. Is something wrong?" Asked Willow a little worried at the way Tara was stuttering.

"N-no," said Tara. "I just want this to be a special evening for you."

"It's already been a special day and you've hardly been around. Tonight can only get better," said Willow kneeling on the bed and stroking Tara's cheek.

The blonde moved quickly and unexpectedly causing Willow to tip forward onto the bed. Tara turned Willow on her back, her knees on either side of the hacker's hips. She leaned forward and whispered into her ear. " So are you hungry? I have something for you." She then moved her mouth down the hacker's neck, gently allowing her teeth to graze the sensitive skin. Then back up to the ear. "Do you want it?"

"Yes," said Willow breathlessly.

Tara moved back. "This will have to go, " she said indicating to the robe and pulling the sash open.

"But I've just put it on," said Willow playfully as she started to shrug it off her shoulders.

Tara moved off the bed and took the garment from Willow; she placed it on a chair and came back with a cart.

"Where did that come from?" Asked Willow.

Tara gave her a mysterious smile, removed her robe, to revealing an electric blue silk teddy. She returned to her old position, with her knees on either side of Willow's hips. For a moment she merely gazed at her naked girlfriend and then gently began to stroke her fingers over the other woman's flank. "You are so beautiful." Tara moved her hand up tracing around Willow's breasts, onto her collarbone and then across the delicate planes of her lover's face, delighting in the feel of the soft skin beneath her fingertips. Willow reached for Tara's hand and pulled her palm to her lips. The hacker used her tongue and licked along the length of Tara's index finger before taking it into her mouth. Tara slowly drew her finger out, enjoying the haven of Willow's, warm, wet mouth.

The blonde sank back on her haunches. The two lovers stared at one another; they were out of breath, shaken from the electricity that had passed between them with just a small amount of touching. Tara moved to her side and poured the pink champagne from a bottle she had opened earlier. She looked at the food she had already prepared. She picked a carrot stick and dipped it into the aioli. She allowed the dip to drip onto Willow's lips before feeding her the carrot.

"Hmm," said Willow. "Doesn't taste as good as you, but nice. More, please?"

This time Tara picked a cherry tomato and some salsa.

"This is nice, but it could be better," said Willow mischievously.

Tara looked hurt for a second before Willow pulled her down so that their foreheads were touching. "I could be eating the food off your body," said Willow. "But first I want to see you. Every inch of you, please, for me."

Willow tenderly pushed the blonde up, who ducked away looking embarrassed.

"Don't hide your beautiful face," said Willow softly. "Please baby, I know you, the real you. The gorgeous, sexy, passionate woman you hide from the world, but you know that you never have to hide her from me, I love you."

Tara eyes locked with Willow's and saw nothing but love and tenderness there. Slowly she slid one strap and then the other down from her shoulders. Willow sat up, propping herself with her elbow's, her eyes now never leaving her lover's body. Tara pulled down the soft blue fabric revealing her sumptuous breasts, she watched Willow's reaction and it made her feel absolutely beautiful, something she had never felt until Willow.

Willow, open mouthed, couldn't take her eyes off Tara. It always awed her when she watched Tara undress. She always wanted to worship the blonde's body for as long as possible. Tara had slipped the teddy down to her waist and stepped off the bed to completely remove it. Willow's breathing getting more ragged as Tara slowly revealed herself.

"Come here," growled Willow and held out her hand to her lover. Tara took Willow's hand moving onto the bed, she allowed herself to be turned on her back.

"This has to be the most gorgeous plate anyone has ever had the good fortune to eat off, I can't believe I get all this for my birthday," said Willow with a smile that lit up her lovely features, she slowly and gently ran the palms of her hands down Tara's body, barely touching just gliding down and then back up again until she reached Tara's face. She moved a finger onto Tara's full lips and traced the perfect bow shape. Tara's mouth opening slightly as her breathing quickened, Willow could feel Tara's breath caressing her lips as she slowly leaned in softly kissing her. The redhead moved back to look at what was on the cart.

She lifted a champagne flute and offered some of the wine to Tara, before holding the glass to her lips. She then dripped a small amount onto the blonde's torso and bent her head down, capturing as much of the liquid as she could. Tara arched to the sensation of cold followed by the warmth of Willow's mouth and tongue.

"Will... I..."

"What do you want baby?" Asked Willow looking into cloudy blue eyes full of desire.

"You know what I want," said Tara her voice deep and husky.

"Something to eat," answered Willow grinning. She surveyed the plates on the cart before picking a strawberry. "Take it from me," she said, placing the fruit between her lips and leaning down to Tara. Willow held on to it with her teeth and then kissed round the fruit, before biting into it and allowing the juice to run between them. As they continued kissing, Tara pulling Willow in close and tangling her hand in the titan colored tresses.

Willow was about to pick up another strawberry, when she noticed the small dish of melted chocolate with a tiny burner underneath. She smiled softly, oh, now this is too good. She dipped a strawberry into the chocolate and took it to Tara. She held it in her fingers and lowered it to Tara's lips. Tara didn't take it from Willow instead she moved her tongue over the bottom of the strawberry deliberately licking the chocolate off. When she had removed as much as possible Tara started to slowly suck the fruit into her mouth. Willow watched surprised and entranced by her lover's show of sensuality.

"Do you want some more champagne?" Asked Willow gulping slightly.

"Please," said Tara.

