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The Sex Journals

Author: Washi (ZWS)
Rating: NC-17 baby!
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, Joss does or whoever. If I owned them, do you really think I would let season 6 happen? And why the hell would I be writing this? So yeah, all belongs to Joss, ME etc...

Buffy quickly got herself a glass of ice water and took it upstairs with her. The house and the street were quiet, Buffy was probably the only one awake at this hour on their block. She sank back into her still warm bed and opened the journal at the page she was reading. She drank half the glass before scanning the page to find where she left off. Once she found it, she became engrossed in the journal again.

She got up and led me upstairs. I followed her wordlessly, the different emotions in my body becoming a cacophony of feelings. She closed the door behind us and silently we undressed slowly, our eyes never leaving the other's. She walked to me naked, her white skin flushed to a light pink, and as soon as her hands ran up and down my sides, the cacophony stopped to be replaced by a melody of love and passion. No words were needed from us, as her eyes and her touch said all the words that needed to be expressed. We kissed, our lips brushing heatedly to the rhythm of our hearts before I licked slowly at Willow's lips. She opened her mouth and I slid my tongue inside, hers meeting mine to tease it in a seductive dance. They swam around each other, lost in the delirious feeling of warmth and wetness. I pulled away slowly, pulling her bottom lip for a second before releasing it. I led her to the bed and laid down on top of her, supporting some of my weight on my left arm, while my right hand explored her body, a landscape so familiar to my fingertips. My hair fell around her face like a curtain, shutting us off from the world. She ran her fingers in my hair, pulling me closer to her as her tongue slowly explored my mouth. Her hands drifted from my hair to my neck and shoulders, finally finding my breasts. Her fingers squeezed my already hard nipples and I arched my back, pushing myself more into her. I placed a thigh between hers before shifting them so that our legs were scissored, our centers rubbing together. Our bodies started dancing to the sounds of our breathing and our moans, while our hands were intensifying the symphony.

I molded her small perky breasts in my hand, loving the way the just fit, like our bodies, two pieces of the same puzzle coming together. I started kissing her neck, licking the entire length before finding the quivering skin of her right pulse point. I nipped at it, my teeth leaving small imprints in their wake. I then sucked the skin into my mouth, making Willow shudder and moan as I sucked it languidly. I then did the same to the left pulse point before placing butterfly-kisses all over her sternum. As we continued rocking to our slow rhythm, I leant down and sucked her nipple in my mouth, my hand migrating to the other one. She arched her back, and the movement made her wet pussy push more into mine. I moaned and suckled more deeply at her strawberry-colored nipple. Goddess, I love the taste of her skin, it's intoxicating.

After thoroughly ravishing her right breast, I switched sides while her own hands were gliding towards my derrière, squeezing the flesh, intensifying our dancing. She pushed and pulled me with every back and forth motion, our clits kissing over and over again, harder each time. The music we were making swelled as our hearts bet faster, our breathing getting shallower. We rocked faster, our hips grinding into each other, our clits jumping under the contact. My blood was pounding in my veins, and I could hear it mixing with the melody. As I felt our orgasms near, I clasped her hands and pinned them over her head, kissing her deeply. Our tongue caressing each other made the dance even more heated.

I broke the kiss and opened my eyes as I felt my orgasm start in my legs and traveling at incredible speed towards my center, before I started imploding. Willow's orgasm was also starting and we came together, the symphony reaching it's zenith, our eyes never leaving the other's for more than a second. I slowly entangled myself and laid my head down on her pillow, my right hand grasping her left shoulder. We were face to face and we stayed that was until our breathing got back to it's normal tempo.

But our desire was still running in our veins as we started kissing again. This time, lust overrode tenderness. I wanted to taste her, to feel her essence on my tongue, on my fingers and in my mouth, baptizing me in her sweet juices. I pulled her tongue in my mouth, sucking it feverishly, my teeth scraping it, making her moan in my mouth. I broke off the kiss and gazed in her eyes, her pupils dilated with a hungry want and need.

"I want you. Now." was all I could say, my tongue thick in my mouth.

"Well, I'm not complaining, nothing of the complain-y type in..."

The rest of Willow's words were forgotten as I kissed her, hard, my tongue plunging in her open mouth, tasting, feeling, wanting, taking, possessing. Willow is mine, and her body is my playground. And I love to play. The kiss kept intensifying, her hand drifting to cup my nape to pull me closer. The kiss deepened, and I drank deeper from her, wanting to drink my fill, to become inebriated by her sweet nectar. Our tongues clashed, fighting for dominance and she tried to flip me on my back. I found back with my tongue and managed to move on top of her, pinning her down under me. She smiled under my lips.

"Ooh, Take-charge Tara is here, huh?" she whispered as I pulled away slightly.

"Yeah." I replied before leaning down and kissing her again.

