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The Sex Journals

Author: Washi (ZWS)
Rating: NC-17 baby!
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, Joss does or whoever. If I owned them, do you really think I would let season 6 happen? And why the hell would I be writing this? So yeah, all belongs to Joss, ME etc...

Morning came and Willow woke up to find Tara still asleep. Usually, the blonde would always wake up before Willow, except the times when Willow's brain wouldn't leave its owner alone. And the night before was absolutely in that category. Willow had dreamed the few hours she had slept of the proposal. She had dreamed of various scenarios, various places and even various answers the blonde could give her, ranging from a simple yes to a simple no.

<That simple word: no. How can a simple small word shut down a person's hope? But yes is short and simple and it can make me the happiest person on this earth. I'm gonna make sure she sees what she gets if she says yes. Yeppers, she'll see. Morning means... right, breakfast. So, breakfast I shall make.> Willow thought as she slowly untangled herself from Tara's embrace.

Tara frowned in her sleep and hugged Willow's pillow to her, calmed by the smell of her lover on it. Willow smiled, and trudged downstairs to make breakfast for her lover.

It was something she did as often as she could, but since Tara was an early riser, her lover would usually make breakfast. Willow made blueberry pancakes and poured two glasses of juice, along with two mugs of steaming coffee and settled everything on a tray before going back upstairs.

She found Tara still cuddling the pillow, but the quiet little moans she was making deep in her throat showed how close she was to waking up. She placed the tray on the nightstand and crouched in front of the bed.

"Wake up baby."

Tara's eyes immediately fluttered open. She focused her eyes on the green ones staring back at her and smiled.

"Morning sweetie." Tara said, her voice scratchy from sleep.

"Morning baby." Willow replied, leaning down and capturing Tara's lips in a sweet kiss, lips and tongues grazing.

Willow pulled back and set the platter on Tara's lap, smiling softly.

"Aww, sweetie, why didn't you wake me up? You didn't have to bring me breakfast in bed." Tara said, smiling at her lover, even though she did secretly like being pampered.

"I wanted to. I would bring ya breakfast in bed everyday if I could. Every single day of our lives. I'm planning on spoiling you rotten." Willow finished, grinning.

She settled down next to Tara in bed and they ate their breakfast, feeding each other bites of syrup-soaked pancakes. Tara fed an extra-syrupy bite to Willow and the sticky syrup dribbled on her chin. Before Willow could wipe it off, Tara was there, her tongue licking the stickiness from Willow's skin. Willow shivered as Tara's lips joined and she sucked at Willow's chin before trailing her mouth upward, joining Willow's lips in a slow kiss. Willow parted her lips, inviting Tara inside, and she responded, plunging her tongue into the warmth. Willow tasted the syrup on her lover's tongue and decided to wring it out by sucking at Tara's tongue passionately. Tara moaned, the feel of Willow sucking her tongue while her own was flicking it was making her lightheaded. She tried to turn more towards Willow when she remembered the platter that was still in her lap. She groaned her displeasure, and Willow's lips curved into a smile.

<Ooh, Tara wants to play, huh?> Willow thought.

Slowly, Willow let go of Tara's tongue and they broke the kiss slowly, both trying to draw out the contact of their lips. They finally lost the contact, both women breathing raggedly, their lips reddened and wet. They looked into each other's eyes, seeing the desire swirling in the colored globes. They leaned in again, slowly, looking at each other's lips, drawn together.

The phone rang.

Willow's face turned to the phone and glared at it angrily.

"Damn phone, who would call in the morning? Breaking up smoochie time..." Willow grumbled before answering the phone with a tight "Hello."

"Yeah... uhuh... but... oh, alright... I'm coming... Give me twenty minutes!" she replied before hanging up.

She turned to face Tara. "Baby, that was work. I have to go." Willow said, pouting, obviously displeased by the turn of events.

Tara smiled and kissed Willow lightly. "Actually," she said, looking at her watch. "I have to leave soon too. Go shower, we'll get back to this tonight." she finished, kissing Willow again.

Willow kissed her back and got up, grumbling something about "damn work getting in the way of gay lovin'". Tara laughed and continued her breakfast, letting her thoughts drift to Willow's sweetness. She was proud to be the one Willow wanted to pamper and to take care of. The love she felt for the redhead kept growing everyday, and her heart could burst from happiness. But it didn't burst, it just kept growing bigger and bigger. She sighed happily and drank her juice before getting up and stretching.

