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The Janitor's Closet

Author: Tank
Rating: NC-17
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Warnings: Well anything could be in this baby. Don't read if you may be offended by the possibility of rough play, S 'n' M, Gender fucking, Voyeurism.
Disclaimer: I own my smutty imagination.

Willow needed relief. That was it. She had decided it needed to be done. She bolsted only a few metres when she was confronted with a cast iron sign with the delicate letters in gold of "Mistress". Willow grabbed the handle and swung it open. The door threw back into the wall causing it to slam heavily on the table sitting behind it. A vase of flowers toppled over causing the roses to fall into a pool of water on the vanished wood floor. Willow flicked her head around the room to see if she had caused any offense. She was met with two heavy blue eyes and blonde cascading hair.

That definitely looks like a grumpy face. Shit

The woman began to smirk. The redhead suddenly blushed realising who it was. The one from the bar.

OK, this might not be too bad. She might let me off easy.


The woman flicked a whip out of nowhere and tapped in on her hand

Who am I kidding.

Willow gulped. Her body was flushed and hot. This woman was definitely a goddess of the sexual underworld. Her cheekbones were pronounced, big full beautiful lips that expressed definitely a somewhat pleased smirk. Her eyes were almost dripping, the deep blue pools flicking in the candle light. Her lips were parted and there was definitely some constricted breathing going on by the look of the blondes smoothly ballooning and collapsing chest. She dropped her eyes down. A simple black corset, matching panties and a garter belt holding two long black stockings with red ribbons up Tara's golden thighs.

"Wow..." Willow squeaked.

"Excuse me?"

"O-o-o I-I'm sorry. I-"

"Returning the drinks I got you?"

Willow looked down and realised she was still carrying two tequila shots in one hand.

"No, actually I thought I'd return the favour," she shot back trying to find her confidence again.

"One will cover half the mess you just made. But I'm afraid you'll have be punished too"

"But I've got two shots!" Willow didn't have a clue why she was trying to get herself out of this. She had a talent for finding debate in anything but it wasn't feeling like such a blessing right now.

"I'll have the other one later," she quipped.

Tara flicked on her heels in a twirl and propped herself on the side of the bed covered in black silk sheets.

"Stand here." She pointed her finger right next to her left leg closest to Willow. She tenatively shuffled up next to the woman looking like a guilty teenage boy just caught with his dad's car.

"You're a handsome thing aren't you?" Tara reached out her hand and stroked a finger down Willow's constricting black jeans starting at the bottom of her zipper. She slide her hand down to Willow's hand and grabbed the shot and placed it on the bedside table next to a large red candle.

"Bend over."


Tara put her hand in the crook of Willow's back for a second slightly grazing her ass and then pushed the red head down so she was lying heavy into Tara's lap. Willow was totally overcome with sensation. The blood rushed to her head, until she felt a sharp exciting pain across her buttocks echoing a sharp slap around the large elegant room. She moaned in release.


Tara smirked letting out a satisfied laugh. Before pulling her hand up for the rest of the boi's punishment she slid her hand down between her thighs and squeezed feel the heat eminating from Willow's crotch. She quick lifted and dropped her hand down again making Willow shudder. She bit down on the blond's thigh. Tara grabbed at Willow's hair and whispered to her seductively

"Easy, easy. Maybe later you can have a turn."

She pushed Willow down again this time causing WIllow to double over making her package constrain against her cunt and in turn, against Tara's thigh. The both of them moaned.

"Well well, you are well equipped tonight aren't you? You really wanna play that way?"

Willow slid herself off the blonde's lap kneeling at her feet, she looked up into Tara's eyes, her own were a heavy green with lust and need to exert her testosterone fulled desire tonight.

"Yes," she said simply.

"Take off your jeans."

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