This time, I pulled her tongue in my mouth, sucking it as she moaned in my mouth. The sliver of air that entered my mouth only heightened my arousal and I broke the kiss, urgently moving south. I kissed her jaw, trailing hot feverish kisses to her right ear. I kissed the lobe and teased it with my tongue before I sucked it into my mouth, making her moan again. I released it and glided down the smooth skin of her neck, sometimes pacing little open-mouthed kisses and other teasing the flesh with my tongue. She groaned when I reached her right pulse point. She loves it when I tease that particular spot. And tease it I did, licking it, feeling her strong, fast heartbeat under my tongue, tasting the salty tang of her sweat on my tongue. I nibbled at the skin beneath my mouth, pulling it slightly with my teeth before I drew it in my mouth, sucking at it heatedly, marking her as mine. She wears the marks of our love-making proudly, loving the fact that she belongs to me, just like I'm proud of the hickeys she puts on my neck, showing to the world that I belong to her.

"Ohh yeahh." she moaned.

When I thought the mark was perfect, I kissed it and moved lower, placing hot open-mouthed kisses on her sternum while one of my hands followed my trail, caressing the skin that my mouth touched. I slid lower between her parted legs, my right hand kneading the flesh of her left breast, while my mouth found the right one. I nuzzled it, rubbed my hand on it, and watched in excitement as the nipple puckered and hardened. It was almost begging me to ravish it with my mouth, so I leaned down and kissed it before I ran my tongue on it. Willow moaned and arched her back, urging me to take the pebbled nub into my mouth. I drew the nipple in my mouth, biting it gently and pulling it lightly. Willow groaned and her right hand, which was stroking the soft skin of my neck, cupped my head and pulled me closer. I pulled the nipple in my mouth and closed my lips on it, sucking at it urgently. Willow moaned in gratitude and I switched breasts, fingering her saliva coated nipple with my thumb and forefinger while my mouth paid reverence to her left breast. After sucking the nipple, I licked it again, loving the feel of it tickling my tongue. I saw a bead of sweat running down the valley between Willow's breasts and I stopped my explorations to lick it. Being rewarded with another taste of Willow-ness.

I started trailing kisses lower, pausing to suck lightly at the undersides of Willow's breasts. I kissed my way down Willow's taut stomach, feeling her muscles tightening under my mouth. Her hands were stroking my hair, tenderly running them on my shoulders. I finally reached her belly-button and kissed it. I licked at it, earning a gasp from above and I dipped my tongue in it before I kissed my way down to Willow's center.

I knew that I found the ambrosia I was searching for, the smell of her making my mouth water. I licked the outer lips and they parted for me, as if welcoming me to explore further inside. I took the invitation eagerly and I licked the inner lips lightly, reveling in her succulent taste.

"Oh God! Yesss! Oh Tara, oh baby!" Willow hissed through clenched teeth, her face morphing into a mask of pleasure as she lifted her hips, looking for more.

With one hand, I pushed apart the outer lips, before diving my tongue in her folds. My tongue made contact with her clit and she bucked her hips. I licked at it slowly, trying to lengthen the pleasure, but Willow groaned and bucked her hips. I lowered my tongue and dove right into her well of pleasure. She moaned loudly and rocked her hips in rhythm with my thrusts. I reveled in the warmth, the wetness, the taste, the smell and the flesh surrounding me. I was surrounded in Willow-ness. And I loved it.

I kept pumping inside her with my tongue for a few moments before I drew out to lick and suck at her bundle of nerves. Two of my fingers found their way to her entrance and drove inside her. With each thrust, Willow's moans amplified. My mouth was sucking at her clit while my other hand found hers and entwined them together, fingers lacing and palms pressing together. The tingle of electricity we always feel energized me and I started pumping harder, deeper into her while I sucked faster on her nub. I looked up and saw her in ecstasy, her head thrown back, her chest rising and falling fast, her breathing shallow. My face was locked on hers, taking in her neck veins, swollen with the speed of her blood circulation.

I started to feel her thigh muscles contract, and I pumped feverishly into her, tonguing her clit while sucking it. I felt her orgasm start to take over and suddenly, she opened her eyes and locked them with mine. She squeezed my hand tighter and her inner muscles contracted around my fingers and she closed her eyes to toss back her head again, screaming out wordlessly as the orgasm took her over. Her juices flowed freely on my hand and I slowed the movement, letting go of her clit to lap up her release. Her body relaxed and I finished drinking in the last of her happiness. I drew out my fingers and sucked them into my mouth, taking in one last taste of her before I moved back up to her side, hugging her tight. The smile she had one her face looked like nothing could erase it.

"Baby, that was... wow!" she said, her eyes still closed, breathing heavily.

"I aim to please." I replied, smirking.

She grinned and opened her eyes. "Did I tell you today how much I love you?"

"Well, yeah, but it never hurts to repeat it." I replied, smugly.

"I love you Tara. I love you so much it hurts when you're not with me."

I felt my eyes start to glint with unshed tears of happiness. "I love you too Willow. More than I'll ever be able to express."

We laid down for a few minutes, just enjoying each other's presence before Willow's second wind kicked in. Let's just say it was a fun night.

I have to go now, but I'll try to write more about Willow, her hands, her tongue and their mischievous doings later.

With this message I depart...

Willow + Tara = infinity x infinity

Love you always,

Your Tara.

Buffy looked dumbfounded at the journal. <I so need to find me a Wiccan girlfriend with a talented tongue. Ohh, that's so cute! She did the math thing for Willow. They're so perfect for each other. I'm gonna do everything to make their wedding special. They're worth it.> Buffy sighed and placed the journal on her night table before settling down to sleep.

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