Willow came back from her shower and dressed up while Tara was taking her own shower. They met in front of the door and kissed goodbye. Willow got in her car, a happy smile in her face.

<Gonna work hard and fast, then, I start looking for a ring for my honey...> she thought happily.

Buffy was coming out of her house, still grumpy when she saw Tara walking over to her.

"Hey Tare." Buffy greeted, smiling as she remembered what she read the night before and that Willow and Tara could get married legally.

"Hey Buffy. I was wondering if you could give me a ride. Willow was called in and had to leave early."

"Sure thing! Hop in!" she replied, unlocking the car doors.

Tara got in, smiling at her friend's chirpiness.

Willow was walking through ever Sunnydale jewelry shop, in search of the perfect ring. So far, she had visited three shops and hadn't found something that spoke to her. She wanted to find something beautiful, something special. Yet everything she had seen was too classic or too common.

She decided to get a mocha and think when she saw a new jeweler's, a shop that had just opened. She decided to check it out and crossed the street.

Walking into the store, she immediately felt something weird... a wiccan's powerful presence. The shop keeper was a woman, not much older than her. She had striking blue eyes and black hair and a feeling of peace all around her. Willow smiled.

"Hello." the shopkeeper said. "My name's Samantha, may I help you? Are you looking for something special?"

Willow smiled when she saw some special looking rings and pendants. She was in a Wiccan jewelry store.

<Talk about coincidence.> she thought wryly.

"Yes, I'm looking for an engagement ring. Something..."

"Special." The shop keeper finished, smiling. She moved to a glass case and motioned Willow at it.

"Here are our engagement rings. If you have a design in mind, we can also make it."

Willow looked through the glass an she was pulled to a ring. She looked at it again and asked the woman to let her see it up close. The woman opened the case and slid the ring towards Willow on a velvet pad. Willow looked closely at the gold ring. It had 6 tiny diamonds framing a sapphire stone, it's deep blue instinctively reminding her of her lover's eyes when she was aroused. The ring was simple and beautiful.

Willow smiled and knew it was the one. She looked up at the woman and smiled.

"That's the one."

Willow gave the woman Tara's ring size and said she'd pick it up the day after. The woman agreed and Willow paid for the ring. She left, smiling and she almost skipped down the street to the Expresso Pump.

Willow entered the Magic Box with two cups of mochas, the bell overhead signaling her entrance to a joyous sounding Anya.

"Welcome to the Magic... oh, it's you. How are you doing Willow?" Anya asked politely, secretly crestfallen that it was only Willow who came in and not a money-spending customer.

"Hey Anya. I'm doing great! Here's a mocha!" Willow continued, giving the startled blonde one of the cups she was carrying.

"What's the favor you want to ask me Willow?" Anya asked her. Her eyes looked over the store and found no one, so she sat down facing Willow at the heavy research table.

"What makes you say... Oh fine! I just wanna talk to you for a minute." Willow replied, trying to see if the blonde would listen to her. "It's about Tara." she added, hoping to score a point in her favor.

Anya smiled. Then frowned. "You aren't going to break up again, right? I don't want you to. You are perfect together."

Willow chuckled. "No Anya, we're not breaking up. I wanted to ask you, as Tara's best friend... did she ever talk to you about getting married to me, or an engagement or something of the kind?" Willow asked, taking a sip of her mocha and biting her lower lip.

Anya eyed Willow up and down. "You're going to ask her, aren't you? I bet you will have a great wedding, and Tara won't leave you at the altar, and you won't either. I hope you will be very happy."

"Thanks Anya... so, tell me, did Tara ever talk to you about the proposal?" Willow replied, smiling.

"Well..." Anya started, "she did tell me once that whomever of you two proposed wouldn't be important and nothing would matter unless the answer. She said that she would want it to be something simple. That's all she said."

"Ok, gotcha, simple!" Willow looked at her watch. "I have to go. One last thing, please don't tell anyone about this, especially not Tara. I want it to be a surprise, ok?"

"Yes Willow, my mouth is shut, I won't talk about it." Anya replied, smiling. "Like many things concerning you two sex crazed lesbians." she continued under her breath.

Willow smiled at her, not having heard her last remark and left, waving.

<Great! Now the two lesbians are going to get married and have even more orgasms! And they can have plenty of sex and not worry about being impregnated by accident! I should have been a lesbian!> Anya thought as she looked up the door to see two young women entering the shop.

She rubbed her hands together and went to serve and help the customers, inwardly chanting her mantra.

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