Willow filled the flute again. She put her hand behind Tara's head and poured some wine into her mouth. Willow watched as some escaped the blonde's lips dripping from the corner of her mouth and down her chin. Willow followed the flow with her tongue. Pulling back and she then pours some more wine between Tara's breasts. She watches for a second as the wine flows towards Tara's throat before bending her head and kissing Tara between her breasts and following the trail to the hollow of her throat, kissing, licking and sucking, enjoying the skin as much if not more than the wine. Almost entranced as she feels Tara tremble ever so slightly with each touch, she trails kisses up Tara's neck. The blonde's breath quickens as Willow reaches her goal and adoringly places her lips on Tara's. The kiss slowly builds until it burns with intensity, for a time they are lost in one another. Willow eventually moves a breath away. " are amazing this is so...the wine tastes good but your lips...nothing can compare. Tara would you do something for me?"

"Anything," answered Tara.

"Turn over for me?" Asked Willow.

"Of course," said Tara turning over trusting Willow implicitly.

Willow picked up the bowl of warm chocolate and tipped a small amount along Tara's spine, causing the blonde to moan at the warm, soft, sensation. Willow then dipped her fingers into the bowl. Tara watching Willow's actions snaked out her hand catching Willow's and bringing the coated fingers to her mouth. She licked the hacker's sensitive fingertips and at the same time sucked her fingers in and out removing every drop of the chocolate.

"Oh god, that feels good," said Willow in a soft whisper, stroking the back of her free hand over Tara's face. She knelt back on the bed and started to lick the chocolate from Tara's back delighting in the sound of the little moans and cries that were coming from the blonde. She followed the flow from the gentle swell of Tara's buttocks all the way up to her neck. Willow moved on to the next part of her plan. She went to the ice bucket that held the champagne; removing a large piece of ice she returned to the bed and touched it lightly between Tara's shoulder blades. Tara jumped and shivered in surprise. Willow slowly glided the ice on the opposite journey she had taken with her tongue, but this time eliciting even more reaction from her lover.

"Tara turn back, please," said Willow reaching to toss the ice back into the bucket.

Tara did but this time she held onto Willow's wrist as she went to leave the bed. "Please Willow, no more teasing I want you. Now"

Willow's resolve to play a little longer crumbled in the face of the desire smoldering in Tara's cloudy blue eyes. Kneeling between Tara's legs, she brought her hand to Tara's chin and then slid it down her neck, onto her breasts, teasing out her nipples until they were totally erect. Willow watched Tara's hips move off the bed desperate for friction. Willow's hand kept moving slowly down her lover's body knowing that she held all of Tara's secret places that could make her jump and groan. Finally Willow bent her head to the sweetness that she had wanted to taste all night.

Tara felt like she had lost all the power in her hips as Willow's tongue delved between her wet folds and she felt her hot breath on her center. She laid back in absolute bliss, but then she pulled herself back. "Willow come back here. I have a better idea."

"What?" Asked Willow surprised.

"Lie on your side," said Tara giving her cute little half smile.

"Anything," said Willow putting herself in her lover's more than capable hands. She watched as Tara slid down her body. She felt Tara between her legs and at the same time was presented with her sex. Willow plunged her tongue in and she was lost in the sensation of pleasuring and being pleasured. The feelings so intense; everything she was doing to Tara being done to her. Quicker than she had ever expected the double delight pushed Willow over the edge into a huge orgasm. Then, through her moans she felt Tara's clit contract and the blonde moan into her, pushing her over the edge once more.

Tara moved up the bed and joined with Willow in a passionate kiss. She was lost in love and passion, the taste of their combined love being better than any fine wine or food. Neither had realized it but as they were deep in their kiss, their fingers had moved inside their bodies and they were making love to one another with an unconscious abandonment. Seemingly locked together for an eternity before they were moaning and arching.

They came back to earth kissing, giggling and tickling one another.

"Hey, you haven't eaten much of my food," said Tara pouting as pulled Willow closer to her.

"Well I can probably manage some in a little while," said Willow and then as a thought occurred to her. "Hey, what was the key for?"

"The key? Oh the key," said Tara with a start. "Your other presents."

"From you?" Asked Willow.

Tara ignored the question for a moment. "You have Buffy's card to open."

"Yep," said Willow. "Strange how she didn't allow me to open it when we had dinner last night."

"She told you, that you had to wait 'til your birthday," said Tara. "You are so impatient."

"But I can open it now?" Asked Willow eagerly.

Tara smiled and nodded.

Willow opened the envelope, in it was a card but when she opened it there were some plane tickets and a letter from her best friend.

'Things have been hard this last year but we love you both. Enjoy your weekend in New Orleans with Tara you both deserve it, all our love Buffy and Dawn. P.S. Tara picked out the hotel so you should like it."

Willow sat looking at the letter tears starting to spring from her eyes. "You knew about this?"

"Yes," said Tara before getting up and leaving the room. She returned quickly and presented Willow with an ornately carved mahogany jewelry box. "Xander and Anya's present."

"They're getting so cheap, only giving things that Xander has made," joked Willow.

"You'll find the key fits it," said Tara.

Willow went to the bathroom and came back with the key that had been in her pant's pocket. She tried it in the lock, which opened easily. Inside was another envelope, but this time the writing wasn't Tara's. She opened it.

"Hello Willow, I'm sorry I am missing your birthday, but to make it up to you I have wired some money to Tara so that she can buy some tickets for you and her to join me in the U.K. for a holiday during your summer break. Can't wait to see you. Love Giles."

Willow's eyes were shining as she looked at Tara. "This is just too much, I can't believe you organized all this." Willow's eyes turned back to the jewelry box and she noticed that there was another key in box with a little tag on it saying "Soon."

"What's this for?" Asked Willow.

"You'll just have to wait and see," said Tara grinning. "Good birthday?"

Willow put her head to one side and looking deeply into Tara's eyes. "Best birthday."

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